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Moneymaxxing: a server for incels and blackpilled individuals to talk about making money.

☞ stocks
☞ forex
☞ crypto
☞ real estate
☞ e-commerce
☞ wage slaving
☞ self employment
☞ general discussion

upon joining, complete the verification, choose your roles, and read (and abide by) the rules.
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✅Imagine waking up each day and having an FX and CRYPTO Market road map already created for you. And updates as market conditions change.
✅This is what we do here at WARBUCKS TRADING CLUB.
✅Our primary goal is not just to provide you with profitable trading signals and ideas, but also to give you the tools and knowledge that will empower you to become independent and trade on your own.
Togethearn is a community aimed at helping traders and investors from all walks of life the opportunity to grow and learn as a trader. We aim to cultivate a culture of learning, guidance, and knowledge exchange through a community format built on trust, fairness, and reliability. We aim to teach fundamentals, grow confidence, and produce a strong team of traders with sound judgement to be leaders instead of followers. To do this, Togethearn offers financial guidance, portfolio reviews, and one on one sessions to community members for a donation that helps maintain the integrity of our community. We have a mission to be the most trusted name in day trading learning and growth.
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Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general. From beginners to professional people that make a living out of it. From avid traders to experienced miners. Everyone is welcomed, no matter which coin you are interested in, whether it is the original bitcoin or an altcoin, no matter what its algorithm is or its objective. In this community we seek to unite everyone that is interested in crypto from all around the world. Get comfortable and enjoy talking to people with your same interests and learn about everything that involves crypto.
Crypto Talk is a cryptocurrency Discord community that is striving to become the #1 place for all crypto enthusiasts in the world! Join our Discord! 💯
Trading can be boring. Sitting in front of a screen all day, no one to talk to, no second opinion on that chart you just made, no one around to share that funny meme with that Elon Musk just posted to Twitter.

Introducing: TradeTalks - A server full of traders from various markets all around the globe. Here you can find discussions and charts of stocks, forex, metals and crypto. Completely free to join and participate. Join TradeTalks today!
*TradeTalks is for entertainment purposes only, seek out the appropriate financial and tax advisors before making a financial decision*
Cryptoart Cartel is an upcoming NFT minting platform and community collaboration/resource hub. We are also the organizer's of #NIFTYPRIDE, which was the first ever NFT powered Pride parade and art show. As both projects move forward the discord will be used to discuss/promote/share art, music, literature etc, as well as being used to plan and discuss LGBTQ+ focused events and creative initiatives, events will likely be monthly, and we'll be using our website as a way to bring other creatives in the LGBTQ+ community into the NFT space as well as a community of amazing and supportive people.
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Comunitate Komodo Romania.
Joci trivia si castigi Komodo (KMD).
Intrebari de cultura generala.
A crypto community for everyone! for advertisers, for currencies audiences and for business people!
No ID required.
No age limit.
PayPal to bitcoin.
Fast and easy.

Join BitPoint in order to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum and any other crytpocurrency available.

We have trusted vendors / seller roles and crypto price tracking bots.

We accept a range of payments as the server mainly runs via individual members selling and buying.

Scammers are flagged and reported immediately using a bot.
Royal Entrepreneurs is the #1 digital entrepreneur community that discusses ways to generate online revenue sources in marketing, e-commerce, stocks & crypto
Join Now! - We’re a team of Online promoters/influencers/affiliate marketers and crypto miners all in one brand. Our team step by step free system ensures payment to those who follow the free steps and repeat as directed. Legit team profit share based on commissions, trades, and affiliation gains. All free to you.
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We are a group of Forex and Crypto traders that are helping others learn and excel in the industry.

This is a beginner-friendly server. It contains valuable information about technical and fundamental analysis, chart setups, brokers, risk management, and how to build up small accounts.

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A community of traders led by Quantitative Finance professionals offering up advice and help for traders new or old. No matter the market we trade it all and have the algorithms to prove it. We even have our custom AI that analyzes market risk in real time. Live trading streams every Monday-Friday We welcome all to our humble abode that is interested in learning and sharing market insights together.
AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education.

We offer:

VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits!
Cryptocurrency research and analysis
Automated trading
Bot trading
Algorithmic trading
Crypto alerts on wallet transfers
Crypto technical trading indicators
Tradingview scripts
Open and helpful community
A community orientated channel that help you so you will never have to worry about Technical Analysis again! Our crack team of professional traders will send you weekly trading signals. Our professional analysts watch the markets and trends 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to...