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The internet is filled with a massive amount of knowledge, however it is often scattered and unorganized. It is hard to find those willing to be transparent and help, especially when it comes to trading.

Eagle Investors is a distinguished trading community for Stocks, Options, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.

Our server and diverse array of chatrooms are monitored and curated by our esteemed team of moderators. Our verified traders give you the real strategies that have a proven track record of success.

We provide high-quality alerts with an impeccable track record. The best plays in stocks, options, and crypto are alerted live by our experienced and vetted team.

Daily Watchlists
Our professional traders curate of hot tickers to watch throughout the day
Post-Market and Pre-Market Watchlists now included!

Direct mentorship from experienced traders and a team of moderators with proven track records of success.

Please Visit:
OFFICIAL Tradingview discord server!
This FREE group allows members to chat and share trade ideas.
New posts are submitted at a high rate and we also have an active voice chat!
Our team maintains the server to high quality standards.
Join now and connect with other people on a fast growing platform.
We are here to provide an awesome environment for traders from beginner to experienced!!
Join EASE Investments today! A LIVE chat for Investing / Trading server. Real-time stock-market charts, soon we'll be operating in a company. We will also be hiring some Employees and Managers. We're officially launching our Company in 2023. We're also looking for Gurus and Traders. Come join us!

- Active Chat
- Daily Activity Reports
- Weekly Reports
- Monthly Reports
- Practice And Do Virtual Trades In PaperTrades
- Friendly Server
- Mostly Focus On NASDAQ
- Looking For Employees / Managers

We are officially launching our company in 2023, 25th of June.
We hope to see you in our server!

Futs 'R Us is a community of day traders and swing traders. We focus on trading futures, including but not limited to /es, /nq, and /ym.

Join now to learn to trade futures or and open a new door of opportunity for yourself!
A Discord server and community to help educate you and give you profitable signals for forex, equities, futures, and more!
Serving the /r/forex, /r/algotrading, and communities!
Come join over 500+ traders in our unique community chatroom where you can meet other like-minded traders, contribute, discover, and exchange trading ideas, and learn from other experienced traders in real time!

Chatroom access is FREE, and all major markets and subjects are covered! Our active channels include:

Forex - #fx-trading
Crypto Currencies - #crypto-trading
Algo Trading - #algo-trading
Futures - #futures-trading
Options - #optoins-trading
Stocks - #stock-trading

We have a lively algo trading channel for programmers who want to up their trading game.
Woodies Bars and Charts is a server dedicated to auto-trading and showing of live charts for educational purposes. This serves as a preview to Woodies Pro Trader, an educational tool used to bring a better understanding of auto-trading.
Algorithmic Trading Chat Group. Automate your forex, futures and crypto trading strategies. Create Swing Trading, day trading and scalping fully automated using popular or proprietary strategies. Share ideas, coding tips or general chit chat.