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⚠️ Welcome to LEARN & EARN.⚠️
⏬ Here at LEARN & EARN we provide you with the following.⏬
🗣️ The best alerts. - Skip the small % gains, ride with us on growing our accounts.🗣️
🚨 Daily watchlists. - Hottest stocks we think are going to bring gains.🚨
📑 SEC. Filings.📑
🖊️ Trading knowledge.🖊️
👨‍✈️ Support team.👨‍✈️
👥One on one mentorship.👥
💻 Real traders providing analysis. -We all start out as new traders. Members in this chat room aim to build up their account size and knowledge base.💻
Our goal is to filter out the noise, answer your questions, and improve your trading habits.

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We have welcomed 2700+ members! #MyRetirementPlan #bullish #Bearish #TOP NEWS ​

Join our group and chat with other traders about how to daytrade. Ask about our DayTrading course which is fully supported in chat! Our focus is on day trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels.
We are a growing community geared to teaching other members financial literacy and freedom. We like to share free information on stocks and options on our discord server, along with weekly watch list, trades we are entering and stock break downs.
Trading can be boring. Sitting in front of a screen all day, no one to talk to, no second opinion on that chart you just made, no one around to share that funny meme with that Elon Musk just posted to Twitter.

Introducing: TradeTalks - A server full of traders from various markets all around the globe. Here you can find discussions and charts of stocks, forex, metals and crypto. Completely free to join and participate. Join TradeTalks today!
*TradeTalks is for entertainment purposes only, seek out the appropriate financial and tax advisors before making a financial decision*
We are a network of professional traders and teach trend following systems that we have employed for almost a decade as independent traders, with real time examples in equity, futures, options and cryptocurrency markets.

- Learn to trade Options, Stocks, Futures and Crypto

- Live Stock Picks
- Live Option Picks
Hey guys for anyone into stocks myself and a few other professional traders started this server to help teach people how to invest and tell people what to invest in and what we invest in, and its completely free, if this sounds interesting to you or you wanna learn how to make some money instead of burning all of yours hop in here, our average all time profits are almost 1200%
We specialize in day trading!
Reasons to join our community:
- Provide a daily and rolling watchlist
- Live moderator commentary for real-time analysis
- Share and exchange trade ideas
- Trade review analysis and feedback
- Community to network with other traders
- Chat and discuss anything and everything about the stock market
- Build up on education, self-development and confidence
- Professional environment
- Live Q & A

A free information platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

The Headquarters bundles a stream of free information based on webhooks., such as the latest crypto news, whale alerts, trading signals, airdrops alert, new-coin alert, free trading signals and more.

You can also request pricecharts, heatmaps and chat with like minded pepple.
Ore just learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the education section.
Hey all!

This is your all-in-one stop for learning how to trade, whether youre a beginner, novice or expert... This was created for members to feel comfortable asking questions they may feel is "stupid" which isnt the case. Everyone starts somewhere, and hopefully this is the place.
Cashout Clan trading is one of it's kind. We are the only discord that is full of teenagers trading stocks.

If you want to, feel free to check us out on socials!!
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Welcome to Kuzco Trade a community of like-minded individuals seeking to grow their stock market knowledge, with the help of each other. In this chat, I provide technical analysis along with education to help you guys learn and signals to follow along with my daily profits for full transparency.
I have started this discord server to help others learn how to trade and have a trading team with them whenever they need help about the stock market. We have members that talk about options, day-trading, swing trading, and many more other stuff related to the stock market. You could be a beginner or an expert, as long as you like stocks or would like to learn more about stocks your are welcome. I am trying to grow this community to 1000 members.
The Best Trading Server On Discord! 🚨💸
Run By Professional Options Experts 👔💹
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We Specialize In Small Accounts Trading Simple Strategies To Deliver Straightforward Results 💪

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BLCK | CPTL is an online stock and options trading community focused on risk management and building personalized strategies for our members.

Topics Include

• Daily stock and option watchlist
• Option trade ideas and entry
• Stock trade ideas and entry
• Customized trade/investing strategy help
• Portfolio risk management
• General market news
MOJO Day Trading is the ☝️ premier stock market education company in the world 🌎. Founded by ProTrader Mike and a team of ProTraders, we have developed the ⚙️ systems, 🛠 tools and 📚education to accelerate any new and existing day traders business. Day Trading high volume momentum stocks and Swing Trading stocks with an emphasis on the CANSLIM stock selection system are the MOJO Day Trading main trading strategies. All these courses are available 💻 online for immediate streaming at
Freedom Trading is a Group of like-minded traders that help each other every trading day. We send out alerts and posts watchlists for our members to look out for.
We are the OTC Family - Our goal is to minimize risk while also maximizing rewards.

Our platform is free and educational. We offer a wide variety of tools to help a trader/investor distinguish between a good entry or bad entry.

Some of the biggest names around the OTC share their picks in this server, Please stay respectful

Feel free to check us out
The OTC Family
Always free, Always family!

Bulls and Bears are welcome: A network of family that works together through an ongoing learning experience to achieve maximum profit.

Focus: Stock Options, knowledge and more.

Please note; when you arrive we do use a verification process to keep spammers and non-serious people out. We believe in Quality over Quantity. Please make sure to read instructions and to check your DM's for a verification link that expires after 10 minutes. Thank you for understanding.
We are a diverse group trading everything no matter the market, Forex, futures, daytrading, swing trading, we have it all! News and specific analysis will also be provided daily.
💹 Equity Futures and Forex Trading SP500 SPY EURUSD DAX DJIA by Professional Traders around the Globe
A group of investors / day traders created by a few like-minded full time stock traders. In here you can expect to find new strategies, callouts, watchlists, profits, news, and anything that has to do with the stock marketing and trading in general. Whether you're a beginner looking into trading or a veteran day trader, this group is perfect for you! Trade with us today... it's free.
Building a voice chat trading community- mostly focused on stocks and options.
Anti profit subscription server Free to chat and exchange useful information. Stock/Options, Crypto, and Forex all welcomed to come join to get rich together.