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AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education.

We offer:

VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits!
Cryptocurrency research and analysis
Automated trading
Bot trading
Algorithmic trading
Crypto alerts on wallet transfers
Crypto technical trading indicators
Tradingview scripts
Open and helpful community
In this group, I will provide crypto signals, charts, and TA. I will be doing my own technical analysis and posting it in the group chat, as well as signals on what trades to enter. I will provide concrete entry points and exits for each trade, as well as TA to back it up. We will also use leveraged trades in order to attain a larger profit.
Come Join Boss Bit Signals We're building a community with a simple aim, and that's to keeps making money... Boss Bit Signals is more than a service, it is a community packed with friendly members and analysts. We aim to provide you with helpful hints and tips each and every day from our team of analysts, with the aim to repeatedly satisfy our members and keep them coming back for more!
The most complete and complex cryptocurrency chat server! Talk about coins, exchanges, bitcoin, scams, news, ICO and other crypto related domains. We even have different languages channels. Join us for forever free informations.
This server is a education, signal and discussion place for traders of all markets.
If you want to get your own text channel DM @Lil Stuart
Lets tolerate each other and be kind :)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The server has no limitations, all content is free and everyone can post. The whole Idea is for this server to be a room where everyone can grow, teach each other and become a great trader. Everyone is encouraged to post but please do that in the respective sections.
All information in this server is not to be consider a financial advice. Make decisions at your own discretion.
I am going to keep this server updated with fresh trading and educational content regarding technical analysis/risk and money management.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Good luck&enjoy!
This is a cryptocurrency discord server, we provide high quality crypto signals wich are made by the owners who are full time crypto traders. This server is completly free but it allows you to buy a premium subscription to get acces to HQ signals.
Are you slow buying the coin as soon as the signal is announced? Checkout this amazing pump channel. Its giving an equal earning opportunity by providing Free Pump Bot. That's a good move, so why late- Join this channel and grab your seat immediately

We want to offer you.
- Scalps (short-term input-output approx. 48h) current effectiveness of 55 signals with over 90% efficiency over the last 40 days!
- Signals (based on foundations, both short-term 2-14d and mid term 1-3msc) with over 75% efficiency over the same period of time!
- Technical and fundamental analysis of selected coins and stocks also from Forex!
- Possible targets
- Individual assistance in capital management.
- Voicechats on the selected date
- Voicechats/ individual consultations
- leverage zone - we will place more emphasis on this department.
- The educational department which is being developed on a daily basis
- And many other things that will appear with the development of the group.

Due to the current market situation, we decided to lower the PREMIUM channel price to 0.01 btc for the period up to November 1, 2018. We realize how unstable the market is at this moment and to meet the realities and expectations of the group, we decided to launch such a promotion for the first month. We also remind you that the channel starts 15/09/2018. If you are interested, please contact @adams. Please feel free to use the promotion 🙂
General trading discussion, TA, automated trading and the support server for the most advanced Charting bot on all of Discord! What more could you need?
Hi, we are an active FREE-FOR-ALL pump group. 60k members on telegram and we created a new discord server.