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New to options and have no idea how to trade? We teach as we give out signals and hold weekly charting live streams. We have our own algorithm that helps pick winners daily whether its a scalp, day trade, or even a swing trade. Over the next couple of days we will be introducing flow into our server so you can see what banks and institutions are buying and catch the big moves.

We have an education tab, so you can watch videos and read books we have linked into the chatroom.
Newly revamped server with new features, better signals, and more analysts with longer experience. Not only do we have top tier analysts, but we have a 14-day free trial and after that, affordable prices for any starting investors. We like to work as a team and grow as one; you won't regret this decision. We mainly focus on debit, credit, and options contracts.
✅Imagine waking up each day and having an FX and CRYPTO Market road map already created for you. And updates as market conditions change.
✅This is what we do here at WARBUCKS TRADING CLUB.
✅Our primary goal is not just to provide you with profitable trading signals and ideas, but also to give you the tools and knowledge that will empower you to become independent and trade on your own.
BizzyFX Signals offers Signals and Analysis Breakdowns to Forex Traders whose aim is to become consistently profitable. Join now for one month FREE Signals + Analysis Breakdowns
We have better content than most paid services! Trade our stock setups while you learn how to profitably trade on your own. Regardless of your experience level, the Money Printer is the community that you need to take your trading to the next level! Use our:

-Free courses for beginners, penny stock traders, and options traders
-Free stock signals
-Custom news screeners
-Free everyday watchlists
-And even more!!

What are you waiting for? This server is 100% free!
AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education.

We offer:

VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits!
Cryptocurrency research and analysis
Automated trading
Bot trading
Algorithmic trading
Crypto alerts on wallet transfers
Crypto technical trading indicators
Tradingview scripts
Open and helpful community
A free information platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

The Headquarters bundles a stream of free information based on webhooks., such as the latest crypto news, whale alerts, trading signals, airdrops alert, new-coin alert, free trading signals and more.

You can also request pricecharts, heatmaps and chat with like minded pepple.
Ore just learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the education section.
We Welcome You all to WhiteFx📈,
we know in your trading journey 🌍you might have come across the gritty of Forex📊, brokers, alike traders👨🏽‍💻 and all works of life in the trading business👨🏼‍💼. We are here to learn from and teach you also and share Profits💰

De Nada WhiteFx!📈
A DISTINCTIVE free server where we talk about forex, commodities and indices. We work together on trades so everyone can make money. Join if you want to be a part of a community of traders. This group allows members to chat and share trade ideas.
🔥FREE TO JOIN🔥... for now :)
Our goal is to make your trading easier and less time consuming for gamers who are trading forex in their spare time. Come join for FREE LIVE FOREX ANALYSIS
You can start your free trial for a premium membership on:

Rapid Forex Associates is a server dedicated to help people who are new to trading but also for intermediate and advanced traders who want to improve their trading skills. The foreign exchange market has a lot of room for everyone to make money so why not make money together. Our server provides profitable signals and teaches you the ropes of trading forex as you’re making a profit.
- Learn & Make Money Trading 📈
- 24/7 Friendly Support❗️
- Free Profitable Signals 💸
Hey I'm Davy the admin of this server called Elite Markets

Also a Content Creator, I'm trying to grow a healthy and family-friendly community where people can have fun and chat with each other,
I would appreciate it if you could join It would really help me out

What we offer: MENTORSHIP
learning is easier when you have a teacher for guidance.

Chatroom content:
-Daily forex alerts
-Trading directions
-Charts analysis
-Market View
-Quiet active and friendly environment
-Education for beginners and advanced traders
-Online support/staff to help out if you are having trouble
-A chat where you can share your ideas or your trading setup
This server is dedicated to investing stock options bot programming and development.
Currently supported bots with broker integrations include TastyWorks and Alpaca.
Webull support is in progress.
The best OlympTrade signals out there!

Our winning rate is 70% - 80%
We provide people with free signals!
We help each other to make sure everyone earns a good amount of profit!
All-in-one Crypto Server, with Binance & Bittrex Pumps, Premium Trade Signals and eLearning Material. Everything in one place.
Come Join Boss Bit Signals We're building a community with a simple aim, and that's to keeps making money... Boss Bit Signals is more than a service, it is a community packed with friendly members and analysts. We aim to provide you with helpful hints and tips each and every day from our team of analysts, with the aim to repeatedly satisfy our members and keep them coming back for more!
┏╋━━ Hydra Signals ━━╋┓

•Super Profitable Forex Signals
•Stock Options, Spreads, and LongTerm Hold signals!!
•Friendly Environment
•24/7 Support
• Premium / Free Signals to the public!
We're a growing Dutch Crypto Community where you can come and relax with like minded people, find loads of information, enjoy free trading signals, the latest news and lots more. Scammers will be dealt with immediately.

We are a crypto community which is evolving since 11/2017 with the goal of sharing Top private crypto groups, Top private analysts and much more from 80+ paid sources. We also share expensive trading courses.
Some of our leaked channels :

Forex 24h is a server that is strategically available to everyone in trading and news- Learn & Make Money Trading 📈
- 24/7 Friendly Support❗️
- Join For Free Profitable Signals 💸
Double your money for free | We share Sports/Gaming Signals for free !
► Nitro/Paypal Giveaways
► Multiple role to choose from !
► Free signals
Forex, Commodities and Indices
Our focus is to share high probability trade setups and alerts with those who want to take their trading to another level.
We are professionals, willing to educate and mentor persons who know alot about Forex or nothing at all

Join our server today!
COin Bitcoin and ALtcoin Trading - Quality TA, FREE signals and calls every day!
We are a channel dedicated for people who are new to crypto and want help with analysis and trading, but also for intermediate and pro users who want to improve their trading skills and teach others about that.