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The Rosco&Jax Company began research and development in early 2016 with our official launch in Spring 2019. We have decided to join discord! Many servers are focused on "signals" and "training". These services topically are scams unfortunately from over seas. We are 100% based in The United States. We do NOT offer "signals" or any other unnecessary scams. Join and be part of our team! Thank You, The Rosco&Jax Company Inc.
Hey I'm Davy the admin of this server called Elite Markets

Also a Content Creator, I'm trying to grow a healthy and family-friendly community where people can have fun and chat with each other,
I would appreciate it if you could join It would really help me out

What we offer: MENTORSHIP
learning is easier when you have a teacher for guidance.

Chatroom content:
-Daily forex alerts
-Trading directions
-Charts analysis
-Market View
-Quiet active and friendly environment
-Education for beginners and advanced traders
-Online support/staff to help out if you are having trouble
-A chat where you can share your ideas or your trading setup
If you are looking for a “Trade Academy” that offers:

-24/7 Support
-One on one Mentorship
-Premium Signals (with breakdown)
-Weekly zoom calls (100% trade talk)
-Live Technical Analysis breakdown
-Premium trade member Ideas 💡
-In person training/link ups (Atlanta)
-Exclusive access to our PRO Lessons
-Unmatched Referral Program💰

Click the the server link & let's get started!
📈Pro Signals for FREE📉
On this server I will publish my Forex Order daily. Be there and join me on my journey

Auf diesem Server werde ich täglich meine Forex Order veröffentlichen.
Ebenso soll der Server zum Austausch privater Trader dienen! Sei dabei und begleite mich auf meiner Reise!
We are a community providing entries and exits for Options, Forex, Penny Stocks, Crypto and Futures. JOIN US! Custom indicators and over 100 e-books on trading!
Roberts Bulls LLC will help you start making profit consistently in the stock market and results are based on amount of effort & interaction you put in. We have a community of traders with vast knowledge to offer. We include daily trading watchlists and alerts as well as free guides, books, tutorials etc. We have by far the most affordable prices and we offer the same or better quality than the majority! Join our discord and find out for yourself our daily success and take your piece of the stock market pie!
Come Join Boss Bit Signals We're building a community with a simple aim, and that's to keeps making money... Boss Bit Signals is more than a service, it is a community packed with friendly members and analysts. We aim to provide you with helpful hints and tips each and every day from our team of analysts, with the aim to repeatedly satisfy our members and keep them coming back for more!
This FREE group allows members to chat and share trade ideas.
New posts are submitted at a high rate and we also have an active voice chat!
Our team maintains the server to high quality standards.
Join now and connect with other people on a fast growing platform.
We are here to provide an awesome environment for traders from beginner to experienced and all inbetween.

Smoke a blunt and trade the forex in the Pit
it's like the real one in Chicago, right?
Sure, bud
Hello we are the best Forex Traders on Discord We Offer V.I.P signals and Trial Signals Join and Enjoy The Wealth Winning Team
A discord server for anyone interested in discussing global economic fundamentals, currency pairs, and commodities.
Talento Trading provides hourly forex signals. There are also cryptos and stocks signals daily.

Why you should join:
* We make daily/hourly profits
* We are active
* Instagram/Facebook ads launched soon, so our community will grow bigger
* Accurate signals
* Low risk trading

Join us now, and get the most legitimate and accurate trading signals for free.
- Affordable Forex signals
- 50-100% ROI Profit
- Meet other traders and find help/tips/tricks/strategies
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A community built around a financial markets algorithm that scans the entire equity, forex and crypto currency markets.

Let us follow the markets for you. Just follow us first.
# 1 trusted & reliable trading partner, providing trading signals for a fraction of a price since early 2018

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We are one of the most profitable trading groups in the world, providing chat rooms, training, signals, trading tools, and account management for Forex, Stocks, Stock Options, Binary Options and more. Join our server today and be another proud member of the CTG.
We are a new community of traders looking for like-minded people who are passionate about trading and the financial markets!

We discuss anything related to forex, trading, cryptos, stocks, technical & fundamental analysis, and anything basically relating to finance.

We only require you to be active in the community and really get to know everyone!
‪#trading #trading Italia #forex #broker #trader‬ #bitcoin

‪Salve a tutti,‬
‪vi invito a un gruppo che si chiama Trading Room, il punto di riferimento per il trading Italia dove si parla di strategie, pubblicano grafici e dove si trovano diversi canali con vari asset, dalle valute forex, bitcoin, alle materie prime e azioni e molto altro! All’interno troverete anche diverso materiale didattico! ‬
‪Un posto dove si discute in modo socievole e profittevole per tutti dove non si litiga e dove non si fa gara con nessuno.‬

‪Dove l’unico scopo è guadagnarci tutti insieme! ‬

‪C’è anche una Chat vocale per operare insieme in realtime o discutere di strategie.‬

‪Diversi canali di notizie autoaggiornanti e un ambiente molto cordiale!‬

‪Ecco l’invito, una volta registrati entrerete direttamente.‬


Solo per utenti maggiorenni e con un conto broker aperto!!

‪Vi aspettiamo numerosi! ‬

‪Lo staff vi augura il benvenuto!!‬


Hello everyone
I invite you to a group called Trading Room, the reference point for trading Italy where we talk about strategies, publish charts and where there are different channels with various assets, from forex, bitcoin, currencies to raw materials and stocks and much more! Inside you will also find different educational material!
A place where people talk socially and profitably for everyone where they don't quarrel and no one competes with anyone.

Where the only purpose is to make money all together!

There is also a voice chat to work together in real time or discuss strategies.

Different channels of self-updating news and a very friendly environment!

Here is the invitation, once registered you will enter directly.

Only for adult users and with an open broker account !!

we hope many of you will come!

The staff wishes you a welcome !!
Hype Trading is a community full of people who are seeking to start or improve their journey in STOCKS / CRYPTO / FOREX / and INVESTING. Hype Trading provides guidance, lessons, tools, and discussion amongst the community to help everyone get on the right path towards a brighter future with their money!

Join today!
Minva Invest Server Global in the world of trading. Sharing the best Technical Analysis by Professional or Amateur members who come from all over the World.
We are FXNoobs a community of beginner forex traders. We will begin live trading as a group one hour each day going over profitable strategies. Please feel free to join; we are a non profitable server with the goal of helping and growing as a community within the forex all for free :) if you cannot join via link dm me @noobatfx#3063