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Stock Market Discord server for discussing all things trading and investing.
Welcome to Logical Trader

Here at Logical Trader we provide a professional service whereby we calculate using advanced mathematics what we think a stock, coin and or currency will do next (mainly bitcoin). We then give you this information for you to act on and make money, we are constantly working to improve our methods of predicting stock and will always listen to feedback. However remember this is all our opinion
With over 80 years combined analyst market expertise, at we strive to help every trader learn and improve daily, become self-sufficient and consistently profitable year after year. We achieve this by teaching and mentoring members with proven strategies and technical analysis for daytrading, swingtrading, and investing in the stock market.

Real time alerts!
Financial Planning
Virtual Stock Market

Learning how to trade stocks and make thousands of dollars has never been easier!
Trade real stocks with fake money!
Improve your stock trading skills!
And all this by just simply joining our discord server!
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By joining this discord server you get the ability to trade stocks virtually, improve your skills an have loads of fun!
So don't miss out and join the fun!
Server with plenty of e-girls, edgy members, chill lounges, and enough to do that your mom will hate you
Welcome to The Lounge! It's Super Moist! Join my server to get market news all in one area, help each other out when trading in the stock market ideas, tools, charts.
◈Please read #community-rules
◈Remember I'm moist!
◈If you want to join a casual community of stock traders aimed at making the game more enjoyable for everyone, then you came to the right place.
◈Feel free to add your stock watchlist, picks for the day, swing trades, and much more.
◈Leveling System
◈Stock Bot chart
◈Favorite RSS Feed
◈🦞Custom Roles🦞
◈Dank Meme
◈New tools being added◈


Seeking moderator & recruiter

Spamming & Self promotion without premission or content will result in Permanent Ban
Want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Options, Business Startups, and crypto!
Join our group and chat with other stock and option traders about what’s going on in the market today. We focus on stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional environment for traders.
United Traders is a community of like-minded traders working together with the common goal of amplifying trading profitability of our members, with the cornerstone of our success lying in the financial education we provide to our members.

The core principles of United Traders are: educate, teach, and Unite.

With a supportive trading community on your side, retail traders can finally stand a chance!

"Behind Every Great Trader is a TEAM!"
- United Traders
If you find value in my Challenge here it is. ***$1,000.00 Account Challenge***. Is Now Counting Down! You Have *1 and 1/2 week* to get $1,000.00. We will grow $1,000.00 Together. Starting date Is *July, 8th.*. Rules Contain.
**1).** *It’s Your money. You do not have to apply any of these Rules. They are just set guide lines to actually consistently grow your account. Again 100% My Opinion. **Trade Your Money At Your Own Risk. I Am Not Telling Anyone Where To Buy Or Sell, But Myself. I Will Be Live On YouTube And Announcing My Profits, Entries and Exits. Inside VoiceChat. Trade At Your Own Risk.***
**2).** *Strictly Profit. No Exceptions. 100% Green Portfolio. We will accomplish this through staying Consistent by Selling At Previous Resistance. By Cutting Profit no matter the amount.* *$10.00, $100.00, or $1,000.00. Again Our Daily % Goal is 5%-20%. This Means If You're Green and up 6% and A Resistance is Approaching, Take The Profit Because that is 6% Growth.* ***DONT FOCUS ON THE DOLLAR AMOUNT YOU ARE UP, ONLY PERCENTAGE GROWTH***
**3).** *Post Profits Daily. This will Force our minds to want cut our profits as quickly as Possible. Allowing Us To Let go of the losses. We Still have Daily Winners. Your Name will be Highlighted in Gold if you are the Winner. *(Percentage Gains.)*
***Disclaimer*** If you want In. I do need to Know who I have to Provide my service to. So Just add a **Green Check Emoji** Reaction. On this Post. I Can Read the Names! :)

***Don't have $1,000.00?***
If You Don't have *$1,000.00* When Started, You Can Still Tag Along, Even With Paper Money In ThinkOrSwim. I Would Just Like People With the *$1,000.00* To **"Green Check"** The #announcements so I can deeply Focus on there

account to provide good service.
Free online community based technical & fundamental analysis group on discord.
Growing community of traders of all skill levels
Discord server to analyze stocks, alert members about stock plays and watchlists, and ultimately help each other make better trading and investing decisions and reveal some opportunities that some of us don't see by ourselves!
Intorducing SafeDiscord's support server!

SafeDiscord is a revolutionary discord moderation bot with tons of new features getting added by the day. Come join us now for more information!
Always free, Always family!

Bulls and Bears are welcome: A network of family that works together through an ongoing learning experience to achieve maximum profit.

Focus: Stock Options, knowledge and more.

Please note; when you arrive we do use a verification process to keep spammers and non-serious people out. We believe in Quality over Quantity. Please make sure to read instructions and to check your DM's for a verification link that expires after 10 minutes. Thank you for understanding.
Hello, This server was created to recruit new memebers to try and download the new robinhood app! New referrals to app get bonus rewards! Join to make bank!
Converse about the economy as well as talk about the stock market to see other's views on what position you should take, including positions on options, cryptocurrencies, and futures.
Hope. What is hope?
Hope is a feeling, faint in your heart and soul. Sometimes you forget that it is there, but it can weather any storm. You can feel it anywhere you are, if you choose to remember how. Never lose Hope! It will carry you through your darkest times and make you smile in some of your happiest.
Help One Person Everyday

We are here to help with your Health, Wellness and Financial goals. By building a community of people who are like minded and share the same vision!
r/Wallstreet Outcasts linger in the deeps of Trollland here while making a few tendies.
Anything and everything finance. Stock trading, online business, saving tips and personal finances. It's all discussed in this server.
Stock, Trading and Options Traders We are a community of like-minded trader and it's FREE ---> **We offer** - Daily Watch List - Education learn How to Trade - Penny Stocks to Large Caps We Trade it All - News Alerts - Stock Market Opportunities
Your one-stop-shop for tested and proven strategies for Trade Ideas and ThinkOrSwim. We have the tools to help you become a consistent and profitable trader.