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MCR Trading is a welcoming community for any level of Trader!
Feel free to come and share your knowledge and analysis of the Markets!
There are channels for you to text and talk about your preferred Trading style and potential set ups!
Come and join the fun and discussion!
The #1 Trading Chat on Discord! 🚨🔥
Stocks, Options, Forex, & Crypto 📊📈
Make Money From Anywhere 🌎💻📲
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Profits💰Waiting, 150% Gainers! 🚀💥

We trade together and have constantly helped each other learn along the way to creating profitable accounts. What are YOU waiting for?
The #1 premium stock options trading group. We primarily focus on options trading and also feature stock trading, long-term investing, forex, cryptocurrency, futures, and more. 24/7 active trading community. Founded in June 2019. Over a Dozen years of options trading experience. State of the art A.I. software that generates trading signals. Check us out on discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or our website! NEXUS INVESTMENTS LLC
The #1 stock options signal chat on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.

TradeMate provides 3 services:

1. Trade Signals: Our Wall Street analysts scan the stock market 24/7 to look for the right trade. We then select the best entry and alert it to the group.

2. Stock Research: Access our team's extensive coverage on stocks across different industries. We analyze stocks using fundamental, technical, and proprietary indicators.

3. Trademate University: Enroll in our options education bootcamp and complete assignments. Have experienced traders mentor you along the way.

We hope you join the premier stock community on the internet! Cheers
this is a server for learning and being around others that are driven and want to gain financial freedom. It's centered around businesses and opportunities to unlock wealth and freedom from the world.
Open source investors is a community aimed at helping traders and investors from all walks of life the opportunity to grow and learn as a trader. We aim to cultivate a culture of learning, guidance, and knowledge exchange through a community format built on trust, fairness, and reliability. We aim to teach fundamentals, grow confidence, and produce a strong team of traders with sound judgement to be leaders instead of followers. We have a mission to be the most trusted name in OPEN SOURCE day trading learning and growth.
"Investing in skills yield more returns than Investing in stocks"
New Offer - Trial for 3 Days, 35% Off of Membership Fee for new users!
Now learn how to create websites, bots, html, css sheets, Graphic Designing and much more through Live interaction instead of watching pre-recorded videos

Our Students see upto 200000% return on their investments (the membership Fee) and you can use Trial for 2 Days to evaluate our Services!

Get your doubts clarified on spot - Best Learning Environment - where coaches are present in live with you
Throughout my years of Bitcoin Mining, I've found out several flipping techniques/ methods. With the power of these methods and the help of a business partner, we have made a BTC mining server. This server allows you to not only grow your money, but also grow your mind. Bitcoin is one of the first digital currencies to use peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. The independent individuals and companies who own the governing computing power and participate in the Bitcoin network, are comprised of nodes or miners. "Miners," or the people who process the transactions on the blockchain, are motivated by rewards (the release of new bitcoin) and transaction fees paid in bitcoin. These miners can be thought of as the decentralized authority enforcing the credibility of the Bitcoin network. New bitcoin is being released to the miners at a fixed, but periodically declining rate, such that the total supply of bitcoins approaches 21 million. Currently, there are roughly 3 million bitcoins which have yet to be mined. In this way, Bitcoin (and any cryptocurrency generated through a similar process) operates differently from fiat currency; in centralized banking systems, currency is released at a rate matching the growth in goods in an attempt to maintain price stability, while a decentralized system like Bitcoin sets the release rate ahead of time and according to an algorithm.

rewardsroll is a money-making community that has an emphasis on finding and using methods of making money that no other community knows about. our methods are tried and true private methods with very high success rates, from years experience. our goal is to create a niche community where everybody is making money and learning from one another. our discord does not have any barriers, meaning that whether you have never even heard of how any of this works or if you have been doing this for a while; you can still and will learn and succeed.

join today and get involved !
At Exust Investments you can invest your money and we will use that money into stocks.
We are a group of highly educated investors that utilize AI bots for market analysis to provide accurate call outs! We help educate traders of all experience levels and provide them with the tools necessary to become a profitable options trader!
Join if you are ready to learn how to make a living from the palm of your hand! Here we will teach you the tools you need to be successful in several different ways. If you are tired of getting less than what you are worth, click the link to join!
First ever server dedicated to providing financial knowledge to the Pakistani community. Whether you want to learn or you have something to contribute, do join :)
RIS Investments Group 2020 is a sales-oriented server.

We are offering our own investment service from which you can make money, we also have a marketplace where you can buy/sell products or services. Come join us, let's make money and laugh together!

100$++ GIVEAWAY on 100 members in the server!

Contest with prizes worth more than 200$ till the end of March/2020!!!
Hello there!

Cees, Tobias and Kamal would like to welcome you at Quickly Notify.

Congratulations! You succesfully joined our beta.
In this beta we will provide you with some awesome features.

The features we currently provide:
- Support
- Marketplace
- Groupbuys
- Guides (resell & bot setups)
- Site lists
- Raffle lists
- Early links
- Resell predictions
- Fast monitors (shopify, adidas, nike and supreme) COMMING VERY SOON
- Giveaways, leaks and slots

We created this beta, so you guys can test all the services we want to provide in our future premium cookgroup. Currently we don't know when we will switch over to premium, so enjoy your stay! We will notify you whenever we get closer to this happening.
In this server you can learn how to invest! We have a wide range of services and a very nice community, come join and see if you can learn something to help make you a TON of money!!!
💼 Pitch your ideas to a large group of investors!
👨‍💼 Network with industry professionals!
📂 Access to resources posted daily!
💸 Buy and sell services/assets!
🗣️ Receive feedback on any project!

Join us, you won't regret it!
Hey my names sippy!
I made this server to allow people to buy and sell products to do with anything.
I will label trusted sellers so keep a eye out for the roles
Welcome to Investors Week (IW), In here you can invest Bitcoin ( BTC ) or and Ethereum (ETH) we might be accepting another currency's in the near future, here is how it works, so we got trusted gamblers in the discord, they are pros at gambling and know what is the right time to gamble. but, in all cases. it's gambling.., so there are loses and winnings. so if the gambler did lose, he/she will refund 40% back, or if the gambler did wish to refund more, they could. We are also hoping to add more features to the discord and make it more better every single time we add a new update,

Many thanks for reading this, we all hope you the best regards! :)
-Investors Week (IW)
We are a server which does investing and you can get free money Everytime you invest me me on PayPal. More info if you join
welcome to BitSwift!

Start investing your bitcoin/ethereum today!

55% after 100 hours! (will be doubling this soon once we get more members!)

Minimum investment: .0001 BTC/.0032 ETH

No withdraw limit!

To invest, just PM me or one of our admins! We won't EVER pm you first asking for BTC/ETH!

Payouts are done every Sunday and Wednesdays! By either admins or me!
(You will need to PM us on that date and give us your TID and proof that you invested!)

Any questions just PM me or one of the admins and we'll answer your questions!