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Stocks and Options Trading
Look for a Day Trade or Swing Trade Idea?
We are a community of over 1400 like-minded trader
---> **We offer**
- Free Daily Watch List Webinars
- Education learn How to Trade
- News Alerts
- Stock Market Opportunities
- Voice Chat for alerts and to ask questions
- Free Weekly Study Groups Classes
- Penny Stocks to Large Caps We Trade it All
Stock market signals & research simplified. Invest more wisely and profit quicker. Synchronized with the most trusted institutional desks on the globe!

News Feed: Pre-open, mid-morning, mid-day, mid-afternoon updates for leading and lagging sectors, top headlines, equities trading up and down, earnings, commodities, and Euro Zone.

Smart Signals: Halt and resume, 52-week highs and lows, price spikes up and down, opening and closing gaps, day high and low series, session highs and lows.

Option Activity: Large options sweeps and blocks traded at the ask, near the ask or above the ask are aggressive option trades. This can be an indication that someone is anxious to take a large bet on a security's direction.

Block Trades: Block trades typically occur when significant hedge funds and institutional investors buy and sell large sums of shares. This can be an indication of a breaking catalyst or an upcoming event.

Trading Group: Chat with thousands of stock and options traders in our professionally moderated server.

User Retention Rate: 76.64%

Signals Per Day: 1000+

Average Response Time: 12sec
💸Stock Education 💸
💸Learn to make money with money💸
💸Join a community of traders💸
💸Promoting Financial Independence💸

We focus on helping others learn to make money, and bettering each other. Join us in the the most exciting game on the planet!

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
The #1 stock options signal chat on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.

TradeMate provides 3 services:

1. Trade Signals: Our Wall Street analysts scan the stock market 24/7 to look for the right trade. We then select the best entry and alert it to the group.

2. Stock Research: Access our team's extensive coverage on stocks across different industries. We analyze stocks using fundamental, technical, and proprietary indicators.

3. Trademate University: Enroll in our options education bootcamp and complete assignments. Have experienced traders mentor you along the way.

We hope you join the premier stock community on the internet! Cheers
Next Level Trades Discord is all about teaching, helping and mentoring anyone willing to learn. We specialize in trading stocks and options. We have nightly classes on a wide range of subjects all related to the stock market. These classes are free but you must attend live if you're not a member. We also have a great community of people which is very helpful in itself. Being able to connect with others that share your interest in the market is very beneficial, it is turning out to be a big attraction that our members enjoy very much.
Learn from professional traders with years of experience. We teach loss mitigation which huge for beginners. We spend time developing a plan and strategy that works for you, and accommodates your lifestyle.
We also give live alerts and live feedback on trades! Develop skills that normally take years to master!  Everyone needs a strategy.

👇👇👇link to discord 👇👇👇

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SwiftDao is a new standard for Investment Clubs on blockchain. Increase returns on your investments with lower fees than index funds. SwiftDaos are designed on the principles of fraud resistance, social investing, capital growth, and low fees.
SmileBack Trading is one of the most dynamically unique trading servers around, we offer an extensive range of learning experiences with analysts for all market types. Learn from traders who have spent decades perfecting their strategy and be the best you can be. Best of all it's free!
We are a fun community to role play about stocks and companies as well as other business type stuff and would love to have ya here with us!
Im a beginner day trader, who also does some swing, long term investing. Follow my trading journey into becoming a profitable day trader. day trading live every single day! Buy the dip sell the rip, Scalp, buy off support, all while watching the chart patterns develop into some great trading set ups..Level 2, and time n sales are my book..Live action!
Welcome to the New Arborly Gamers server! This is a gaming/chatting server!

We have!


•Links to Free games!

•Gaming classes!

•Residental DJ!

•Friendly people!

•Advertising any youtuber or streamer!

Hope you enjoy!
This is an investment server where you invest and get 2x the amount you invest in some business days time without been stressed.We do all the work for you
Welcome to Embrace's Money makers, where we discuss stocks, trading strategies, leads, market news, politics, and music. A new server made by someone relatively new to discord
Join if you want to help and get help on your stock trading adventure with us. We allow referral advertising for Robinhood free stocks.