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💎 Looking for Members is the new way to get members for your server! 💎
We offer the EASIEST way to get new members for your server!


⏱ Just ask for J4J or partner and wait for DMs! Quick and simple.

❌ We're not another one of those advertising servers with 100 channels. We try to use as little channels as possible while still providing a great advertising experience.

📢 We offer various advertising channels!

🛒 A full store experience, be active on the server to purchase special roles and benefits!

🤝 The easiest way to get partners and J4J!

⭐ Join our Server of the Week program to have a chance of advertising your server in a private channel!

✅ Clean and simple server design.

🚨 Powerful auto-moderation tools to remove spam and walls of text.

🤖 Custom bot to make adding new features easy!

We're also looking for staff and partner managers!
Gamer R Us (18+ only please)

:one: Call us GRU for short!

:two: Like SASS? Join Us!

:three: Like Support? Join Us!

:four: Need new friends? Join Us!

:five: Just Join US! you know you want to

:star: We are a group of streamers and viewers that have come together to bring community BACK to streaming. We know how easy it is to do Follow4Follow, but what about Support4Support? That's the struggle. Why have 1000 followers, with only have less than 2 viewers? Our Community wants to help everyone grow, in a stress-free environment. We are full of SASS, however, but the STRESS and DRAMA...gtfo with that BS.

We help you, help us, help you...does that make sense? Wait. What?


Come Join won't regret it.

:small_blue_diamond: Open door policy regarding Suggestions, just ask our Staff, and it'll be considered

:small_blue_diamond: Our staff also aids in social networking as well, with our own Discord Twitter page

:small_blue_diamond: If our Staff, doesn't have the answer, they WILL FIND A SOLUTION to try and help every member

:diamonds: Join GRU...Help us, help YOU!
__Aᴠᴏᴄᴀᴅᴏ Aᴅᴠᴇʀᴛɪsɪɴɢ__

Looking to grow your server? Or maybe your social media? Then join Avocado Advertising!

What we offer:

😄- custom emojis!
🎆- lots of channels to advertise in!
❓- QOTD (question of the day)
🎉- giveaways and events
📕- one word story

And more!

Sounds like fun? Join today!
A chill gaming community based server!

- Talk and have fun in a growing community!
- Look for more people to stream to and for advice on how to improve!
- Find people to play with!
- Help your channel become bigger by making connections here!

Welcome adventurers, to The Gaming Cafe! We are a small upstart server looking to help new and old creators out on their journey to getting big on YouTube, or just looking to hang out! We'll be holding events, giveaways, gaming nights, etc soon enough! We support all kinds of creators, no matter the platform! Come give us a look and hope you like it here!
SUB2 is an interactive server that is focused on enjoying gaming and youtube all while also focusing on growth and development, if you’re looking for this, head over to SUB2!
Looking for a server to advertise & find partners in? Look no further! We have...

☆ Quick & easy partnering!
☆ Many different servers to choose from for partnerships
☆ Mass partnerships! (partnering with multiple servers at once)
☆ Find PM's, work, and other members who are looking for partners
☆ Advertising channels
☆ Links to other partnership portals!
Are you looking for a welcoming server that will help your community grow fast? If so, SDR Advertisements is for you!

•『🌐』Advertise your server in 20+ channels!
•『🔱』Get advice on growing your server!
•『🔰』We are always hiring staff!
•『🔒』Premium channels for partners, donators, and customers!
•『🔎』Find free staff that will fit your servers needs
•『🤝』We have no partnership requirements
•『🤖』We can build a custom bot or discord server just for you!
Looking for a place where you can get the best feedback for your server?

<<<---Atiki Advertising--->>>
📌Experienced Growth Teams to answer your every question
📚Effective Growth/Advertisement methods and feedback
📄Thorough Server/Ad reviews
🛠Custom Logo/Banner designers
🗂A vast variety of channels to advertise your server’s niche
and much more…

Get your server exposed to a large audience.
Gain members.

Why the wait? Grow your server NOW
Advertising Hub is a server where you can advertise anything you want, social medias, bots, discord servers, game servers and more! We also host weekly giveaways! if you want to grow your bot and servers, join us, we provide you growth tips, you can also add your bot to our server :D, Friendly, welcoming, non-toxic and active advertising community server with 9000+ messages a week! We also have our own bump bot which helps you to grow your servers by using a command!!!
E u n o i a

。゚・ 🍄 Eunoia is a advertising based server !

We offer:

🍃 Advertising

🍵 Promotion

🌳 Shoutouts

🌱 And much more...

J o i n u s n o w !
JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!
🔥 GameHub Advertise 🔥
- Professional Advertising Made Easy

We are not your average advertising server.
Need an advertising server to promote whatever you want?
- We have no slow mode!
- Our own professional bot!
- All types of advertisement chats available!
- Friendly staff members!
- Advertise up to 4 times a day!
- No cooldowns!

Need help on growing your own server?
We can help you grow your own server and set it up as well as some tips and tricks.
What's this? It appears we have found an entirely new universe.
Shall we go investigate it, dear reader?

I seem to have entered, and it's amazing!
It seems to been filled with... uh oh, losing contact!

★ Over 40 advertising places!
★ Friendly creatures all over the world!
★ Tons of giveaways!
★ Contests and events!
★ We have lost our readings, so you have to go!

Here is a portal you have to go through.
Are you looking for a place to advertise and grow your server? Well, you just found the right place!!
Join DK Advertisements today to reach several other users and see your server grow in no time!

➢ Several active advertising channels! 📈
➢ Partnerships with our server to grow your server faster! 🤝
➢ Giveaways! 🎉
➢ Helpful and active staff to answer your questions! 🛎️
➢ Our own ModMail bot! 📥
➢ Advertising channels for both your Discord servers AND other Social Media's! 📱

So, why not join DK advertisements today? We grow each day and improve the server all the time! Become a part of our community today!
Unlimited Advertising!
Do you want to grow your server? Or do you want to find the perfect server? Then this is the server for you! Some of our features include:

- Channels for advertising your server, social media, bot, and more!
- No daily advertising limit!
- Fun Community Channels!
- Cheap premium!
- Get advice for your server!
- High Bot Security!
- Channels for Staff Seeking!
- Reaction Roles!

• We're also looking for server staff!

this is for people who either want to join a server for youtubers and find more videos to watch or for youtubers themselves to join and promote their videos and get more views and popularity to grow each and everyones channel and when you join please send your YouTube channel link in #advertise and we’ll give you a Yt role

Playboy Advertising

Official affiliate/sister server Of Playboy Palace!
A completely revamped discord advertising server!
And everything else social media related!
Would you like to seek for staff for your server?
Do you want to share your gaming account?
You’re in the right place We’ve got a fully developed ads server with advanced bots and moderation!
Come and Join us and share your servers and promote yourself today!
Always looking for partnership managers and affiliate managers

80+ Advertising channels just for you

Growth guides and help from staff!

We're here to help you grow your server and socials!
🧽 • Sponge Advertise • 🧽

Sponge Advertise is a free advertisement server with unlockable roles and channel.

What we offer:
🛸 • Free advertisement
🌅 • Cool chat
🌈 • Fun rewards
And much more . . .

So why not join us its free so c'mon.
Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

Ad/Server Reviews

Weekly Podcasts/Blog Posts/YouTube Videos

What are you waiting for? Join now!
We are TecZers.
📌#1 Server International E-Sports Leader in Gaming, IRL & more,
Recruiting the best of the best Gamers & People since 2020.
⚡YouTube Advertise
⚡Twitch Advertise
⚡Social Media Advertise
⚡Free for All
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╗
《Advertising Corner》
╚════❖•ೋ° °ೋ•❖═╝

Have you been trying to find that perfect server to advertise? Where you that know it is own for having the most comfortable, safe environment helpful staff Then your search for the best place to be has now ended! Come on down and meet the rest of the members here today!

What we've got to offer you:

📱Variety Advertising Channel Catering For All

👋 Friendly, rapidly growing and active community

📜 Self Roles

⭐️ Server Spotlight

👥 Accepting staff members!

🎉 Fun Little Giveaways For Members To Join!

🤝Accepting Partnerships!

⇪ Bump Bots To Love & Hate

🎙Plenty of voice and text channels!

💯 Real Well Established Advertising Corner

📈 100+ Members & Growing

♛ Server Founder: CptBirdgirl#2444
Our Discord Server:

Community Banner:

Your server low on members or just want to grow it more? Meet Advance Advertising! Advertise your server or social media here! Join us Now!
Sexy Advertising is a sub discord server to Sexy Time which is a very popular community/nsfw server. Sexy Advertising allows anybody to promote any sort of venture online. The discord server was founded on the 20th of January 2020 and has the following features different sections where you can promote:

- Your discord servers.
- Your online services.
- Your social media accounts
- Your fiverr/freelancing services.

And so much more.

Sound easy enough right? Why not promote your online venture over here then? Come join us today.