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Hello, whoever might be reading this:
We are Godz.
But what are we about?
Well, if I was asked to sum it up in one word, I would say Fitness

But if I was asked to go in depth, here is what I would tell you:

》We are not just a bunch of people that are showing of our bodies, we are here to help you get into shape.
》Physical Health and Mental Health are just as important as the other, so we will help you exercise both.
》We will do our best to teach you not only what exercises to do but also what foods to eat as well.
》This server does not tolerate negativity to other people, whether they be fat, shrimpy, or weird looking.
》We follow people and groups like Athlean X, Nile Wilson and The Body Bible because of how inspirational and helpful they are.

Join Us Today and become a member of 〣∙〣GODZ〣∙〣
This server is for people who like or would like to have a healthy lifestyle. Hope you like it.
A fitness social platform, dedicated in helping motivate members with their goals. Also, provides help, advice and insightful information about diet plans, gym schedule, workout routine and much more.

Members and staff give great advice to everyone. You can ask questions and help others. They take time to help you. Sometimes events are organised to help you eat healthier for example.

By joining this server you'll be part of a health and fitness related discord, where you can discuss with out people with minds a like or otherwise. You can also seek help and advice, while receiving advice

Members are also welcome to discuss in a social format about fitness or non-fitness or health related subjects. There's a solitude section dedicated to helping you display your musical, artist, logical and creative skills. You can also use it to show your progression as you improve with these things.

A new server looking for help. We are a fitness community dedicated to motivating and helping each other grow in our journey to physical, mental success, mental health, gym, fitness, sports, actives
A discord for health & fitness discussions with loads of ways to motivate you to get and stay in shape, post pictures of your progress, compare it to others, get advice from more experienced members and most importantly, keep it fun while improving yourself!
A fitness centered server where people can hangout and discuss/share their training with others. All are welcome!!
As the name may suggest, we are a community of people trying to lose weight and get in shape! ~
However, we don't exclusively focus on weight loss - we welcome anyone who is trying to change their life for the better, or anyone who has completed their journey and just needs the continued support.

In this server you can feel free to ask questions about diet and exercise, show off your weight loss progress, share tips and tricks with the other members or just simply talk about your day.
This server is for people who like fitness and for people who are either trying to get into a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym, and for people already doing it! This is a place where people can share dieting tips, workout routines, and help people to expand there knowledge of the fitness industry! We promote non toxic behaviour and for everyone to come out of there shell and get friendly with everyone in the community. Good luck to all after joining the server with there goals and dreams ahead of them!
The best place to talk fitness, gym and fkn aesthetics. U mirin?
Im trying to create a place to form actual friendships. This server's main interests will be gaming, fitness, tech and NSFW. If youre feeling low and looking for a place to hang, you can join in too.

I wanted to make a server different from all the others. No giveaways, no thousands of rules, no power tripping mods, no lurkers and no empty friendships. Here, everyone's included, everyone's equal and everyone is treated with respect.
This is a server dedicated to making friends, Positive energy and self improvement. Anyone is welcome
A community for people under 21 who are trying to lose weight for help, advice and motivation :))
Supportive, friendly, & mature server here to encourage you on your weightloss journey!

We have a variety of people all on different parts of their journey!

We go by the CICO mindset, but have members who include other weightloss strategies such as IF, Keto, and more!
Gaming, Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, Read the Live Gaming Feeds to keep up to date, Check out the Now Live channel, and get your own stream added! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
Gym Gamers a place for Games'n'Gains.. with Fitness, Recipes + more - We have channels for everybody! Including some live feeds for popular fitness & recipe updates, also a live streamers channel! We also announce when you're streaming! Share your ideas with like-minded individuals!
This server is all about connecting with people with similar goals, to live a healthier life! 💪💛
Come join and support each other as family ♥
For all genders at all stages #NonJudgmentZone
∙∙·▫▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫▫·∙∙
looking for partners!
Welcome to earth!:earth_africa:
We are a brand new server that was created with the intent of being a place to discuss a wide variety of themes.
We have channels for:
We also have the pokecord bot with a dedicated channel
Come have some fun and help us build a great community!:handshake:
Gday Chads,
School Of Chads is a community that is focused around fitness, gaming, memes and just making a healthier life for yourself. If you have any questions about fitness join and ask away.

Goals for 2019- We are trying to build a community that promotes the alpha way of living, e.g. working out, sleeping 8h/d, talking to others. We have found some staff that live this life and are active most hours of the day to answer questions. If you're interested in fitness or just love a good talk this is a great server for you
This is a Video Gaming community designed to allow Gamers to make friends, find games, and create content together in their leisure time. We wanted a place where people felt comfortable to engage in rich and stimulating discussion about not just games, but all topics alike. This is something that is relatively unique to us as a Discord community, and a value we continue to pride ourselves on.
We have:
- Friendly Staff
- Music, Gaming, and Event Bots
- Intellectual Members
- Supportive Rules
- Promotion and Partnership Opportunity
Look for other ALOE Network Servers!
For serious discussion of fitness goals. If you're interested in developing your physical health through exercise and nutrition, this is the place.
For me, there is more into working out than just to improve your body by exercising and eat a lot of food. I always believed in order to be a REALLY strong person, you also have to have a strong mind. If you’re just having a lot of muscles, you may be able to lift a lot of weights and look cool, but you miss out the key elements of real strength – which is, more than everything else, patience and a good hearted mindset. In todays world it’s hard to think of others and even yourself, as all we really want is to be appreciated by others, but not giving or gaining anything REAL. We want the fame. The want the money.

We want it all. But by wanting everything, we loose sight of the needs of others, or even ourselves. A true strong person takes care after them self, but also for others.

How do you take care of others? Take a close look at them. See, feel and give them what they need, even if it doesn’t help you any further on your own goals. How do you take care of yourself? Don’t cheat. Be honest to yourself. Clean food is better than the easily done fast food. Rest if you need to. Don’t rest if you don’t have to. Start to live out the knowledge you have, stop ignoring everything in benefit of your comfort zone.

Be insane
GFTN - an active, close knit server focusing on Gaming, Fitness, Technology and NSFW
This is a server focused on weight loss, posting fatty feels, and weightlifting. We have a tight-knit feel, but everyone is welcome to join us on the path to ascension (aka gainz/losing weight), even if you're maintaining or need advice on your diet. We're all gonna make it brah 💪💪