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Oga Fit's Team Bicep Discord server!

We are a growing community of fitness enthusiast!

our goal?

- Our goal is to make the information to start exercising easy to access
- We want to make a welcome environment for people to talk about exercising
- We want people to stay motivated!
- We want to give people the ability to share their passion and accomplishments

We hope you'll join!

Ask personals trainers for advice!
Level up by staying active!

The Lose It! community has recently expanded to include comprehensive strength training support!

Lose It! is a supportive, friendly, & mature community with over 1400 members, here to encourage you on your health & fitness journey.

We offer topical and off topic chats, venting space, guided topical writing, an 18+ space, and multiple different types of challenges to keep you engaged and active in your journey.

This server's top weight loss tool is Calories In Calories Out, but we also have members who participate in specific diet strategies such as Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and more!

This community is strictly work-safe and is moderated as a safe space where everyone is welcome and members can feel free to share their feelings and issues without being attacked or judged .
This is a self improvement server where you can talk with our small community of people about basically anything you want, things you might be struggling with in life etc. Our staff team is very active and is ready to help you at all times. You can also play games with the member of this server or if you are into minecraft you can play on our minecraft realm.
A new fitness server trying to stand out in the middle of all others. We offer exhaustive help for any sort of question, from injuries to nutritional advice.
A server equipped for gymnastics, games, politics and other physical and mental exercise. Join now, you might as well because people have been telling you to join a gym anyway, may as well be this one.
This is a "no bullshit" fitness and general health forum for people who'd like to start living healthy lifestyles and get fit. We don't have tons of unnecessary chat channels, rules, or bots. Everything is meant to be simple and streamlined. If you'd like to learn more about and discuss nutrition, cardio, lifting, and various sports, consider joining the server!
A place for all you Olympic Weightlifters to hangout! Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been doing it for a while, feel free to come hang out!
On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
Official 4chan /Fit/ness, for all lifting enthusiasts. Workouts, share delicious foods, advice and share your glorious gains. Also tinder funny screenshots or advice. This is not a server for dating.
The Iron Temple is a server dedicated to both fitness and the occult. We're mostly geared towards those in the left-hand path, though almost anyone can join.
We are a New Bodyweight Fitness community where everyone who does bodyweight exercise is welcome. We are also looking for staff members who have experience in a certain type of bodyweight sport/fitness. We have channels for calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga, pole dancing, rock climbing, parkour, crossfit, martial arts, tricking and more. If you want to learn, teach or just share your progress then feel free to join our server.
Hello, we are a Fitness & Health server based in the Indian subcontinent. Active channels talking about lifting, programs, diet and posting progress pictures.
The official server for self improvement generals. Discuss literature, fitness, personal finance, STEM, and anything non degenerate.
A server for serious lifters only. We don't want people who go in the gym without no real program and half ass every exercise. We want people who care about their health and diet, people that lift with the focus of a god and people who aim to become fucking beasts.

You do not need to have 10 years of experience and a pro card but at least a year of lifting and some decent knowledge. No beginners this isn't that kind of server.

If you want to enter server where you can talk about lifting with people who are just as serious as you, join up and let's make some goddamn gains!

Note: if you join and only talk a little here and there we will kick you. I'd rather have you have big convos 2 times a week.

Also if you are a beginner we will kick you there are plenty of befinner friendly servers but this isn’t one of them

And if you are under the age of 15 we will also kick you. It is very unlikely you know what you are doing and are mature. We do not want a server full of immature kids.
We are the epitome of etiquette, a group of higher beings sent here on a mission from God. If you want to better yourself and help others on their path to righteousness, c'mon down. 🔝
An inclusive community for all martial artists to meet and discuss their training, have fun, and grow as practitioners. Share your experience and find new perspectives within the community.
Hello there! Better Together is a community for like-minded individuals looking to get better everyday. Come join us on this journey!
Come join us and let's make a place we can allllll fucking relax in and play games.

We're all mature and unique hop on innnnn to Chrysalis and find yooo wings
Delany's Fitness Discord server is for anyone. If you are looking to find new friends, flex on us with some pictures, or even get tips on how to train, this sever is for you.
Total Gains.

Dedicated to helping you on your journey to those GAINS, whatever those gains may be.

LGBTQ+ Friendly!
Open to girls, because we all know us girls gotta stick together!
Open to beginners and old hats!
14+ only, please!
A close community with friendly people, we have what you are interested in! Join and talk with people who share the same passion as you!
~ Homework and school help
~ Share you art and music
~ Gaming, several games
~ Spicy memes
~ Fitness tips and discussions