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Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

Ad/Server Reviews

Weekly Podcasts/Blog Posts/YouTube Videos

What are you waiting for? Join now!
We are a community trying to get small and big youtubers into the server! big youtubers can get a role so they can promote in a channel. small youtubers have a default made channel to promote in this is really handy if you want to be more social with your viewers. promotions are always free! make sure you know its only for youtube and twitch. so dont promote your discord server here! thank you

:hearts: Friendly staff :hearts:
:speech_balloon: much channels :speech_balloon:
:musical_score: chill zones :musical_score:
:muscle: Strong staff members:muscle:
Greetings! Do you need another place to advertise your content or yourself? Join Promote Yourself!

What we offer:
-Promote your stream, youtube, twitch, nudes, discord servers & more.
-You can Advertise every 5 minutes!
-LF small or large partners.
🎮✨ Welcome to C0ntent! ✨🎮
The number 1 hangout for content creators!
YouTube, Twitch, Mixer; all platforms are welcome!
🎮 We do events every so often 🎮
✨ Very chill community ✨
🎮 Promote your videos and streams! 🎮
a new and welcoming server with self promotion ♥

share your
♥ youtube channel
♥ twitch
♥ Instagram
♥ discord servers
♥ spotify
and more

this server also has memes, voice and music channels, and self roles
__**Advertise Center**__

**Need of followers or members? Join us, and grow your social media or server!**

🤝|Opportunity to partner with servers.
💬|Chat with our members!
⭐|Many channels to advertise in.
👮‍♂️|Need of staff members.
💡|Suggest your ideas.
🆘|Support channels.
🎲|Bots like GamesROB, Tatsumaki, UnbelievaBoat.

**What are you waiting for? Join us now, promote your social medias, and make your way to the top!**

🖇️|Vanity Invite
Want to Advertise your Discord server or Social media for free ?

We offer:
- 60+ categories to Advertise your servers and Social media
- Active server (15 000+ members)
- Weekly Giveaways / Events
- Different Partnerships depending on your server size
- A steady way to grow your member count
Welcome to Discord Server Central {DSC} where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks

We are the home of DSC - an easy to use advertising bot that broadcast 2k+ server bump advertisements to 200+ servers


Join today whether it is to post your server or invite DSC bump bot, we have mature yet friendly staff on hand to assist
A highly advanced Advertising/Listing Server with the Ultimate Quality. We provide public server stats and as well a public website for the server. We strive to constantly improve and grow our community. We maybe a small server, but we’ll grow and grow with more than 100 members joining every week.
Largest Discord & Social Media Advertising server where you can promote/list, now also offers:
• Giveaways
• Youtube/Instagram/Other Advertising
• Self-Assignable Roles / Paid Roles
• Custom Coded GameMode
• Memes
• 3000+ members
• Politics
• Entertainment/Fun Bots
• Server/media channels to advertise your content into
• Promotable roles
• Friendly Staff members +more
Official Website:
chill server, active community. we joke round' a lot & shit like that. join for a fun experience & to meet friends
Advertise your Discord server and social medias for FREE! You can only profit from this server so why not join and profit?

✅100% Free
✅Join for join
✅Discord server advertising
✅Social media advertising
✅YouTube advertising

✅ Much more to come!
Hello, want to advertise your discord servers and etc? Well, you pick the right spot. We're a newly made advertising server looking for members!
What we have in our server:

**[:busts_in_silhouette:] Great people to interact with.
[:circus_tent:] Events for people to participant
[:video_game:] Game bots to play games within the server
[:computer:] Over 20+ channels to advertise!
[:cop:] Protective Staff Members!
[:microphone:] Voice Channels for you to communicate with others.
[:movie_camera:] Gaming & Movie Channels for you to discuss.
[:headphones:] Music VC for you to play music.**
Why should you join us?

:small_orange_diamond: We want more people to join us so our community can grow. We want to see more interaction/communication within our community. We're also giving new people the opportunity to meet other new people and help their own discord server grow. We also care about our fellow members here, and do whatever is needed to keep our community a safe and enjoyable place to be in. We also host events to keep the fun going within our community. It wouldn't really be a community if it didn't had any events, am I right? Anyway, there's much more in our community and I don't really want to make this very long. So, I hope that convinced you to join us, we're are excited to see new members join our community!

We're currently looking for staff
:small_orange_diamond: Must have a mic
:small_orange_diamond: Must fill out a application
:small_orange_diamond: Maintain maturity
:small_orange_diamond: Must be active
:small_orange_diamond: Must have zero warnings

We're also looking for partnership.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Discord Server:
Looking to promote your social media's such as YouTube Twitch & Twitter or your g=just a graphics DESIGNER that needs more more this server is just for you so JOIN now!
Gaming Database is a discord server in which a space is provided to share other gaming servers for specific games or communities. We are not a place for spam or for trolls.
Welcome to PromoteYourSoundCloud! Here you can advertise your Soundcloud and receive feedback and or just chill and talk about music
etc.. - -
TDR is a growing community were you can promote,build friendships and have a
good time playing games we are here to help streamers hit those goals and we are all very friendly come and join TDR and be a part of the family!!
Want To Sell And Trade Accounts And Make Money? Well This Server Is For You!

We Offer Public Selling And Trading, Trusted Selling, Promoting Stuff, Chat And Much More. So Come And Join Us To Buy And Sell Digital Goods Or Just Come And Hang Out With Us For A Bit!
Here, at Aiuandreiu's Community, you can chat about different games or you can promote your sick gaming skills, your designs or those amazing edits. We also host giveaways so make sure to check us out and don't forget to have fun! Cya!

_*Stuff you can do*_
***1. Advertise whatever you want in this server***

***2. You talk with friends!***

***3. In this server you will meet nice people and make friends!***

[ This server is a friendly server ]

*** Quick note: We are still making changes to the server. This server is brand new!***

***[Hiring Staff]***
〔hey! listen!〕
✔ chill server
✔ supportive community
✔ share art / streams / content ;)

hop in! join the nerds, gamers, n' artists to stay awhile and art to your hearts desire.
The Social Media Marketing Shop on Discord

We offer high quality, hand picked & regularly checked social media signals for several platforms, directly & comfortable within Discord!

👮 All Services are Hand-Picked & Checked
🤖 Everything is 100% automated (and :zap: fast!)
💸 Very competitive cheap pricing
💕 100% on Discord!

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