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rip thotlounge, ho lounge is chill and very friendly some people are mean but me, the owner, handles them with my eboy powers.So um join for clout.
-=-Welcome to Game Chain!-=-

Rules (Listed in the Server as well)

1. Respect the other users (this includes bashing on people based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.)

2. Listen to the staff members
If you believe any staff is abusing, message DragonFangs with valid proof, invalid evidence/trolling may result in a mute or a worse punishment.

3. No racial slurs/offensive language as well as nsfw content (that is outside the nsfw channel), gore, etc.

4. Don't try to bypass filters/rules.
We don't need anyone 'testing if it worked/testing our staff'. If you're caught doing it/claiming it, you will possibly suffer a greater consequence.

5. No spamming.

6. No acts of pedophilia/sexual harassment.
If you believe anyone is doing any of this towards you, please contact a staff member with proof.

7. No VC Ear-rape.
Don't use your own voice/the music bot to hurt people's ears, simple.
A.I.D.S is a server where you can talk about or discuss anything from memes, to how your friend forced you to watch Pokemon XY by tieing you down to a chair, handcuffing you, and duct taping your mouth shut so no one can here your screams as you sit in your chair, alone and isolated, while you watch Pokemon XY.
Casual server where you can talk and make friends with all sorts of nice lovely individuals!
Hey guys, this is a server for my fellow cubers, gamers, or just people looking for a nice community. This server has Mee6, Scrambler, Tatsumaki, and more! We are open for suggestions and staff applications are currently open! Note: We don't have an nsfw
A server with some active and friendly people. If you want to do something together just ask. We are also lovers of jojo and jojokes.
Just a server for talking and making friends don't join if you get offended easily although we just hangout and talk we sometimes get on certain topics that some people may find offensive and stuff like that.
Welcome to Symmetry~!
We are a small growing server that hopes to thrive in the near future!
We have many fun things to offer such as:
- A helpful and welcoming community and staff~
- Self assignable roles~
- Many fun bots~
- Karaoke~
- and more!~
Come join us! Give us a try!

The Symmetry Staff~

This is a server for people who want to talk to other people, make friends, and overall, have a good time talking to
HEY YOU YES YOU we're born sinners, a band in brawl stars. BUT WAIT you don’t have to like Brawl Stars to join the server, plenty of us just want to chat. We don't even talk about Brawl Stars half the time. We were established right around when brawl stars was released (summer 2017) and have been chugging along ever since. (the server is relatively new though). We're a chill, small community based around kpop, BUT WAIT. You also don't have to like kpop to join. Many of us didn't even know what kpop was when we joined! You also don't have to even play brawl stars to join! Just come on right in and let's have a jolly ol time ey
A chill server for chatting and making friends, with friendly staff.
Come make new gaming groups and possibly new BBF's
my server is a calm & fun server to be in. it's active & has a few emojis to use & a role select bot!
Welcome to The Precinct!
This server is ideal if you're looking for somewhere interesting to chat at, with some great people that'll give you a nice warm welcome when you join. We have a vast amount of channels to choose from, even if it's showing your great works of art to cracking jokes showing off your comedy, we have quite a selection to post in. If anything happens then we will ensure you that you'll be safe with plenty of moderators at hand that are helpful, and willing to chat. We occasionally have voice chat (along with a music bot) and general text chit chat. Feel free to join if you're over the age of 15+, but please keep in mind to be kind and respectful to others. Have fun!
We are a discord server where you can make friends and talk to new people. We're friendly, funny, and we have many channels. Join for a fun time!! :smile: (Mainly for sad lonely people LMAO)
Welcome to Baki's Dark Place an immensely appealing and enjoyable place for people who are into socializing and having some fun!
Once you enter the server, make sure to select your roles and discover the rules.
We offer an enormous range of things in the server including:

+ Many active and friendly people
+ Anti-Raid Protected
+ Multiple bots
+ Self-assignable roles
+ Experienced and active staff
+ Memes
+ Lots of games
+ Roleplay
+ Art
+ Pokecord
+ Anime
+ Pictures
+ Polls
+ Quotes
+ Stories
+ Music
+ Voice chat

Join this wonderful server right now and have a nice stay!
a server that i started at 2:05am to post and remember my favorite poems by richard skien, now i just want all of you to write your own with me
you want to join the meat squad, press that like button and follow us on youtube. this is for memes and dank accounts
A Server for meeting new people to play games with!

This server has
-Active and Friendly Staff!
-Custom Emoji's/Gifs!
-Frequent events like Game Nights and Karaoke!
-A Friendly Community!
-Bots such as; Dank Memer, MEE6, Tatsumaki and Groovy!
-Plenty of Text and Voice channels for all you need!

Hopefully we will see you in the Dreamscape!
"Phat Nuts" A server filled with memes, funny people, annoying people, and cancer.
We are trying to reach a 100+ members. When reached a 100+ members we will start giveaways and roles!
-Active Staff and Server
-Friendly people
-You can do almost anything
-Voice Chats
-Any Language and Inappropriate Language Allowed
-Mee6 Level up
-Best Community On Discord
We're a brand new ddlg/bdsm server. We're open to new suggestions, have a lot of roles to choose from and lots of channels!
Hi! Welcome to Cuffed Up Raw 2.0. This server is for BDSM, making new friends, having discussions, interacting with others with the same interests, and talking to others! We have self assignable roles and great staff. We have a verification system that has you put a intro in intros! Staff will see if your intro will suffice and give you a role called “Intro Verified” if you’re accepted into the server!

We also have bots! We have Kawaii Bot, Dad Bot, Dyno, Unbelievaboat, Rhythm, and obviously Disboard. We have categories about Netflix, YouTube, Art, Music, and Gaming that you can talk in IF you have the role. If you want to have access to the BDSM part of the server, there’s another verification system for that! Please check the #verification chat to see how to gain access.

We hope you have a good stay in Cuffed Up Raw 2.0!~
-The Staff at Cuffed Up Raw 2.0

Owner: 🌻 sunflower princess 🌻#2659

Hello! We're in dire need of staff here at the Cove! I'm currently the only one here.
We are just a normal Server for just talking, making new friends, showing art& anime, and also getting a good supply of memes. Please join!
What makes us special from others? Not a lot tbh, however, we do have our own bot, "quality" emotes, our server is *fairly* accepting, since we have a connection to a fetish server, but don't let that scare you off, most of us are nice and probably won't bite. But no promises. You can share a bunch of stuff or meet some new people, I try my best to ignore no one. But like I said, we're not that much special from other servers. So, feel free to join or not, I'm not forcing you.