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Tranquility is a close gated community, meaning it's a community
that you need to be invited from within or apply to get inside.
we value and put our members at the top of our minds so that
means when you are in, you are one of us.
Ламповое игровое сообщество с тянками и своими культурными особенностями. А также тут бесплатные раздачи игр, собственная экономика и свои игровые сервера. Мы ждём тебя (─‿‿─)
This is just a server to listening a discuss music you like, you can also talk about gaming, nsfw stuff and just whatever rlly
Witaj na Gumisiach, serwer na którym chodzi o fajne rozmowy i dobrą zabawę. Gadamy tu niemalże o wszystkim: gry, filmy, seriale itp. Zapisz się już dziś! :)
This server is a small server but I’m hoping that it grows to be pretty big, Join this server if you want to joke around, play games with people or just talk to people, if you have a dark sense of humour then you’ll fit right in. So what are you still doing reading this? JOIN THE FUCKING SHIT EATERS AND BECOME A SHIT LORD TODAY
Heya! This server is about making friends and chilling so dw if you dont know what to say <3
We have over 200 members =^-^=
-join we got egirls

18+ only, (unless you have a voucher from a trusted member)

A community of strong-minded individuals (mostly edgelords) willing to express how they feel of matters be it anime, games, or life in general.
We discuss current season anime, games, and have regular planned events for voice calls.

We bite, but we most certainly mean well.

~Waifu(Mudae) bot has just dropped.

~now with a brand new FTB: Ultimate Reloaded Minecraft server!
👻🎃RobloxAdd1ct Fan Group🎃



We guarantee you won’t feel bored in our server because there are many people to chat with and have fun! We also do amazing giveaways every once in a while, and there are some amazing bots to enjoy and have fun with!
🎁 This server provides: 🎁


[👋] Active Server

[👋] Friendly Staff and Members!

[🎧] Pokecord Tryhards

[😆] Funny memes

[🎉] Exciting Giveaways!

[🤝] Partnerships!

💎— + Server Invite + — 💎
W-O-W. we have grown alot. time to do a new description i guess

we have over 40 members.

frequent givaways


active staff

➸Welcome to Tragedy! We’re a NEW community server with members that have so many things to offer all of you! This server is a place you can chill at have a good time and piss of others while doing

➸:tada:Events: We do giveaways and contests! Winners will be given a prize such as GiftCards, PayPal, CashApp, or a Custom Role!

➸Members: All of our members are different but can be loved and favoured by your choice, each one is unique with their own talents! We have Egirls, Gamers, Gamer Girls, and so much more for everyone
to enjoy!

➸Slide through and stay, you’ll like the people we have here. A bunch of egirls and a nsfw for everyone to enjoy!

-:paperclips: Invitation Link :paperclips:-
-:paperclips: Server Image :paperclips:-
@everyone @here
Another community with weird people.
A server to chat and meet new people in a chill environment, talk about stuff, and find memes.

(Not a dating server)
Snaboopers Cafe is a server meant for anyone looking to connect with others. It is a great place to meet people who share your interests. This is also a safe place for all kids (Cursing is advised). Come join us if your looking for a friend.

We host events when ever we can including kareoke nights, court cases, family game night, movie nights (if we can), talent shows, ETC.

We are all just a bunch of quirky losers looking to have fun lol
God's lair is just your everyday chatting server, with a twist!
You are a greek god!
Either make your own or select one!
We are open to (most) Communitys! And offer a nice range of subjects to talk about! What are you waiting for? Come on and join!
➳ Tons Of New People To Socialize With!

➳ Active Chat and VCs

➳ Fun Bots

➳ growing by everyday

➳ Memes

Invite link:
This server is an amazing chatting server with channels from chatting to suggestions! Join now to start chatting.
Webkinz is a childhood game for a lot of us, and I want to bring it back!
This is server is not only webkinz, but also for talking, meeting new friends and even art challenges! We also offer an online bookclub and a supply of memes.
So come join us!
I hope you have fun :)
We are a friendly community that was built to talk play some games with each other and have fun. If you want a server to make friends, play games, and just have fun you should join Us
The Wholesome Yandere Club is a new server that has been created to provide people for a place to go to others...rant about their life and even make new friends.
This discord chat is just a regular place to talk and make friends, when I made it I thought of making the discord community a little nice and simple so I made this discord when you join I hope you meet a new friend.