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Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you are automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
Hex is a Discord ran by a bunch of old friends that want to open up our community to others, we're new and friendly and also looking for suggestions! So come on in and help us grow!
Hello there this is a very chill server consisting of some cool kats with a good sense if humor so dont even trip we have some "consistent" VCs and we also got
-baby daddys
We have it all so if you wanna come stop by will give you a warm ass welcome
Hello I'm Orion, This Server is for those who really enjoy music and want to share their musicial tastes with others!
Alternative weirdos is a fun discord server for everybody. We have multiple channels, and we all support each other no matter what. We talk about and recommend music, as well as singing and talking. We share VERY idiotic memes, AND I just added self roles 👏🏼, so why wouldn’t you want to join this hell hole!? Join and help us grow this weird ass community. 🙃
just a server for talking about anime and games and random things in general looking for members
Just chill and have fun! Join you wont be disappointed
Growing everyday
Welcomes all
steam card at 50 members
assign Roles
Talky Talky Place (TTP, or also "Teleporting Toilet Paper") is a place to hang out in and meet new people! Have fun chatting with people and maybe hop into VC from time to time, even though we don't have many VC channels. (more VC channels coming soon)

We'd appreciate it if you would check out our server! Thank you.
A safe space that is judge free where you can talk about how you feel and you will be welcomed no matter what
a server for lgbtq+ people who play games and for other random people who just wanna play with some other random people
The Epitome of Depression [TEoD]
We're a pretty basic server, mostly centered around useless and random chatting
- A place to talk
- Nothing interesting
- A bot that's really good at banning
- Ranked Chats
- NSFW Chats at Rank 5
- Moderator Application at Rank 10
- Extra Exclusive Chats
Not much else. We're boring. Join us anyways or I'll eat your spleen.
we are a small server trying to grow
we focus on bringing people together from just talking peeps to the gamers
we offer:
》 Ez Rules
》 Selfroles
●some topics
》 nice people
》 get welcomed when you join
》 no musts
》 a few bots
》 Costum emotes
》 You can bring up some ideas to "upgrade" the server
》 You're very welcome here. Come join us and have fun
Just a server for talking and making friends don't join if you get offended easily although we just hangout and talk we sometimes get on certain topics that some people may find offensive and stuff like that.
🎉 Welcome to Onii's Sanctuary 🎉
❤ Friendly and welcoming community!❤

🎵 Music! 🎵

 🤖 Varity of Bots 🤖

⚠️ NSFW Channel ⚠️

Join now!
This server will try to fit all of your needs so why don't you give it a chance
Aktuelles Gewinnspiel am laufen.

Hey. Das hier ist der Sever des KnightsOfGermany kurz KOG.
Wir sind eine nice Truppe mit mehr als 100 Leuten.
Meistens labern, chillen, zocken und hören wir auch gerne mal Musik, obwohl dies hier eigentlich "nur" ein Gaming-Server ist.

Was macht unseren Server besonders:
1. Eine nice community
2. Hilfsbereite Admins
3. Mittelalter-Setting
4. Ein großartiges Rollensystem
5. Viele unterstützte Spiele
6. Häufige Updates bzw. upgrades
7. Ein Abstimmverfahren (Meinungen sind erwünscht)
8. Tolle Channels (Spiele-Channels, einen Satire-Channel, ...)
9. Regeln,
10. Viele Freiheiten

MEE6, Novus FM, Rythm, Rythm 2 und Server Stats

Wer einfach mal bock hat vorbei zu kommen, darf dies gerne einfach mal machen.

Haut rein... vieleicht hört man sich mal.

PS: Wir suchen noch weitere CO-Admins.
So u hi so were very new join us we talk about stupid stuff and we are just basic ass people
Heyy! Here in dads dungeon, (Hyperjynx's dungeon) we are happy people who are just here to have fun with friends. Join us and get yourself some new friends right now!
Spaceddoutt is an all inclusive server! We have games, events, music, roles, and so much more to keep you entertained for lightyears!
A welcoming community for everyone to join. Right now we have around 150+ members and are looking to get more. This server is quite active and its just to message someone to get a respond. If you decide to join I'll promise that you'll enjoy your stay.

We have now implemented School channel for people seeking help with school work or homework!

NB! There are NSFW channels but they are optional.
Hello! We are Background Gamers, but even if you do not play games feel free to join also. We are a fun little community with some lovely people in and I'm sure you will enjoy it here. It can be a little quite at times but don't click that leave button just yet, I'm sure you would love to take part in our fun art competitions or maybe even listen to some music with us or even play some games with us.

We hope to see you in the server!
Casual server where you can talk and make friends with all sorts of nice lovely individuals!
Plant Central is a server for people to do about anything they want its a judgment free zone and you can Roleplay as well as just talk or do karaoke