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we are a small server consisting of mostly friends but open to anyone! we aim to have an active chat open to any topics and members.
some features:
self assignable roles (fun and pings)
custom color roles you can configure yourself
personal channels available at request
a variety of bots
and more!
Enjoy your stay, we don't like toxicness in this server. Come chill out and hang out!
Were a community full of retards who say retarded shit to each other. You can literally say whatever the fuck you want.
PlayTown is a fun and friendly server for social chat with nice, sweet people. Come in and get to know us, play some games, maybe flirt a bit, make some jokes, and chat away your boredom! We're new but growing just don't be a jerk and you'll be welcome!
Hi (don't let the name fool you because anyone is welcome here)

Drag your ass to HELLGBT if your looking for a server that is fun and entertaining with few rules and not full of a bunch of sensitive rejects like most servers on discord.

Our rules are, no doxing and no posting any illegal content.

>>We have nsfw channels that even covers anime and furry nsfw content<<

>>We also have a few bots to play around with, this includes a music bot, zodiac bot and an A.I bot for you to stuff around with<<

>>We have a poll channel that you can post a poll in, a shit post channel and a link channel to post links or even advertise your discord server there though if you are looking to partner with this server then contact the owner about a partnership and she will advertise your server in announcements and ping everyone to notify everyone to join your server<<

Anyway if you like what you have read or have just skipped down here because its to much to read then do yourself a favor and join the server and stay for a while.
The Market Certified Services (MCS) is a server to help bring together a community of sellers and buyer of all races and ages 1234 - it is to alleviate the stress of having a middle man or having to be worried if someone is going to scam you or not - As well as a place for business, this place is also a social hub for multiple things from gaming to music to even tv shows, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds then this is your server !.

We can’t wait to see you there smiley!
This is a server were you will be lit, and make many new friends
everyone on here is nice, caring, and are very welcoming
We are a new and growing community! We welcome all!
We literally don't care what you do on the server!
Just have Fun!
Yanderes your all welcome! we understand your nature and we really don't care! Just have fun. ^^ Where so chill that you can fight and have a war on our server! WE WELCOME DRAMA!

Let me get my popcorn!
new server still working on it join and help us grow ! <3
A good cleanish place to flirt and make friends. Based around chatting. You must be (18+) to enjoy Flirties. Please keep it classy not vulgar. Try using some charm and actually flirt . NO drama will be tolerated if someone annoys you ignore them,don't start drama in the room or you will be banned. Follow discord rules.
Come down to Rosa-land! a discord for twitch movie streamer rosalie! you can make friends! join us in video games! and, if you speak English, have a mic and love bad movies you can become a host! come on down and join our family! furry's, bronies, lgbtq+ people and everyone else is welcome here!
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
T o x i c W a s t e
warning- Mods, Admins, or the creator of this channel will NOT take any responsibility if you break any ToS agreements to discord.
We have:
-A bootiful role system by Mee6
-A NSFW channel :underage:
-Economy system provided by Unbelievabot :money_with_wings:
-Toxic free channel if you are only wanting to look for new friends
-Mods who will hOPEFULLy do their job in case anything gets out of controll. :smiling_imp:
-Memes from Dank Memer and Yggdrasil
-A place to vent your angers SO FEEL FREE TO LET OUT ANYTHING
Attention users, I need your help. I'm trying to revive my brother's server after my friends left to exclude members. I need some revenge to bring his server back to life. I'll send the link to the enemy server once we have enough members.
Hello there, welcome to Purgatory.
This is just a small new server for some people to talk about anime and hang out with others.
Looking mainly for people with dark humour~ but if you don't that's fine too, as long as you don't get offended easily.
We can't wait to make new friends :)
We are very active and while we may have some drama here and there, we are very welcoming and friendly. Come join our family of wannabe teen emos and druggies. You won’t regret it.
Welcome to the Phantom Hotel, a hotel themed Discord server. This is best place to make friends and have a great time sending memes and interacting with people. We have a cafe to chill, an arcade section, and we even have a leveling up feature to compete to see who is more active. You can spend time at the outdoor pool, and chill at the lobby. Enjoy your stay at the Phantom Hotel.







~Hangout Server
~100 Roles to choose from
~Fairly constant calls; hop in on one and stay muted if you'd like
~Suggestions are accepted, so we can add new bots and improve
~OwO bot
~Chill members and staff; ot at least- I'm cool 😎
~Weird crackhead type vibe
~Games/Events Like movie night
Chill small server!
wanna be toxic? we have channels for that.
are you a pokemon master? we have pokecord.
make friends? definietly possible here.
wanna see cute animals? we got a lot of that.
you wanna ask for any role imaginable? ping the birth giver of roles
if any of that interests you, join the server duh
Welcome to Taboo! The hottest, friendliest, and coolest Discord server at the moment. We are very accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and have a very diverse group of individuals, most who are still teenagers. Plus, there is quite an abundance of teen e-girls and teen e-boys and we would love it if you could join us.
What’s waiting in Hell for you?
-Fun community of people to talk to that’s always growing
-A helpful Admin team watching over chats
-Offering a NSFW channel
-Fun and simple bots you can use
-The shittiest Memes in all the land
-Self assignable roles
-And more always coming soon x
fun and active, lesbian e sex, edgy and dark humor, nice and welcoming is the greatest server ever.