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This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
26 minutes ago
Community 384
Welcome to Kryptified, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever.
They wanted to give us a warm welcome and to make sure we found something.
We have over +900 members :) Yay!
Always join when you welcomed :D
We have roles if you want choose any roles
* Firendly admin/mod
* We have more fun with bots :D
* There is nsfw and shitposting.
* Okay the rules!

If you having any problems please contact an administrator and/or moderator.
Have Fun! :+1:
1 days ago
A server for memes, shitpost and everything in between.
76 days ago
Other 4
A comfy server for all, join the fun!
82 days ago
A Friendly Place to talk with your friends and everyone else about anything such as anime, gaming, youtube, drama and a whole lot of other things :)
Now come on and JOIN our Discord Server ^_^
110 days ago