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You can say and send what you want whenever you want , just dont be a retard. Spamming is also allowed. Nsfw too.
If u have a server too we can be partners.

Welcome to OnlyFun. As the name shows, we like to keep our server fun! We enjoy times with eachother, have rewards, minigames, friends, and MORE! Please consider joining and making some friends :)
Hello to everyone!

This server is a laid back social gathering of somewhat like-minded people.

There's a range of different types of people in here, so you're bound to find someone you'll get along with.

If you have any questions or concerns please dm @pearlyq4#5660

The Borderlands 3 trading Discord is a place when you can hangout, play games, listen to music, post memes, and also find people to trade with on Borderlands 3.
This server is about social rejects coming online to break all the rules they can't irl or they'll get their ass whooped by their parents. It's toxic, funny, always active and full of retarded individuals. Have general discussions about anything anime/gaming/news/memes/gay rp shit, we don't judge, so get in there and do what you want!
just a stupid dumb small server of losers who sometimes play games but hey we sometimes play smash and talk about jojo
Welcome to the blue battalion, started by SlavicSlayer himself! Join our army in joking around, possible raids, shitposting and a lot of other shit. Enjoy
Hi! My sever is a mix of my friends, Instagram and twitter mutual, and online friends from other severs! I'm currently building more members and I'd like you to join! xx
= What we offer! =

24/7 Active Voice channel with constant regular users. Arguments, drama, banter, friendships, wholesome moments, WoW Classic, League/TFT, Overwatch channels. Uncensored, chill or work on your shit talking.
✦ | Tons of content
✦ | active community/vc's!
✦ | fully setup roles + colors
✦ | giveaways & events!
✦ | low moderation!
✦ | approachable staff team!

join the community, leave a mark and make new friends
`+- Digital Dimension -+`

Digital Dimension is a place where you can chat with people from all over the world. We offer a few events a month, bots and a nice community.

Suggestions for bots, server changes or emotes are always welcome!

Ever wanted to join a server where there is frequent social events (i.e. Karaoke or challenges for prizes)?

-Event MADNESS. What does that mean? We host a variety of events to engage our memebers.

- Since the server is connected to my YouTube channel, early supporters and followers always get extra benefits. What are these benefits you are talking about Kinns? Giveaways my friends, giveaways.

- We have active and friendly staff from the TrooperKinns Family. If you need someone to chat with or just need a friend, our staff are always open to chat - rather its 5am or 5pm.

- In the server we will laugh, fail, and succeed all at the same time from events, to live streams, to even signature events.

- Expert support for any technical issue from FiveM to TeamSpeak.

What are you waiting for!?!? Come join the elite team and be apart of something you wont regret!
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.
✧ Choose your own role
✧ Fun Social Chat Room
✧ Introductions and Selfies
✧ Funny Memes and Jokes
✧ Inspiring Quotes
✧ Great Games Including a Connect 4 Challenge
✧ Boobbot and Lewdbot
✧ Voice and Music Channels
Come and see what your new Favorite Discord Server is about and meet some awesome people!
Welcome to ONEPOINTFIVE, a discord server that will make you want to die a very painful death.

⊱ **☾ Viens on est bien et tout gentil ! ♡ ** ⊰


Nous sommes un petit serveur convivial ! Que vous soyez un joueur ou une joueuse, venez vous faire de nouveaux amis en partageant des intérêts communs. (Anime, League of legend, Osu, Dessin, Art graphique etc.)

Nous aimerions voir ce serveur grandir et nous souhaitons que les membres se sentent à l'aise et comme chez eux.
Hey you! Yes you 👉
Do you like Minecraft?
Do you like role-playing?
Well come along and join us with friendly staff and lots of cool bots!
The most important rule is - - - >don't dig straight down!
Now I'm not going to force you to join, in fact I'm just gonna lay back drinking a fruit shoot and ask
will you please join?

---------------------------------BOI BOI SOCIETY----------------------------
----------DONT BE A DINGUS-- JOIN NOW-------------------------------SMALL BUT WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN GROOOOWWWW!!!-
Hell is an anarchy based discord server with a minor amount of rules for everyone to chill and make new friends where everyone can talk about almost anything, We give our members the ultimate freedom of speech.

Join -
This is the most epioc server to ever epic. It's got
-1, 2, and 3 word stories
-Simon Says
-gamer guys and girls
-cool bots to play with
And lots more
So come on and join this amazing server, you won't regret it.

Bottom text
Welcome to My Catalyst!!
- This server is dedicated to finding and helping those who feel alone or depressed, We are a close family type of server who is here for everyone, new users and old users alike!

- We have a DnD Category with VCs for users!
- NSFW Content for those who seek it!
- Over 150 emotes! (and even more being added!)
- Many, MANY channels for you to browse through with more being added!

I make it my duty to listen and help my community, I try to keep people active and chatting! I do weekly - biweekly purges on lurkers to keep the server clean!

Your voice matters here, I try my best to listen to everyone here and just know you are loved no matter what here. Hope to se you around, and I cannot wait to meet you!