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chill and shit with 40k+ members. bloody its a community of random dickheads who are trying to have some fun join our voice-chats and lit it up and be a MADLAD
[ S H I T M E M E S ]
That's right, cucks from all areas of the world. ShitMemes is about to set sail on a magical adventure via the wisdom of shitposting, cursed images, and horrible people.

This is a server that is basically the Wild West if it had a lot more controversy. We're a tiny community with lots of roles who don't exactly care about what you say or what you do. So basically: F R E EEEEEEE

PLEASE JOIN OUR CULT! We have edgy emotes.
◄-The Lonely Losers Club-►
Hello everyone! Are you considered a loser? Sorry that was a dumb question... OF COURSE YOU ARE!
I mean look at yourself. You’re radiating with loserness! Well we can’t fix that... BUT we can make you less lonely so that’s something. Here at the Lonely Losers Club we try to be a fun server so that means we’re not like those strict serious servers that limit you for being “too edgy” or “too NSFW”. Servers that are “toxic-free” are boring and overall a BIG let down so that’s why we are toxic, but not too much! So join today and become a little less lonely! (May cause you to become more of a loser though, but lets be honest how much more of a loser can you become...)

And if that still doesn't convince you, let me tell you what we have!

We've got over 100 members and counting!
We've got a meme channel for your enjoyment!
And best of all we have e-girls! Yes you read right we have the finest e-girls in all of Discord!

So what are you waiting for?
Click that invite and start meeting other lonely losers like yourself TODAY!
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
This server is an anarchy server
No rules
Just memes and stuff
Fun roles
Moist bots
Weird moments
This is a very epic server and you should join. We bully children on a daily and you too should join the fun. We have lots of roles to offer and loads of channels. We love to play games but we mostly play rainbow six seige. If you love memes, shit posting and bullying kids, then join today.
We are a group of 18 an up individuals whos enjoy some good company. if you are easily offended then this is not the group for you.


Here you will be able to find people who are crazy and kind as fuck (well most of them anyway) as long as you're kind aswell
This is just a normal server where you can make friends with wakos and listen to top quality moosics like Never Gonna Give You Up
Just a heads up though, if you fucking dare to be rude or unkind to anyone here— no matter who you are, straight banned. Asshole.

Make sure to have fUNNNN CHIRRENNN and eats ur veggies

This kingdom comes with everything imaginable. From the daily regular chatting to the nastiest and most sexual things you can think of! There are also bi-weekly events with an amazing leveling system and a custom currency that you haven't seen anywhere else before! The best thing is that everyone is welcome. Although this isn't particularly a dating app, there is a 1:2 female to male ratio.

What do we have to offer?

➧ An ACTIVE chat with memeful and lovely members!

➧ Additional chats for whatever you need such as:
- Rage & Venting
- Face Reveals
- NSFW Desires
- Meme Floods
- Casino & Economy
- Pokemon (gotta catch em all)
- Prediction Halls
- RPG Adventures

➧ A cross server chat where you can chat with users in other servers!

➧ ONE HUNDRED cool, memeful and unique custom emojis that you don't see anywhere else. Both regular and animated!

➧ Bi-weekly events that you can participate in and win to receive amazing rewards. Some rewards are outside of Discord and some are within the Discord.

➧ Funny and sexual stories made by the community themselves! Simply ask for access to the channel to create your own story.

➧ A custom currency that can be obtained by being active in chat and participating in events.

➧ Seasonal rewards for being active in chat.

➧ An awesome leveling system that you can obtain custom roles with!

➧ Self-roles that you can apply to yourself by just reacting with the appropriate emojis in the Info and Rules OR Personality Roles channels.

➧ And there are loads of more interesting features, but to get ahold of that I think you'll have to join. ;)

This server is to hanging out and chilling in chat or vc. We are a bit toxic so anyone who get's butthurt easily shouldn't join. Other than that welcome to xeno.
Do you like gaming, memes, and art? Do you like chatting and chilling with people at the same time? Well here’s a server that’s out-of-this-world for you! ✨
We welcome everybody, so don’t be afraid to join!
Sup nig, And today I will tell you about how great thus server is!
We have:
😝Friendly Mods/Staff
😎Epic Members
🚫NSFW Channel🚫
And a lot more fun stuff!!
Join now to be the most epic gaymrrr in the whole discord 😎👊
This server is just for fucking shit posting and stuff like that .... we will occasionally post some nsfw shit so dont be surprised .... just join if youre bored ... its a simple server ... join and speak with us ....
This server is the most diverse server you'll ever see on discord we got blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, LGBT, furries, hentai porn drama, pokemon fans, anime discussions, comic book discussions, artist, and more
Welcome to the realm! we are a group of people who chat about our favorite games, cartoons&anime and much more. meet people with similar tastes in games such as Persona and Soulsborne. Discuss about comics or manga, or share you favorite tracks in music. We hope you enjoy!
This is a new server looking towards gaining new members. We will host voice chats, games, and much more in the future so please, join us!
We have memes, cats, bots, and porn!
Join our friendly server where we conduct spells, train cockroaches, and read guilty comics about boys.. Oh, and we have cookies.
We are a cool funny ecks dee el oh el server. We like memes. We pretty much just hang out and chill and speak to each other. We can make custom and ecks diddly dee funny roles if you want. I dont really care just dont raid it. We got some music bots n stuff.
Join the server we got games lots of bots and you can advertise your server.
We are a public open server for everyone. We are a bit offensive but in a fun loving way :D
The server is not mainly NSFW. But we do have a Meme and a porn Channel
Here we just do whatever but I am a bit strict on the rules so uhh don't get to carried away by all the freedom.