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A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.
• Choose your own role
• Fun Social Chat Room
• Selfies and Introductions
• Funny Memes and Jokes
• Great Games including Truth or Dare and Music Quiz
• NSFW Rooms - Unlocked at Secret Levels
• Music and Voice Chat Channelss
Come and see what your new Favorite Discord Server is about and meet some awesome people!
Just a chill server to hang around and talk about everything and anything, discuss any topic, and meet new people/friends for your whatever your into. Mods/Admins fully support free speech and will never mute/kick/ban no matter who disagrees with what is said. We've got a lot of friendly people and a nice atmosphere.
what's up, welcome to rad inc. this server is mainly meant for gaming, but we got memes, bots, and a close knit community. we also have custom emojis and custom roles :)
if u join we might have fun talking and everything and don't spark beef. I hope u will like it I am a very active owner as well as my girlfriend, have fun and join please lmao
JUST JOIN BOZO. it’s an imvu server but we literally will talk about anything and it’s funny all the time. join please thnxx. noah fights kids tho v.v there is a nsfw channel but you can mute it if you want. everyone is welcome xx we be vibin on jah.
A good cleanish fun place to chat, make friends and of course FLIRT! Our 18+ server has introductions, selfies, memes, music, books, sports, art, quotes, foodies, travel, jokes, emoji playground for all our cool and unique emojis, Connect4 challenge, truth or dare, voice chat, naughty nook, a pet pig, we have a little of everything here. But most of all fun, friendly people to chat with. Our server is often active and a few of us really should be comedians and Duchess should be paid for it! So come on in and have some fun, tells some jokes make some new friends.
This is the unofficial cards against humanity server! We have

A cards against humanity bot

Fun roles that you can be proud of

A funny community

Oh, and did I forget to mention we have cards against humanity? I hope you join amd enjoy yourself here!
Welcome to my discord server we are pretty chill people and we post memes and play games I hope u join my server and I hope u.enjoy and be honest if u enjoyed.or not so i can know what to improve om
just a stupid dumb small server of losers who sometimes play games but hey we sometimes play smash and pokemon ya dig i love you
sorta cool server where we'll talk to you and laugh at your jokes... lots of vc every night and btw BOOST MY SERV
A server that is a good balance of Anarchy and Order and is ran by non-serious but nice staff
***Warning*** Everyone here is into offensive and dark humor so expect things you don't like
I have a specialized YouTube Growing Community where YouTubers around the world gather and promote each other.This will help you and I can give techniques how to get big on YouTube and get subscribers and views and likes on your videos.
In this fine dungeon, we have voice chats, an art channel, a meme channel, and a self promo chat. You can share ur selfies in the selfie chat. We have a casino and a dank memer channel. A gaming channel as well.
If you join it’ll be greatly appreciated and have fun!! Everyone here is super chill and you should definitely join. “It is free and free is a great price”- PewDiePie 2019
We're a small server starting out, but our band of misfits can get pretty loud! We have all sorts of random people doing and talking about random things, so don't worry about if you won't fit in! And we're not just about anime, we have gaming, music, and art chats, too! (Just be warned, I did say some of our members are odd xD) We also have bots like:
· Mudae
· Waifubot
· FredBoat
· Miki
· And many more!

We just started doing events! We have a movie night every two weeks, so feel free to come in and snuggle up in the voice chats!
Besides movie nights, we do events like Cards Against Humanity and Skribble, and have things like question of the day and anime news! We have silly things like the random facts channel, where you can post pretty much anything (that is, as long as it's not anything nsfw and is true xD)
Although this server isn't NSFW, it isn't stricktly SFW, either. You're aloud to use the f-bomb and stuff like that-- but just don't go overboard.

So! Feel free to join and come relax with us here in the AniLounge! There's always a spot open for you, and you don't need to worry about no one liking you. All of our members are very accepting and kind. So! I hope to see you soon!