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This is a fun server to talk. We are anti-furry. But if you are not a furry. This server is a place to hang out and spam hentai in #nsfw. Hentai is art of course.
A server filled with amazing opportunities to talk in or out of character.
It features a wide variety of bots such like pokecord and rhythm, along with possible games to play like Cards Against Humanity, talking to people in other servers, bot reactions with gifs and many more.
Currently with over 50 RP channels, with even more to come. The server has lore, voice channels, location images and gainable roles that come with perks such as character approval capabilities and your own private character channel!
This server also contains 2 NSFW channels, one in character, the other out of character, these channels can be toggled on or off by choosing your desired *Under 18* Or *Over 18* role when you join.
If you like memes, showcasing your art or sharing songs or funny videos on youtube this place is for you.
If you dont like actively roleplaying, there is a role that allows you to have access to the roleplay channels without being able to type in them so you can read all the active roleplays to your hearts content.
Join today and see where your imagination and creativity takes you!
A server i just made, join it if you want idk
Welcome to Dread Gaming! We are a new all gaming server all about community. Join us and experience a well-organized server and make some new friends!
Welcome to idk!

Here we share lots of laughs, a common interest in music, and lots of sarcasm. Our staff is excited to welcome you into our family.

Hope to see you in the server whores!
somehow we still have people in the server. That means you should join too. So join...right won’t.

•Small staff and friendly
•looking for staff
•Not a lot of rules
•All ages
•All types of people
•Most chill server yet
•Pick roles
•suggestions are always welcome
This kingdom comes with everything imaginable. From the daily regular chatting to the nastiest and most sexual things you can think of! There are also bi-weekly events with an amazing leveling system and a custom currency that you haven't seen anywhere else before! The best thing is that everyone is welcome. Although this isn't particularly a dating app, there is a 1:2 female to male ratio.

What do we have to offer?

➧ An ACTIVE chat with memeful and lovely members!

➧ Additional chats for whatever you need such as:
- Rage & Venting
- Face Reveals
- NSFW Desires
- Meme Floods
- Casino & Economy
- Pokemon (gotta catch em all)
- Prediction Halls
- RPG Adventures

➧ A cross server chat where you can chat with users in other servers!

➧ ONE HUNDRED cool, memeful and unique custom emojis that you don't see anywhere else. Both regular and animated!

➧ Bi-weekly events that you can participate in and win to receive amazing rewards. Some rewards are outside of Discord and some are within the Discord.

➧ Funny and sexual stories made by the community themselves! Simply ask for access to the channel to create your own story.

➧ A custom currency that can be obtained by being active in chat and participating in events.

➧ Seasonal rewards for being active in chat.

➧ An awesome leveling system that you can obtain custom roles with!

➧ Self-roles that you can apply to yourself by just reacting with the appropriate emojis in the Info and Rules OR Personality Roles channels.

➧ And there are loads of more interesting features, but to get ahold of that I think you'll have to join. ;)

Do you like nyannyancosplay?

Well then this is probably the group for you!

We have...

:Nyanyan_think: Custom Emotes! :7421_HITORMISS:

One non asshole moderator

:headphones: Music! :headphones:

:robot: Fun bots and activities to do with other people! (Or by yourself):robot:

So come on down to NY army today!
Join this stupid ass fucking server, All built on memes. If you get offended easily then this is not a place for you! If you don't get offended then please join and share your beautiful, hot, sexy memes!
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
We humbly invite you to The Hub,

‘The Hub’ is an active, chill, relaxed community where we share things about:
- 🎨 Art
- 🐏 Memes (Although some people will argue that memes are a form of art)
- 🎮 Gaming
- ⚽ Sports
- 🎥 Media related topics

‘The Hub’, where dwell the meme-lords at heart, has been active since May of this 2018 and we want you to join us to become part of the family that is our server. Whether you desire to bash a pseudo-intellectual, to bond with a weeb or to mock one of our owners, we assure you that there is a place for you here in ‘The Hub’. We’ve grown to become a tight-knit group of idiots and would be delighted to have you join us.

- The Hub staff
Hai! I’d like to invite you to an active, funny and charming discord community, aka @sun (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)#8069 server. We accept LGBT+ and are happy to welcome anyone (Furries welcome ;3)
We have many bots, challenges and other fun activities to do there! Including..
~Giveaways and prizes!
~25+ Bots for every Need, including Dank Memer, Notsobot, Rhythm and many more!
~Fare leveling up systems with roles to obtain for leveling up!
~Live Streams with the Owner!
~A safe and welcoming community, with an even safer projection against spammers!
~Server Wide challenges and many other opportunity’s to get unique roles!

We hope to see you there!!
We are a discord server where you can make friends and talk to new people. We're friendly, funny, and we have many channels. Join for a fun time!! :smile: (Mainly for sad lonely people LMAO)
Very chill server
Looking for new people, trying to grow it :)
Memes, vc, games, etc.
Anyone and everyone is welcome (:
You can advertise your server(s) as well if you'd like in our advertising channel.
"Phat Nuts" A server filled with memes, funny people, annoying people, and cancer.
We are trying to reach a 100+ members. When reached a 100+ members we will start giveaways and roles!
-Active Staff and Server
-Friendly people
-You can do almost anything
-Voice Chats
-Any Language and Inappropriate Language Allowed
-Mee6 Level up
-Best Community On Discord
Chill chat to talk about life your flaws and memes
Welcome to The Forbidden Island! This is a fun, roleplaying server full of fun staff and a funny community! Join at your own risk.
The Zoo
Come join The Zoo, a general discussion server, mostly filled with lighthearted and slightly questionably edgy jokes, with occasional serious discussion. Already has a community of friends. Have fun, and invite your friends!
Our server is for friends to socialize, hangout, chill with others, and make friends. People from all walks of life are welcome to our relaxed and laid back community.
We are a new server looking for staff and admins!
Space/Anime hangout for anybody who wishes to chill, and hang out. We are looking for staff to moderate the discord server! DM me, Jonny for information.

The Discord is in progress, but we are open to suggestions on how we can make this discord look good; and make it a fun environment for everyone.
Small server to chill and have some laughs. Curse all you want, join voicechat, listen to music together, talk about memes, or have edy emo rants. Just follow the fucking rules.