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|Welcome to Eros' Arrow! This is a server where you can make friends, possibly find a relationship, and just chill out. No need to be hasty, as in this server, you can take your time and just ride the waves of the chat!|

This server contains:
➼18+ Channels
➼Multiple Voice Chats
➼1 on 1
➼Helpful mods
➼A non-toxic environment
➼And much, much more!

|Come on in and have some fun! I hope you join my server, and I can't wait to see you there!|
Welcome to Angels Home!
A server where you can talk shit and overall have a good time!
A server with a very friendly staff where you can meet friends or your own lover <3 fun events, activities and more!
Hey! and Welcome to Music & Hangouts!
We hope you have a wonderful time here!~

We got..
Rules, Partnerships, and Awesome Roles!~
General Chats, Selfies, Memes, Fun Bots!~
Spam and Advertising Channels!~
TONS of NSFW Channels!~
Tons of Voice Channels!~

Owner: <@danny4604>
We hope you join and love it here!