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you have the permission to post whatever you want, so why can't you, are you retarded? why you join just to lurk? i bet you're a huge pussy!

We are a fun loving, furry community. We accept people of all ages, creeds and species! your gender does not affect you here! you can live any life you want to live
If you have not already created your fursona, use this template to create and submit your fursona to us!
Lookin for systemspace migrants from the tsuki project or/and lainons in general
But all welcome
Welcome to Based Café. This is a server where you can hangout and make new friends. We hope you enjoy it!
~ The Hub~

☆ Join a edgy/ chill community with a variety of channels and active members.

☆-Experienced Staff Team-☆

☆-Variety of Different Channels/Bots-☆

☆-Self assignable roles-☆

☆-Successful Partnerships-☆

☆-Movie Streams-☆

☆-We are currently +150 members-☆

☆-Looking for active members/Nitro Boosters and Partnership managers-☆

☆ This server has so many welcoming people you can become friends with, don't miss out!
Great server for 18+ people with spines to mingle in a lax modded environment where freedom of speech is main priority and we do our best to limit your rights as less as possible.
A unique where members can create and moderate their own channels and roles. Freedom is the key to this server.
This is the one and only official Big Chungus Fanclub. Any other servers that are claiming to be the same are a bunch of lying retards.
Great server for 18+ people that offers a lax environment and tries to limit free speech as little as possible.
Anyone can be a mod as long as they're active, trustworthy, and not a retard lol.
we luve anime. simple as.
Cute anime girls best channel
The new uprising...Welcome to nocturne.

This is not a place for fun. When joined you must fully submit your soul to the legion and comprehend that your existence does not matter.
In nocturne you do not exist. We are not real. You never saw us.
A small community of friends that just like to talk and have fun playing games etc. We have a variety of Bots to accompany the server so there's always something going on!
Welcome to WWE! The absolute BEST WWE server out there!
Do you have what it takes to survive Ruthless channel?
All you need is RUTHLESS. AGRESSION!
New server under construction

HOI4 is the main focus as well as the furry fandom uwu
If you join this server then you're super cool and funny thanks!!! ONLY ELITE of the elite rats allowed. No chadds anywhere near this. I'm serious.
Zaratustra FC é um server onde pessoas de pensamentos similares discutem filosofia, literatura, estilo de vida, e também com espaço pra shitpost. Maioria é BR nacionalista, todas opiniões aceitas.
Very few rules and authority, funny emotes, animated and still, game bots and nsfw stuff. Join up and chill out. If you think troll faces and shit like that is funny you might have a good time here
Welcome to the based server.

If you couldn't tell, this server is an absolute joke and should not be taken seriously at all.