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A server for discussing politics, religion, philosophy, and history. Self-assignable roles to choose from to show what political ideology you follow. This is the place to have civil discussion of different matters. Different chat areas for topics and a music bot.
For lighthearted and serious discussion surrounding political and philosophical topics. Unlike other servers, we support freedom of ideas. Discord ToS is the only line you may not cross.
La Provvidenza is the third in a series of political servers with its own special community of people of all religions, philosophies, and political views. Many of us have been together since early 2018. Despite this, we're always open to new members and we'd be thoroughly pleased if you stopped on by!
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Join America, a fun server with a Mock Gov, Role playing, Fun Activities, and a constitutional Convention.
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The aim of this server is to preserve a free, open, and intellectual medium for members to discuss their political, philosophical, and religious positions, examine their worldview and to debate the most pressing questions. We hope to add even more features as the server grows larger & are always open to suggestions & love to hear feedback from our members about what they want, what they like & dislike.
Kraut's server (

This server has no specific purpose and is intended mainly as a place for people to meet and exchange ideas and other in conversation. We discuss a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to news, politics, history, science, philosophy, tech, tabletop, gaming.

Note: People under the age of 16 are banned.
The Original MKULTRA server. The other one is not us.
Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Philosophy, Aliens!
You can have an opposing opinion we don't care.
Crypto Tip Bot, Daily Debate, Reaction Roles, Music Bot, News feed!
24/7 Text and Voice!
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
Communism is a Discord Server dedicated to communism, socialism, anarchism, anti-capitalism, the far-left & the study of the theory & practice of Marxism.
𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧
Dream Chan is a comfy little server for discussing whatever it is that your heart desires! We have discussion channels specifically for politics and philosophy. We have comfy channels for cute images and discussions of your day-to-day lives. We also have much more to offer, like vidya and quality frens to make. We hope to see you here soon!
r e p u b l i c i n e f f e c t ...
We have introduced an experimental democratic system of server administration.

"Politiseum is an eclectic server with an increased emphasis on politics, philosophy, history and the various disciplines of the humanities."

We accept people of all ideologies and backgrounds. Nobody is subject to forced silence for their thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs. Casual and refreshing talks are still allowed. Entertainment isn't restricted. Also, we have a Minecraft server!

Members must adhere to Discord's TOS.
The byzantine garden is a small politics server with its own (under development) bot.
Momma's Commune is a community server dedicated to anarco-communist theory and praxis.
A server for politics and memes mainly, run by Communists. There are few rules on this server, other than obvious ones. Basically anyone can join.
Unexpectedly scrolling mindlessly through tons of server, your eyes may fall on this one. Rest assured, we won't tell you about how good and nice our staff is, that's marketing and we know is not true for most servers. We have some staff that is nice (me) can't say about others. We have all the bullshit most other servers have - likely (bots, management and roles?), it's not worth mentioning that we like quality content and memes, we don't. We don't have anything different to offer and no amount of propaganda will make you join this server unless you truly are hopeless.

PS - we are pretty tolerant so I guess that's a quality? You can come test our tolerance to unpopular opinions.

Bonus - we hate companies that infringe on privacy. I hope that virtue signalling helps.

Bonus #2 - we love pewdiepie. If you are a bro, please join us. Totally not bypassing and hacking your primitive tribal desires.
We are a diverse, active, political debate server with the goal of discussing and debating politics in a civil manner! We have 1000+ members and growing.
We have self-assignable reaction roles for ideologies you endorse, exclusive ideology channels (i.e. Liberal only), and daily suggested debate topics.
We aim at having a civil server, so we try to keep the server as clean and professional as possible, without heavy uses of crude language, spam, and racist slurs.
A server for politics, With the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
We are a community that cares about what's going on around us. If you want an inclusive community to discuss current events, join us!
The Gavel is a place where you can come and debate your beliefs freely.
A fun and peaceful place, especially in this world where you can be physically harmed or unemployed for your views. There is no censorship like in other debate servers and this is a great server to discuss your views without risk of ban. We're eagerly awaiting your visit!!
The most active and exciting political server on Discord! AMAs with political figures, weekly events and a diverse ideological community.