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A humble and calm Server where we play games and talk about our lives and many other things. We're ALWAYS looking for new users to be part of our family. Come and enjoy your time in the Caverns!
32 minutes ago
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日本人がようこそ!Welcome to Café 0131+! Here, intelligent minds from all over Discord gather for discussion about topics such as politics, modern day crises, and current events, as well as participating in our server events. Join today for engaging discussions, minigame fun, and great events! Help us bring the Café back to its former glory!
1 hours ago
Better shitposting through superior fire power
2 hours ago
BITCH is the strongest intersectional feminist community on Discord!
22 hours ago
Community 21
Servidor focado em conversas e diálogos políticos e filosóficos. Organizamos alguns eventos contento streaming de filmes, RPG de mesa, Plugdj e alguns debates.
1 days ago
Community 28
A fun friendly server involving Politics, memes, theology, shitposting, etc. etc. etc.
we're always active and have a wide range of political and theological ideologies.
Join for a fun environment with people all across the spectrum :)
2 days ago
Hello Welcome to Political Academy! 👋
Here you can talk about world politics countries and more!
We also offer:
Voice Chat
General Conversation
Roleplay Chat
Roleplay Voice
And More!

Staff Applications will be Open VERY SOON
It will be a google docs application
You will then undertake an interview with the Administration Team
depending on the quality of your application
you will either be
Accepted as Support
Accepted as Junior Mod
They will be open soon
keep an eye for <#435006860827820032> for updates!

Our administration team consists of:

and <@215079281745723392>
Our Banner Is:

We hope you enjoy your time here at Political Academy!
2 days ago
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We have:

what more could you ask from a sever? some nice people? well we have some of those too… they are really helpful i may add.
3 days ago
Welcome to my Nation RP where he host different scenarios and lots more especially different timelines too where we will have fun you choose what you do with your nation.
3 days ago
A server for talk Politics, History, Memes and Random People, English and Spanish ;)
4 days ago
Join the Political and Conspiracy Discussions here!
6 days ago
10 days ago
The internet is toxic and Intelligent conversation is scarce, this is my contribution. The Official Intelligentsia will encompass everything from politics, news, education of all strides, and a community built on the idea of self betterment.
24 days ago
A server for everyone especially the lonely ones like me. This is a server for a bit of everything, gaming, politics, history, memes and many more topics. Share your interest to new people you don't know and Chill will the music channel.
24 days ago
A political chat for those that support President Trump and wish to debate the future of America. We serve two major Reddit communities: r/Trump_Train and r/Trumpservative. #MAGA
25 days ago
A political discord for all political ideologies but focuses on new/far/alt right topics. Join the server to get vetted and hop in to our private chat rooms to say hello!
30 days ago
Community 162
Flower Pot is an active and laid-back international LGBT community with a wide variety of channels including politics, gaming, and gay and straight NSFW. We aim to be a friendly and close-knit community sharing in various interests.
48 days ago
We're a fun server filled with friends and we love talking politics and we unironically like playing Roblox and MC. We'll accept anyone as long as you're not rude or hateful. Read the rules on entering.
55 days ago
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This server is made for debating and meeting new people. Join now for a mod rank
57 days ago
Political/Philosophical/Scientific/Religious debate server featuring geniuses such as Darth Dawkins and others
58 days ago
THE Discord Server for having a close communtiy to speak to on political issues, and more! We are designed to give to the lowest common denominator (the weeabo) who is interested in politics, but we welcome all!
62 days ago
Your exclusive chance to hang out with Max Austyn.

You're welcome.

Oh, and I like Neoliberalism, but not Neoliberals, because they're C*NTS!
91 days ago