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Welcome to Devil's Advocate! This server welcomes all forms of debate, from very controversial topics to simple opinions. There is little moderation and only a few simple rules to follow. Freedom of speech is top priority! All political beliefs/ideas are welcome.
43 minutes ago
Here at the League of Politics, we discuss a variety of political subjects, including general politics, philosophy, theology, etc. We also have off-topic channels, including gaming, memes, spam, art, and music. Enjoy! ;)
1 hours ago
An open-minded feminist-run debate server for philosophical/political discussion.

Come by and say hi :)
1 hours ago
The most active and exciting political server on Discord. Mock parties, debate nights, weekly community events, and more. Ready for midterms 2018!
2 hours ago
The Largest and MOST active POLITICS SERVER ON DISCORD. All ideologies are welcome. Multiple Voice chats with 30+. Global Emojis and Darth Dawkins LIVE NOW.
2 hours ago
A great simulation server! It simulates a future world, where you get to control the country as you see fit! Be an imperialistic leader to conquer the world, or be a neutral trading partner and be a large economy! It all lies within you!
3 hours ago
Publicz is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We have active VC with some sane left-libertarians who are tired of identity politics. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them.
4 hours ago
Bitch is the leading intersectional feminist community on Discord! Over 4,200 members.
14 hours ago
Edgy Memes and Fashy Dreams, Right Wing discord encompassing many ideologies, memes included.
1 days ago
日本人がようこそ!Welcome to Café 0131+! Here, intelligent minds from all over Discord gather for discussion about topics such as politics, modern day crises, and current events, as well as participating in our server events. Join today for engaging discussions, minigame fun, and great events! Help us bring the Café back to its former glory!
1 days ago
Welcome to Coffee & Eggs where you can espresso yourself! Discuss topics of gaming, talk about current events going on in the world, debate in the political channel and more! If that doesn't fill your cup of tea, you can indulge in the server's set of custom emojis! Feel free to join and make yourself at home!
2 days ago
A humble and calm Server where we play games and talk about our lives and many other things. We're ALWAYS looking for new users to be part of our family. Come and enjoy your time in the Caverns!
2 days ago
Nightborn Estate is an active, fast-growing gaming server with dedicated staff and a large regular community. We offer lots of things to do on our server such as tournaments, in-houses, weekly karaoke nights, movie nights, and other events. If you are a student with hard classes, come and get some help from our university graduate tutors.
2 days ago
The School of Athens is a community where you can talk about philosophy, politics, or religion. We hope to create a diverse and active community.
5 days ago
better shitposting through superior firepower --now with BURST processing!
10 days ago
The Big Brain Club (BBC) is a prime location for all of those who possess an awe inspiring brain. All topics are fair game and you are sure to encounter people who think differently. Sharpen your mind in the Big Brain Club.
10 days ago
Welcome to Bellwether Politics! This is a rapidly growing and exceptionally active casual server where people of all different ideologies talk about anything from the effects of the proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran, to the cheese surplus in the United States. Whether you want to talk about news and politics, sports, video games, or just hang out and make friends, Bellwether is for you!
11 days ago
If you're bored and want to discuss philosophy, politics, economics, surreal memes, or whatever--hop right in.

New server so join in early. I'm pretty active.
12 days ago
POLITICS is dedicated to the discussion of Politics in the US and around the world
17 days ago
**United Earth**
-A cross server economy
-business opportunities
-server and irl politics
-Army and Raiding
-NSFW bot
-Role-play (coming soon)
-5 districts each with an elected govenor and a server

We now have a Nation States Region!!!
19 days ago
Design your own Nation and compete against others! Accompanying dynamic maps track your growth. Roleplay elements like quests and duels are included as well.

Now with unique National Buffs. No Nation limits.
21 days ago