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This is a server for sexual predators, by sexual predators. Only join if you've what it takes to become a master.
Welcome to 403, a new small server r9k themed server for comfy general discussion.

Ausgen is an Australian discord that formed on 4chan in 2017. Our roots are essentially shitposting, and through this we have developed a tight-knit community over the years. Most people in the server are in their 20s, so we require all members to be at least 18+. Come and hang out with us, fellow Australians. Burgers stay out. (sorry i wrote this while drunk).
By Ronnie, age 25 and 1/2
a place for people with actual issues such as those who have been in wards or have their lives ruined because mental issues.
Relating to each other helps more than fake caring that you see on disboard servers.

Do not join if you are merely some kid that thinks mental issues are fashionable, this shit is not cool and seriously ruined mine and others lives.
There are not trigger words or whatever tumblr BS you are used to seeing.
Hikikomori and NEET more than welcome.
Hey, this is a server for frens to hang out and chat about almost anything
if you like Hatsume Miku, thats just a plus :)
systemspace and dreamnet 2.0 survivors here. Server for cool people and autists
0chan is a place to talk, share ideas, and have fun; a laid-back discord server for blackpilled individuals and anyone else that feels like an outcast in society. Make a blog, post in an interest channel, or mute all categories and focus on the main channel
Server is basically just a chatroom where we talk about whatever. Safe for work but still +18
Desolation or desperation? Doesn't matter when we are all depraved.
(If you're a femboy you will be ostracized but if you can handle it, you'll fit right in"
Og incel abode back now better than ever! Doomers and FAs. Normies and others are welcome.
Small /R9k/ Discord server with no normalfags, underages, attention seeking women, ecelebs
Attention seeking children who say they are shutins and mentally ill because they can’t go out to the bar every weekend will not be let in, there are people here who can’t go outside.
join only if your quality And you are a recluse.
In the server we chit-chat about various topics.
Sharing music with all the anons.
If you are also a fanatic for video games ( including retro ), good taste in Anime etc...
We archive many url links for pure entertainment.
- You´re welcome here.
Come and join in.
Primarily focused on dating, this server also serves to aid robots find friends.
Join for the simple goal of meeting (hopefully) other robots and avoid the hassle of admin abuse and pedophile rings that infest other such servers.

No minors.

Also don't join "The Robot's Factory", the admin is grooming children.
welcome to e cafe 2.0!!!

are you bored? need some frens? to vent? wanna share some cute anime pics? share some food pics? wanna train ur tatsugotchi??
New small server for broken people and damaged goods. Come here if you like to vent and stuff.