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A server for politics, With the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
The biggest vegan DIscord server. Centered around logic/philosophy/debate. Come one, come all.
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🔔 | Philosophia is a server for both intellectual and casual discourse from a range of topics. It's home to the number #1 politics community on Discord and is the #1 Philosophy server on Discord. We always seek to improve the server.

🎭 | Rank systems and ideological roles of all types!
👋 | Sound and active community each day!
📆 | Events weekly!
🚨 | Fair moderation and rules to keep a healthy community!
⭐ | Guest speakers and verified users!
🏛️ | Server communities for specific discourse!**

📌 Join and apply for membership today!

• Owner: SamüeL#6248
Peace be upon you, and those whom ye love, and those who love you and those who love those who love you. :)

This is a formal invitation to the religious server of the Confederation of Cordelica.

The Confederation of Cordelica is a Muslim Server with the objective of helping people understand what Islam truly is, explain the teachings from a truthful point of view with no bias and public preaching of the truth about Islam in a social-server environment debate-discussion-respect-tolerance-acceptance-oriented.

꧁【❦Tolerant server where all points of view, ideologies and faiths are welcome, protected and allowed to express❦】꧂

꧁【❦Respectful environment with a serious, professional and full Stall of Laws❦】꧂

꧁【❦Social environment where to find from fun to knowledge, good people and high levels of non-toxicity❦】꧂

꧁【❦Fun raising from meetings to play video games to pokecord, chess, skribblo and professional Role Play❦】꧂

꧁【❦High-quality islamic knowledge material with classes in VC Sessions from reliable sources❦】꧂

꧁【❦Psychological support, help and advice from people with experience in the field, if you are going through hardships, we are here for you❦】꧂

꧁【❦Friendly community where empathy, understanding, manners, respect and decency are compulsory❦】꧂

꧁【❦Friendly Staff with vacant for those loyal with our cause, indifferently of belief❦】꧂

꧁【❦Extremely open for partnerships except for NSFW, musical and/or radical-related servers❦】꧂
For lighthearted and serious discussion surrounding political and philosophical topics. Unlike other servers, freedom of speech and ideas exists here.
Politiseum is an eclectic server with an increased emphasis on politics, philosophy, history and the various disciplines of the humanities. We accept people of all ideologies and backgrounds. Nobody is subject to forced silence for their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, views and notions. Casual and refreshing talks are still allowed. Entertainment isn't restricted.
~ Self-assignable ideological roles
~ Lenient and friendly moderators
~ Efficient bots
~ Giveaways
Also, we take a minimalist approach in server management and administration.
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory, theology, mysticism, occultism, psychology, philosophy, STEM, poetry and all. Welcome!
Hello everyone,
》If you were always been interested in learning new things
》If you were passionate about discussions
》If you can learn better through discussion this server is for you..
Here we get to contribute what we know and let others contribute their knowledge to us. And ask questions to get clarity of thought by leaving the confusion behind.
It is also about giving feedback through ideas, educated opinions and universal facts to the topics presented in discussion.
Topics that prominently discussed were philosophy, psychology and scientific thought processes.
We also encourage co-operation and connection by sharing about our personal lives to form long-term friendships through genuine understanding.
So, feel free to join us.
Join to learn new stuff by debating about politics and more.
Welcome to Devil's Advocate! This server is for anyone wanting to partake in meaningful debates/discussions. All ideologies are welcome! There is little moderation and only a few simple rules to follow. Freedom of speech is top priority!
We are a diverse, active, political debate server with the goal of discussing and debating politics in a civil manner! We have 450+ members and growing.
We have self-assignable reaction roles for ideologies you endorse, exclusive ideology channels (i.e. Liberal only), and daily suggested debate topics.
We aim at having a civil server, so we try to keep the server as clean and professional as possible, without heavy uses of crude language, spam, and racist slurs.
Voice Debate centred is a debate server that is focused purely on voice chats but don't feel a need to be serious all the time there are casual vc's aswell
A server for friendly discussion on political matters on all ends of the spectrum. On top of that, we strive to build a community built of friends which is comfortable for all who are willing to tolerate other's opinions. We also offer a section for the freshest memes known to man, and chats for gaming and discussion of games likewise.
This is a server for hermits to discuss philosophy (or anything, really), and hide from the rest of the species. It is very new, and therefore somewhat slow at the moment.

We are a community mainly based around politics and philosophy, all beliefs are welcome.

-Active VC and Text.

-Self-assign roles, adding more if you have suggestions.

-Unrestricted discussion on a range of topics including politics, history, philosophy and religion; no one will be muted or banned for their opinion!

-No rules really, just follow ToS and don't be obnoxious.

-Looking for active staff!
A NEW and FAST-GROWING server for civil debate and discourse.
We feature a range of topics including Politics, Philosophy, Science,
and Tech, a friendly community, great moderation team, numerous
roles, and game nights. Hope to see you here!
Welcome to Philosophical Misfits! The place where dialogue and discussion is encouraged! We discuss a lot of things including philosophy, religion, politics and much more! Unorthodox opinions are allowed and welcomed - but remember to follow the rules!

- Lots of people to engage with! Many different types of people with different viewpoints. So if you're looking for a place that isn't an echo chamber this place is for YOU!
- Daily QOTD's and activity!
- Over 100+ roles to describe your ideology.
- Includes custom psychology, roleplay, chess and other channels!
- Voice chat debates almost everyday!
- Music bot, chess bot and much more!

A free speech political server. All are welcome.
This is Someonemenoone, a community on discord. This is a fun wonderland for all freaks of the world. A complete package for both entertainment and Self-promotion. Where you can roleplay, learn, discuss, debate, refer, suggest, watch videos together, put your youtube videos, twitch streams, rant about ya, talk about movies to comics with weird daily stuff. Polls and daily random stuff.

*We also offer haven for sane people too.*

This server mainly promotes Co-existence and support for small content creators and streamers.

Myself: I'm a content creator find out more about me through the link down below.

This a political themed server but you don't have to chat about politics if you don't want to you can use as just a place to hang out if you want. We welcome all with open arms :)
The Ministry of Discord is a server dedicated to giving Christians a place to come and talk about their faith. We are quickly growing and are looking to continue growing to spread the Good News to the wonderful people of Discord. We also welcome anyone who genuinely wants to become Christian or will, in good faith, discuss the meaning and teachings of Christianity. We have some rules and guidelines to create order and stability while ensuring our core principles are protected and observed. Our server offers its members;
- Daily question
- Bible verse of the day
- Forums to ask Christians different kinds of questions
- Large and growing community of believers
- Podcast links to promote your personal connection with God
- Weekly suggested Bible readings
- Information about upcoming Christian events through the United States

We are a caring community, passionate about connecting our members with God and Jesus Christ.
Community of contemplative Misanthropes.
We are not against humans. We are for ourselves.
We want to change the world.
Hatred will divide us forever.
Feel free to join if you have something to say.

⇨ The most beautiful ideal
⇨ Idiosyncratic Community
⇨ Free money.
⇨ Boring bots
⇨ One role

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