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Laid-back server with a focus on personality theories and typology tests as a means of self-discovery. Tags for MBTI® and Enneagram.
☠【4chan community】☠ ♦ MBTI // Typology ♦
Join our ACTIVE community Now Anon! :3
Many of us have heard about MBTI discord servers. But what about a MBTI server that specifically targets teenagers?

Over here we aim to gather all 16 types to discuss personality theory and how it may manifest in school and environments surrounding us, as well as function developments in our ages. We also have channels to talk casually and meet like minded people.

If you are interested, join us now!
- Qualified experts with years of experience in MBTI to help you learn more about your type.

- Friendly and active Voice Chat for you to talk on.

- Daily Polls with fun questions so you can see how different personalities compare to you.

- Lots of fun Bots like Chess for you to play with other people interested in MBTI just like you.

- Self-assign role that you can use to show your type, astrology signs, and more.

- Our Mods/Admins are friendly and we welcome new members who are interested in MBTI just like you!

- MBTI, Typology, Enneagram, Personality, Socionics discussion on here, too!
A friendly community that focuses on Socionics, Enneagram, MBTI, & other personality theory to incite personal growth and a better understanding of others.
Actualize is a rapidly-growing community dedicated to promoting introspective awareness, exploring personal identity, developing willpower and compassion, and encouraging mutual growth in one another. Overarching themes are psychology, philosophy, and personality typology (MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, and more). We also have channels for casual socialization, art, literature, gaming, music, cinema, etc. We seek to create a space for both open self-expression and civil academic discussions.
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Sometimes we all realise that we're just tiny specs in the universe, and sometimes it feels nice to actually mean something somewhere.
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We understand sometimes it gets exhausting traveling through the galaxy with no idea where you're meant to go, or what you're meant to do. Fancy taking a stop at a small yet inviting star?
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Join our server. We're just another star looking for meaning, and we think zodiacs and astrology are our space ship that will send us off on our journey!
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INFJ/ENFJ Specific servers. We talk about MBTI, and type people. Come learn more about your type and talk to other of your type! Welcome all!
Heya! We're an active, small and friendly Server with a focus on MBTI and other typology systems.

We've got;
- minimal rules
- server emojis
- Includes other typology such as: enneagram, socionics, love language, zodiacs, Big5/Ocean & DISC (for funsies)

Caught your attention? Join us!
Server with a focus on various typology systems (MBTI, enneagram, socionics), but with a lot of other fun stuff. Friendly place with supportive mods who care. *˜
The positive community focused on astrology and spirituality! Of course, you DO NOT have to be into astrology/spirituality in order to join and be part of the awesome community! We talk about various of things and the people here are amazing!

• Must be 16 and older
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Includes spirituality, typology, and other channels outside of astrology
• #Mature channel for those 18 and over
• Honorary members of the month get to choose their own role and color
• Overall a very friendly community!

We are also the most active astrology server out of all astrology servers in Discord!
Official Public Discord server for INTJ's. Freedom of speech along with discussion/debate is encouraged.
As a member, please follow the following rules to uphold the standard of this server.

1. No harassment of any kind.
2. No slurs/offensive terms/acts of disrespect towards another’s being.
3. Keep discussion civil and in appropriate channels
This is a server about socionics, please do not bring any outside drama of any kind of stir up drama in the server. Let’s all be mature.
Welcome to ENTP Capitalists!
This is a new server made for ENTPs but all types are welcome to join. (Edit: If the invite link doesn't work DM Red Hood#2077 for a link!) Welcome for all ages to join. Due to the lack of ENTP servers, this server has been created to serve a wider user range. Do not expect much as this was just created a very short while ago, but if you have anything to offer the server such as experience in typology or just want somewhere to hang out with fellow ENTPs, this is the place to Fe.
INFP/ENFP Specific servers. We talk about MBTI, and type people. Come learn more about your type and talk to other of your type! Welcome all!
This is a new general typology server where every system, whether it be MBTI, jungian, socionics, enneagram, etc. are welcomed and encouraged. Our theme is focused on sensing types, but nonetheless all people of any type are welcome. We encourage the opportunity to discuss everything typology-related, and don't wish to restrict the server to one topic. We have MBTI, socionics, enneagram, subtypes, and instinctual varient roles, and we may add more later depending on demand. I hope you have an enjoyable experience in this server :D
Want to learn about MBTI and the most accurate information related to typology systems? MBTI Library is the place for you~ Join an open-minded, like-minded community, and a server whose emphasis is on a neutral & safe environment for discussions!
INTP/ENTP Specific servers. We talk about MBTI, and type people. Come learn more about your type and talk to other of your type! Welcome all!
INTJ/ENTJ Specific servers. We talk about MBTI, and type people. Come learn more about your type and talk to other of your type! Welcome all!
A place to hang out, discuss typology theories, and find like minded people. All typology theories are welcome! Come here to be typed if you want a more accurate method than an online test.