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Chill community where anything goes!
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Hello and hopefully welcome,

This server is a psychology science based server that seeks to help people overcome addiction, or just help them change habits and behaviors. This server uses the stages of changes model along with the research of John C. Norcorss, Kelly Mcgonical, and Mark Robert Waldmen, and also Lance Dodes. The key to change is to first want to change a problem behavior, motivate and prepare yourself with various strategies but essentially creating an action plan with pre-emptive protocols for relapse prevention. After creating a plan then its time to act! finally the maintenance of any habit change takes at least a 90 day commitment and if its an addiction it could potentially be a lifelong maintenance.

I hope this sounds appealing to you. I hope this server can provide a place to talk work on habit change no matter what stage your at and a place where you can find an accountability partner.

A server for self-development enthusiasts who think that sharing experience and discussing is an effective way to learn.
This Server is consists of Highly independent business-minded people's
Yes, this server is Pakistan Based.
If you are looking for a community that will help in nourishing your inner self, this is the right place for you...JOIN NOW !!
Welcome to Luminous! We are a social community where we engage in casual activities and explore our journeys in growing to be the best version of ourselves.
This server is dedicated to discussion about Self Development, Social Skills, Seduction Skills and Financial Skills. We cater to the Indian community and have an awesome group of like-minded members who share their valuable advice and resources.

Keep in mind that this server is not for you if you don't believe in providing value. If you wish wish to join our community and gain the knowledge we have to offer, engage with the community and provide value.

If you take action and make use of the knowledge we provide, then you can be sure to ascend to a Higher Level. If this server suits you then don't waste another minute and gave your introduction to gain access. If you don't understand the worth of this server, then you can find another community.
We are bunch of internet addict who has finally decided to try to get success in life, we try to help each other, we motivate each other, we are good listeners and we don't judge. We talk about audiobook, health, food, and if you seriously want to improve you're life, feel free to join.

Please note:- it's a new group, so its small and we like to keep it small so that we can focus more on individuals and talk deep within.
Nine Tails is a community for all 9 types of the Enneagram. A relaxed, growth oriented server, we love to approach the Enneagram on a very human, deeply personal level. We maintain a strictly no toxicity policy enforced by loving benevolent, staff.
In this Server we want to encourage people to learn about themselves and others!

With our members sharing their thoughts, feelings, their past and present life and by analysing it together with tools like the Enneagram, Jung and others, we want to get to a point of self-awareness that ultimately leads to growth.

As a community, our Server is meant to be an open field for self exploration and expression.

We offer a practical field, in which you can share diary entries and analyse your behaviour on a daily basis. You can give and receive motivation, talk about your life and get advice in our coaching channel. You can express yourself through art. You can talk about intimate subjects, including sex and dark secrets. For the latter we have a bot so that you can be anonymous. The main thing here is sharing yourself and talking to others about themselves.

The second section is about theory. We offer channels for Typology, Psychology, and others like Tarot or Astrology.

To increase the openness and bring the whole community a bit more together, we also offer a section for advertisement of related Servers, other Social Media Groups, Blogs and YouTube Channels.
You can also advertise your own (commercial) offers, like tarot or chart reading and Typings.

And, as a little Gimmick.. I cut out the 16P Characters and added them as Emojis for the Role System, which is consisting out of General, Topological and customizable Colour-Roles.
This is the school that will help you connect to other people and learn you about "The witcher" world of Andrej Sapkowski.
This is a discord for people looking to work on themselves and deal with chronic masturbation or porn usage in a mature environment.