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This server began as a place for people to talk about their cosmic origins and connections, and it has grown from that into an active, relaxed and welcoming group of diverse people.

We discuss: starseeds, aliens, ETs, conspiracies, metaphysics, spirituality, spiritual exploration, and so on. We encourage all to join us who are curious, even if you don’t think you’re a starseed. If you enjoy metaphysics at all, you’ll fit right in!
A minimalist spiritual server that welcomes believers of all faiths and schools of thought.
A server about connection and communication. This is a home for those who are spiritually inclined individuals, those who are learning or wishing to learn, and especially for those who feel connected to other beings! All will feel welcome here. Share yourself, your experiences, dreams... share your perspective, and there is no need to fear judgement along the way. Explore reality and self!
Spirituality server focused on breaking free from the ego and releasing your soul.
Pretty much a place to share who you are with kind people. High vibe people only please.
Félicitations d'avoir trouvés ce serveur, vous devez venir si vous savez ce qui ce passe, et ceux qui ne savent pas venez, on vous expliquera les dangers que la Terre court

Nous sommes la résistance (no troll svp)