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A norse pagan server focusing on witchcraft, family life, heathenry, crafting and community. non-larp, sfw, all ages, family oriented.
Velkommin! Welcome! This is a server entirely devoted to norse paganism or Asatru, I plan for this to be where I start a kindred, anyone is welcome to join the family, our name is yet to come, and once we have enough people i'll hold a vote for naming our family. We're small yet but im hoping you all can change that very soon. I teach other languages, ancient history and art, as well as culture deeply based around my viking ancestry.
We study the various futharks of the norse and discuss their magickal uses in norse shamanism. Come join us and discuss.
Fornsedetinget is a server dedicated to the discussion, research, and celebration of Pre-Christian Germanic Religion. Both faithful (Trúr) and others (Gestur) may join and take part in discussion so long as Gestur remain respectful.
We are a small Norse pagan server that is a great place to learn about heathenry in a safe and accepting environment.
A place for Heathens to come meet, relax, make friends, learn more about our faith and simply enjoy a nice, laid back community.
A Pagan community server for followers of norse paganism or people interested in learning of the faith!.