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*Welcome to* βяýɲɲЌɲǫţţя: Ӏɑղժ օƒ ʍվԵհՏ ɑղժ ӀҽցҽղժՏ

Like a bit of Fantasy Roleplay?
Maybe Norse Mythology?
Do you wish to roam the Nine Realms as either: a Human, Jötunn, Dwarf, Demi-God or even God? And so much more!
Want to fight Giants, Demons, Giant-Demons, Dragons alike?

*We also offer*
•100+ Channels!
•Currency System
•Multiple Bots
•Caring Companions
•Other rounded systems!
•Member Participation with a Suggestion Channel and such to input your wonderful ideas!
•LQBTQ+ Friendly! Bullying is not tolerated!
•You can even marry and have children! Fun for generations!

This server has what you order! This upcoming server is based in Norse Mythology with our own twist that allows us to explore a different side to the story, you get to create your own character, even using the already existing gods as a reference! Don’t you worry about being judged either, because we strive to having a welcoming and loving community, we all are here to enjoy some storytelling, why bicker? The only bickering we’ll be doing is in character as we discuss upcoming wars! What do you say? Are you worthy enough to click *Join*?
If you're looking for a good time, welcome to Yggdrasil! Yggdrasil is a Norse mythology themed community server with all of your typical server needs! Such as plenty of text chats ranging from music to memes (of course). Although it may be humble at the moment, you can help it grow, for the glory of Asgard!
Welcome to Valhalla

ᛗ Special roles
ᛗ Active and friendly staff
ᛗ D&D channel
ᛗ RP channel
ᛗ Public voting channel where we allow members to vote on certain things that happen in the server
ᛗ Pokecord channel
ᛗ We are a 16+ server
ᛗ We have an 18+ section
ᛗ In order to see NSFW you must verify
ᛗ We hope you enjoy our server may the Valkyries guide you in your journey
⚔—Welcome to Camp Kos!—⚔

On Camp Kos, you can roleplay as a child of all sorts of Norse gods with a variety of powers and abilities! Special characters of a different parentage or story are also allowed! Our budding server is in its beta stages, but even then, we have plenty to offer, including...

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 A growing, great, community!
If you join today, you can help us grow our server to be amazing and diverse. You are the key!

📜 Interesting story and plot events!
In Camp Kos, events regularly take place that make a dynamic and entertaining roleplay experience. We always are looking for new minds to help come up with plot events!

🤝 Accepting Partnerships!
We'll partner with any server that meets our terms!

Come on, don’t wait! Join Camp Kos today!
Norse mythology rp fully developed lots of roleplay ideas + rp wars!
Welcome, Newly Dead, to Hotel Valhalla! Place for the honorable dead!(yes, you're dead.) Enjoy epic quests and killing spree amongst the nine realms of Norse Mythology! Forge alliances and prepare for Ragnarok. We hope you have fun, dying repeatedly! And if you want the mini bar key, you have to join!~
Looking for Mythology roleplay, we have what you are looking for, bored of dead mythology server, so are we. Join the MASH UP its greek,norse and egyptian mythology all in one. We offer much more then just roleplay, but dont take my word for it join now and let your godly adventure start.
Vikings. the great fighters. there gods mated with mortals. and with that came powerful children. The first demigods that were known built this city. this city is the gateway to the Vikings, and a national viking trading post. It is Known for its vast riches, and the Plunder that the vikings bring. Join, the city. protected in the strongest, best, city of all.

```Yggdrasill, the world tree, is an energy field that supports and connects the Nine Worlds. It is represented as a tree the roots and branches of the tree each connect a different realm such as Asgard, Jotunheim, Muspelheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim, Niffleheim and the earthly realm of Midgard through which all the connections pass. | Here In Yggdrasil | Nine Realms we have a place where people who are a fan of norse gods and roleplay, we are the place for that all, Where will Your Path Of The Gods be? (Join Today)```

`✅ Looking For Staff

✅ Active Chats

✅ NPC Gods

✅ Advanced Roleplay

✅ Bot Chat

✅ Giveaways

✅ Be Any Child of God

✅ Active RP

✅ Partnerships`

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Set in the world of Norse Mythology, a place where you can be literal gods with godly powers. Join now to take part in a Role Play encompassing the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology. Be the Aesir Gods, or one of the Einherjar, or the giants, or just about any race set in the Norse Mythology.

Like Norse mythology and their Gods? Well this is a server for you! Of course now it's still a work in progress, but we're hoping to grow more and more as the days go by! So grab your weapons and raise them to Valhalla! Join us today!