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(old server used to be Riegel with 120+ members)

castro is a small server but we're active and we're a welcoming group. we don't have a leveling system here but we have roles that well put you in groups depending on your talent/system you game on/if you're just here to talk. more coming soon!

we have NSFW channels, along with truth or dare channels that you're welcomed to play in with us.

16+ would be preferred but we do accept younger people. the people we do have in here now are 18+!

please enjoy your stay here in castronical!

(we also have a full list of really nice emote)

Hello there! Welcome to intergalactic
this server is Aesthetic retro modern
space themed, and is really great!

YOU can join us and have fun, we do:




new friendly community to have fun play and chat. come and lets talk about everything.
Zapraszam Ciebie, właśnie Ciebie na skromny, lecz dobrze ogarnięty i rozwijający się serwer Thonkers!

● Giveawaye z różnych okazji!
● Przemyślane kanały!
● Sporą aktywność!
● Pomocne selfrole!
● Różnorodne ciekawe boty!
● Rozmaite kanały tekstowe!
● Kanał na reklamy!
● Przemyślane rangi.
● Stały rozwój serwera!
● Nie oznaczamy bez powodu.
I dużo więcej!

Możliwe że jest to serwer stworzony idealnie dla ciebie nie ma na co czekać wejdź i sprawdź sam!
Realm ✘ is a community server powered by the X bots. Here you can chill and talk about anything. It's a great place to hang out and meet new people. We are always happy to see you and we hope you enjoy your stay.
The Discord Casino is a small server that allows people to gamble, make friends, rule the economy and chat to people.
A friendly well moderated mature social discord community come talk to us about anime, gaming, music, movies / TV shows or current events , custom roles,colors
Welcome to the bonk community!
We are a new community!
friendly, active server!
looking for new bonk players!
no NSFW.
voice channels!
Welcome to the Jacksepticeye public server! Created by Luna 🌙✨ on the 19th of July, 2017. [Currently at 500+ members]

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

We are a small server based on jacksepticeye, to bring the fanbase even closer together than usual, by live chatting, voice chatting, playing games together, etcetera!

This is a SFW server, so don't worry about any lewd content, as there is none here.

Our Verification level is LOW, and if you don't know what means it's basically you can only send messages in our discord server after having verified your e-mail on your Discord account. If you are new to Discord and you can't type, that's probably why. Verify and come say hi!

Our rules are simple, you can read them after you have joined. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!

We would be more than happy if you joined us!
🎮 Our server is focused on gaming and memes!😂

We have:

● 💬Tons of fun channels you can chat and talk in:🔊
NSFW channels, self-promo, memes and much more.

● 🤖 15+ fun and useful bots:🤖
Dank Memer, Yggdrasil, Rythm and UnbelievaBoat are some of the bots this server offers.

● 🔢 Level Rewards:🔢
When you level up you get special roles to show others that you've reached that level.

● 🎁 Invite Rewards: 🎁
When you invite people you get cool rewards, like your own role and channel!

● 🤑 Free Advertising:🤑
You can advertise your socials in our server for free! (**not** discord servers)

● 🤝 Partnerships:🤝
DM the owner to partner.

● 😂 100 Memey Emojis:😂
50 gif emojis and 50 normal ones.

😁 We're open to suggestions annd ideas! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!😁
~~welcoмe тo new ѕoυтн :D~~:FireGIF:

**㊉join make new friends chill/troll**
**㊉we do alot of Gaming**
**㊉We listen to your suggestions/good idea**
**㊉Be a watch dog look out for our sever**
**㊉every sat. We troll with yall**
**㊉Can't forget anime**

__ⓣⓔⓛⓛ ⓤⓢ ⓐⓑⓞⓤⓣ ⓨⓞⓤ__:wavepupper:

:CuteLove: *yes we are a little family but we are growing day by day share with it your
server's you in we give high ranks to that we don't be out of hand and just bomb the sever no we treat all the people high role or not and if you can help the sever out you can get ranks,but join make friends hope you join and thank you
- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Varieties of VCs/Chats for all types of members.
- Private and Public VC channels.
- Giveaways
- Interactive Twitch streams with the owner.
- Open for suggestions from all users.
- Custom bot coming soon.
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.
Come connect with us!
Honeybear is a devoted empire filled with an outstanding & unique community! Our lovely members are showered with all the positivity they deserve each day by having unique adventures & moments~!

Here you will find a vast selection of channels and events to engage with the server and create fun experiences! We love and appreciate our members; exposing everyone to daily motivation, encouragement and support all around!

HoneyBear radiates incredibly positive & loving energy! We have a supportive family and moderators who help protect & maintain the place!

You will find a plethora of channels to converse in & make new honey friends! Amongst others, we offer:

✿┊ Special Weekly Events
✿┊ Member of the Week
✿┊ Rilakkuma Mascot
✿┊ Cute Emotes
✿┊ Daily Cuteness and Humble Posts
✿┊ Custom Bots
✿┊ Server currency
✿┊ Appreciation hour
✿┊ Themed Spotify and Twitter Accounts
✿┊ Active & Friendly Chat
✿┊ Amazing Moments
lame community with some semi-lame people, please join and feed my ego
Discover languages and cultures, promote those you love, and initiate projects for the (almost) forgotten ones!

This server is meant for MINORITY LANGUAGES and CULTURES ONLY.
Please understand that NO ENGLISH WILL BE TAUGHT here.
18+ server with 2k members
Hey there! M&Y is a slowly growing server full of hot images, and mouth-watering girls! Come on over and help us spread the joy.
━━━━━━━⊱ We offer: ⊰━━━━━━
💜 1:1 active female to male ratio
💜 Verified members
💜 Nudes from the server's verified members
💜 LGBT and furry friendly
💜 Over 50 NSFW channels to satisfy your cravings (more upon request)
💜 Roleplay channels
💜 Friendly, active community and staff
💜 Levelled roles
💜 Fetish channels
💜 Pokecord, memes, cursed images, foodporn
💜 And so much more!

Please ensure you have read the rules upon entry~
Note: Server may be inactive due to people sleeping/working/jacking off etc.
Hey there! We're a fun loving community built out of friendship. With cute emotes, roles, rpg bots, waifus and gambling. We're nearing 1000 pancakes!

We have game nights, active vc, kpop-jpop channels, friendly people and overall fun loving atmosphere!

Don't hesitate and come join our community! We welcome you with open arms ♡
Join this chill group, for everyone to join, be you and make friends here :D
Friendly 16+, English speaking, server with an active voice chat.
Family themed, we have a lot of different channels that cater different tastes, such as:
Plenty of custom emoticons to choose from
Active voice chat
Custom roles
Twitch streaming
Cards against humanity, trivia, random facts, throw user and more fun bots to choose from
Coin game in which you earn money for custom colors, fun items and roleplaying
Roleplaying city
Lots of hobbies to talk about (such as anime, makeup, art…) and plenty more!

Come join, no matter how small or long your stay is, we accept everyone.
Looking forward to welcoming you to our family!
Welcome to the Mafioso World! Pledge your loyalties > Promote your work> Secure Giveaways >Karaoke away >Form Game/Anime Groups. Laid-back and chill setting 24/7!!
An extremely active server where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes!
Faithless is a non-toxic social server to chill out, have fun and talk with mates.

Active, Mature, non toxic community.
Gaming chat and voice channels.
International chat.
Question of the day.
Leveling system with Self-Assignable Roles.
NSFW channels.
Dating channel.
18+ server that is active, welcoming and full of people wanting to make friends and and build a community.
We are a very open-minded community that caters to all kinds of personalities and interests.

Join us and have some fun!