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We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, media, music, or anything at all!

Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school, a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.

We offers many cool and fun attractions like unique bots, 100+ entertaining emojis, giveaways, events, 50+ self assignable roles, and much more!

So come on over, and check us out!
Inside the roleplay, you step into a unique fantasy world jam packed with Mythical creatures and a mmo like leveling system, equipped with dozens of moves to choose from accompanied by your own.

Outside of roleplay we like to meme, chat, game with each other, talk about anything in the server or irl, but most importantly, be our selves. We are trying to make this server one big family, so please, join us and expand it.
🥀This server is named AIO because it is All In One.🥀

What we have to offer:
>>Active Chats: Many active chats on many different topics.
>>Entertainment Contests: and events to unlock certain roles and much more.
>>IRL Channels: Selfies, social media, etc.
>>NSFW: NSFW content in only certain NSFW channels
>> Anime: Some great anime channels for the anime lovers.
>>Very fast growing, the server is brand new and we are getting lots of new people that are joining, and loving it.
>>And much more: With much more coming, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

🍻Joining this server is a great way to meet new people and just honestly have fun, worst comes to worst you don’t like it and leave, but that most likely will not happen.🍻

🥀Feel free to join and meet some new people, and just have some fun. Thanks for reading, hope to see ya in the server!🥀
Kink. A fast growing server with over 10k members. We have a thriving community who love to make new friends! Come join us to fulfill your deepest desires! 💕
▃▃▃▃ •Devil's Hangout• ▃▃▃▃

A fun, active, simple discord server that has a simple layout that's not complex and is easy to understand. We offer many different roles suited for different people, and we have achievable roles that grant you benefits for being active in our community!


• Fun bots
• Currency
• Active Staff
• Simple Layout
• Achievable and request able roles
• Advertise
• Cool emotes
• Events!


Friendly/No hate community for League of Legends. A great place to meet new people and make new friends and a fast growing community.
Poro Paradise is a League of Legends based discord server. Our main purpose is to help build friendships with a little competition/fun events while on/off the rifts of league of legends.

Poro Paradise also strives to be clean and organized. To make sure we accomplish this we have planned out and scheduled events such as Custom 5v5 Inhouses, Movie Nights, and more. As for bot optimization.. Not only do we include your standard bots for music.. We also have league bots for builds, counters, and updates on new patches!

Poro Paradise is looking for active and friendly individuals!

- We do not discriminate against rank/everyone is welcomed!
- The community is very friendly and higher ranks typically will give tips to help you improve!

We just hit 1000 members and are constantly growing!

*What do we do Offer?

Organized Weekly Custom Inhouses (Mon,Wed,Fri)
Organized Movie Nights - Every Saturday!
Draft Pick, Solo/Duo Queue, 5v5 Flex
LFG Organization for ease of use finding a duo partner
League of Legends Bots to enhance your LoL experience
Pokecord (If you're a pokemon fan)
Steam Group - PubG/Deceit/BlackSquad/RocketLeague (Fun break time from league)
Giveaways for reaching milestones including RP Giveaways/Steam Codes.
Fun Anime/Gif bots for an enhanced experience
Anime Nights
Movie Nights

*Features coming soon!

Tournaments - COMING SOON
Improved Coaching Category within the server - COMING SOON
Scribblio Nights - COMING SOON
Karaoke Nights - COMING SOON

Join Today!
This server is the number one destination for all who are looking to get into the dating scene! We have a good M:F ratio!
This server is the number one destination for all who are looking to get into the dating scene! We have a good M:F ratio!
[治療上の]  Therapeutics©️

 Are you having troubles at home? Is your relationship not going the way you indented?
Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or scared? Is school feeling unbearable?
Are you looking for other members who are going through the same struggles as you?
Are you looking to make new friends ? If so please feel free to join our therapy server!

[治療上の]  Therapeutics©️ Is a peer to peer Mental Health Support server/ Community !
We are here to help members across the gaming community/ discord community.

🌲 Game nights/Movie Nights/ Giveaways
🌲 Coping skills
🌲 Bi-weekly Support groups
🌲 Hiring Admins/Mods/Event Planners
🌲 Meet new friends
🌲 Active Chats
⚠️ [NOTE: We are not medical professionals, nor do we claim to be!
We do not diagnose or treat any illnesses! If you are have dark thoughts,please seek help from a trained professional immediately!]⚠️
A fun and engaging roleplay that combines magic, knights, and theives into a medieval style roleplay that allows you and others mend the story based on your actions!
♕☾Pokemon Adventures☽♕
《Co-Owner/Owner: <@293492753642422273> 👑》
《Co-Owner/Owner <@444283526888554497> 👑:》
《Co-Owner/Owner : <@226502612596424705> 👑 :》

✦This is a fun loving server that likes pokemon, our rules aren’t too strict and we keep things real around here. Our community is friendly and fights are extremely rare, We are looking for active and members that will contribute to our server!✦

Our server provides:
✢Memes !
✢Friendly Community!
✢Good Moderation!
✢Weekly tournaments!
✢Elite 4!
✢Tower Battles!

Link: 🔗

We are Poke Paradise, a paradise of pokecord, nadeko, and many more of your favorite bots!
We have:
Non-toxic community!
Anti-Raid system!
Awesome inviting people!
Awesome people!
Awesome giveaways!
Fastest growing Pokecord server!
500+ Members

- Central Gaming Station -

Are you looking for that one gaming server to hangout in, find new friends, active community, get some good NSFW, and gaming partners ?
Then search no more. This is the server you're looking for. And here is why.

- What we offer -

▸Very friendly, active and experienced staff 👨
▸Regular gaming competitions 🎮
▸NSFW bots 💧
▸Loads of bots and cool custom commands 🤖
▸Quality music 🎵
▸Mee6 Global Leveling System 🔵
▸Much more soon🔜

[ We are currently still looking for many new and active members,
So if you're interested, make sure to come take a look and we hope to see you there soon ]
@everyone is welcome here!

Invite Link :
Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia is a new roleplay server based of the Tokyo Ghoul series. We have nice staff, active members, etc. Come join the fun!
Lakewood Springs seems like your normal small town in the middle of nowhere, filled with boring and nothing. But underneath its surface, lies the mysteries of the supernatural. The town is infamous for its rumours of magical beasts, creatures, and ghosts... and none of it's a lie. Recently in the small town, there has been a string of murders that the authorities have been unable to identify, and even the underground community of supernatural beings don't know who's behind them, as they have taken some of their members as well. Join us as we uncover the new mystery of Lakewood Springs!

~ Friendly staff!
~ New and needing members!
~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
~ Literate RPs!
~ Detailed Plot!

Join us at Lakewood Springs!
The server where everything is pink! Emojis, roles, etc. Fun bot and a fun community
The Brass Knights Guild:
Welcome to the Brass Knights, we're a community server that was originally based on a game called Deepworld, but we have moved on to become a server that allows everybody.
BK offers an active chat to participate in as well as plenty of events and activity channels to take part in. We also have laid back rules to have a "chill" environment in the server, so you won't have to worry about strict moderation.
So come on over and check out our server, you might just find a community you'll enjoy!

We are also looking for partners, 200 member minimum requirement.
A equal discord house squad for all houses, Brilliance, Bravery, and Balance.
Join 27k+ members at this super active server to meet new friends and just chill in. You also have access to our 3 global emotes!
【 Hentai Heaven 】 18 + NSFW [ 2k+ Members ] -> Active NSFW Server with heavy focus on the appreciation of hentai art. Why go 3D when 2D is obviously much better and perfect ? 😎. Looking for Expert Hentai Connoisseurs 🌟
ღ♡・・・・💖Kinkdom™💖 ・・・・♡ღ

☑ 2.4K+ Members!
☑ 140+ Chans in Total!

▷ 💦 Variety of Nudes
▷ ❤ Private Roleplay Rooms

*Game Bots! Music! Memes!*


彡ღ**▼ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ʜᴇʀᴇ!▼**ღ彡
:underage: :underage:

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彡ღ▼**Join our Affiliate Here!**▼ღ彡


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ღ♡・・・・💖Kinkdom™💖 ・・・・♡ღ

:smiley: **No Server RULES!!**
:gay_pride_flag: **LGBTQIA** :white_check_mark:

:nerd: **FANDOM**
:rage: **SPAAAM**

🤝 **Self-Partnership!!**

**Server Owner** <@468282672704126977>
**No-Expire Invites** :link:
**Banners** :frame_photo: