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Come join us in Rizado, if you like Roleplay then we got it! We also got fun and friendly people!
13 minutes ago
Community 101
We are a server made for fun. We are active (we are really active unlike most other servers this size)
We welcome everyone, come and chill with us! Drama free! We have self assignable roles & choose your own name colour!
27 minutes ago
Community 10657
A meme server with special people. Everyone is welcome!
1 hours ago
➭ A community server created for members to socialise, and have fun & earn rewards. We have over 140 members and are slowly finding our way up. We're not very active so we'd really appreciate if you joined, spread some light into the server and give us a chance!
3 hours ago
Communauté de Support Informatique pour ceux qui sont dans le besoin de support informatique au niveau logiciel seulement.
10 hours ago
All Games 26
A group of insane, but lovable people. Come join us :D
17 hours ago
Anime and Manga 68
A friendly well moderated social discord community come talk to us about anime, gaming, music or current events , Everybody welcome ! 250+ members and growing!
1 days ago
The official Penguin Oasis discord server.
2 days ago
Community 24
This is a small and chill server~
We have channels with games and therapeutic support.
7 days ago
A fun, active and good discord server about gaming and programming with an active staff team and we are hiring staff!
9 days ago
Community 13
Sample Text is a general discussion server seeking active users.

-Active owners
-Open to suggestions
-NSFW Channels/bots
-Custom roles/colors for active users
-Random channels, each with their own purpose
-#meme; singlehandedly the most important channel in all of Discord
12 days ago
All Games 70
Hey there! We are a gaming discord known for all public gamers out there. We support pc, playstation, xbox, nintendo, and so much more. We also are here to help you find and or make friends with other users.

AServer Itself:
Professionally Run
Can be obnoxious
Discord Updates
And more!!
15 days ago
Community 101
Flower Pot is an active and laid-back international LGBT community with a wide variety of channels including politics, gaming, and gay and straight NSFW. We aim to be a friendly and close-knit community sharing in various interests.
29 days ago
Other 16
this is a meme server and chat server .looking for staf
36 days ago
***Join Wolf Blooded Regiment***
We are an active gaming community that is here to improve your gaming experience
We have:
➤ Active and Experienced staff that are willing to help
➤ Custom bot
➤ music
➤ memes
➤ cleverbot
➤ friendly members
➤ A unique shop system to earn roles and other prizes!
➤ Partnership with other awesome servers!
➤ Over 130 active members

join now!
41 days ago
Anime and Manga 13
Welcome to Anime and Gaming Club, AaGC for short.
We are currently looking for new members to share our awesome server with, our server will provide you with awesome and fun experience that you may have never experienced such as Events and Lobby host
67 days ago
Share your interests with like minded people ! We talk about a variety of hobbies here including gaming, music and anime ! Help us grow with your suggestions!
70 days ago
We are just growing group of likeminded gamers, building friendships and experiences with people all over the world. All we want to do is have fun, and we just hope you'd join us!
92 days ago
Community 15
Join our discord, we have active mods, admins, and a working ranking system and it’s owner(being me) is active 24/7, and constantly open to suggestions and improvements with the server, working on it constantly, we allow swearing and nsfw, some come down and join us and have a great time!
94 days ago
Anime and Manga 16
Who Are We?

We are a small and friendly community with members that are active all the time, and staff that also treats others as an equal. We treat every person with respect in hopes to greet new members whenever they pop up.

What Are We?

We are a community that preferably focuses around the anime and roleplaying genres. We also try to make the server a fun experience for everyone, having bots and staff members that host games, roleplay, giveaways, and events.

Enormous Note

Just because we are a small community doesn't mean we could provide a fun experience for you and everyone else. Join, and if you like us you can stay. It does not hurt to try new things out!
140 days ago
All Games 3
This discord was made to bring a ton of just great people together to talk, play games, and to be open to each other. I'm here as the owner to help anyone with any problems they have or any questions new members have. I want this to become a wide spread and active discord full of wonderful people that are inclusive to all. I want to welcome anyone to both a safe, relaxing and fun environment. This discord already has amazing people in it but, why don't you join i'm sure your and amazing person that I would love to meet.
145 days ago
Giveaways, Anime, Gaming & alot more cool stuff is going on here, swing on by? Free stuff awaits!
152 days ago
All Games 6
What is RS3Server?
RS3Server is a uhh.. discord server for all ages (11 or more).
RS3Server is in support of members. RS3Server is pretty fun, though.

We even have a gambling channel (economy).
We even have a "Lottery Ticket" rewards program for all users.

Any user can join, There's more than that. You can do almost anything except spam and do anything that's not related to the "not" doing rules in the #rules channel.

Join and have fun, And please, Dont swear. This server looks like shit when people swear.
156 days ago