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Experienced Owner and Moderator, looking for 500+ members. Fun, Toxic, Close Friends, looking for more to join the circle. Few Rules and Mild Moderation. Active and Nsfw Filled!!! Join if you’re horny. >:)
Welcome to Crack City your best black market for
C U M!!!
What we have to offer:
Levels with rewards!
Games in vc!
An active chat!
Active voice calls!
Fair moderation!
Friendly people!
:: e l y s i a n – ✿┊͙

🕊️ semi active
🦋 sfw community
🍨 low moderated
🍸 respected staff

✦ hiring staff and pms < 3
𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸  Welcome to Land of Lopsided! We are a Fun, Social, Community server with a ton of fun channels and a growing community. You will always have someone to talk to and something to do.
We have:
• Active chats
• Self assign, level and buyable roles
• VCs
• Bot games
• Memes and NSFW memes
• Partnerships
• Level 1 boosted
• Dank emojis
• Tons of unique channels and roles
Looking for Staff and active members! ome check us out!

 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 𒀸 

👑__**Txrtlez Empire**__👑
> **Want to advertise and chill in a cool server?
> Txrtlez Empire is __JUST__ the place for you!**
> We have:
> **📜 Lots of advertising channels!
> 🤖 Fun bots to play with!
> 🤝 Partnerships with all!
> 🛄 Chill staff!
> 💵 Cheap paid ads!
> 🎁 Plenty of giveaways!
> 👥 3k+ members to vibe with!**
> **Looking for staff and partnerships!**
> **Come join us!**
Hello! This is a fan server of the popular book series, Warriors (or Warrior Cats). With an interesting lore, active members, trusty staff team, and gametimes, this can be the place for you! We are generally a new server, but we are all welcoming! We have a vent space if you need to, and we will try to help you. <3
Welcome to Sacred Mortals. We are a chill server with cool staff. We want people to be active and enjoy our community.
Welcome to Solluminati Street this is a new server for solluminati, we need staff, we need active members, please join this server and help it grow!
🔥Welcome To High On Life!

We are a growing, Family-like Discord community server! Super Friendly Community looking to make friends, Game, Chat and relate about similar interests! We would love to have you! We are looking to expand the family and recruit some new Staff members while we are at it, to help us grow.

💠High On Life!
▫️Family-Like Community
▫️Friendly Community
▫️Custom Bot
▫️Fun Bots!
▫️Chat Levels and XP
▫️Active Staff
▫️NSFW Role
▫️In Server Live Game Updates
▫️Passionate About Gaming
▫️Anime Lovers!
▫️Marvel (MCU) Fans

🤖Fun Bots
▫️Dank Memer
▫️Kawaii Bot
▫️Gambling Bot

🎵 Music Bots
▫️24/7 Dedicated bot/channel for 24/7 radio streaming!
▫️Groovy Bot Dedicated channel for queuing your favorite songs!

(Plus More!)
Heya! I'm Klozer, I'm a small streamer just trying to grow my community. A big draw of my community is my discord as its very friendly, decently active, and honestly an all-around fun place to chill, talk, and game. Ask people to play games, join in on the streams, post memes, it's all here! We have much to offer and are always open to suggestions!

- Active and Friendly Staff!
- Giveaways!
- Friendly Community!
- Roles for Being Active!
- Anyone is Welcome!
- Fun Emojis!
- New Features and Updates Always Added!
- MEE6 Premium Levels and Other Features!

What's to come?
- Community Events!
- More Bots!
- More Features!
- Game Tournaments!
☆ Reborn ☆

⤿ don't join if youre not going to be active
⤿ Medium moderated server.
⤿ Active, 16+.
⤿ Growing + diverse community.
⤿ We have lots of chill and fun members.
⤿ 3:2 female to male ratio
⤿ Special roles and Self assignable roles.
⤿ Givaways + events!.
⤿ Looking for active partner managers.
⤿ Bots like dank memer and many more !!!

A community looking for active players interested in Valorant.

If you are yearning for a team on Valorant this is the place!

Server comes equipped with unranked/ranked VCs and automatic roles based on who you main.
Welcome to Argonauts! Argonauts is a super active and fun community that does many giveaways and donations to charity. If you want to join the fam, we hope you will like it!
Welcome to Limbo buckos. If your looking for a good time, look no further ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

✩᯽Whats there to offer?᯽✰

✫Streaming games
✫Streaming anime
✫Murder Mystery


𖦹Open to suggestions. Join and have a good time!!!
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥𝐹𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓁𝓎 𝒫𝑒𝒶𝓈𝒶𝓃𝓉𝓈 ♥

Join our server and chat with us! We love turtles and cookies <3

Some topics we talk about:
~ Webtoons
~ Anime
~ Games
~ Random stuff
~ Memes/Vines
゚ lush
🎀 • self assignable roles & pings
🎀 • 100% SFW environment
🎀 • regulated moderation
🎀 • easily accessible channels
🏹 inv.

Join us in Underground where we have quite a lot of events with friendly members here. Game and Study nights, Art Competitons, Voice acting theather, Scream Fest and a group where you can do Workouts with. Proper moderation and other such stuff.

18+ VERIFIED ONLY server that has events, an active community, cute emojis, lovely people, not too many channels/roles, cute colors, and the most welcoming place for anyone wanting to make friends.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive and safe community of adults who can discuss various topics while also maintaining lighthearted conversation.

Join now for an adult server not revolved around NSFW content!
Welcome to ✿A Place To Belong✿
This is a SFW server where you can hangout, meet new people, make new friends, and chill.
We offer:
✿ A variety of channels
✿ Friendly community
✿ Events and activities
✿ An amazing experience
What are you waiting for, come and join us! A place where u can belong!
**Star Wars:  Deep Core**

An active community, we are welcome to all newcomers and fans of Star Wars. We are always open to suggestions from server members for how to improve the server. We want to help you and make your experience better with YOUR help! With active staff and community members, along with active server events, THIS is the place to be for all things Star Wars for Star Wars fans, new and old! We also offer partnerships to all verified members with no major requirements! Hope to see you soon!

-daily/weekly activities
-designated chats for all the Star Wars content
-everyone is accepted! -rank up!
-become staff tehe;)
-make friends!
This is a chill hang out for making new semi-toxic friends and playing games usually on PC. we're very welcoming people and a very new server so any help would be amazing!
💧︵‿︵Welcome to Atlantis Plaza!︵‿︵💧
Here are some of our features⇩
༄We are a friendly BDSM server with a 16 - 30 age range!
༄We have a large amount of bdsm roles!
༄We include a range of unique channels!
༄Non -Toxic community!
༄Sweet & caring members!
༄Searching for active members!
༄A place where all can be themselves, 24-7!
༄Open to any and all suggestions!
༄Plenty of cute moving & non-moving emotes!
༄We would love for you to join us!!
Welcome! This is a server only for Danganronpa fans!
We would like to only include canon characters from V1, V2, and V3 and for the users to be quite active!
We have a small amount of users right now! We will appreciate it if you join.