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For the most part, we are all a bunch of people who don't sleep, really like video games and aimlessly browsing the inter web that it might not be healthy. Emphasizing on the "might" there. And are all way to salty to be interacting in a civilized manor. But its tolerable because we all come to love each other, eventually.
4 minutes ago
- Central Gaming Station -

Are you looking for that one gaming server to hangout in, find new friends, active community, and gaming partners ?
Then search no more. This is the server you're looking for. And here is why.

- What we offer -

▸Very friendly, active and experienced staff gem
▸Regular gaming competitions gem
▸Many partnerships to find other servers like us! gem
▸Loads of bots and cool custom commands gem
▸Quality music gem
▸Mee6 Global Leveling System gem
▸Much more coming soon gem

[ We are currently still looking for many new and active members,
So if you're interested, make sure to come take a look and we hope to see you there soon ]
@everyone is welcome here!

Invite Link :
4 minutes ago
Hello, Welcome to The Chill Zone, a server just for chilling! We have fun bots and nice admins, come join for a nice time! List of things we have

•Active members •Fun bots •Self Assignable roles •Secure Verification Process •Friendly staff team •Level System •Feedback form available •Open to Suggestions
7 minutes ago
Hey! this is an upcoming Furry server that is well kept, and has a lot of time and effort around it! We have A LOT of fun bots and activities to do, and we have plenty of channels, and self assignable roles. I hope you have a fun time in our server!~ (if you join uwu)
10 minutes ago
The Pandemonium is a chill, social discord with an active, and friendly community where you can meet new friends, play games, collect pandas, and watch movies together.

We regularly use voice chats, so come talk and hang out with people from around the world
28 minutes ago
╔════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╗
**——=|**🔥``Hell’s Basement``🔥**|=———**
➔ 🔴 ❥♛
➔ 🔴We are open to partnering! Join Today!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW emojis/NSFW nitro emojis❥♛**
➔ 💋Fun and chill hangout!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW!❥♛**
➔ 💋Mee6 leveling system!❥♛**
➔ 💋Choose your own role color!❥♛**
➔ 💋React to get yourself some roles!❥♛**
➔ 💋Lots of fun bots!❥♛**
➔ 💋We announce birthdays!❥♛**
➔ 💋Art!❥♛**
➔ 💋Music!❥♛**
➔ 💋Food!❥♛**
➔ 💋Spam!❥♛**
➔ 💋Poetry Writing!❥♛**
➔ 💋Memes!❥♛**
➔ 💋Pets/Animals/Marine Life!❥♛**
➔ 💋``Gif`` ❥♛
**╚════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╝**
28 minutes ago
2 Servers in 1, NSFW and Normal Community!
➣ If you want to make new friends you found the right place! Everyone is welcomed here!
➢ Want people to watch Anime? Movies? Series? or Play Games here best place
➢Active Pokecord that means Active Server. Many fun things to do
✿ Different Types of Lewd content, to watch and Post
✿ Sell your own content after verification
✿ Verification not needed to access this part
33 minutes ago
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, media, music, or anything at all!

Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school, a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.

We offers many cool and fun attractions like unique bots, exclusive emojis, giveaways, events, 100+ self assignable roles, and much more!

So come on over, and check us out!
43 minutes ago
We're an active and welcoming community of chill people with over 5k members with a focus on socializing and having a good time. In our server, you'll find people with similar interests in things like gaming, anime, music and maybe even in-real-life activities. We like to chat about actual topics instead of spamming and memeing and if that's something you appreciate, there's a big chance you'll find some good friends in our community.

Some features that our server offers:
- Activity-based leveling system.
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights and more to come.
- Hand-picked, mature staff members from around the world, online 24/7.
- Optional NSFW content achieved by assigning NSFW role to yourself.
- Assignable roles for color and your favorite games.
48 minutes ago
Welcome to The Lounge!

The Lounge is a friendly fast growing discord server that's looking for more members.
We hope you will have a good talk with one of our members soon!
We're currently also looking for more staff members!
Hope to see you soon!
48 minutes ago
Welcome to pokemon adventures we have
Elite 4
And much more!
Thank you so much for 200 members I hope we can hit 300!
1 hours ago
A recently created server. No restrictions what so ever, you're free to communicate the way you want. What does this server offer?-F R E E D O M, forget about those rough rules. Have fun,meet new people and don't be scared to joke with the staff as well >:D


-Friendly people.
-Very fast growing community.
-A home for all the trollers out there.
-NSFW included.
-Do whatever you want.
-Earning roles based on leveling system and number of invites.
-Custom roles giveaway based on reaching a members threshold.
-A landfill of dank memes.
-Only the best emotes available out there.
-No restrictions.
-Aiming to grow to a large hellhole community with lots of spice.
-Basic rules(we do have them). Edit: we don't actually... >:D
-Talk completely about everything.
-Accepting partnerships.
-Dank emotes that will make you giggle.
-Lots of abuse.
-Even bots can roast you when least expected.
-24/7 online members(not really, but aiming to achieve that).
-The server is secured against raids.
-Entertain the members and you'll get rewards(not paying you tho).
-EVERYTHING IS DYNAMIC, that means this server will adapt to the members requests.
1 hours ago
Hwy everyone. We are a active community based on memes. Nudes. Fetishes and all your perverted and kinky fantasies
We have
- nudes
- memes
- 1:1 female male ratio staff to make it fairer
-spamming area
And are generally relaxed with our power usage so you won't be punished for something minor like swears
2 hours ago
Cough Drops is a community server for everyone to be able to meet new people and make some friends! We have some amazing members and a lovely android team to keep you entertained. Join cough drops and get some cooldown from your daily life by having a chill time here (: We hope to create a social and friendly environment for everyone ^^ Have a cough drop and join, anyone can (":

Active voice channel ((:

We offer vent channels, movie night channels, and music channels -- along with general community server channels used to share interests or just talk ^^
TLDR; New server, don't know what'll happen, pop in and make friends ? (^:
2 hours ago
Welcome to chill chat a server to chill make friends and just interact with other people, we are a fairly active server with 20+ members, a lewder section for the older beans and pokebot. I'm always open to suggestions on how to make the server better. I'd appreciate it if you would join
2 hours ago
Loving kpop server newly opened ! We are a loving community that welcomes everyone with open arms! We talk about a variety of things here including The Walking Dead, anime, webtoons, fan fiction and more!
2 hours ago
If you like games, anime, and cancer the indead community is just the place for you. Here we often end up changing the incharge of the server so you never know when you might be next! We all do all sorts of fun stuff, including movie nights and..uh..face rev-eals?..idk so what are you waiting for! Yes you join now before the server returns to its former dead self.
2 hours ago
We play Fortnite and we are a EvE Online B8T Corporation server. We are an up-and-coming company looking to establish a foothold in New Eden. And we also play Differ games.
3 hours ago
< Horny Hubbies > The server has many own-content areas that users within the server can post in. we have a fantastic community made up of talkative people :D
3 hours ago
Welcome to Famalam, a growing, tight knit discord community. Just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever. We have regular movie nights and kahoot nights!
Friendly staff/mods.
Keep swearing minimum just don't use racist or discriminatory or anything else.
If you having any problems please contact an admin/moderator.
4 hours ago
☆ Hello ☆

Our server invites you to join our roleplays and make friends!

Along with roleplay, we have different channels in which you can converse about a multitude of different topics.

Every member must request a role of a vocaloid/utauloid to roleplay. But not every member needs a role to talk outside of roleplays!

We have a lot of fun talking about vocaloid, kpop, anime, manga, videogames, and all sorts of interests!

We're always welcome to new members!
4 hours ago
︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵»»————- Bigdaddy Cord————-««‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵
-We are a somewhat active community based meme/shitposting server that is looking to expand its community!
-Meme-Aware community (Irony is strong)!
-Plenty of people to team up and discuss/play games with!
-An Art channel full of talent and people willing to give feedback and appreciation!
-Full of retards and smart people alike!
-Chill on the majority of rules and with understanding, forgiving staff!
-Partnership friendly!
5 hours ago
➭ A community server created for members to socialise, and have fun & earn rewards. We have over 140 members and are slowly finding our way up. We're not very active so we'd really appreciate if you joined, spread some light into the server and give us a chance!
5 hours ago