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This Server is a new community, we offer everything that you are looking for and many more. We have exciting giveaways that are huge and guaranteed. From 3 months Free Nitro to getting a chance to win $100 e-GiftCards to any store of your choice.

➛ 2:1 Female to Male Ratio
➛ Fast Growing Community
➛ Free Nitro
➛ Nice Partnerships
➛ Tons of Assignable roles
➛ Rewarding Leveling System
➛ Various Channels
➛ Amazing Bots
➛ Gambling & Mini-games

10 invites = 1 Nitro
25 invites = 3 Nitro
50 invites = 5 Nitro
75 invites = 10 Nitro
100 invites = 25 Nitro
The invited users must be in the server for 48 Hours, if they have you'll be DM'ed by the bot with the code
Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to share~~ Hope to see you here!
we're a small server trying to grow. we have vcs most nights and self-assigned roles. come check us out and hang :)
🌸Welcome to Mew's Redemption!🌸
**Now with better and more fun things**
This server is still new. If you want bots or other features added come talk to us. We would love your opinion to help us grow.❤️
We've got:
-Pokemon bots
-Gyms(Corrent 9/18 so if you have what it needs join and ask for gym's)
-Champion (when we get full Gyms)
-Introduse the MEGA GYM!!!
-Active channels
And a very good staff team that will help you what every you need.

'Art & Stuff' is an active Art Community with lots of other features like NSFW Channels, Gaming Chats and lots of active people to chat and be friends with!
Minecraft factions server with active and engaging staff and community.
All the new comers in the server Imma tell you the introduction, and the purpose of this server NIGGA'S HIDE OUT.
I made this server so that people can have fun and shit. So you will see a lot of wacky buncha guys talkin whatever that comes over their mind. You talk shit, make offensive joke, and mess around i don't mind. Get ready lose braincells ;))
- active and chill
- self roles
- memes, selfies, introductions
- lenient rules
- tight knit community
- purge inactive members
- active VCs
- pic perms
- competent owner
- join rnn!!!
18+ only server that has events, an active community, nsfw section for verified folk, lovely people, cute colors, and the most welcoming place for anyone wanting to make friends.

we pride ourselves in having a no creep zone. anyone here to just look at nudes gets a swift ban!
Snooze is a community based around popular games and art. We focus largest but not exclusively around Pokémon and have many talented artists who consistently share their tips and tricks to making the artwork!
This is a server for the people who like cars and car related things. Almost everyone here likes the show Initial D and we are heavy touge culture fanatics.
Hi and welcome to LoveLand, this is a server for people to hangout out and be with friends. And maybe even find a romantic partner. We have giveaways, nice staff, and events. We have little rules and we also do partnerships.
Active VC! Friendly community trying to expand. We host friendly competitions on games and also movie nights! We have a wide variety of players of different games, so if you are looking to find someone to play with, just select the games in our Roles channel!
- Aesthetic/cute themed community server.
- Welcoming staff.
- Looking for active members.
- Shitposting channels.
- LGBTQ+ friendly.
- Active nitro giveaways!!
- Movie, game and VC events!
looking to make friends? talk about life, gaming, anime, whatever?
The goal of this server is to have a large community of people who have a set of diverse interests
And contribute into making the community special!
This server will serve as a Talking/Gaming/Anime hub for the users.
With Custom roles for leveling up
Currency to customize your experience
Assignable Roles to distinguish yourself
And custom bots to enhance your experience
I have worked Countless hours on this server
And I love the community we are creating
I hope you become a part of it and treasure it
Server looking for SCP roleplayers! We are just starting out but mod s are active! Have a good day!!
Welcome to Capetail, a large roleplay server with a friendly brother and sister pair of owners. We try to be open to everyone and I at least am fairly active and almost always ready to rp. Come join us and help make capetail a friendly, active and welcoming server.
**Gangland is a large community** that is based on music,
sports, and general interest. We make it to where everyone
is welcome and feels comfortable. We do accept suggestions
and we are looking for more partner managers and more staff.
PhanToM holds many projects. Our focus currently is mercury. Mercury is a huge project which was started months ago that began as a Roblox serverside/backdoor that turned into a universal game cheat for every pc game.
Sadly enough, the discord was deleted along with wyatts account. (the other owner of PhanToM)

Some services mercury ss offers are:

Minecraft (ghost client), Roblox serverside, MAYBE a CS:GO cheat, not sure on that one yet probably some GTA stuff and a lot of other universal modules that will work with all pc games. Aimbots, auto clickers, memory editors, macros, .etc

If you're unfamiliar with what a server side is a backdoor script planted in a game allowing mercury buyers to execute Lua serverside bypassing FE as well as avoiding any memory editing or touching the Roblox process as the script is already running in the game
Small community that loves to talk about various topics. Lots of channels (such as: Economy, Introductions, Various game channels to chat about games and track stats and more.) Join before July to receive the "OG" role.
16+ Chill Community. we play games, we have random events/giveaways, over 150 emotes Active chat/Vc and We have a 18+ Nsfw channel. We also like memes anime and friends
Welcome to Heaven. We are a growing interactive community made for anyone over the age of 13. We are solely a socializing community made to meet new people, make new friends and play some games on the side! Who doesn't want to be in Heaven?