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Sunucumuzda Temel olarak parapsikoloji üzerine gitmekteyiz Yardım Odalarımız, Danışma Odalarımız, Sohbet Odalarımız, Öğretmek için Kanallar, Bilgi Kanalları v.s Bulunmaktadır Parapsikoloji Senide Meraklandırıyor ise Sunucumuza Katıl
The edgiest discord server out there. It doesnt get edgier than this no rules no limits no BS join and do what you want.
Are you bored during quarantine . Have you heard of lucid dreaming , astral projection .
Those are skills you can learn and develop during this lockdown to live out your dreams.

Why join our server

Because we offer...

-Mind training
-Astral combat
-Exclusive info
-Well organized channels
- lucid dreaming lessons
- space exploration
✦ Sunucumuz daha ilk gününden +70 ses aktifliği gördü.
✦ Bu muhteşem hızlı büyüyen sunucumuzda yeni dostluklar kurabilirsiniz.
✦ Yetkili alımları açık.Yetkili olarak hem sunucunun büyümesinde söz sahibi olursunuz , hemde yönetim odalarında dönen muhabbetlerin içinde olursunuz :)
✦ Astral ✦
Hi! Hello! Welcome to Juniper Grove! This server was created as a way for people to hang out in the astral realm in a safe manner. There’s an astral realm by the same name, and servitors to take with you if you aren’t confident in your skills if you go outside Juniper Grove. You’re also welcome to just hang out! Talk about anything! The realm of Juniper Grove is vast, and there’s always a new area to explore. You’re even welcome to make a house here!

Whether you’re new to the astral, have been practicing for years, or don’t even know how to yet, you’re all welcome here! Welcome, and please enjoy your stay!
Astralia est une jeune communauté qui parle de nombreux sujets différents, tous concernant la spiritualité.
De l'astrologie au voyage astral, de vastes sujets y sont abordés.
Venez voir par vous-même, nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous accueillir ;)
This is a server where ancient and new knowledge will be discussed.
It's a group of people who are living these subjects and like to talk about it.
Feel free to join if you want to learn more or if you wanna join the discussions/chats!
Hey guys, welcome to The Chaos Realm. We are a new server with a focus on Chaos magick, but accept any and all paths and are inclusive of all. come relax, chill and cast some spells! Bots, 18+ role, voice chat, memes, roles and witchy info!
Merhaba, bu sunucuda ruhsal öğretileri sizlere öğretiyoruz. Sen de gelmek istersen hemen bekleriz. :)
The Solarium Ad Astra

Come practice with us under the vast expanse of the cosmos.
16+ Suggested Witching Server

We are a small, but growing, group of mages and witch practitioners who have gathered here to learn and practice together.
We'd love it if you would join our community~!
Are you looking for a welcoming and inclusive community of spirit workers? Then we may be the server for you!

We welcome spirit workers of all experience levels! We look forward to meeting you!
A pair of golden doors towering high, a grand dome of gold revealing the jet black of the night sky. Adorning the abyss, thousands, millions of little white dots - stars. Each one showing a different story, each light guiding and beaconing the wandering traveller. Is this dream, or reality? Are the echoes of the night that beacon us with a warm embrace our true calling? What secrets lie within the dark confines of the world?

At Noctuary we explore the world, and every path within it. Being a new server, we seek to grow and expand our knowledge and experience new feelings. With each new member and suggestion we;
◇ Have the option for custom roles to be added
◇ Have the option for new channels to be made
◇ Have the opportunity to expand our views and cater to different belief systems and experiences
◇ Offer a cozy, supportive environment for any new wanderer
◇ Provide a focused server dedicated to the Astral Realm, Dreams and Hypnosis
◇ Welcome all new and experienced practitioners who are interested in discussing and learning new things

So enter, open the grand doors to the observatory, and enjoy all that Noctuary has to offer you.
"Bu Sıkıcı Karantina Günlerinde Sıkılmamak İstiyorsan
Tam Adresi İşte Bu Sunucu!**
Okumaya Devam Et!**

↬ Sunucumuzda nitro çekilişleri ve daha fazlası olacak

↬ Küçük bir aileyiz ama chatimizdeki samimiyet ile daha büyük yerlere geleceğiz

↬ Yeniyiz ve güzel bir aile kurmaya çalışıyoruz!

Gelmek istersen bekleriz!
Des discussions et des découvertes pratiques sur la spiritualité: la complexité de l’âme et de l’esprit dans l’incarnation, le pouvoir intérieur de chacun et les possibilités infinies de l'énergie !
Join Astral

A small yet growing clan
Fun bots
Friendly members
Weekly tourneys
And more!
Hello! We are a server that is meant to be a casual place for people to conversate, primarily those who do stuff in metaphysical, occult, astral, cryptozoology, mythology, energy, and much much more. This place is meant to be inclusive for anyone who participates in those fields, anyone interested in them, or would like to talk to ones who participate in them. This server is inclusive to everyone who is able to be a decent person, we are welcoming of all, including but not limited to LGBTQIA+ and people who are not human (including otherkin, therian, etc).

What we offer:
- A safe space for people to casually interact with each other and get assistance or discuss on the server's focus subjects
- Channels dedicated to various topics ex. energy, astral projection, etc
- Suggestions - we can add or remove channels in a flash
- Bots
- and much much more!
Hi, do you want a fun server? A funny server to communicate with people, Aw man, you cant find one? well this is the server for you, Make sure to join my server if you wanna talk with several other people and have fun! we hope to see you there! :D
This is a server dedicated to learning how to astral travel, as well as various arts in magic and divination. All are welcome to join! We have great teachers who offer step by step instructions. We also have daily activities for everyone to join in on.

Hope to see you here!
There is a light between your eyes that holds the key.
Unleash your true potential.
Skuldalið is the old Norse word for "family". Families come in all forms, and are not strictly formed by blood. Here we have Pokécord, spirituality, education and friends. Join us, we offer limited memes and /fringe/
This is a gaming community willing to help anyone with their missions, levels, quests etc! We also have a LFG channel and amazing staff! Are you looking for something more less serious?
Well we have a bunch of fun mystic commands and memes! You can even request new channels with mod mail! You can also keep up to date with all your games with the added game new category!

This server is WIP so we are hiring for staff and willing to consider new ideas for the server!
Welcome to The Isle of Twilight!

What we are: We are a server dedicated to the astral plane and all of it’s mysteries and all the fun planes and realities that exist within its vast expansive space.

What makes us special: This servers plan is to have a dedicated space in the Astral that is a metaphysical manifestation of the server itself, that members can travel to, and run experiments, work on projects, and just hang out in for fun!
Astralreisen Deutschland
Ein deutscher Community Server der sich hauptsächlich über Astralreisen dreht, doch andere Themen wie Klarträume, Esoterik etc. werden auch Gesprächsthema.
gegründet: 6. November 2018