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The goal of our group is to encourage theoretical thought in order to better understand the universe and ourselves. We intend to theorize about the unknown, refine our theories, and know more than we did yesterday. We seek to better understand the universe, ourselves, and our place in it.

We're a friendly server full of insane people that really get your goat.

We have all sorts of people here from really experienced to absolute newbs. Come on in and enjoy reading about various theories posted from our architects, or become an architect yourself to fill up a channel with everything that you think you know.

All people, tulpae, spirits, and what have you are welcome here. Doesn't matter what race gender or creed you are, you are welcome here.

LGBTQ Friendly uwu

We are plural friendly, and use the Tupperbox bot. (endogenic, traumagenic, and mixed systems welcome)

We have some wierdly specific channels, and one NSFW channel that you can access provided you prove your age.

Come learn all the wonderful things that we have or spread your knowledge like hot butter on my buns.
This server is the best place to be if you want to know how to Astral project, lucid dream, meditate, or just chat with a community. The rules are clear and simple, and the Mod team is ALWAYS on your side first.

Im Andrew, The owner of this server. It is my goal to make sure the people in the server get to where they need to be. :)

See ya there!
A friendly community for Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection/Meditation and more! share your dreams share your experience and get the help u need with our tutorials!
We're a new server that strives to be the best source of growth and inspiration to those who are spiritually inclined. We like to have fun while pursuing our paths, and I hope you find us likeable if not helpful.
The Arcanum is a growing spiritual server where members are free to discuss a plethora of topics and share their experiences. We seek to provide a safe platform to grow spiritually.
This is a community for people to discuss astral projection and to share each other's Astral Projection experiences.
Are you into weird psychological things? Such as creating a separate being? Controlling your dreams? Making your soul leave your body? Intentionally seeing/hearing/feeling things that aren't actually there? Well you aren't the only one! Here in the Tulpa Palace, we would like to help people create and do wondrous things with their brain. Whether you're a pro or just starting, we would like to help!
Created by the former mentor of Tuppertown, another tulpamancy oriented server, The Nexus is a server for all things spiritual, be it lucid dreaming, astral projection, nirvana or tulpamancy, which is the main focus of the server.

We're relatively new and still building up, but that only means our community is closer with each other and all the more friendly ^^
If you're looking for a community related to law of attraction, remote seduction, meditation or other similar stuffs then join us on 'I AM'. Share your story, manifest your desires and raise your consiouness together. Your questions will be answered and help will be provided to keep you going on this journey.

Note : only join if you're interested & can contribute on the server. (inactive users do not join)
Brand new Server solely based on Astral projection and Lucid dreaming experiences and topics. Meet fellow astral travelers and share your experiences and learn from others.
This is a new server for beginners who are interested in astral Projection. Warm welcome for members who can actively participate here and can share experiences with others. Join if you really are interested in talking and contributing.