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Night realm is a community that discusses about lucid dreaming, astral projection, tulpamancy and many more related topics! Night realm is at the moment the biggest active community for those topics, so if you want a quick response you can always see if someone is able to help you!

We offer
- Guidance to all our members
- Tutorials through video's and text
- An active community
- Channels supporting art and media
- Lots of dreams to read through
- Experts on our main topics
A small and welcoming community of lucid dreamers and non-lucid dreamers!
Join us for:
-Discussion and help with lucid dreaming
-A welcoming and friendly community
-Discussion of other topics such as astral projection and tulpas
Hey, this is a small server that talks about lucid dreaming, astral projection, tulpamancy and shared/sharing dreams. We try to help as many people as possible and I hope the server will grow!

- Welcome! :)
Welcome to Spiritual Family ❤️
Spiritual community come join! Help better yourself & help others. Come join our family 🌍
Are you bored during quarantine . Have you heard of lucid dreaming , astral projection .
Those are skills you can learn and develop during this lockdown to live out your dreams.

Why join our server

Because we offer...

-Mind training
-Astral combat
-Exclusive info
-Well organized channels
- lucid dreaming lessons
- space exploration
We are a server that focuses on helping You grow and become your best version.

We do help with Astral projection, wim hof breathing, talking to spirit guides, half astral projection. And a lot more.
Welcome to a place that for some reason doesn’t exist. you wanna learn astral things about astral society warfare space combat meet people talk be friends hangout smash game etc. Join the best coalition in the galaxy 5C!
Created by the former mentor of Tuppertown, another tulpamancy oriented server, The Nexus is a server for all things spiritual, be it lucid dreaming, astral projection, nirvana or tulpamancy, which is the main focus of the server.

We're relatively new and still building up, but that only means our community is closer with each other and all the more friendly ^^
Brand new Server solely based on Astral projection and Lucid dreaming experiences and topics. Meet fellow astral travelers and share your experiences and learn from others.
Community for talk about all the different subjects such as LD / AP / Magick / Paganism and more. We strive to be a community where everyone is welcome, and we are always out to help people! :D
We are a LGBTQ friendly server. We also support all kinds of belief. We talk about any spirituality and beyond. We also talked about gaming and card gaming. We are open for chat and any questions. we like to meet new people. we also help with astral-projection. spiritual being and magic. we are open to anything and any one. we also open minded and understanding.