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A new small server for people who wanna hang out! We're still a work in progress but it's still a small place to hang and make friends!
Personality and Mental Disorders.
2100+ Members.
Moderated and Active.
Drunk Voice Chat every night.
18+ Only, No exceptions.
Welcome to 𝕃𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣'𝕤 𝕃𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕘𝕖!
✩ →˚Self Assign Roles! (Custom colors and other fun roles!)
✩ →˚Many voice channels and bots!
✩ →˚Game Nights!
✩ →˚Active Community!
✩ →˚Partnerships!
✩ →˚Many bots!! (Dank Memer, Yggdrasil, Slot Bot, Marriage Bot, etc.)
✩ →˚Events!
✩ →˚Staff Applications!
✩ →˚13+!
Hello friends! This is my discord server (obviously) and its focused on gaming and my twitch streams. This server is a great place to talk about gaming and e-sports. If you do not see your game listed on the "Gaming" Section, please feel free to leave your suggestion in the "suggestions-and-game-suggestions" channel and tag me so i will see it. I love this server and would really appreciate it if you could drop in and say hi! Thanks!
We are a crazy community with the main focus on memes and having a great time while getting to know new people!

Talk to cool people, let your aggressions out in our EARRAPE channel, spam our spam channel as hard as you can... or... just be normal and talk or chat with the rest of the server :D
Welcome to Insomniacs™! This server is for anybody and not limited to:

》 Stoners
》 Insomniacs
》 Freaks
》 Gamers
》 Raging alcoholics with those foam beer coozies

~1 Booster~
~Semi Monthly Discord Nitro Giveaways!~
~Voice Channel Based!
~Staffing positions open!
~Music, Selfies, Gaming & More!

☛ We take pride in trying to keep our server as active and as friendly as possible. This server doesn't require you to be 18+ in age, but we do expect to restrict NSFW channels if you are under 18. We're all just friendly people who can't sleep and want stuff to do, so you probably came to the right place! ☚
A new take to the Cafe Atmosphere, we have music, Lounge, memes, gaming sections, and a kickass staff to make sure everyyhing is running smoothly. This is a LGBT+ and furry friendly server
𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖉𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝕷𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖌𝖊

Hii, we are a new small server which is a safe space for everyone♡

☆small, non-toxic community
☆active members
☆leveled roles
☆lil peep and posty channels
☆fun bots
☆nsfw channels
Welcome to the Brawhalla Lounge!
we have:
1v1 channels
2v2 channels
Music Channel
And you can Lounge! Join now and level up and get to the high ranks!
Welcome to my Castle! This is a place you can chill, chat, and grind bots as much as you'd like. We've got a fun community, and we aren't strict at all as long as you follow Discord's TOS and our very few rules.
we are a Chill and Non-Toxic Server with Active Channels throughout the Day! mostly 16+

Our Server Features:

>>Custom Colours and a Variety of Roles
>>Chill people that will Enjoy your Company
>>Always Open to Your Suggestions for Emojis and Server Improvements
>>Chats for you to Vent in and Tea for You to Spill
>>Alot of Bots to have Fun with!
>>Giveaways at goals we reach
>>Self Promotions, VC activity and Movie Nights

⋆ everyone Join Us And Chat ⋆

Also Hiring Partner Managers! ♡ DM Owner if you would like to be one or type /apply in chat! :)
Hey there.
Welcome to Our Glorious Republic! We have multiple features;

✫ Bot games, gambling, is planned to come soon
✫ Hierarchy promotion system (Talk and RP more and you get promoted)
✫ We do gaming events!
✫ You join legions like just in the Clone Army. We have a variety of legions:
✫ Roleplaying
327th Star Corps
442nd Doom Company
38th Armoured Division
21st Nova Corps [Marines]
91st Reconnaissance Corps
104th Wolfpack Battalion
401st Coruscant Guard
41st Elite Corps
501st Attack Battalion
212th Attack Battalion, AND Special Operations with famed groups like ARC troopers, ARF, and Republic Commandos!
Our server needs staff! We are looking to do a rebuild and want to bring the server to glory. Join us and embark on the journey of the Clone Army!
General lounge server still covered in afterbirth, baste badboiz welcome.
join the chill serer and find a place to make friends chat and use the bots just as long as you follow the rules and are a chill person you should fit in great.
➶➶ Grace's Paradise💕 ➷➷

Welcome to Grace's Paradise💕❣

This chill server/lounge is for general chatting, chilling, and role-playing! There are fun bots, voice chat channels, games, support, and wholesome love for everyone here! This will truly be your next family! Come grab a buddy and join today❣

*This server has LGBTQ support and support for other problems you may have.
Heya, good seeing you, and welcome to The Pookies' official Discord server!

Here we have:
-Minor boosting perks 🔥🌟
-NSFW channels 👀🔞
-A tight-knit, active group ✊❤
-Very accepting members 🤗💕
-A server built like a condo! 🏢🌳
-Plenty of fun bots 🤖⭐️
...and so much more!

Our Discord features a lotta stuff, and a lot of availability to just chat and have a good time. Whether you're looking for buds, looking for gamers or just looking for a good time, this small little furry community will pat your back and welcome you with open arms!
Hello there!
We are a decent sized 13+ community looking to expand. Our main purpose is to allow people to meet others in a friendly environment. Here are some of the features of our server:

• A friendly staff team
• Several bots to enhance the liveliness of the server
• Self-roles & Color roles
• Events
• Partnerships
• And more!

I hope you check out our server, as you won't be disappointed!
Welcome to Tokyo's Alleyway!

We are an all ages SFW gaming/dating community that is just starting out fresh and looking for some fellow gamers and people to join our community.

We have:
>Active and Friendly Staff
>Many Discord Games and Media Options.
>Fun interactive bots like Dank memer, EPIC RPG, Gambling bots, Mudae, and Pokecord
>Music Bots
>LGBT+ Friendly
>Active VCs
>A rank system bot called Amari.
We are looking forward to you joining us and give us a chance. We promise that you won't be disappointed!

P.S It's not solely a dating server.

Looking for a nice change of pace from the typical Discord servers? Then hop into the Lounge, and join our little family! ^-^
Night Vibes is a place to chill and hang out.
Each role is given to a person based on how active they are with the server.
You can self assign roles to yourself with neat titles and what not.
The only thing the we won't be lenient with is other server links outside our partnership.
So please join and help get this community growing.
Hey! Welcome to Chill Space, this server is still pretty new and is still partially in development, but I plan on making this server into a chill, fun place to relax and chat with others. We have auto roles, color roles, fun bots and a loving community! At 100 members I plan on doing a 10$ discord nitro giveaway, so if you want a chance to win, I'd recommend joining and inviting your friends!!
Come join us!!
Pastel Vaporwave is a chill hangout server dedicated to hanging out and meeting new people. Though our server is open to everyone and and lgbtq+ supportive.
We are a community and a chill server. inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. I the owner am a gamer looking for a duo partner and I am grinding for the org KNG.