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>━━━━ Includes ━━━<

Active VCs

Movie Nights

Custom Colors

Self-Assignable Roles

Friendly Community

Pokecord and Leveling System


Best Nitro Emotes

Art Channels


Ez server, we growing atm so join up, we dont expect u to be active, we just growing
We're a chill lil server, nothing much, but we try to keep it active! We got memes and shit. We also have a few bots, self-assignable roles, and a safe place as well as someone to talk to if you need it! If nothing else got you: if you join I won't eat your bones! :)
Looking for a simple, SFW, lgbtq+ server to chill and hangout in? Going through a tough time and need help? Well that's what our server is about!
We accept anyone of any race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality to come in and talk, meaning straight people can join as well!
300+ members and growing fast!
just a community server that hopefully get popular and people have a fun experience!
A place to chill, hangout, lounge and socialize that includes:
▶ Anime Category
▶ Nerd Category
▶ Car Category
▶ Gender based Category
▶ selectable roles
▶ memes
▶ selfies
▶ Bots
▶ Weird Emojis
▶ And More


Looking for Administrators, Moderaters And Partener Managers
**◤This is a new server and we're looking for admins
We're also looking for people to have fun with◢**
★This is a hangout/lounge server★

「Server Perks」
◆ Multiple bots for music/games/collecting/chatting/fun
◆Self roles
◆Multiple Voice Channels for Talking/Gaming/Music
◆More to come

Creator Lounge is a community dedicated to support and have fun with Creators of anykind, You can share what you want to share and we can help you improve or be surprised by your creations!

- Art
- Music
- Programming
- Anime/Manga Discussions
- Events and Co-Op Events (Skribblio)
- Friendly and Nice Community
- Emotional Lounge for rants, support and advice.
- Exclusive channel for Geometry Dash Users
- Color Roles and Levels to prove your loyalty and show your mood.
- Voice Channel events and Music Events too

This server has reached it's 2-year Anniversary of Creator Lounge being founded.

The door awaits your entrance and we hope you have fun and improve our server to make it a better place of your commodity ;)

- Justin12611
The Founder & Owner of Creator Lounge
➶➶ Grace's Paradise💕 ➷➷

Welcome to Grace's Paradise💕❣

This chill server/lounge is for general chatting, chilling, and role-playing! There are fun bots, voice chat channels, games, support, and wholesome love for everyone here! This will truly be your next family! Come grab a buddy and join today❣

*This server has LGBTQ support and support for other problems you may have.
✨ The Realm ✨ A community for Furfags / LGBT / Nerds / Losers! ☆ Active Voice Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Custom Bots ☆ Events ☆ Organized ☆ Big Staff ☆ Fucking Crazy~

TheRealm is a server that gets all its functionality from a custom made bot. With server politics to manage the server and an economy! The server is made for literally anyone! Especially those who love the bot~!

Furfags especially welcome!~
In Epicc Gamer Lounge we just love to have fun! In this server, one of our most famous things is dank memer! We spend a lot of our time just trying to get the most money! You can also get self-assignable roles, vote on polls, join in events, talk to some epicc people, play uno, and join in giveaways! Join today!! (its epiccc)

*WE NOW DO PARTNERS!!!* THE SERVER IS FULL OF TEENAGERS MOSTLY 13-18 SO DONT BE EXPECTING ALOT OF ADULTS. *(you arent epic unless you stay in our server 🤷‍♀️)*

(no offence)
❀ We are a very nice community, welcoming all people. We would love for you to join us as we know you can help make this server more enjoyable for all users. Our staff is very nice and helping towards others, there's just about everything that you could want in here from anime, art, music, chill and much more! ❀

**╭ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
╰ - - - ⌲ What we have to offer … ‧₊˚ ´-**

➴ Lots of different colour roles for you to choose from! `🎨`
› › Many friendly people for you to make friends with, including staff `✨`
彡 Lots of different channels to fit just about any of your interests! `☁`
- ⌲ Non toxic community `🌸`
♡ Lots of different bots for you to play with `💓`
➵ Partnerships `🌙`
*ੈ **and lots more!!**
╰┈┈ ♡ °・ ︿︿︿︿︿︿

☾ We are looking for more staff, moderators, partnership managers, admins. ʚɞ
If you would like to become one join us and help make our server even better! ‧₊˚

➴ If this looks like something you would like to be apart of, join us today! 彡☆
T H E L O U N G E 2.0
Need a place to advertise your server or relax from the hustle and bustle of Discord? Or a place to meet new friends and play games?
Well, The Lounge 2.0 is the place for you!

Fun and Friendly • Non-toxic community
Lounge-related rank system • Roles to achieve
Public Voice Chats • Music Bots
Suggestions • Feedback • Help shape the server!
Roles • Self Assign! • Shape your profile
Various communicative channels • Discuss anything!
Events based on festivities • Fun and interactive events
We accept partnerships! • Minimal requirements
QOTD • Various questions • Various opportunities
More to come • Stay tuned!
We hope to see you here! wave
The Lounge - by the community for the community
═══════════ ═══════════ ═══════════
Welcome to Hip Hop Central!
- New, with tons of activity!
- Freestyling voicechannels!
- Music bot to listen to any music you like!
- Daily QOTDs about music and general life!
- Promote your music, find potential customers, meet producers and collab!
- Discuss all types of music, not only Hip Hop!
═══════════ ═══════════ ═══════════
A•M Lounge is a relaxation server that provides a place of laughter and belonging. We love to see our members active in chat, and engaging in our server activities. Come join us now!
Hellloooo everyone, this server is for fun and chilling around, making new friends, gaming, music and much more. i wouldn't spoil everything for you so, why not give it a try? ;)
this is just for the memes

we are welcoming tho
and friendly
and nice

we lgbtq+ friendly

no racism tolerated
This discord is mainly for chilling and chatting with others! We also have lots of different channels for various discussion topics.
One main theme of our discord is anime; staff posts anime news from time to time also!
zach’s haven is a server that is all about community! We have:

-) Music! 🎶
-) Memes! 😂
-) Premium Channels! ✨
-) Cussing Perms! 🤫 (WIP)

This server treats everyone the same way as there is no racist or offensive events going on in this server.

So come join zach’s haven and have some company, make friends, and possibly, help the server out by joining.
new and rapidly growing server, variety of channels and people to talk to, join now to see what's up
✨Welcome to The Lounge✨
We are a small chill community server of 50+ people that like to enjoy ourselves. We also have quite a bit to offer like games, events, and memes. So if you’re looking for a place to just relax then this is the place for you and if not, come check us out anyway and stay a while!
Chat with friends, share dank mae-maes, and have a listen to Eli's amazing talk-show Thingy!

• Loose punishment
• Music lounge
• General server (no specific general chat)

TheSilentType discord is directed towards community, and chilling with friends.
The Den is a lounge server made for you! Xp Roles based off of wolf packs is how you rank, so the more you text, the higher in the pack you get. From anime chats to karaoke nights, there is fun for everyone! Join today to make new friends!