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The name is confusing I know, but this is a fan discord for the app its self and is NOT affiliated with the app in any way shape or form. This is just a server that is fan owned (not owned or ran by any staff members of discord) to just praise the app in its glory to eventually have events and giveaways celebrating the app.
5 hours ago
Advertise and chat!! We are a welcoming community to anyone and we also host events at least once a week! You can win things if you do good in this event!!
10 hours ago
📣 Ariana’s Nitro Lounge 📣


15 hours ago
Welcome to Furasta! A brand new furry community for everyone!
We Have:
- Fun Channels!
- Voice chats!
- NSFW (YIFF, Roleplay, etc.)
- Art!
- Fun bots!
AND MORE! Join us today!
Owner: Shyla#1726
1 days ago
✓ Custom currency
✓ Friendly staff and community
✓ Less rules more fun
✓ Dedicated gaming channels
✓ Dedicated Otaku' heaven
✓ Contstant Giveaway (one is running everyday)
✓ PokéCord
✓ Leveling up system and more ✓✓✓
1 days ago
Nocturnus is a relaxed community of gamers and content creators. Whether it be drawing, gaming or watching your favorite anime you will always have a place here. Our gaming guild by the same name is cross-game, cross-platform and currently recruiting. Feel free to inquire at any time.
1 days ago
Lewd Haven is a relaxed place for you to come be lewd as much as you want!! Weekly Fappenings,Daily Steam Giveaways,Share your naughty pics and chat!
1 days ago
FREE GIVEAWAYS ARE HERE! Come join us today! Brand new! Better chances! Currently giving away 3 STEAM KEYS for 3 WINNERS! (3 EACH!). Join today for better chances!
2 days ago
Welcome Finnish people and everyone interested in Finland, Finnish language, or culture.
3 days ago
Giveaway corner the zone of simple giveaways around the world! Our server has got many areas for different types of giveaways, explore them and get to know them and you'll see some awesome giveaways that might interest you!
3 days ago
Hi Are You looking A Gaming community! Here is a lovely and friendly growing Gaming community! Join us . Currently at 21000+ members!
5 days ago
Currently, this discord does not have any set theme, members from all types of communities are welcome! We are eventually looking to evolve into something else much bigger but in the future. There are endless possibilities we will see which route this server get's taken to.
Currently, our only goal is to get members and grow this community into a family.It's a brand new discord server be sure to click JOIN THIS SERVER
10 days ago
Join Wulfs's cave, where the wolfs Strive!
Were pretty much just a discord server that has fun, sometimes we do giveaways for random things, we have our own bot too.
if you join then welcome to the pack!

12 days ago
🎯Polskie Minecraft Community🎯
✅W tym momencie trwa konkurs na ponad 400zł!!!!!
✅Duże community graczy Minecraft (I nie tylko)
✅Codzienne losowania na gry (w większości mc premium)
✅Ogarnięta Administracja
✅Rekrutacja do administracji
❌Brak bezsensownego spamu
❌Brak niepotrzebnych opcji
13 days ago
Anime Bankai is for people that Love chatting, Anime & Manga > Gaming and having loads of fun. It is a fun good Community
14 days ago
Hey, @everyone. Ich bin @VetrexDE. | Ich leite einen kleinen Discord, der eine deutsch- und englischsprachige Gaming-Community hat. Wir würden uns über jedes einzelne Mitglied, dass unseren Server betritt freuen! (Beachtet, aber bitte die Regeln! ^^)
22 days ago
A new community formed for helping YOU find people to play with, new games to try and new people to converse with! Don't be a stranger and feel free to drop in and see what we're about :3
23 days ago
Public scrims with Leaderboards. Take your first step into the Competitive Battle Royale scene.
23 days ago
Want a server where you can socialize and also get free stuff?
Join GamerBros Discord Server!
We giveaway
-NFA Alt Accounts (Sometimes up to 15 at a time)
-Spotify Premium Accounts (Up to 10 at a time sometimes)
-Online Store Discount Codes
-And much more!
Join now what are you waiting for!
25 days ago
Hello, I'm Creeps The Founder Of GamerZone.
I'm Here To Show You What's Good About GamerZone.
So, Here We Go!
We Got....

Many Voice/Text Channels
Bots You Can Play Around With 24/7
Self Assignable Roles
We Are Listening To All Of Your Suggestions/Ideas
And Most Important We're All About Gaming!
Join Now!
40 days ago
A discord gaming community based in central Europe. We have everything from Gaming channels, Level system, Music, Gambling, Giveaways and more! Join today!
57 days ago
I (The Owner) giveaway free youtube banners and PC games join if you want
68 days ago