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Looking for shiny raids, giveaways, and more?
Join our Shiny Hunters World server today!
(the main language for this server is Dutch)
• We're made up of a great, welcoming community of adults who love Pokemon and gaming in general. We started as a server for shiny raids hosted by adults, for adults. And even though we still host some of the best shiny raids and giveaways around, we also come together to play discord games (e.g. anigame, pokecord, mudamaid, etc.) and other games such a PoGo and Mario Kart. Feel free to join a drama/toxic free community where you don't have to worry about kids!

• We're a community of people who love Pokémon, gaming, and anime!

• Naruto-themed ranking system with some sweet perks!

• Awesome bots like Anigame, Myuu, Pokécord, Mudamaid (Waifu), counting game, zero two, and more!

• We have an entire category dedicated to AniGame with spawns exclusive to the clan and high ranking members. Ask to join the clan when you join so you can get dibs on private spawns in a larger Anigame supported server :D We have multiple channels for battles, updates, a HUGE guide, and raids!!!
nous somme une communauté pokémon épée bouclier. Nous lançons régulièrement des raids shiny et donnons beaucoup de pokémons ou d'objets dans les distributions ou les giveaways. nous serions ravis de vous accueillir sur notre serveur. il ne vous reste plus qu'a cliquer ici et venir jeter un petit coup d’œil ;p
Welcome to Shiny Paradise, a Paradise for shiny hunters of all kinds! Come join in to learn about new shiny hunting methods, shinies you never knew were huntable, and so much more! Stop waiting, and click the join button!
Just a bunch of gamers dedicated to fun and chill who met through the same crazy otaku! Come play Pokemon and among us with us!
Our Story | The Pokémon Club. We want to provide you a helpful Pokémon community, weekly giveaways, Pokémon raids, Pokémon trades, Pokémon exclusives and more. So we built you a quality server, allowing you to build new friendships, and enjoy the game even more. We hope to see you soon and help us grow our heart-welcoming community!
Hello pkmn Trainer Welcome to shiny surprise where you can get any pokemon you want (has to be legal) in gen 6/7 FOR FREE we do 3 to 10 giveaways a day for shiny pokemon , and we want you to have some too!
Bonjour a vous j'aimerais vous inviter dans mon serveur de pokemon giveaway. Il y a plusieurs façons de gagner un shiny par exemple par giveaway on fait des giveaway chaque semaine moi et mes modo et aussi de temps en temps par des raid qui actualise tout les semaines. Nous avons aussi récemment créé un pass de combat gratuit pour gagner des récompenses selon tes niveau. Essayer au moins de passer un petit tour. Merci
🔴 Bienvenue sur notre serveur Pokémon Ultimate ! 🔴

Rejoignez une communauté sympathique et chill, pour discuter et jouer autour de l’univers de la saga Pokémon. Nous vous proposons :

🔸 De nombreux hosts Shiny pour remplir facilement votre Shiny Dex en capturant vos Pokémon 100% légaux.
🔸 Du PvP avec une ligue, des Champions et des Dresseurs, orchestré par un système de point original qui ajoute du fun et du challenge à n’importe quel duel.
🔸 Des distributions régulières de Pokémon rares (fabuleux, légendaires, shinys...)
🔸 Une section d’entraide pour trouver des échanges, des expéditions Dynamax ou des objets/conseils stratégiques.
🔸 Une bibliothèque complète d’informations sur la stratégie.

N’attendez plus et rejoignez-nous, vous êtes les bienvenus et nous vous accueillerons chaleureusement !
Welcome to Venusaur lair we are a Fun loving pokemon Community free sysbots giveaways and a super friendly admin team our admins work hard and have a zero tolerance on bullying or drama we are all super chill and Our main goal is always been about having fun and sharing our love for one of the greatest gaming franchises ever made come join our server <3
Hello Guyss, here we do Pokemon Go Mega Raids!! Mega Charizard X/Y//Mega Blatoise//Mega Venusaur
A friendly place for pokemon fans and shiny hunter to chat, show off, trade, battle, and chat. Be one of the first to join!
Hello and welcome to our pokemon server! we mainly play pokemon sw/sh but we play other pokemon games. we host max adventures and max raids, even giveaways! so if you arent in the server you are really missing out.
This is pretty much a retired pokemon server. Uhm feels free to join its pretty dead so it’s calm. Your welcome to join whenever or you don’t have to.
We are a friendly community centered around Shiny hunting, shiny raid hosting and fighing.
We currently host multiples shiny dens and have some tournaments you may take part in. hopefully you will love being part of our community
We are a friendly group! a safe place for people like YOU who want the goodies to trade,gen,hack,and many more!
Pokemon Genning server. In this server you will be able to create ANY pokemon currently available in sword and shield. We have a very nice staff, and this is a friendly server so don't act a fool, or you know what will happen. We provide the following
-Genning(pokemon creation)
-Shiny Pokemon Giveaways
-Shiny Raids
-Giveaways in general
- and ect.

be sure to join, and have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
We are a Pokemon Sword and Shield server specializing in Max Raid Battles! From 1 star to 5 star GMax raids, come host or attend raids! We love shinies too!

New to the raiding scene? We'll teach you! Lots of information in channels too!
Growing channel created for players to assist in remote raid invites, PVP, and general questions in Pokemon Go.
SDee Family
Hello all! Like shiny raids, giveaways, battling, and trading? Well SDee Family has all four and then some. We also host a Dudu bot (seed check bot) free to the community. We are also partnered with a couple of amazing servers which we would love to introduce you to. We would love for you to drop by and join the family.
LOW TOXICITY - toxicity is punishable
GIVEAWAYS - weekly shiny pokemon giveaways
SELF ROLES - Get rid of those pesky pings
RAIDS - shiny raids as much as possible without hacks
VENT - we have a vent channel so if you need to talk we have a team of supportive staff to help you and give advice on situations, there's no judgement here