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Gateway City is a lovely little RP community, taking place in the sprawling but tight-knit place known as Gateway City. It gets it's name for the massive amount of anomalies and strange newcomers that grace it's grounds, almost like this place is a gateway between different times and different spaces. This RP features a character approval process, self-assignable roles, the possibility for user-created settings, and helpful staff. Fandom OCs and original characters are all welcome. Come join us for a great time!
A brand new Chill-Corner Type server, just to hang out and talk to others.
Everyone is welcome - So you dont have to be a furry to be on here!

We offer:
- Active Staff
- Self-assignable roles
- Leveling with Rewards
- RPG-System (EnderBot)
- We even have NSFW Channels (18+)
A Dragon ball server where you can come chill out and talk and talk about anime and manga, it doesn't even have to be about dragon ball either!! Come chill out with us
✧ Laid-back and friendly discord server for the kpop group BTS, but anyone is welcome!✧ with lots of channels like selfies, art, vent, kpop and ofc bts! 5k+ member atm ~ we will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable! 🌸
Kpopsource is a kpop community created to address the need for a reliable social platform for individuals to share/discuss information on the latest trends in the world of kpop. Kpopsource is listed on Feedspot's top 75 kpop blogs, which depicts the level of impact on the kpop community.

We offer self assign roles for groups which you stan and games channel where you can enjoy playing with other members of our community.
Cherubplay (a semi-popular roleplaying site) is unfortunately going down here pretty soon. In response, I have created an evacuation server for any members of the site, as well as the general population looking for a safe, secure, and friendly fandom-hub for finding new roleplaying partners. Join today and see what you can find!
Join ♡ D I V E R S I T Y ♡

A small discord group to hanging out in and chat ♡ and many more !
- ➳ anime
- ➳gaming
- ➳ Multifandom
- ➳ roleplay
- ➳ cosplay
- ➳ conspiracy theory
- ➳ partnership
- ➳ meme
- ➳ art
- ➳ Nsfw

- ➳And many more 🌸✨
Welcome to The Cosmos, the ultimate hub world between space and time. This world connects all dimensions, from New Donk, to Hidden Leaf, to Corenth. All the heroes of world and their stories are documented here, portals to their worlds are open 24/7. While you may have a Multiverse of your own, we wont blame you for calling this place your home. Enjoy your stay as we drift across space and time.
Hello and welcome to the server! Here we are friendly, LGBT+ safe, nerds, gamers, and artists. We also love music and we also love making friends! I am the admin, Chara459 or Charamander459, and I do hope you join us soon!
This server includes separate channel categories for cartoons from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, the web, and Netflix. Then, it also includes discussions for web-comics and Doctor Who.
•.¸♡ Yutopia Katsuki ♡¸.•
Welcome to Yutopia Katsuki! This server is named after and based on the Hot Springs from Yuri On Ice!~ Here you can talk about your favourite anime, music, games, movies and more~

We offer;
~☆ Tons of fun bots! (Economy, Levels, Gifs, etc.)
~☆ Lots of channels and emojis!
~☆ Self roles!
~☆ SFW!
~☆ Roleplay channels!
~☆ Everyone's Welcome!~

If you have any questions or suggestions, talk to any staff and they'll look into it~
Enjoy your stay!~
This is a nice server for anyone who likes Steven Universe. You can talk about episodes, share theories and fan art, and overall have fun! Come join us!
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

Hello! I find it's getting hard to come across any-fandom friendly Multifandom rp servers, so here! Use any character you'd like and interact with others. We're new, hopefully you'll check it out!
(Canon characters only)

Welcome to the Supernatural Discord. We're a small server, looking for new members.

Some features we offer are:
A welcoming community, members and staff
Various bots
Multiple channels for different topics
^ Roleplay, art, general chatting

Would you like to be our Seoulmate?


If you love kpop and meeting new cool people, then you're looking in the right place!

⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
What we have for you:

ღ A friendly, chill vibe
ღ Multiple self-assignable roles
ღ Plenty of channels to chat in with various topics
ღ Fun bots to use
ღ Various events to participant in
ღ Over 40+ emojis

⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰

Cortex: Center of the Omniverse is a 16+ server that takes place where all universes meet. Play as an OC from a list of fandoms and multiverses, meet, chat, get a job, make money, fight, band together. Plenty of hidden goodies inside the server, easter eggs and secret quests and prizes. There is also an 18+ NSFW section of channels including a strip club, torture carnival, fight club, casino, and other things! Come and visit us in Cortex!
I'm a minecraft modpack developer who looks to build a great big community welcome to anyone. Here in Plaz Place, you can talk about many popular games and topics- some areas focus on minecraft, but of course, if u have other interests, I offer chats regarding the following:
•music chat,
•and many more!
We also are a no NSFW server. Our only tagged channel is meant for spoiler discussion of movies, games etc.
I'm open to suggestions for my server. As long as you follow the guidelines and are respectful, you're always welcome.
A Dragon Ball RP server. With stuff, please don't swear a lot.

-Several different races to choose from.
-Custom races, events, and music.
-Restricted techniques that can be obtained by training with someone as your mentor.
-Suggest anything!
-Custom Sagas starting!

If you like the Dragon Ball Franchise and roleplay, we recommend you to join! We will eventually allow you to be apart of other universes and expand bigger! Have fun! If we reach 50 members the Legendary Giveaway will start!
Welcome to ♡whatever♡!!!
Pfp: http:
🎉 We almost have 100+ members 🎉
We are a server with:
♡Over 50+ different self assigning roles
♡50 emotes and 10 Nitro emotes
♡Movie nights
♡Voice calls
♡Level up system
♡Get verified
♡Many other things
We are a safe server! Very chill and laid back! Friendly people here! Channels for advertising! Lots of bots! NSFW channel! Fandom chats! All kinds of chats! Tuns of fun here!! And so much more! We have ♡whatever♡ you want here! So come and join!!!
All was well, or so they thought...

Hey there fellow Potter Heads, Witches, Wizards, and Muggles! If you’re looking for a Hogwarts Roleplay Discord or just somewhere to hang out this is certainly the place for you! Our Discord offers:

✨ A Friendly And Accepting Community
✨ Easy To Understand Rules
✨ Over 240 channels
✨ Flexible Owner And Admins
✨ House Points System
✨ Classes
✨ A Completely Custom Plot
✨ And More!

Don’t be late, the train to Hogwarts is leaving soon! Hope to see you there! But before you leave the station, remember. This is only the beginning... 😉
Willkommen in der Wizarding World!
Dem Server für Hogwartsschüler in der Muggelwelt. Hier könnt ihr chatten, euch mit anderen Potterheads austauschen, philosophieren, spielen oder was auch immer ihr begehrt.
Hier einige Features, die der Server bietet:
✦ Fortschrittlichen Umgang mit Bots
✧ Info über neue Videos von magischen Muggelyoutubern
✦ Channels für fast jedes Thema
✧ Freundliche und aufgeschlossene Atmosphäre
✦ Mehrere Sprachchannels zum Quatschen über Flitwicks letzte Stunde
✧ Hohe technische Kompetenz
✦ Levelsystem mit Rollenvergabe
✧ Verdient euch Geld in der Winkelgasse für zusätzliche Rollen

und bald noch mehr!
Ergreift eure Chance und schwört uns, dass ihr ein Tunichtgut seid.