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Welcome to Artist Space!

We are a group of artists, animators, and commissioners who hang out and talk about art!

What you can do here:

+Buy Art/Animations from others
+Trade your art/Animations with others
+Sell art/animations
+Talk to fellow artists
+Compete in competitions
+And give tips to other artists

Come join the Artists Space!
The Art Café is a community art server open to all sorts of art and people.
We're open to comics, animations, photography, music, handcrafts and 3D models/game design.
We also do weekly art challenges and special events.

♧ SFW Server
♧ Reaction Roles
♧ Critique Channel
♧ Art Prompts
♧ Achievements
♧ Weekly Art Challenges
*✿❀ ArtistHub ❀✿*
Artists unite! A server bringing together different kinds of artists, designers and musicans!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Channels, and roles for all types of art!
Roles you can assign yourself!
Getting featured!
Being active gives you higher roles!
Art tips and expressing different types of art!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
All types of artists, big or small, beginner or expert are all welcome!
Hey Hey Hey Party People. Just little O me Zaneiac here. Briging you the best in live streams and more. Come join hang out, listen to music, chat, or test your art skills against all others. Come join and (In an irish mans voice) Havin A Great Time!!!!
Are you a fan of Chicken Little? Do you think he's a hero? Well this is the server for you! Connect with other fans of Chicken Little, and show your support!
We are a friendly artist group who is looking for new arts from Beginner to advance.
We take in Animators, painters, drawers, and all above artistic or creative people. there is no age restriction so all ages are allowed to join.
No madder if you are just starting out you and the other members will progress on whatever creative skill you have together.
GOT Spuds?
WE DO!!!

Rabid Potato Studios is a newly formed entertainment company and community geared around and in support of the creative arts, gaming, collaborations, and having fun. We know how dark reality can be. We offer an escape from the grind of life... with french fries. What else do we have to offer, you ask? Glad you asked:

#Minecraft Server

#GMOD Server

#Meet gamers to play, record/stream, or collab with.

#Be a part of a great community where you can hangout, chat, bust each others chops (with a side of mashed taters).

#Be the first to know when RPS staff content has been released. We do everything from game videos, music, and we're working towards releasing an animated series.

#A variety of staff positions (if that suits your fancy) are available. Interested, let us know and apply. Don't see something you want? Ask us, we'll accommodate.

This Discord server is where creative minds and gamers can chat, share their projects or ideas, and have fun. If anyone has a suggestion on how we can do better: Please bring it to our attention. We want to make this a fun, respectable experience for all members. We believe that every creator, every gamer, every person is entitled to sweat of their brow. Within the realm of the rules we have set, we want to make this a reality. If you are looking for good people and good atmosphere, look no further. We got you. Thank you, kindly.
Useful for creating videos as we bring together a community of these types of people so thus meaning videos can be made for platforms like YouTube.
Welcome to PoAA!
- We have a community that is open to new members!
- We have a place for artists, animators and everything else!
- We have youtubers and artists that can help you with art etc!

PoAA is now just for artists but for everyone! We have active staff that can help you with any questions and we have a **nice community!&&What are you waiting for?Join Now!
In this server we like to share and inspire other animators and Illustrators to accomplish their dreams! It will start of small but maybe soon to grow. I, Naiko, am the owner of the server and hope you find it well to join OwO

- LGBT+ Friendly
- Art
- Support
- Maybe a little rp
- Animation|Illustration
- Music
- idk anymore ,-,
❤️A warm place to go to during rainy days, grey skies, and quiet days staring softly by the window. Drawing peacefully anything your vast mind can imagine. Knowing there are people out there similar to us. We are here as the artists. A place to hangout, network, and find friends.

Feel free to come join and chat with us, we'd love to get to know you. We strive to be a friendly and active environment. Share your art and get to know other artists. We're here to find friends, give each other advice, help, and collaborate with other artists to reach dreams in life. We'll always be here and we'll be helping each other out as we progress. :)

❤️This is a safe haven for the ones that feel different, in a unique and un-unique way. We are the transparent, or the visible people. The quiet ones in the background, or the ones shining. We all have similar passions and dreams in life. We can work together and be free. We'll always be here for you anytime and daily.

Join us in the night.🌙
❗This server's name is temporary until Jan 17, 2019❗

Do you like art?

THEN THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU!!! Join this SFW server and you'll be exposed to a community of complete craziness and weirdness, plus with great artists!
-Art AND Animation Competitions!
-Music Bots!
-Moreee!!!! :0

We're a supportive group of individuals who want to share our art and do stuff and yee. We help you improve your art and you help us!! :D
Come join us!!

Sometimes we do and livestreams, some of us have YT channels for art and animation. MAPS are hosted here too! ^w^
Hi welcome to my discord server! In this server you get to chat with people and find people that have the same interests as you. We are also accepting people of whatever they are (gay, trans, bisexual, furries, weebs,) and all of that. I hope you have fun in my server and have a great time!
Serveur Français de discussion rencontre et gaming pour tout publique, venez nombreux ! 😊🎠
If you've been looking for a friendly, relaxed server for talking about cartoons of all types, this is the place for you! This server is welcome to all talk of cartoons, be it western or foreign, anime or OVA, even comics. And if you're an artist of any kind, be it writing or animator or illustrator or composer, we have channels for you to share your skills and ask for feedback or just an audience! And with semi-frequent streams, we're pretty tightly knit!
We're LGBTQ+ friendly and are welcoming of all sexualities, gender identities and preferences, and we have pronoun roles if you would like for people to know of your pronouns, no matter what they may be. So don't be shy and give our server a look! <3
🍃 18+ only art community
🍃 Visual art (2D/3D)
🍃 Art discussion, critique, portfolio share
🍃 Welcoming professionals and aspiring pros
🍃 Role shop
🍃 Bot games, including Pokecord, Unbelievabot, and IdleRPG

La Mer is an 18+ only art server for visual artists. We are a hub for professionals or aspiring pros! Besides art discussion and sharing, you can post portfolios, jobs, critiques, and your work. We also have a role shop, bot games, and an artist registry. Our goal is to uphold a professional and mature atmosphere while giving thoughtful feedback to our peers on their work! While we are brand new, we are hoping to expand and partner with other servers!
We're small community of Game Devs, Artists, and Animators, owned equally among four different owners. We encourage you showing off your creations and we enjoy seeing what people have created!

If you aren't a creator and just want to discuss games, feel free! We try to make make the server appeal to all types of users, and we'll listen to any ideas you have to share with us!
『🐾』G’Day! 『🐾』

Come over and join the Bluey server! This server is a fan community for the new Aussie children's cartoon, Bluey!


Our community might be small, but we have lots of stuff to do like:





So come along and chat with us! 💙🐶
Welcome, this server is for animators and artists alike. This is a place for everyone to showcase, connect, learn, and most importantly have fun. This server is dedicated to animators and artists, old and new.
Are you a...
- YouTuber
- Musician
- Artist
- Writer
- Or any other creative kind of bean?
You should probably join the Creative Randoms. We are a community of all of the above things. Together, we share our work, get feedback, and talk about what we want to do with our creations. Most importantly, we hang out.

Come join a casual server, and get some feedback on your projects!
you should join this server if you like talking to random people you don't know
Obscuriosities is a new community aiming to find people interested in obscure media! We're somewhat liberal with that term, but the biggest emphasis is in weird, obscure media such as weird japanese exclusive ps1 games, strange vintage books and codexs, local animation from smaller countries, etc, just to name a very small few list of examples. If you have any interest in these sorts of things, big or small, try out our server!