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Welcome to Paintbrush Village! An Animal Crossing themed art server full of friendly people and fun. We hope you enjoy it here!

A few things our server has to offer:

🍀 Friendly staff and people of all kinds. LGBTQ+ safe zone :D
🌻 Reaction roles and an anti-raid system put in place.
🍀 Art channels! Animation, music, literature, photography and more!
🌻 Weekly challenges with prizes and fun events.
🍀 Criticism, trades, requests and commissions ^^

Thanks for reading!
- Toon Artifex (Artifex being a Latin word "that means expert practitioner of an art"), is a community that focuses mostly on the Western Animation culture. We aim to be a friendly place to anyone interested, or simply looking to socialize.
If you love toons & just wanna meet new people, this is the place for you.
artists-animators-music producers-singers
❤️☕ A warm place to go to during rainy days, grey skies, and quiet nights with rain softly patting the window. Drawing calmly anything your peaceful mind imagines. Knowing there are people out there similar to us. We are here as the artists.
Feel free to hangout, network, and find friends! ☕

❤️🍜 Chat with us, we'd love to get to know you! We strive to be a friendly and active environment. Share your art and get to know other artists along the way. Giving each other advice and collaboration with other artists to reach dreams in life. We'll always be here and we'll be helping each other out as we progress. 🍜

❤️🌙 This is an artist's haven for the ones that feel different, in a unique and un-unique way. The outstanding people or the ones preparing. The ones shining or the ones rising. We all have similar passions and dreams in life. We can work together and hang. We'll always be here for you anytime and daily. Don't be indifferent about life's uncomfortable situations, be comfortable with being different. Build up confidence and improve yourself. Who the fluff are people to tell you that you can't be or do something?! It starts now and you can't have these passing days back, so let's do it! 🌙

Share art, collaborate, talk, and grow.😻

Join us in the night.🌙
Page Blanche est un serveur communautaire FR !
Sur un thème de cartoon, une ambiance chill et tranquille afin de faire passer votre ennui.

Prochainement des animations se feront, n'hésitez à partager vos œuvres que ce soit du dessin, de la photographie et écriture etc..! 
Nous sommes également à la recherche d'animateur (s) donc n'hésitez pas à poster une candidature.

Bon séjour sur le serveur ! ۞
Share your art with others. Talk about anything and also make new friends!
And you can become the Artist of the week if you get the Artist role :)
🍰Hey mes petits sucre d'orges!🍰

Venez découvrir notre petit serveur convivial. Venez papoter, jouer, rencontrer nos sucreries et tout cela sous l'œil aguerri de notre staff !

N'hésitez plus, on vous attend !
↞𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕤𝕥'𝕤 𝕘𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕩𝕪➺

a space themed server for artists,animators and roleplayers
➳ weekly contests

➳ art giveaways

➳ channels for other topics

➳role play chat

➳ talented artists

➳ a nice community

➳art advice

➳ reaction roles

➳active community for a small server

join us today :)
Welcome to Shifty Labs! A fun server for artists and other creators alike to join in and have fun! We're very open (and not at all professional mind you XD) and overall encourage creativity to be shared! (big thanks to W0lfexe on DA for the commission I used as the icon :3)
A casual hangout server for geeks of all kinds to chat. Fans of things like cartoons, video games, anime; and creators of those things; artists, animators, game designers, storytellers, whatnot. If you'd like to chat or show of your creations, then hop in the server. We also do community stuff like gaming and art contests.

We love Nintendo, if you have a switch, prepare to have lots of friends to play with.
Hey Hey Hey Party People. Just little O me Zaneiac here. Briging you the best in live streams and more. Come join hang out, listen to music, chat, or test your art skills against all others. Come join and (In an irish mans voice) Havin A Great Time!!!!
A server on everything animation! We got Disney, Cartoon Network Nickelodeon, NOSTALGIA! A server dedicated for those of cartoon fans. All we ask of everyone is to be kind and get along well, enough. Hope to see you there ^-^
A server for pivot animators and other animators, but this server is mainly for pivot we also have an art channel,
We do collabs monthly with pivot but if others wanna collab with others its fine
Hello and welcome to Raze Studio! A company for those looking to have their creations turn into franchises. We are growing with members every day and if you join you'll be apart of the Raze Team, people striving to have our creations be viewed around the world and become famous! So come and join us if you are interested in this ordeal. -Raze Studio Founder/Creator
This server is here to socialize and do whatever you want with only a few rules in place.
Welcome to my MAP server. This server makes it easier for MAP makers to share ideas and to get in contact with me for projects. Not only that but we have additional features as well.
🌟 General chats for conversation
🌟 Media channels to post projects
🌟 A way to host MAPs easier
If you don't know what a MAP is, allow me to tell you:

In a MAP, (which can stand for many synonymous things, like Multiple Animator Project or Massive Animated Project), multiple animators (normally 20+) will create different short sequences of a few seconds each that, when placed together, will be one big animation, but done by different people.

I hope you enjoy your time here.
Nous sommes мejor 🧠, un serveur où vous pouvez discuter, jouer à l'aide d'une économie intégrée et obtenir des récompenses personnalisées en participant à des animations organisées par nos administrateurs.
Rejoignez-nous vite !
Welcome to uwu! This is an art/animation discord server run by me and a few of my friends. Anyone is welcomed and we would appreciate if you joined us! :D We're pretty small right now, so It'd be great if you joined us. :)

⭐️Friendly Members + Chat!
⭐️Art + Animation!
⭐️Art Contests!
⭐️No NSFW!


We'd appreciate it if you recommend this server to your art buddies :)
GOT Spuds?
WE DO!!!

Rabid Potato Studios is a newly formed entertainment company and community geared around and in support of the creative arts, gaming, collaborations, and having fun. We know how dark reality can be. We offer an escape from the grind of life... with french fries. What else do we have to offer, you ask? Glad you asked:

#Minecraft Server

#GMOD Server

#Meet gamers to play, record/stream, or collab with.

#Be a part of a great community where you can hangout, chat, bust each others chops (with a side of mashed taters).

#Be the first to know when RPS staff content has been released. We do everything from game videos, music, and we're working towards releasing an animated series.

#A variety of staff positions (if that suits your fancy) are available. Interested, let us know and apply. Don't see something you want? Ask us, we'll accommodate.

This Discord server is where creative minds and gamers can chat, share their projects or ideas, and have fun. If anyone has a suggestion on how we can do better: Please bring it to our attention. We want to make this a fun, respectable experience for all members. We believe that every creator, every gamer, every person is entitled to sweat of their brow. Within the realm of the rules we have set, we want to make this a reality. If you are looking for good people and good atmosphere, look no further. We got you. Thank you, kindly.
Lilliekoi Lounge is a place to chill and chat. This server is for my youtube channel lilliekoi animates.

What we do:
-Art competitions!
-Art and animation!
Welcome to PoAA!
- We have a community that is open to new members!
- We have a place for artists, animators and everything else!
- We have youtubers and artists that can help you with art etc!

PoAA is now just for artists but for everyone! We have active staff that can help you with any questions and we have a **nice community!&&What are you waiting for?Join Now!
voltron server for everyone
Ocs are allowed
feel free to join
if you dont want to be a double
we got a lotor, pidge, an course lance

Inregards to ocs, if you wish to be related to canon if someone is roleplaying that canon you must ask if its okay. this is mandatory, I also must be shown proof or i wont accept the character. This is so no one is uncomfortable and thrown into unwanted things

note: its for adults AND kids, theres a +18 role to separate the sfw from the nsfw

Heya, Are You Looking For New People Meet?
Well Look Farther With Pawz's hideout! (me)

We Have:
.A Great Staff Team

Gaming Nights

Movie Nights On Thursday's Or Friday's

Fun Bots

And Much More

What We Don't Like:
Toxic People



And pokiok

+Join Us Today!+
Heyo! We're a small animation and art server looking to grow and meet other artists. We have a place for Youtubers, animators, artists (NSFW included), and even those who just want to meet some chill people. We also have plenty of events too! These include contests, karaoke nights, So come on down to Animation Discord!
If not, hope you have a great day! <3