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We have levels,contests,*dark matter* and most importantly **fun** !
It's open to everybody above 13 !
We are not a Jojo exclusive server,just saying. ( But we do have Jojo channels )
Welcome to The Eurovision Hangout! All are welcome to join. People talk, play games, listen to music, and more within the community. While we often talk Eurovision, our interests are as diverse as the people in the group, and we have other contests featuring international music.
It is a brand new server (created 21/7/2019), so it is still a work in progress. Feel free to hop in and stay a while! :)
Come join The Chill Source! Judge free zone with lots of Active Members.We have weekly Nitro giveaways, custom roles &’ colors, pokémon tournaments, drawing contests, and lots of bot games.
We welcome all new and experienced Landlord Tycoon players to come join this fast growing community of budding moguls 😎
A new, starting off server
We like all kinds of art: literature, music, photography, drawing and sculpting.

Active staff, events and contests.
Self roles.
Nsfw art.

Please consider joining ^^
Come join Minecraft Adventures and have a great time talking about your Minecraft gameplay, discover new channels around the world. Come join our new adventure just for you!
We are a small server that just want some new members! We have meny text channels for different topics mostly non nsfw but there is a nsfw chat. Cussing is allowed and we do it alot. Me and the owner work hard on the server all the time so there is always new updates! We have bots like Mee6, pancake, dank memer, and many more. We are a causal talking server not looking for Dating. We are just bored and tired of only having 20 people in our servers!
The city is a server made for hosting games, art contests, streaming, and a bunch of cool stuff to do. This server was established 12/5/19
Welcome to Poke Paradise! :D

A place where all people and pokemon are welcome :)

▶️ Cool invite Rewards - Want some credits? Join and help other people join too! 💸
▶️ DAILY Giveaways - Lots of regular as well as interactive giveaways in this server! 🎊
▶️ One of the cheapest and fastest daycares - trusted, quick and effective daycare levelers! 🍼
▶️ Cool, Active Memes Channel - cause Wynaut? 🤣
▶️ Competitive Gyms - Have fun battling with our gym leaders! ⚔️
▶️ Pokeverse Bot - Another way to collect and catch pokemon 😎
▶️ Auction Channels - A fun wait to collect them all and earn credits ⏳

Join today!
in this fun discord server we love all things lego and star wars. we also do lots of fun building events and 1v1s you can learn more about in the server. why not join and have fun with the community?!!!
Join the Cursed Cabins
Enter and join a cabin, compete with other cabins in the server with games, activities and events to win points to join giveaways and get custom things for you and your group in the cabin!

Music and VC Rooms
Roles and channels
Bots and games
The Discord Roleplay Community is a way to let out your creative side. We are a place where people all over can join a very large variety of roleplay groups with Discord as their platform. Everyone is welcome to create any group of their imagination with no limiting factors. We are toxic-free and have active and friendly staff.
This is a chill server. You are able to talk about some of your favorite subjects without judgement! We hope you'll join us!! 🤗
∆ Fun Contests
∆ Nice People
∆ Good Management
∆ No judgement!!
We are just starting this server too!! We are still hiring staff! ♥️
In this server, we support anyone and anything. We have great bots like Dank Memer, UnbelievaBoat, OwO and many more! The moderators here, including me, are active with the members! This is a fan server for my YouTube channel, but you don't have to know it to join! The majority of the server members are LGBTQ+, including me, so you will not be isolated for your sexuality! We also have a NSFW area if you're into that. We take all kinds of suggestions and do polls, so you're opinion matters! Hope you join!
Apex Zone is a discord server that should thrive high in the player activity and we do contests frequently when people are there to join them. Join the server for discussing your thoughts
Welcome to grand circus Nemesis! A place with unforgettable festivities that you will have to see for yourself so do not hesitate to join this horde of clowns.
Thank you
The Diarchal Republic of Anglo-Germany is a server loosely within the mapping community. It has a small government with a Senate, a Chief Legislator and two Diarchs. The goal of this server is to be fun and unique. Among the channels you would usually see like selfroles, memes, art and multiple voice chats, there are channels to talk about rl, game nights, contests, and perhaps soon, roleplaying.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Anglo-Germany! ~~Help this is my third attempt at making a server since my last successful one I really need people to join or else I'm giving up on making servers~~
We have many topic and Many different parts to the server with our custom Roles! We also have Custom colors you can Set, Staff Applications. Cussing is allowed and we do it alot. Myself and Everyone in the server as an Administrator work hard on the server all the time, So there is Atleast always Something new Every week or Every Day! We support LGBT+ and Everyone who is Trans, Nonbinary, or anyone else!~
♦️$25 Roblox giftcard contest happening now♦️

Hello and welcome to Roblox giveaways!
Here are some of the many things we offer.

🎀Friendly staff
🎀Nitro boost rewards
🎀Giveaways: Jailbreak, Bloxburg, Bubble gum sim, etc.. (daily)
🎀Events and contests
🎀Unbelievaboat shop (buy ingame items using unbelievaboat!)

Hope you join! 😁
**Welcome to MelodyMuse and Friends @everyone!
We are a gaming and streaming server for MelodyMuse at**

**☆ Giveaways
☆ Welcoming and friendly community
☆ Interactive streaming
☆ Level Up System
☆ Contests
☆ Gaming
☆ LGBTQ friendly**
Heyo! We are a small server looking to help you improve your art and get inspiration for your work. We offer:
🌸 Art contests
~ Beautiful inspiration tab
🌸 Game/Movie nights
~ Art advice
🌸 Vent channel

Hope to see you there!!
This is a server themed around the Spongebob universe! We also have memes, spamming, and roleplay!