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Gaming, Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, Read the Live Gaming Feeds to keep up to date, Check out the Now Live channel, and get your own stream added! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
Hi everyone! Do you ever wish there was a server where you could chat to friendly people, post your TS4 content and find tutorials and resources for Photoshop and editing your screenies? Well, now there is! I made a server for sims 4 content and we have all kinds of editing resources! We have everything you could ever need to start editing your screenies.
✧・゚: ✧・゚:  welcome to cool beans!  :・゚✧:・゚✧
we are a completely bean-themed server made with the purpose of meeting new friends, playin various games with said friends, and honestly just having a grand ol time. (all consoles are invited!)

"whatcha got there rubes?"
oh well let me tell you!

∆ cool ranking system! level up to a new kind of bean and dominate the server!

∆ awesome people! the server may be small, but it's quality over quantity, right?

∆ designated channels for memes, gaming, art, and more!

∆ music bot and channels! jam out with your friends any time you want!

∆ server movie nights! hop in to our rabbit room, where we occasionally watch movies together!

∆ fun bots to mess around with! we have yggdrasil, ayana, mee6, rhythm, and more!

∆ custom emotes! if you have discord nitro, you can flaunt them even outside of our server!

so come on down! be a cool bean. don't be an uncool one.
A brand new Sims server for all your Sims 3 & Sims 4 Needs! Come be a part of our community - share your builds, your sims - request builds or sims, or just talk about sims in general!
The Simmer Plaza is a server where those who play the EA game "The Sims 4" to just chill, listen to music, share custom content and relax.
HEY:) wir sind Eule and Friends ein Community server mit Sims 4 Gaming Bereich, und Einem Animal Crossing New life Bereich.
Endecke unsere Rollenspiel Welten, Tauche ab in unsere zwei Welten.
Serveur créé recemment, en construction.
Ce serveur est principalement axé sur les Sims 4. J'ai cependant besoin de joueurs d'autres jeux, afin de fonder une communauté agréable et, surtout, mature.
Alors voila : le but premier est de créer petit à petit des "challenges" Sims 4 auxquels vous avez libre choix de participer ou non. J'ai ainsi besoin de "joueurs", qui pourront participer aux challenges et présenter leurs créations, mais également de "juges" qui devront voter pour leur création préférée.
Le serveur n'a évidemment pas qu'un seul but. Il est ouvert à toute une communauté de joueurs qui souhaitent rencontrer des gens et passer de bons moment.