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The Strays is a friendly place for people of all ages to gather and discuss their favorite topics, like video games, music, movies, anime, youtube, etc, and of course to make new friends.
We have a few discors bots to play around with others in as well including Pokecord, Chess, Idle Miner, Duck Hunt, and Akinator. We also accept suggestions for new topics or bots and rarely turn down a reasonable suggestion.
Our active and friendly staff do a good job of keeping everything respectful without being overbearing to those who are being nice.
Lastly, we have been giving away free Months of Youtube Premium, and some Minecraft content is in progress.
- Friendly community looking for more active members!
- Dankmemer bot, nsfw section
- taking emote requests for any emote you need

InZombiac's is for all you late night gamers looking for a group of friends to party with. We accept all walks of life, living or dead. We play all types of games and give recent updates on all your favorite titles.
There's reaction roles to tell us a little about yourself. We're a growing community with lots of group experience and we'd like you to join and help us grow!
We have an active growing group of moderators and staff members. As well as an active group of members willing to accept everyone as friends!
A server that has everything you could want! NSFW, memes, gaming, politics, religion, and more! Color roles and level roles included. (IMPORTANT PART) This server is some-what based off the U.S. government as in people are democratically elected into temporary co-ownership and moderation by the people! Anybody can be elected and you could earn role of Vice President or President! A small but slowly thriving server.
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you here!
~~~☽ The ɴᴇɪɢʜʙᴏᴜʀʜᴏᴏᴅ ᴄᴜʟᴛ is a large community filled with bots, vc's and many different channels! We have self-assigned roles, Game nights and cute E-Girls ☾~~~

Servidor local Discordero que ofrece el mejor de las experiencias completas y humanas que verás en todo tu ciclo vivolatiente.

¿Qué esperas? Entra, en serio, entra sucia, rápido, muévete, muévete te dije, bruja, entraaaaa.

PD: De paso que tenemos boost lol dime algo más arrecho q eso ps o sea nada gf ni siquiera lo intentes pensar no existe no no no existe no hay nada que se le compare
Welcome to the Grounds Of Patriots (GOP) community. We are a newly forming community that primarily play Escape From Tarkov, however we are open to other games as they are requested. We greatly support our country and military who work to give us what we have today. We ask that you respect everyone in the server and that you enjoy your time in the Grounds Of Patriots discord.
The United Gamers is a Server which is a platform for Gamers from all around the world. The members, here, have the full independence to play computer as well as mobile games, add friends and play multiplayer games while conversing on a voice chat in The United Gamers. A lot of text channels are featured for the gamers to chat!
The gamers are offered ranks from Newbies to Top Gamers, chat more to go up!

The server also features a variety of bot games, like Unbelieva-bot games where you can compete to be on the leaderboard and the well known Pokecord games. The United Gamers offers the pokemon trainers a variety of text channels to spam, trade, duel, shop, and even challenge Gym Leaders to achieve badges. Go up the ladder, collecting badges and after defeating the Elite 4, be honoured in the Hall-Of-Fame, where others can see and take inspiration from you.

Well, that's not all about The United Gamers! To know more about it, join today!

[ Pokemon Gym Leaders are being recruited right now! Thus, join us today! ]
hi!! our server had 100+ people but we gave the wrong person admin and they banned everyone :(( we are currently trying to get our members back! everyone is welcome!!
A new discord server where weebs, otakus, and gamers alike can share their similarities in a friendly, fun environment and get to meet new people and interact with bots with fun games n such. Expect giveaways, activities, events, and more!
xiika is a lgbtq+ friendly server that has gamers, kpop likers, and anime watchers! join to join our friendly small growing community.
we also have cute/cursed emojis/emotes!
We are a small community trying to grow whether you are here for the roleplay or if you are here just for the community and to hang out we welcome you into the server, we have events, bot games, casino games, and a genuine community full of laughter
Welcome to Minecraft Gamers!
Active playerbase, responsive staff, friendly owner, etc.
Welcome gaymers to your epic gaymer experience for shitposting and memes and meeting new people

ps. yall cucks better join >:(
plz and thank you <3
Join the Xbox Social Club 🎮 Over 2000 Members ~ Level rewards ★ Share your stream ★ Find Players ★ Giveaways 🎉 & much more!
Not too small but not too big of a server but it is growing pretty good. We have so much to offer to our members such as emotes, bots, roles, and any type of relationships.
1:1 male to female ratio
Voice channels and a NSFW
Decently active
Please come join us here at "HELLBOUND INC." and help us grow into something great!!
Welcome to my friends small discord server please be respectful and kind to others!
This is a server for females only! Growing community, not many members now, but hopefully more!! A small, safe, and friendly community. All women are welcome here!
I am sorry to say that we do not accept transgender individuals, however these people are still respected and viewed as valid 💖
I am sick and tired of servers advertised as female only and then either including males, or not having a valid invite. Especially with how rare these servers already are. There is a verification process. All women are welcome!! 💖
16+ Please! Not an NSFW server, but we do discuss mature topics, so join at your own discretion.
Important to note, we have had issues with some people who aren't fond to our particular sense of humor, so if you are easily offended, I would recommend joining another server. However, if you can see past our offensive jokes, you have a very loving community of supportive women waiting for you once you get in. 💖
Content creator? Gaming enthusiast? Technological skill sets you would love to share? Join the Malevolent movement!

Malevolent is here to bring a new tier of quality to content creators worldwide. Although gaming has always been a staple in our hearts, we believe that everyone deserves to have a support system behind them whether you’re a Streamer, YouTuber, Designer and anything in-between we’re here to support and shadow the steps you take to achieve your goals and successes.
GamerHub is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games are custom roles, as well as emojis! Only get the roles for channels you WANT to see!

- Fortnite channels
- Minecraft channels
- Ark Survival Evolved
- Overwatch channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) channels
- FiveM channels
- Clash Royale channels