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We are a Christian Gaming community here to talk about God, Play games, Help grow the Kingdom of Heaven, Help/Pray for people in need or going through a difficult time, and To meet new people. We hope to see you in there server. Thank you.
1 hours ago
We are a well made seever for the moba 'Omnyoji Arena' that will come soon to EU & NA , in Asia it's #2 nd played moba after kog.
If we move fast and gather to become a helpfull Community we can become the official server for the game.
3 hours ago
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
18 hours ago
Welcome to Black Nation! We are mainly a Gaming (Brawlstars, CR, COC, Pubg, Fortnite,) and Anime/Manga server. Otherwise, this is just a place where you can just chat and have fun!
1 days ago
If you're interested, we're a small community. We reach out to all you artists, writers, gamers, anime lovers, etc. We're just here to bring people together and have fun. It's not strictly based off of the topics I just stated up above, it's simply to hang out. We're basically someone you can run to when you need to, whether it's boredom, loneliness, hurt, love us, etc. It doesn't matter, what matters is that you're apart of it all! c:
1 days ago
Gym Gamers a place for Games'n'Gains.. with Fitness, Recipes + more - We have channels for everybody!
2 days ago
We have a great and active community who would welcome you with open arms. Levelling system, events and active chat and voice chat to suit your needs. Stop by and say hi. We will be pleased to accommodate you.
4 days ago
Gamers4life is well a gaming channel, i couldn't decide what game to base this server off so i decided all games, theres only 3 game channels as of now but eventually(once it's not just me XD) there will be more

Whats added
*OC Channel
*Gaming polls(voting what games to add and what not)
*OC Rp
*Oc Ranks
*Sharing games(?)(in the near future of you have steam and others agree to it one may buy you a game or you may buy someone else a game, basically just helping others out)
*A reasonable(?) set of rules

What will eventually be added
*Plotline for RP
*Artists(for drawing OCs)
And more
4 days ago
Communism plays a key part in society...Join this server or communism will be banned. I don’t know why tf i exist but communism ruined it.
8 days ago
The Creation Hub is a community by developers, for developers. We have tons of roles to choose from, aswell as a partnering program and a good ammount of bots.
9 days ago
The Internet Cafe is friendly community of gamers, streamers, content creators, and caffeine addicts. The server includes chat, a live-stream listing, gaming news, a user-leveling system, free stuff and more. Stop by and introduce yourself.
10 days ago
This server is for the community to meet new gamers/ friends. Here at sparkcord we have a variety of channels and roles, members and bots, and events. We're trying to grow the discord, but we need your help! join now to get a special role!
11 days ago
Bible Content Minecraft server and gamers discord server.
Website: Http://
Minecraft Server Address:

Christian or not, you may find the stories and content of the Bible interesting if presented in a game platform such as Minecraft. I believe in the Bible, and want to add as much content from the Bible to Minecraft as I can over time, eventually adding the entire Bible.

Come chill and listen to music on one of our multiple discord music bots. Catch a live reading of the Bible, or maybe a study.

Listen to music, game with friends, and chill out. There is some debating, a lot of Q & A and many people share their talents.
12 days ago
Growing server of streamers, viewers and gamers having a place to hangout and make new friends!
13 days ago
Asta este un server de discord facut pentru toti!
Aici suntem o comunitate mare de gameri! Asa ca daca cauti jucatori pentru : PUBG , GTA5 , FIVEM , BATTLERITE si LEAGUE OF LEGENDS puteti intra aici!
Have Fun! Si va asteptam cu cat mai multi playeri!
13 days ago
we love to game and meet new people. we are an amazing community with great staff. always looking for more ppl to join us! get your gamer gear on. and lets go game!
14 days ago
Hey! We’re Anime, a small group of friendly players who like gaming,anime,computing and much more! Please feel welcome to join us.
19 days ago
Naughty Tree is an elite treehouse for elite people like you! Welcoming all Youtubers/Twitch streamers that wants more views to their channel, Designers/Animators that don't mind constructive criticism on their crafts. Gamers that are looking for other gamers. We organize movie nights, giveaways and many more fun stuffs! Come and join in the fun with us today! :)
19 days ago
Le YumeNetwork est un discord Family Friendly! Nous regroupons plusieurs communautés ; LGTB, gamers, animé, développeurs...
Il y a des events toutes les semaines et une bonne ambiance constante !
N'hésite pas à rejoindre ;)
20 days ago
The server was inspired by fitz hotel server.There are plenty of human that are actually alive in there,the admin(s) will do a giveaway everyweek btw so yeah join if you want!
23 days ago
We are a community gaming group linked to steam. Come join us!
28 days ago