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💥ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED......................💥
Welcome to Warriors Streaming Community
We are a streaming community that is more like a family
We aim to grow our community and to become better streamers while also connecting with each other and building close friendships
" I'm a streamer to many viewers "
" viewer to many streamers "
"In this life or the next "
So if you wish to join us in the fight then
PRAY TO CROM, RAGE LIKE XENA, FEEL THE BREATH OF THE 300 STEADILY AT YOUR BACK, TOSS A COIN TO YOUR WITCHER, FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM, OR WAIT FOR CHARON TO ARRIVE then head over to our rules page and familiarise yourself with them and if you agree then please select your role
💥Look forward to seeing you in the arena fellow combatant 💥
♥ Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер ♥
GameLand to najlepsze miejsce na znalezienie wspaniałych, przyjaznych przyjaciół do zabawy! Nasz serwer opiera się na ekonomii, zabawie oraz łączeniu przyjemnego z pożytecznym. Staramy się wybić jako globalny sewer discord! Jeśli nudzi ci się lub nie masz z kim porozmawiać, dołącz do nas, a szybko znajdziesz przyjaciół, z którymi możesz się dobrze bawić. Dzięki Tobie możemy się rozwijać i docierać do większej liczby graczy!

Pozdrawiamy, zespół GameLand!

P.S On the server supports English and Polish.


Gameland is the best place to find great, friendly friends to play with! Our server is based on economy, fun, searching for friends. We are trying to break out as a global server discord! If you are bored or have no one to talk to, join us and you will quickly find friends to have fun with. Thanks to you we can develop and reach more players!

Best regards, team!

P.S Na serwerze obsługuje język angielski i polski!
Um server para conviver/jogar com o pessoal, respeitarem-se todos
E acima de tudo, divertirem-se
Hello there !
This is a new server that is looking for people to play games with.
Games we are playing in our server:
- world of warcraft
- minecraft
- counter strike
- rainbow six siege
- league of legends
- grand theft auto 5
- tarkov
- among us
- cod (cold war + different vc’s for each categorie)
- dungeons and dragons

Feel free to join us and mostly, have a great time! 🥺💞
hello! this server is for chatting, making friends, and playing some games. this is a teen server so please be in between 13-19

we have:
- a friendly staff team
- gaming (mostly minecraft and among
us) :)
- fairly active chat and vc
- nsfw channels
- movie/event nights
- selfie and hobbies channels
- self roles

join us, we do be vibin :)
Introducing Head Asses Inc! This is a community server for Content Creators, Gamers, and Weebs! We do Game Nights, Movie Nights, Anime Watch Parties, and sometimes just goof off. We have:
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
.☽ 。 . Fun high quality emotes!
.☽ 。. Free Games!
.☽ 。. 3 of the best music bots!
.☽ 。. Reaction Roles!
.☽ 。. Friendly and Active Staff!
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰

It's all fun at Head Asses Incorporated!
This server is nothing special, just your typical anime/gaming server. We try to maintain our standards and our rules are fairly simple to follow. Everyone here will be respected, and every suggestion for improving the server will be considered. Have a great day!
( i ) Info about this server:
Roles,Rules,and more: #rules-list-𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘂
News: #n̲e̲w̲s̲-📆-🏠𝟑
Your mission to reach Key3.
We have mega updates. 🔷
Basically this is a discord server for my youtube channel although I would like to make new friends so this is just a discord server you can just chill in. This server is still fairly new so it's not very active but I hope it'll be active. Please don't leave as soon as you join
- We're a community dedicated to PCMR and PC hardware stuff. Talk about the 3080 Ti and the new Ryzen processors in here.
- If you need help with your setup, your tech or anything related to PC's, our community can help you.

🎮 Active PCMR Community
🎮 Friendly experience
🎮 Find new friends to game with
🎮 Talk everything PC hardware & software

We hope you enjoy your stay.
What's Up gamers The gamers are here
The Gamers is Best Server For every game was ever made
And its for all The languages English, Arabic......
and its made for u and ur Friends (u can invite everyone u like)
This server gets updated every day to make it Better.

Hope We see u soon and remember
The gamers are waiting

"The Gamers"
Hey Guys,
This is an invite to all of you to join SabbyNation.
We here at SabbyNation do various things from Gaming to Giveaways.

Anyway I am the owner of SabbyNation, my name is Saboteur and you can call me Sab.
So let's get some of the main categories here at SabbyNation
:arrow_right: Invite Rewards :gift:
:arrow_right: Event Rewards :gift:
:arrow_right: Giveaways :tada:
:arrow_right: Fun Bots :robot:
:arrow_right: Active Chat :mobile_phone:
:arrow_right: Active Gamers :game_die:

We here are pleased to make your acquaintance :regional_indicator_h: :regional_indicator_i: and ready to talk with anyone no matter who you are.
We enjoy everyone's company and have lovely staff :police_officer: if you face any issues or problems.
We the staff of SabbyNation have started making music :musical_note: :musical_score: and stuff, and we will soon upload them in our server if you would like to hear them please join
If you have anything on your mind or anything that's bothering you :pensive:, this is one of the best place to hangout to get your mind out of it :relieved: :grin::v:.

Please, we :no_entry_sign:Do Not:no_entry_sign: encourage any NSFW media, We mainly are here for the public to enjoy. Please this ain't your private space. Any NSFW is an instantBAN:outbox_tray:.
If you have your own server and want to partner :handshake: we welcome you to do so.
Also RULES are made to be followed, so you must follow. No one is allowed to bend them.

We also welcome new artist :new: or song makers or anything of your own creativity, we would love to listen to/watch them.

There is a backstory behind the making of this server i think you might wanna join after hearing this, if you wanna know DM me
Alright then,
Take Care, Stay safe
Peace Out
:regional_indicator_b: :regional_indicator_y: :regional_indicator_e:
:paperclip: :paperclip:
🎉 Welcome to Gamers Group Chat. Thank you for joining! 🎉

A chill gaming and weeb-friendly community server! We enjoy talking various topics like gaming, anime, music, art, in-real-life and Japan-related things! This server is recommended for people over 16 years old, but everyone is welcome!

🎈 Server Highlights 🎈

🔹 People from various countries and regions have joined!
🔹 Non-toxic, SFW and mature community!
🔹 High security, Auto-Moderation is enabled!
🔹 Friendly staff and warm atmosphere!
🔹 A lot of emotes and gifs! (Anime, Pepe, Meme, etc.)
🔹 Fun and useful bots! (Dank memer,OwO bot, ect...
🔹 Leveling system and self-assignable color roles!
🔹we accept all races genders and sexualitys.
🔹we do not discriminate.
🔹Have Fun!
・International Community but mostly Filipinos
・PC & Mobile Epic Gamers
・Server Currency for buying Steam Wallet, Nitro and Nitro Classic and other Exclusive Perks
・Nitro, Load and Steam Key Giveaways
・Gaming Tournaments for (add games)
・Mini Events for Skribbl, Bingo, Tetris and more
・Social channels such as art, food and music
・Good audio and streaming quality and higher image uploads (Level 3 Server)
・Leveling System for Roles (higher roles get higher winning chances at giveaways)
・Friendly and attentive staff and server members
・We support and promote Twitch, Facebook & Youtube Streamers
・We have almost everything and we consider relevant suggestions

See for yourself! Join us at:
~viva el cartel~
this is a friendly-giveaway-gaming server we do dank memer cash giveaway and we are a non-toxic server
I hope you join and enjoy this server
Project Dimension is a gaming server with a goal to make sure ALL people who play games aren't discriminated against, regardless of what they identify with.

♦️ Nitro Boosted
📝Self-Assignable Roles
🎧 Music Channels
🎮 Gaming!
A server for the YouTube channel 2many2play! These two bois play all games old and new while being funny (sometimes)
We love gaming and I the owner is KindBurrito Gaming on YT. We support the channel while having fun and making videos together. There are also many bots!

I've created this server for my tiktok followers but also for other muslims who'd like to get closer to their deen!

Although this is a muslim server, we do have common interests such as kpop, anime, gaming and so on! We're definitely more chill but this server doesn't normalize haram dating, use of cuss words, LGBTQ+ (no homophobia intended), etc.

This is a family friendly server welcoming ages 14+

Let's all help each other out and get closer to Allah (SWT).

Di sini kalian bisa menambah teman baru yang friendly banget. Kalian bakalan betah banget disini karena di server kita mempunyai bot music yang udah banyak dan sudah difilter untuk kualitasnya. Di sini kalian juga bisa mabar loh sama temen-temen di sini. Semoga dengan adanya deskripsi ini kalian bisa tertarik untuk join ke server kita ya. Semoga betah teman-teman!!
Welcome to our community. Here you can add new friends who are really friendly. You guys will be really at home here because on the server we have a lot of music bots that have been filtered for quality. Here you can also learn from your friends here. Hopefully with this description you can be interested in joining our server. Hope you feel at home!!