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This is a server for gamers as wells as for a little chit chat.This server is mainly for players who play pubg mobile. Please do join our server.
We are a communtiy server that does not have any specific topic or themes and we are just here so you can make new friends and talk about any topics. The server is active in text and voice channels but is still growing.

What is this server about?

An itty bitty friendly community, because humans are social creatures. Relaxed rules, friendly people, easygoing atmosphere. Whether you're brand new to astrology, interested to just talking with other people or you're a professional at being you, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home and safe. We're a very chill and laid back server, so join the convo's today! [Recommended Age 18+]

If you are wondering if its all just astrology in this server, It is not.

Welcome to a server about Horoscopes / Astrology
you can join if you are interested!

💎 Friendly community looking to make friends and hang out!
💎 Regular events — including, competitions, giveaways and more to come
💎 Open staff roles! We are hiring staff to keep the server safe for everyone!

[Advertise your own content!]
[We only care to those active people!]
[Contains NSFW - careful when accessing these!]

Home of 5 bots made by one special talented man.

See you there!
A growing community, built around the aspect of socialising and gaming with tonnes of games & topics supported,
with welcoming staff and an active community to socialise with.
-Regular updates to the server daily
GamerHub is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games are custom roles, as well as emojis! Only get the roles for channels you WANT to see!

- Fortnite channels
- Minecraft channels
- Ark Survival Evolved
- Overwatch channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) channels
- FiveM channels
- Clash Royale channels

Gay Inclusive is a Discord server for LGBTQ+ gamers, and those who support us. We’re building a community for colorful members from all over.

While the focus is on growing the LGBTQ+ community, all are welcome. We hope to grow and thrive, and have many years of fun with all who join.

We have adopted the community covenant to maintain a healthy, and happy community.

The covenant can be read here:

-Recently started community which thrives for greatness™
-Helpful/friendly staff should be available at all times™
-The aim is to introduce an easy road for easier communication™
-Verified roles so you know the person you like is who they really say they are™
If you've felt more comfortable online than you have in real life, why not step into the place where we all exist together, but without the lies, or the toxicity of the internet.™
The Hangout is a friendly server of weirdos alike and we are open to everyone, it's a place to have fun, play games and just enjoy being social.
ItsJustAserver welcomes all kind of gamers to our server. The server was made by an Instagram gamer and there will always be giveaways! Join to know more!
~ Where you become family ~
Do you need a safe space full of support from a community full of love?
Do you struggle with a mental illness or disorder?
Do you find yourself in need of a positive community?

Then join our family here at Your Safe Haven!

Why join us?
We are a forever growing, forever loving, and forever supporting community and we want YOU to join our family!
Support Text AND Voice Channels!
Self-Assignable Roles
Music Rooms!
Movie Events!
We can't wait to welcome you into our family!

It is a fairly new server based around gaming and has many different channels for sharing pictures, video's and other things. Gamers saloon also has an advertising channel where you can share adverts of other discord groups and that. Everyone is welcome to join. :). Whether you enjoy playing roblox, avakin life, sims games, fortnite, MMO's or other games... this server is about gaming.
I know this server is not as active or big but we are still a growing community.
we're an anime and japanese based server, our server is also welcoming to gamers and anyone chill. our staff is flexible and we dont have many rules.
Small but growing community with new people joining everyday, we’re very nice people looking to meet new people to talk to. We’d love for you to join us!
☆Benvenuto su Young Gamers Italia☆

☆In questo server puoi conoscere nuovi amici e giocare insieme a giochi di ogni genere, dai BattleRoyale ai Moba☆

☆Se il gioco che hai non è presente nel server, ti basterà fare la richiesta per l'inserimento☆

Owner: Diaboliko
Welcome to a better rendition of OMNIS! We're back in action and revamped with a whole new server.

Looking to chatter about games? We got you covered.
Looking to just kick back and socialize? All right here!
Looking for a server that welcomes all community members? OMNIS 2.0 is what you're looking for!

What's New?:
More interactive Bots!
Level up system!
New categories! (simplified and easier to navigate)
Availability to advertise yourself! (must level up first)
NSFW channel! (for all you lewd-lusting people)

A welcoming server for all! Join OMNIS 2.0 today!
Come meet a group of fun loving individuals and join in the Crusade. We have a large Fantasy Role play that we just added. Please come and have fun.
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
A server for those weird gamers (not really)
This server is meant to be family like and a community built place, its meant for Gamers to find other Gamers and to allow others to hangout and chill we have no bias towards people of any kind. All we ask is that you be respectful and polite to everyone.
Looking To Play is a New Chill Public Gaming community that aims to connect Players from all around the world together in one server ~ If you looking to Find new gaming pals, new friends, and new groups! LTP is the right place!
The most cuddly and friendly place in the furry kingdom. Every fur is welcome and non-furs too :3
this is a place were the gamers thrive and no furrys and we trade away furry intel any furrys that join will be banned on the spot