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Hafta be subbed to my youtube u can go find my youtube now or sub later by clicking my videos in announcements so come all and join our family 1 simple rule tho be reasonable
OzoneAnimation’s Server (youtuber with 600+ subs)

hang out here with us and just have some fun
ask Iced Milk or OzoneAnimations for some drawing and animating advices
Small server with around 100 users

IdleRPG, Boxbot, Dank memer

Memenade is also here (text to speech meme youtuber)

please join we are desperate for users
This place could make you very popular, you can advertise your Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and others. Become the Youtuber or social media star by advertising!
Wil je internetvrienden die ook in het echte leven vrienden voor het leven kunnen zijn? Vind jij praten leuk en ben je opzoek naar een actieve server? Twijfel niet en wees welkom door te joinen!
Welcome to DogePromotion!

🎉Promote your social media!🎉
🖥Promote discord servers and more🖥
📱Play games in and have fun!📱
🎥Creator of the week is picked every Sunday.🎥

If you think this is the place for you, then don’t hesitate to join the invite!
Spoon's Community Hole is a server for all kind of people that wanna have fun and maybe make new friends!

Things we offer:

- All kinds of events.

- A very cute Rat that everyone can pet!

- Stream and vid annoucements for small content creators.

- A place to post your art and flex on others.

- And ofcourse a lot of kinky people!

Join today!
this is for people who either want to join a server for youtubers and find more videos to watch or for youtubers themselves to join and promote their videos and get more views and popularity to grow each and everyones channel and when you join please ping @Jaden or whatever his username is at the time which will always have a base of Jaden and tell him your YT name if you are a youtuber
DovahCaaT's Official Discord Server! Join in to discuss ideas for future videos and chat with other subs.
Welcome to Zolo's Game Hub Come join for Giveaways, twitch streams, fun events and more! Fun and Accepting Community NO NSFW. We try to keep the server family friendly in terms of content shared.
Hey wait! Make sure to join this server! We do weekly events and giveaways! We also play a variety of games such as Minecraft, Arma 3, Barotrauma, SCP:SL, and more!
Suntem o mica comunitate de gaming. Suntem prietenosi si deschisi spre a primi noi membri. Daca esti YouTuber cu atat mai mult ai sansa sa iti faci reclama la noi pe server.
(っ◔◡◔)っ HELLO!
We wish you a warm welcome to the DG COMMUNITY
We are a Live streamer server for all sorts of Live streamers!

We Have:

> Channels to advertise your Youtube or Twitch mixer etc
> Friendly Staff and friendly members!
> A level up system thanks to the discord mee6 bot
> The ability to play Pokémon right on discord thanks to the discord Pokéverse bot
And So Much More!

So Stop On By To The DG COMMUNITY Today!

Herzlich willkommen bei den Drachen^^ wir sind eine noch Kleine Gaming Community wo sehr Aktiv ist. Wir haben eine Menge Bots und auch ein Neues Event unter allen Discord Servern das ihr wenn ihr auf den Server Joint erklärt bekommt ^^ Was ihr hier noch findet ist der YouTuber ⦕Dragon_LP⦖. Wir Hoffen das du kommst^^
- Eboys and Egirls
- epic gaming momentums
- invite a lot of people to get admin
- memes
- nsfw
- created by a youtuber
A lost place for lost creatures...

Suspended in an empty realm, broken pieces of reality stolen from other words meld together here - merged piece by piece to form an island rich of life and flourishing nature.

The portal works its way through countless dimensions and timelines, picking people from different places to continue filling this world with life with little, ignorant and unhearing to the fact that the inhabitants it steals away want nothing more than to leave the inescapable cage they've been placed within.

Welcome to The Astral.

»»————-  ————-««
The Astral is a SFW Rp server that focuses primarily on para and multipara roleplay, but all styles are still welcome to come join! We have over 50 rooms designed to give everyone a wide variety of spaces to use and explore, as well as a rich lore to immerse the people here a little more with their surroundings!

We allow OCs, existing characters, and Egos, of almost any and all species!

We also have :
» Active members and friendly staff~
» Easy and simple character approval system!
» A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in!
» Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas!
» We're looking for ParaPlayers!
» Mee6 levelling system! Unlock more and more channels as you progress!
» Partnerships available!

So if you're interested, please feel free to come in and look around!
das ist der offizielle Server der Chucky-Army:

Ein voller Discord über Gaming!!
Es sind alle möglichen Genres vertreten

Wir gehen auf die Mitglieder ein und Erfüllen bzgl Spiel Wünsche eure Begierden.
Wenn dich das Interesse geweckt hat, dann tritt uns doch bei ^^

Tritt doch der Chucky Army bei:

Euer Chucky
A server which notifies people when I upload YouTube videos and when I'm live on Twitch. We are also a family of gamers and play a variety of games ranging from Fistful of Frags, MORDHAU and many more!
This is a server where you can advertise ANYTHING.
-bot channel
-many ranks
-self assignable roles
-advertise any type of discord, or social media
Welcome To The Mad Men, This Is A Server For My Mixer Channel. However, We Also Do Things Like Giveaways And Fun Community Challenges! If You Wish To Have Your Server Partnered, That Is Fine As Well! So Join Now!
Looking for a server to serve all your purposes? Well look no further than the TheMemeSociety! Alright, I get it, people say things like "friendly community" here, and it's not true. I say it's moderately toxic, but it's pretty friendly. Anyways if you have nothing to do with your life, join this server and prpare to have a blast!
{{{™ALERT™ read the rules first before you do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}}} This is a TWITCH and YouTube community,if you are here just join advertise and leave just domt join at all because that kinda just rude.

Hier erhälst du eine grobe Zusammenfassung von ShadowArmy Server.
>>Nette Community
>>Kompetente Teammitglieder
>>Nette Teammitglieder
>>eigene Userchannel
>>Eigene Musik-Bots
>>und vieles mehr
Woraus wartest du? Joine auf den
😈ShadowArmy😈Server und endecke den Server.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen