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Hello, and welcome to Commentary Crew!

This welcoming server mainly focuses around commentary youtubers like ImAllexx, memeulous, willne, and Pyrocynical with popular exceptions like quackity. We are a small, but lovely community. The family that is in this server is super kind, so don’t feel afraid to chat with everyone! If you want to make new awesome friends to talk to about YOUR favourite youtubers, this is the right place for you! We love new people, and kindly welcomes everyone that wants to join!

we offer:
- commentary youtubers (duh)
- music for everyone to listen to
- a channel to talk about your favourite games
- communism
- a channel to introduce yourself, so people get to know you better!
- up coming movies/shows to talk about

join us at your own wish! But we are welcome to see you!
Der offizielle Discord Server zu meinem YouTube Kanal:
Hauptsächlich geht es um das Spiel SWTOR.
Welcome to my Discord Server!
Do you like gaming?
Do you like memes?
Do you like meeting new people and making friends?
This is the server for you!
Feel free to join and have a chat.
~Looking for Mods~
Welcome to Nightwave Caffeinated, we've only just started our server! We're looking for anyone to join and have fun! We are mainly dedicated to content creation and gaming! We have various fun bots and are aiming to build an active community come and join!
============================️ ᏔᎬᏞᏟᎾᎷᎬ ᎢᎾ ᗷLΔCҜ_ҜΠIGHTStm️
👾 Play With Bots 👾

🎭 Entertainment 🎭

📄 Lots Of Channels 📄
🔰 Roles 🔰

👥 Friendly & Active Staff 👥

🏆️ Be an Active Member 🏆️
(You Will Be Promote)

The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures

A land suspended in darkness, broken pieces of reality fit together to form an island rich of creatures from all places. Once a creature enters, they can almost never leave. Cities, religions, families have been built in here, along with a deep set history of conflict, wars and a critical society.

»»————-  ————-««
Welcome to TA ! We are a RP server that focuses primarily on para, but all styles are always welcome! We have over 50 RP rooms designed to give you a wide variety of spaces, as well as an existing lore line to give the place life. All characters are welcome, OCs, Egoes and more!

Active members and friendly staff~
Very few character restrictions!
A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in.
Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas in
Mee6 levelling system!
Role Rewards to unlock more rooms!
Partnerships available!
We are “The Teg Fan Club.” We are a discord community / fan group for the youtuber “ The Endangered Guest.”
We have self roles, giveaways.
Active community.
Friendly community.
Occasional game nights.
NSFW server, epic emoji’s.
This is the only discord server you need to join. Here at the only society, we strive on making friendships with new people and enjoy all types of people from the quiet to the loud, if you wanna join this server it's best that you do. At the moment, this i a brand new server, where you can post about twitch, youtube and anything else you want to post (within reason, we don't do NSFW).
This is a discord server for our project to dub all of Homestuck with voice actors, background music, sound effects and other things ! You can come and participate as we need more Voice actors ! But anyone is welcome !!
Jeśli chcesz się dobrze bawić dołącz do nas! Oferujemy:
🔥Dobrą zabawe z innymi członkami!
🔥System rang za level!
🔥Wyrozumiałą administracje!
🔥Toksyczni ludzie mutowani bądź banowani!
To tylko kilka powodów dla których warto dołączyć. Wbij i sam się przekonaj!
Welcome to my discord server! This discord server is mainly about my dream on becoming a YouTuber with my best friend, and I need All your help! What i post on my YouTube channel is gaming stuff so if your into that make sure to give us a try we will try our best not to disappoint you! This is a friendly community and I hope that someday i can meet you on this discord server and help it grow together! Thank you and i hope to see you soon.
Welcome to Gear 5! A place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around the manga/anime! The chat is not restricted to One Piece talk, so feel free to join and talk about any other animes!

We do have multiple events each week.
We do also have a faction system, where you compete against the other factions.
We do have a lot of friendly people!
If you want to debate, share theories, or simply just talk about anything. Feel free to come by!
Psst... we also have a channel for NSFW. (If you are interested in that ^^)

The server is owned by the youtuber Gear 5, a One Piece theorist.
Check out his channel if you want! (Link below)

Link for Gear 5's channel:
Are you a YouTuber looking for a community of YouTubers that supports each other? Or just a YouTuber or fan looking for new, original content to watch? Well then, Content Crew (formerly known as Youtube Squad) is the place for you! Here you can chat with other YouTubers, request feedback on your videos, give other YouTubers constructive feedback and even advertise your content in #adverts-videos. We currently have over 3000 members, so come pop in and say hi :)
Here at Advertise, you can advertise whatever you want! Come visit us!
You Can Grow your Youtube channel in this server by doing sub4sub's, like4like's and comment4comment, Well Feel free to join us! Ask a member if u dont know what sub4sub is! We are also a Normal community Of Youtube, u can make friends in our server If u want (: We had an old server in the past but that server has been deleted! I forgot to delete it from Disboard maybe, But! Your free to join this 1 and have fun!
Here in Reapers Gaming Community we h=offer support for everyone from setup to game mechanics. Also in our community you can also find people to play the same games as you so you can no longer solo queue. We also offer a welcoming community where you can also share your YouTube/ twitch brand. SO after all of that why wouldn't want to join??
Hey! Wanna just sit back and meet new people? Come chill with us in streams and more. We're always looking to grow!
Zapraszamy na ten serwer każdego kto: lubi być aktywny,kocha gry, uwielbia śmieszne memy, i nie tylko. Serwer ten jest cały czas aktualizowany, gdy społeczności ma jakiś pomysł Administracja zawsze go rozważa, jeżeli pomysł okazuje się dobry to wdrążamy go w życie. Serwer ten pozwala ci się promować na jednym i jedynym kanale do tego przeznaczonym. Na serwerze jest dużo atrakcji dla tych którzy w gry nie grają dlatego można śmiało powiedzieć, że serwer ten jest stworzony dla wszystkich. Dodatkowo na serwerze eventy! Na serwerze zrzeszamy graczy wszystkich gier! Więcej dowiesz się jak dołączysz do naszego wspaniałego community. NIE ZWLEKAJ DOŁĄCZ JUŻ TERAZ!!!
This is server to come and chill, meet new people, and make friends, check out peoples new content and show your own, Come play and join SKULLZ SQUAD, SHITS LIT.

Do you want to advertise you'er Twitch Stream or you'er YouTube channel with over 25 videos well come on down to the FC Sever a home by Fluffy Chops to connect with his YouTube/Twitch Fans more, you can play games, chat, play with fluffy and even find out when fluffy chops is live or his newest yt video without going to YouTube. so come on and join the FC Crew today it will be a blast.
- PogChampions Inc. - is a slowly growing community of people who are interested in memes, games and mostly Twitch streams.
Our main goal is to bring people together who like the same streamer and talk about their streamers offline or online. People that don't like twitch are welcome to join as well and talk about their favorite games, voice chat with our members and share memes and other media.

Things you will find for sure in our server:
- Friendly and active members.
- Self-Assignable Roles to receive individual notifications for your favorite streamers when they go online.
- Gaming channels
- Memes channel, because everyone likes to laugh
- Music bots
- Self-promotion channel
A server that helps you grow your channel!
Advertise, Sub4Sub, Chat,
Disscus, And most importantly,
Enjoy your stay!
Kraut's server (

This server has no specific purpose and is intended mainly as a place for people to meet and exchange ideas and other in conversation.

Note: People under the age of 16 are banned.
Spoon's Community Hole is a server for all kind of people that wanna have fun and maybe make new friends!

Things we offer:

- All kinds of events.

- A very cute Rat that everyone can pet!

- Stream and vid annoucements for small content creators.

- A place to post your art and flex on others.

- And ofcourse a lot of kinky people!

Join today!