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A server which notifies people when I upload YouTube videos and when I'm live on Twitch. We are also a family of gamers and play a variety of games ranging from Fistful of Frags, MORDHAU and many more!
Hey du,
Wenn du Mitspieler suchst oder mit Leuten Chillen willst dann bist du hier genau richtig. Der Server hat alles was du brauchst. Wenn du doch Probleme hast dann komme doch in den Support :)
Welcome To The Grow Positive.

Grow Positive is The Best Place to Get Rid of Depression. Its an Active Friendly, Gaming Community. Where you'll Get Everything You're Looking For. You'll find PPL to Hangout, Play Games & Have Fun. We accept Every Age but 13+ & You'll Mostly Find Teens here. We Live Like a Family. We Organize lots of Events as Well as Giveaways. You'll Find Friendly Staff & Every bot. We Respect Our Members and Keep Adding New Things to Make Sever Amazing. We Do everything To Make PPL Happy & Energetic.

We Offer Our Members
- Movie Nights
- Gaming Tournaments
- Karaoke/Singing Competitions
- Truth & Dare Event
- Self Roles + Memes
- Music Bots
- Friendly Staff

We Have Many Other Fun Things That you'll Find in Server. We Encourage You to Join Us and be a Part of Positive Nation 🙏
Join the Official Kayobi's Desert server, and be part of an amazing community.
Kayobi's Desert is made by a small Twitch streamer.
Server count 90+ members joined the server. Join too!
PewDiePie Nation is a community PewDiePie Discord server. Join the PewDiePie Nation Discord server and chat with 21,000+ other PewDiePie fans from around the world.

The 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 Discord server for the boxing rematch between YouTube celeberties - KSI vs Logan Paul.


   ➡️ Stream
      ➡️ Discussion
         ➡️ Voting


Join 🔥 us 🔥 now !
Official Discord Server of Because it's EPIC!
First of all I'm just going to state some facts you dont have to sub to the channel but i would REALLY appreciate it if you could join cause im lonely but arent we all. My admins and i have added many different bots to enjoy! Giveaways are also hosted occationally! And im like online 12/7 lol all suggestions are taken in the suggestions channel. Also we will have a HUGE variety of topics to discuss and role plays to act out so come along and join now. This should be a fun ride also yeah heres my channel if you do want to subscribe but its your choice
heres a link to the channel:

Join or your mum gay lol
Serveur officiel du projet communautaire de 4clan1écho basé sur la saga écrite par Erin Hunter, La Guerre des Clans, que vous soyez fan cette saga ou que vous venez tout juste de débuter l'aventure , que vous soyez un artiste né ou un simple amateur ce serveur est fait pour vous !

Venez y découvrir la communauté La Guerre des Clans avec ses Fanart , A.M.V , théories , histoires , événements et concours !
(et aussi avec ses délires et son site de rencontre pour chats xD)
This is a server with a lot of bots and a lot of fun. Many quests to do in the server with many other players! Feel free to join today and begin your fun. Also, it is a discord for "Chicken" Youtube.
Hey! So I made this server with the hopes of bringing people together as well as meeting new friends and overall just having a chill community. Everyone is very lowkey and nice so you don't have to worry about anyone being toxic XD (Just as a side note, the server isn't about danplan or anything, I just thought it would be nice if it had a little bit of a theme.. most of the people in the server don't even know what danplan is and that's alright) So, you won't feel left out :)
A chaotic server run by a wannabe Twitch Streamer/Youtuber with fun discord games such as Pokecord, EPIC RPG, Mudae, etc. We hope to have games & movie nights.
A lost place for lost creatures...

Suspended in an empty realm, broken pieces of reality stolen from other words meld together here - merged piece by piece to form an island rich of life and flourishing nature.

The portal works its way through countless dimensions and timelines, picking people from different places to continue filling this world with life with little, ignorant and unhearing to the fact that the inhabitants it steals away want nothing more than to leave the inescapable cage they've been placed within.

Welcome to The Astral.

»»————-  ————-««
The Astral is a SFW Rp server that focuses primarily on para and multipara roleplay, but all styles are still welcome to come join! We have over 50 rooms designed to give everyone a wide variety of spaces to use and explore, as well as a rich lore to immerse the people here a little more with their surroundings!

We allow OCs, existing characters, and Egos, of almost any and all species!

We also have :
» Active members and friendly staff~
» Easy and simple character approval system!
» A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in!
» Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas!
» We're looking for ParaPlayers!
» Mee6 levelling system! Unlock more and more channels as you progress!
» Partnerships available!

So if you're interested, please feel free to come in and look around!
Hi~ Here's a fandom for Jay of DanPlan and if u want the other members, you can come here and share your love for Jay and DanPlan. Everyone is welcomed here.
Welcome to Y&TA! YouTubers & Twitch Advertising is a discord server where you can advertise your youtube, twitch and social medias. If you don't want to advertise anything then you can simply socialize with other people or make new friends!
We offer unforgettable experience, lot of fun, communication and good community. Join and find out more!
Servidor de mugen no Discord, eu crio conteúdo de mugen pro YouTube e vocês decidem a próxima luta de mugen através de sorteios!
Discord for the Youtuber Matty Boe
* Tutorial channels to help you grow!
* Helpful community!
* Advertise your page!
In this server we help you gain followers on Instagram. But it is also a place to engage with other people to grow your page
This server is dedicated to my youtube community/fan base where we talk about anime, gaming, and chill in general! Go ahead and join this server if you're looking for a cool place to hang out with other gamers/anime fans! There is also a channel where people can promote their youtube channels, twitch, ect.

-We are an upcoming small group joining together to make ends meet. if you love playing video games (whichever platform) then this is the right server for you. We'll start with few of us before expanding into each one having their own wing/ breaking off to build their own. I'm a gamer, If I love it, just like anyone else I'd like to make it something profitable. There's only one problem with being a lone gamer or part time player trying to grow. It's competing with the active people mostly usually already earning who have already time to think of content, create and release it in tons. Furthermore already earning from it, allows them to promote their videos.
So here basically what we'll be doing is making work light by involving many hands
We all have watched videos around and know what type of content people want. We all are creators and gamers. And we all want to also earn from it.

Review us as well.