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Welcome to Scientific age! A server with a hellish aesthetic. An active and growing community. RP section, music sessions and more! Heaven is boring... Join us in HELL!
Hey, si tu recherches un serveur tranquille où tu peux parler de cinéma / vidéos / photos ou autre alors tu frappes à la bonne porte ! Ce serveur est fait pour trouver des personnes qui veulent s'améliorer ou donner des conseils sans prise de tête. Si tu veux des conseils sur le matériel nécessaire pour faire des photos des vidéos ou du stream il y a sur ce serveur des channels prévus pour ça ! Tu peux même si tu le souhaites faire des vidéos ou des lives car des channels sont également prévues pour cela. Des événements sont bien évidemment prévus comme une diffusion de film, concours photos, vidéos ou bien même des choses plus tranquilles... Si tu es motivé à rejoindre le serveur alors je t'en prie tu es le ou la bienvenu(e) !
Just a server filled with friends and mods. Very active community. Many roles with many more soon! We do custom games with people a lot too!
Theo Army este o comunitate de Gaming/YouTube pentru Romani cu diferite canale. Acest server iti permite:
- sa-ti promovezi canalul de YouTube
- sa-ti postezi noile tale episoade
- sa vorbesti cu alti YouTuberi

Chiar si daca n-ai canal de YouTube poti sa intri, Theo Army va fi deschis pentru oricine.
Welcome to Elf Clan.
We are a new clan!
We provide:
-Friendly Staff (Staff needed)
-Cool bots!
-Self roles (Coming soon!)
So if you are interested in joining come on down and join!
Welcome to the Opinionated Outcasts discord. This server will serve as a home for any types of nerds or people looking to hang out about tech, history, games, movies, paranormal, politics, sports, current events, etc. We accept everyone and anyone wanting to come and hang out with us in the server.
This server also doubles as a hub for the Opinionated Outcasts YouTube channel where we make videos about traditionally “nerdy” topics.
The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures.

There is no sun, no real stars and no moon. But everything stays the same. The rain and snow still come, though cloudless, and the waves still shift. And even as the cliffside ends, as the fog and sea flourish into the darkened abyss, the Lost still come, and the land grows.

- - - - -
Welcome to ‘The Astral’, a place that features a large play space for roleplaying!

This server consists of over 40 channels categorized under :
-A village area
-The Manor
-OOC Areas for discussion, and VCs.
-NSFW Designated areas (role accessible only)

Many of us are para roleplayers looking for new, active members. We also do server partnerships for those that want it.

We invite anyone that's interested to enter and have a look around!
Have you ever wanted to get YouTube subscribers and twitch followers without a subbot? Now you can! You can advertise your YouTube videos and twitch streams all in one place! Custom roles along with friendly staff that are always willing to help.
Sugar Club offers you a sharing server, which will allow you to freely publish your selfies to promote your social networks (instagram, snap, kik) as well as your twitch or youtube channels.
[FR] [EN] +16 only
Now with 1,000 members!
Are you a gamer on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer? Building a game or making game art? Not getting your stuff seen?

We offer -
🔷YouTube certified and verified staff!
🔷Channel Consulting!
🔷Automatic Video and Livestream sharing!
🔷Exclusive Sponcerships!
🔷Playtesters/Content Creators for your game!
🔷Share your VIDEOS
🔷Share your STREAMS
🔷Share your DISCORD
Wil je internetvrienden die ook in het echte leven vrienden voor het leven kunnen zijn? Vind jij praten leuk en ben je opzoek naar een actieve server? Twijfel niet en wees welkom door te joinen!

__---- ⭐Rabbitman's HYPE TRAIN!!!⭐---- __

🔗 🔗 Hey guys i am a __Youtuber and my name is Rabbit__. 🐰 If you love __video games__ 🎮 come take a look! This is a nintendo and xbox mostly server! My goal is to get to 500 members on discord only! I looking for the nicest people! We are around 200 right now!

If ur looking to meet new friends and grow join me and partner with me! I always do my best to help others!

👑 __Owner: 🐰Rabbitman🤴__

➡️ __This server is PG__ but we have so much fun and have alot of laughs!! __My server is for all ages__ and we gather around and talk about gaming it up!!!!

💥 ❕ INFO❕💥

🏁 We have alot of bots! 🤖

🏁 We have spotlight winners each month! 🏆

🏁 We have a dethroned channel! 🔥

🏁 Have video game channels! 🕹

🏁 We have music and picture channels! 🎧 🎵 🖼

🏁 We have custom roles and highest role is RabbitKnight! Level 50! Your name will be in purple! 🔨 📌 🔮

🏁 We have video of the week every sunday!!! 💿 🎬

🏁 We also have rank up systems! Get higher for new roles! ⬆️

🛎 Last but not least, __there's not self promo__ but we have a __partner channel__ if your interested just let me know and I will __add u in that channel__.

🎮🕹 If you are a __gamer__ and you love __nintendo__ and __xbox__ and __playstation__ then you should join!!! Dont wait! At least check it out __because when I reach 1k subs I will be GIVING away video games and stuff__! 😮😊 again my goal is to get to 500 members!
YouTube - ShortyFN
Instagram - ShortyFN_YT

◄Nette User►🍭
◄Nette Supporter►🥂
◄Ein Casino System►🥂
◄Schneller Support►🥂
◄Coole Leute►🥂
◄Und vieles mehr►🥂
Zapraszamy na nasz serwer, który jest stworzony z myślą o graczach jak i zarówno tych którzy lubią sobie po prostu z kimś popisać bądź porozmawiać. Dodatkowo na naszym serwerze znajdziesz kanał memy na którym mamy są naprawdę śmieszne i soczyste. Jeśli jesteś twórcą na youtube/twitch to dobrze trafiłeś mamy stworzony kanał do reklamowania swojej twórczości. Na naszym serwerze znajdziesz ludzi którzy tak samo jak ty będą chcieli poznac nowych znajomych do grania w wszelakie gry takie jak:
-League of Legends
-Dota 2
-Rainbow Six Siege
-For Honor
-World of Tanks
-Euro Truck Simulator 2
-American Truck Simulator
Welcome to the JSE Fan Discord! Created on the 19th of July, 2017.
➜ Twitter Account:

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

We are a small server based on jacksepticeye, to bring the fanbase even closer together than usual, by live chatting, voice chatting, playing games together, etcetera! Of course someone who doesn't watch Jack is welcome to join as well.

This is a SFW server, so don't worry about any lewd content, as there is none here. (Besides a few Dick Jokes)

Our Verification level is LOW, and if you don't know what means it's basically you can only send messages in our discord server after having verified your e-mail on your Discord account. If you are new to Discord and you can't type, that's probably why. Verify and come say hi! Our rules are simple, you can read them after you have joined. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!

All in all, we offer:
» Active chats (text & VC)
» Friendly Membes & Staff
» Obtainable Roles
» Daily this or that/TWR questions
» Monthly Events
» Bots to fuck around with
» Custom JSE reaction GIFs
» Custom made JSE emojis

We're a new place for you to feel welcomed. We would be more than happy if you joined us!
Share your youtube videos here and get new viewers and subscribers!
This is a discord server for our project to dub all of Homestuck with voice actors, background music, sound effects and other things ! You can come and participate as we need more Voice actors ! But anyone is welcome !!

The Pinkies Main Hub (We are new so please join)

Need to gain subscribers/followers/members quick? Don’t know how to do so? Well join TPMH and advertise FOR FREE!

We offer many services:

-> Fun bots with variety of commands :black_joker:

-> Amazing Staff that will Assist you in anything! :ok_hand:

-> A private bot currently worked on by our admin! :robot: :wrench:

-> Open dm's with the Owner! ::upside_down:

We are not here for us! We are here for you!

Join TPMH today!

This is the official server of lightningTATSU!
You can also advertise here on this channel! But please note that Sub4Sub is not allowed in this server!
If you are looking for free music that you can use for your vlogs, videos, or anything really lightningTATSU has a free audio library that you can check out!
And a premium library that his patrons on Patreon have access to. (His premium music is better than the free ones) His premium music is on soundcloud too!
You can use his premium music for personal stuff but to use it commercially without patreon, you have to talk to him first :D

Or maybe you just want to join a fun community? Everyone has a place here! Come join the fun now! :)
ZeSuGames's Free Advertising Discord
My name's ZeSu and I'm a YouTuber with almost 1,000 subscribers. I made this Discord for small creators like me to network and share content with each other. If you're a Streamer or YouTuber looking to grow, join and let us help you with that. :)
🔷 YouTube/Twitch Networking
🔷 Free Advertising
🔷 Fun Community
🔷 𝙏𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚!

Summit is a community Discord server dedicated by creators, to creators, to help internet personalities, editors, designers, music producers, and others within massive platforms such as YouTube and Discord to come together to create outstanding, original content.

Summit is proud to feature it's own custom moderation bot, Clover, and a public call recording studio featuring Craig.

With over 100+ members and growing, Summit is one of the most sufficient and updated servers dedicated to creators.