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We are an inclusive community of creators, collaborators, and artists. Introduce yourself and make some awesome friends! Say "trick-or-treat" for something nice! We allow self-promoting and also have self-assignable creator roles: Gaming, Game Dev, Game Design, Art, Animation Music, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Photography, Writing, Film, and Cosplay.
A new server to promote your content, channels, servers, and other things. This is an inclusive space with some exclusive channel access and self-assignable creator roles.
We Are a Community of
Youtubers - Streamers - Gamers - Actives!

Here are a few things you can find on the server:

★ Cool bots
★ Great helpful staff
★ Streamer Role
★ Giveaways
★ NSFW Channel
★ And more!

If you want to find a partner for Duos or squads, this is a great place to find them.

We want to grow to eventually do tournaments in the future :fist:

So if you're interested join here and have fun!
This is a server full of YouTubers that needs support. You can rate YT channels, post your YT channel and videos. And we even have a Video Ideas category where you can ask other people for video ideas.
Have fun and keep entertaining!
Beauty and the Beast, a place for you to advertise your Youtube channel and Discord servers. We also have friendly members for you to meet. Come and join!!!
This server is to try to get the small youtubers more we’ll know so join and start promoting you’re YouTube chaneI
Welcome To The Resistance!

We are a gaming/social discord. We tend to all gamer's and welcome everyone with open arms.
Feel Free To Join The Resistance!

Q: What is "Sernity"
A: Sernity is a discord community based on peace and care.

Q: How can I become staff?
A: You can become staff by staying active and helping the community in any way you can.

Q: How do I get the "YouTuber" role?
A: You can earn the rank by having an active YouTube channel community with at least 200+ subscribers.

Q: How can I become partner's with sernity?
A: You can become partner's by having an Active calm community.


There are many special ranks on the server that everyone can earn, all the ranks that can be earned in any type of way will be listed below.

Donator: This can be earned by donating to the server to help the community grow.
Donator Features: With the donator role you will have Color Changeing Name, Access to special channels, Special CMDS.

[VIP++]: This can be earned or bought, you can buy it for 2.50, or you can earn it by being active on the server for 2 months or more.

[VIP++] Features: Color changing name, Special Channel Access, and more.


Sernity is a place to chill hangout and have fun, we provide numerous amounts of activities such as Music Events, Giveaways, Giveaway Parties, Karaoke, Movie night ETC.

We treat our community members like family, we try to keep everyone happy and the community itself strong and active, we have no drama whatsoever in this community server.

NOTE: Sernity is still a server that's under development, please note there might be some errors that needs to be fixed, if you do find any make sure to let us know in the #staff-support channel so we can fix it as soon as we can.
Welcome the streams from The Devils. The devils are Giri (Girl) and Siege. We will be streaming PUBG, DayZ, Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Sims 4, Fortnite, and UNO.
MayhemHCF | An HCF Experience like no other | We are non pay to win | We have ranks, keys, and other amazing stuff in our online shop | We are currently looking for new staff, and developers (no builders) | We are ALWAYS looking for YouTubers/Streamers to record or stream on the server. If you fit our requirements you can receive some AWESOME stuff.
Hi There Fam

We would like to invite you to our server! (Yes i made a essay)
and we are insist to welcome you! and it is very
bad that we only have a few members... that's why were
inviting you! because it is new or official release of
GhoulHax's Server!

We have pretty darn cute members

And we are giving away Roblox (Random Days)
and we have Youtube role there which is where you
can apply but just complete the requirements :)

Even if this server is pretty darn cute we are in need admins!
And we will answer your exam! for example "What is the cause of
Creation of universe? then put Big Bang there!"
Yep the owner knows about science... which is uhh
very annoying Sorry ok!!! :frowning: but let's get back to
Server we have cute Topics there!

We'll be providing...

Non-Toxic Members
Selfish Members
No Swearing Members

We Have...
Give Aways Event!
E-Girl Role!
Tips Daily Questions Announcments etc,
Apply and Assignable Roles!
Report were you find Toxic's Members!

We need...
Trusted Admins
Good Ideas from you.
New Admin
Thank You
Join for the Roblox Giveaway's!
Server for a small Youtube channel of 4 friends looking to grow their channel! If you enjoy gaming videos of a wide variety we take recommendations and try to make videos often! Enjoy!
A fun server that consists of people that enjoy playing games, streaming, making youtube content and all sorts. We are a friendly bunch of people and can easily get along with one another but, it can get a little hectic at times :P i hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to The Cult of Israphel. We’re a brand new server dedicated to fans of the Yogscast and/or Mineraft! We welcome anyone from any background, as long as you’re 16+. We’re anti-drama and discourse, and committed to being as chilled out and peaceful as possible. 18+ NSFW role included!
A place where people can come together and make new friends as well as meet a community of Creators.
Everyone Join the Christian Hangout to chill hangout or play games with fellow Christians and talk about theology and get advice about life
Join this Youtube based RP and be your favorite content creator or yourself!
This is a server that I had for years if you want to join in here’s a few rules that you’ll understand also this has a roleplay available


No bullying no fighting no being racist no death threats no threats no telling twitch or youtubers suck for no reason you need a reason why thank you for reading hope you enjoy the server
In This Server There Is Guys Who Love Gaming And Who Make Bots And Who Are A Youtuber Join Us And You Will See Etc........
A fun and inviting server, we are welcome to newcomers!
Their are a few YouTubers that you can chat with!
We have amazing music channels, media, selfies & loads of games to talk about!!!
Welcome to Souloman Live, a chat hosted by Youtubers for Youtubers. But don't worry, this is also a community for gamers, musicians, and people looking for a good time! Whoever you are, you're most welcome here, since we have:

🖥 A Rank specifically for up and coming Youtube content to be shared!
🎮 Gaming Text and Voice Channels
🤖 : Official Bots!
👋 Growing Community!
🔫 Fortnite Stats checker to compete against your friends!
Is a friendly community full of gamers, content creators and Anime! Team up in your favorite games or chill! Great for Artist, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers + More
We welcome asian drama addicts, youtubers, gamers and sims community (13+ only).