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Popular Opinion: We all love video games!

Want to meet new people to play with or just discuss the bliss and salt of that certain game you can't get enough of?! THEN COME ON IN

RAIDERS is most certainly one of the servers you'd want to be apart of! While the community can be slow at times due to life being in the way of having fun and chit chat, you're always welcome to the crew. Yes, there are many servers alike but not many servers that accept the treasures in the sea of discord and the spirit behind every matey.

Come be apart of this voyage as we set sail the seas together!
Hello all,
I am @Twitch_StarLord_ (On Twitch and YT as of today- 16th June, 2019) [@star_fortnite_fans on IG -shshshsh]
STAR COMMUNITY started out as my Twitch Stream Community
that offers Streamers free shoutouts on select channels, free self promo channels, self assign roles, tons of bots and tons of channels to network with others. More features being added and more!
We are celebrating 200+ members and have recently added new features.
We try to be a Positive Community and eliminate ALL negativity and negative peeps, yet we have chilll fun peeps
I try to run the server off positivity, so yea.
We aspire to have future partnerships with official entities.
Anyways if u wanna join.
Here's an invite code:
Cya at SC!
R1 Central is a great way to meet new people, vibe and make connections with other creators and such. Perfect opportunity to create new communities for streamers and content creators and in general a great way to gain some good homies. We also regularly do server-wide gaming events and there is close to always someone in the voice chats! This server is meant for people to real and chill with others, so this server has no regulations based upon profanity. Feel free to join and invite your friends!
A community with many movie, TV Show and comic lovers. We accept content creators and highly suggest them to promote their videos and streams in the server. Occasionally, we plan movie nights to which members can vote on what they would like to watch and even plan some of their own.
We are an inclusive community of creators and collaborators here to promote our content and connect with one another. We allow self-promoting and also have self-assignable creator roles to show off what you do. This server encourages interaction between members of the community, so you'll feel welcome right away!
Sick of all the toxic discord servers with pointless conversations and boring games? Join the Hangout for genuine, interesting people to hang out with and show off you! Artists, Gamers, Content Creators and more! Always looking for new and interesting people :D
A small apartment complex looking for some new residents. We play any game we have so ask if you want to play something im sure someone will have it
And we're open to try new games.
Collab on Videos, Streams, Music, and Art if you want to!
Enough explaining why not just stop bye!
Hello! The name is Patrick, but you can call me Cthulhu or Upwnu. Welcome to the Eternal Empire! This server is everything community-based, with a Cthulhu-style theme applied to everything in it, and a lot of fun aspects! These include:
→ Gaming
→ Anime
→ NSFW (18/+ only)
→ Content Creation, i.e. streaming, video making, etc.
→ Art
→ Roleplay
→ Furry Material
→ Music

Some of our perks include:
→ An easy to understand set of rules
→ Fun bots such as Rythm and Tatsumaki
→ Custom emotes
→ A venting and help chat
→ Personal roles
→ Contests
→ Events
→ Weekly activities like Guess That Tune, Story Time, and Game Night!
→ Active staff
→ Friendly people <3
→ Much more!

We're also looking for staff! For those interested, we're wanting Moderators and Helpers with decent experience. With that, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the crew! I hope you enjoy your stay.
A new gaming server has emerged. Use this server to advertise your YouTube gaming channel, collab with other content creators or just talk video games. PC, xbox, ps4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, VR Gaming... everything and anything goes here when it comes to Video Games! This server will help you get views, subscribers and overall just help you learn how to make a better channel. Being a new YouTube gaming channel can be hard, but once you've got some support it becomes alot easier!
We are a community of Gamers, Weebs, Content Creators, and Normies. We simply just want to make a community that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We have several bots such as Pokécord and WaifuBot to keep the chats more fun and engaging. Welcome to The Legion.... (definitely not a cult)
We are currently developing a professional gaming community under the name AfterShock! This is a place for everyone to develop their passion for games and make new friends within the community by connecting with other active players, developing professional tournament teams for FPS games such as: (Call of Duty, Apex, Cs Go and many more). We have been running game servers for over a year and are ready to take these next steps by incorporating the "Whole Picture". As long term gamers, the "Team Shade" staff is comprised of genuine people who have taken an oath to ensure the community never loses sight of its values and allows all players to have a fair and fun gaming experience across all games and platforms.


ム│Our history:
We started out as one of the biggest COD WW2 clans with over 400 high KD Trickshotters/Snipers under the name PuRe Clan but disbanded after the release of BO4.
Now we're simply trying to get back to the top.


ム│What AfterShock offers:
- Send us your best gaming clips and get a chance to be featured in montages on our 18000 Subscriber YouTube channel

- Once verified you are able to post any of your content, VIA: (Mixer, Twitch, Youtube)

- After some time with AfterShock, we offer Partnerships for gaming teams and more!

- Our staff is always on the lookout to make sure AfterShock is a safe and fun environment for everyone!


ム│Extra Information
- Use #ShockUprising to get noticed!
Welcome To Creators Unite
A Fun Server For Anybody Who Wants To Have A Good Time!
- Have Fun With Our Amazing Community
- Welcoming To All People! Yes, You Too!
- Accepting Staff Applications
- Promote Your Creations And Work
- Good Source of Good Memes
- MEE6, Rythm, Pokecord, Dank Memer...
- Fun Contests
Join Your Fellow Creators Today!
This server is a hub for content creators, video editors, meme makers, social media marketers. Collab with people who create content, share ideas, help with image/video editing. Sharing tips and tricks for getting memes viral and how to monetize content. Share social media pages, learn how to gain followers, build an online brand.
ArtBot is a decentralized video and audio platform using blockchain technology to create the ideal democratic market for creators, consumers, and advertisers. By embracing smart contracts and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), we will empower creators and consumers to directly shape the independent multimedia market by offering far better revenue options and smarter consolidated services. ArtBot will democratize and revolutionize the independent content industry and promote collaboration on an unprecedented scale.
This is the official server for Explicit™️! Our goal in making this server is to make a more enjoyable community to be apart of through competitive play. We hope to grow enough to be able to host scrims across a wide range of servers all over the world. This will be a great way to compete and thrive in the pro scene and a chance to be noticed by us!
Welcome the Mystiqux HQ server! Our sole purpose is to give small upcoming content creators a platform to talk about their work and come up with brand new innovative ideas. This is a place where feedback is accepted in a variety of ways from constructive criticism to supportive suggestions.

If anything mentioned above appeals to you in any way, come check out the server and join many other content creators seeking the next artistic way to express yourself!
Off-Meta Media is a stream team focused on helping streamers grow. Our coaches help streamers by analysing their data and forming targets for each streamer.
We launched our discord to help our content creators reach and interact with their viewers.
We also run regular giveaways with cool prizes!
We arw the Soviet Spartans we are a Gaming team that also creates content for social media. We accept chill not toxic people and content creators. We are also looking for mods and graphic designers. We do accept and incourage that content creators join to spread the team.
We are a group of chilled gamers that share and discuss games of all nature. May it be indie or AAA it does not matter, We enjoy games with a fantastic story, A arcade game that gives us that nostalgic feeling or Pretending to be whatever we want in our favourite sim games. We Just chill out and enjoy games without the frustration. come join us and talk about what you want and get giveaways.
This server is for people who feel as if they don't belong or people who want to chill and talkwe have all kinds of channels for content such as NSFW, Hentai, Roleplaying, Talking, Memes, Etc
Join and get a platform to share your art , content (youtube,Twitch) cosplay,etc. want a boosting up? or it is the edge day? we got the place for that. Relax listen to music, chat and have fun we are a safe community who accept all and everybody .
Hi, I'm Shoku and I make unusually bad YouTube videos. This is my priso-- I mean Discord server. Enjoy your stay!