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1. We're going canonly, any age, sexual preference and appearance for the you-tubers stays the same. Although, Im not stopping you from role-playing in dms and changing up those things.

2. Offensive jokes are of course going to show up somewhere in a server like this, don't mind them. And If they offend you in any way, just ignore them.

3. Forcing things to happen in Role-play is extremely rude, and it also makes it boring. Go with the flow and have fun!

4. The 'Misfits' are available as well! Im a whore for all of them so feel free to dm me pictures of them at random times.

5. To become a canon youtuber/irl one, just go to #auditions and write a sample of how you'd roleplay as them. If you get accepted, you'll get pinged in #taken with the name of the character you've taken.

6. Ocs are allowed, forced relationships are not. If your oc knows a canon, they can only be acquaintances or friends. Forcing the canon into a sexual/love kinda relationship is not allowed.
Hey there guys! Making a video tomorrow on this topic, so head over to mitch65009 on youtube if you need some more context.

But this sever is called the Mitch Project, it is based on my youtube channel, and my big idea to take all fan ideas, and record with my viewers!
Even if you are just someone browsing through this website, feel free to join! We can record almost anything you'd like, so just let me know in the server.
Id be grateful if you'd go check out the channel while your at it!

So, there is not much else to say, but please, feel free to join the server and have a blast with new people and me!

This is a server for the growing YouTuber, KeplerTeddy! Why not talk to some of the people here, play with some of our bots, do programming and join youtube events!
President of Entertainment, we provide games, streams, giveaways and awhile lot more. What are you waiting for? Hope into the action today.
A nice discord server, owned by the youtuber Willanator who currently has around 20k subs. We have around 500 people already here, do you want to join us?
We Have

*) Fun Commands
*( Owned by Youtuber
*) Music
*( Nsfw (though we arent an nsfw server)
*)A great community!
We hope to see you in The Dab Dungeon, meme on!
Witaj, szukasz grafika?
Szukasz kogoś kto ci zrobi grafikę?
¦Dużo Grafików
¦Szybkie pracę
¦Profesjonalne grafiki
¦Dalej nie spoileruje
Hello if you're searching a community to fit in or just to hang out with others players across the world, TheRockRoom is the place for you, this is community/gaming server based on a small youtuber. Currently reaching 50 subscribers, Rockhunter provides you a lot of entertainment and rocks.

Applications for staff members [ON]

Feel free to hangout with our community, don't forget to check Hunter's channel, and as always have a great day.

Come Over And Enjoy New Videos Being Posted And Talk About Anything You Make Like
This Is A Youtubers Server So Please Subscribe Sooner Or Later
Hello! I'm Xena Vamoux, and this is my server for my youtube ( as well as a community for people that likes "girly things" like celebrity gossip/drama, fashion, art, cute hentai/anime, "girly" games, shows, and all your obsessions you can talk about here. I also go live on from time to time. Come join me! :) <3
Join this server to be apart of minecraft livestreams :D
Ligitzs is a streamer and plays minecraft lmao
The Unofficial Discord server for Kelly KPopp fans ( &, unfortunately there is no official one, so that is what we're here for! This server is not for Kpop/K-Pop the genre! It is for fans of the streamer/YouTuber Kelly KPopp.
A YouTube Discord Server for the one, and only ItzAsh! Come and hang out!
A small discord server for Roblox Codes on YouTube! Feel free to join for fun times and nice people!
This is Founded by a youtuber called "Omq_Kalex" he started this in 2019 April 16th, Here you can enjoy new videos! use custom commands and bots
chat and meet your new friends! So come join and say hello!
This is My discord server that is all about my Youtube channel and having fun ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
What it contains
Self Promotions

A Friendly Community

Custom Role Selection

Fun Bots and Activities
Join for Baszchuk twitch channel disc server! Basz is always ready to talk and communicate with new members! Feel free to drop by and say hi!
Discord for my channel!
Make sure to join my server and check out the videos.
This is the community server for my Youtube subscribers :) This is helping me grow and interact with my streaming community! This server contains bots like Tatsumaki! Please consider joining and supporting my channel!
This is my official discord server, join us we have fun channels and a lit community!
This is a server for the YouTuber MM2_TheBlueFox, please join to make new friends and join the community!!