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A server full of pewdiepie fans looking to beat the enemy T-series! (This group may also be used for social activities and gaming with others!)
A fun community for the small youtuber Taering!

Whether you're in the Taering community or not, you can join for some fun discussions! Gaming, movies, comics, politics, just about everything!

A drama-free place with a nice and welcoming community!
You wanna help me grow my youtube channel then join! I'll be giving support and shout outs to meh supporters.
Welcome to Electalight!! This server is own by a youtuber with over 65K+ subs. This server is mostly based on ROBLOX, if you like ROBLOX then you might wanna join. When you join here are some stuff that you will see.

- Community chat
- Selling
- Free robux giveaways
- Fun bots
- levels
- invite rewards
- and much more!

Feel free to join because this server is new and has a clean user interface.
This is a server for all APEX gamers, streamers, and youtubers! All are welcome! We have multiple channels and chats! Come join, meet new people, and invite others!
The official FreshPanda Discord server!

• Friendly and Active staff team 👮‍♂️
• Weekly giveaways 🎉
• Tons of cool emotes 😎
• Secure Save-The-World trading ♻️
• Tons of earn-able roles to keep you occupied 👤
• We’ll partner with any servers that have 100+ members! 🤝
• Discord partnership 🏁

Join and relax in our server, we promise you won’t regret it!

Hello, and welcome to Commentary Crew!

This welcoming server mainly focuses around commentary youtubers like ImAllexx, memeulous, willne, and Pyrocynical with popular exceptions like quackity. We are a small, but lovely community. The family that is in this server is super kind, so don’t feel afraid to chat with everyone! If you want to make new awesome friends to talk to about YOUR favourite youtubers, this is the right place for you! We love new people, and kindly welcomes everyone that wants to join!

we offer:
- commentary youtubers (duh)
- music for everyone to listen to
- a channel to talk about your favourite games
- communism
- a channel to introduce yourself, so people get to know you better!
- up coming movies/shows to talk about

join us at your own wish! But we are welcome to see you!
This sever has members that all have heart and who are all very nice!!
We cant wait to meet you!!
We have rythm and memelords like who else do you need?!?!?
Come say hi!
We cant wait!
see you soon!!!!
Are you searching for a really chill place to share your music, your music taste or just a place to hangout? Well This Orion's Diner, and we'll be glad to have you.
Looking to promote your social media's such as YouTube Twitch & Twitter or your g=just a graphics DESIGNER that needs more more this server is just for you so JOIN now!

Hello @everyone,
This is a server for a youtuber with over 800+ subscribers on youtube, doing daily streams!
And that is not all at all! There are alot of things in this server!
We have:
• Alot of fun
• Active community
• No toxicity
• Active Staff
• WIP secret stuff!
• 14 fun bots to mess around with.
• Music! You can hear music here any no one would annoy you!
• We even own a whole minecraft server! Yes, you've heard it right!
If you play minecraft, it's a good thing for you!
The IP of the server is ``
• We have YouTube & Twitch Streamer roles! If you're a youtuber with over 100 subscribers, you can be a youtuber there!
If you want the Twitch Streamer role here, you must have over a 100 followers + active people watching you!
• Streaming with your fans? Recording with your fans? Want no one to come and annoy you? No problem!
We have private channels only dedicated to Streaming & Recording!
• We're also looking for staff! If you feel like you're fit to be a staff member, you can be one!
The official Discord server for the Youtuber, Kawaii-Pikachu VA
This is the community server for my Youtube subscribers :) This is helping me grow and interact with my streaming community! This server contains bots like Tatsumaki! Please consider joining and supporting my channel!
Wir haben zwar noch einen kleinen Server aber du kannst das ändern 😊.Tritt bei und du kannst dann ein nettes Team und Viele Leute Kennenlernen und mit ihnen deine Lieblingsspiele Spielen 🎮❤
dazu bieten wir dir:
-ein Ranking Sytem
-viele verschiedene Bots die den Server angenehmer machen
-ein nettes Team
-einige Channel die dich informieren, ob Spiele im Sale sind oder Updates bekommen
-viele features mit den bots
Ich hoffe ich habe deine Aufmerksamkeit erregt ;)
Viel Spaß auf unserem Server wünscht dir das Team Lektro ❤👌✔
This is a fun place where people can all get along and have fun together.You can get your youtube and twitch promoted as well..:) (with permission),NO NSFW,We also talk about anime
Ci sono Youtuber, Streamer, Sviluppatori e moltissimi giocatori di diverso genere. Siete i benvenuti!
Hello! Welcome to our amazing discord server it is owned formally by ORION akaa DubstepHorror. We're a music channel that has 65k+ subs that promotes dubstep with epic visualizations!
Viper Vk's youtube community and online family!!! Check him out on youtube and come join the server!!!!!
Hello there! Welcome to the ItzSaminHere Squad a server based on the YouTuber ItzSaminHere but other than that you can find a nice community a handful of helpful staff or moderators and you can also play games with other members unlock cool perks and much MUCH more! Be sure to join! :D
Do you like midi's well this is the placr for you this discord is for samusic a great midi and music maker he also does the occasional live stream
Hello, I am a youtuber that plays mostly roblox. But I also play terraria and minecraft. I am a small youtuber with over 100 subs. Im looking for some new fans to play with and talk with on stream and vids. And just to watch my videos in general. Come check me out! :D
This is my official discord server, join us we have fun channels and a lit community!
Bits and pieces is a fun server with nsfw and memayz you will enjoy and remember stay frost nah im fucking wit yall.