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Hello! This is the official server of Adediant‘s fans! We would love to have you in our server, so please come and drop by and have a lit time 😛
Hello, I'm Orion and this is my YouTube community discord, heres what we have to offer!

🤖 Fun Bots, such as UnbelievaBoat or Pokecord!

🎵 For all the music lovers, we have a section for you!

📱 Advertising Of Social Medias!

🖌️We also have a section for art,photograhy and more!

🔊 Voice Chats, to chill in or listen to music!

And much more, so what are ya waiting for? Join Orion's Club Today!
A fan of PewDiePie? Well then Join the official PewDiePie fan server!
Official Discord of the gaming network Smithtainment.
- 3300+ Subscribers on youtube (As of 12/22/18)
- Wonderful Community
- Anime
- Music / Movies
- Gaming Servers (Specifically GMOD/Minecraft)
- Free Weekly Raffles For Games
Hello! I'm Xena Vamoux, and this is my server for my youtube ( as well as a community for people that likes "girly things" like celebrity gossip/drama, fashion, art, cute hentai/anime, "girly" games, shows, and all your obsessions you can talk about here. I also go live on from time to time. Come join me! :) <3
I'm a small youtuber (Cam Doesn't) and I figured i would make a discord for my viewers but it's gotten so quiet i could care less if you watch my stuff or not. Talk about gaming, memes, or whatever the hell else you're into. It's basically an everything bagel. Have fun!
Welcome to my server! Here you can just relax, have fun and do so many more things! You can:
● Listen to your favourite music
● Meet new people + make new friends
● Send your favourite memes
We're trying to make a kind environment which will help numerous people! You can do so many things here, and have a great time. We host game nights on Roblox which are fun to participate in!
If you have any problems, just visit the support chat and you'll find help!
Any questions at all? Just go to Miss Know it All at the submissions page.
Welcome to the Username Warriors! SmolToxins official discord roleplay server! The idea is to take your Warriors website generated name and make an OC out of it! But of course you are allowed to have more than one OC. So come check out the largest Warriors roleplay on discord!
Looking to promote your social media's such as YouTube Twitch & Twitter or your g=just a graphics DESIGNER that needs more more this server is just for you so JOIN now!
Hello, Welcome to Ducky Bhai's Official Discord server!
Meet with nice and amazing people
We have bots to have fun with
Find people to play with you
And sometimes Ducky does a Voice Chat with everyone
Have fun here
Welcome to BLANK!

Although it may sound, well, blank, we assure you, it is not.

We have many things, such as streamer roles and notifications, bots, voice chats, gaming channels, and more things than I am willing to list. We are just starting out, after my old server got raided, and we are hoping to grow. Join if you want, you won’t regret it!
On this server we talk about gaming you can find people to play with and to see reviews on games and what you enjoy. The longer your here for the higher role you get...
Krymena's Discord server with exclusive giveaways! Youtube: Krymena
Join today to become a part of our loving community!
Hey all! We are a group of people trying to form a tight knit community not just in mc but making friendships over shows, games and other interests. We are currently developing a awesome server but if you want to become a part of the community early let me know! It will be live in the tonight!
-What we have to offer-
-Custom Plugins to enhance your experience
-Custom Spawn! Over 80+ hrs worth of work!
-Community votes on version! (Play YOUR WAY!)
-Java Edition!
-So many other cool features, and more added by the day and your suggestions!
-Join now for early news, and beta access!
A very friendly, welcoming, and loving community. A YouTuber who loves interacting with his fans and active staff with all moderator actions publicly logged.
Welcome to the home of YouTubers across the world! YouTubers United, which is part of the Creators United Network, aims to be the place to talk about youtube, promote videos, talk about your channel and make new friends, and even collaborate! We are even trying to get brands involved for sponsorships!
You may also partner your server with us providing you have at least 50 members and provided you meet the other requirements
Hey everyone this server is for anyone who wants to join a new community The server was created for anyone who likes any UK youtubers, there are multiple different parts of the server e.g. dating, NSFW, heaps of text channels including memes and self advertising, heaps of voice chats for you and all your friends.
Collab and Advertise with over 175+ youtubers! We have youtubers that range from 20 subs to 36,000 subs! Enjoy!
The official discord server of r/ContraPoints.
A place to discuss Natalie Wynn aka ContraPoints and her work, or just generally to hang out with other Contra fans/people interested in her work in a safe space.
We have channels for debating, hanging out, discussing ContraPoints/other breadtube videos, memes, and more!
Just a server where we hang out and talk about Pokémon and random stuff :) Kid friendly
Ich habe zwar noch einen kleinen Server aber du kannst das ändern 😊.Tritt bei und du kannst dann ein nettes Team und Viele Leute Kennenlernen und mit ihnen deine Lieblingsspiele Spielen 🎮❤
Viel Spaß auf unserem Server wünscht dir das Team Lektro ❤👌✔
This is a fun place where people can all get along and have fun together.You can get your youtube and twitch promoted as well..:) (with permission),NO NSFW,We also talk about anime