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This is Crossing Community! Discuss Animal Crossing with many other fans, play together, share art, and more! Dedicated to being a positive and safe space for everyone.

⭐ Special Colored Roles
⭐ Server Events
⭐ All the latest AC News!
⭐ Top-tier Bob emojis

• YouTube: Crossing Channel
• Twitter: @crossingchannel
The HelloGreedo Cantina is the official discord server for the Youtuber HelloGreedo. We're the primary destination for all things Star Wars and for other entertainment. This server offers Star Wars discussions, debates, memes, and more! Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply a lover of all film, I think you’ll enjoy the HelloGreedo Server.
Hi, My name is CT Thunder, I'm a Youtuber, this discord server is very chill(Satire jokes here and thereXD). Top 10 most active of every month(xp resets every month to make it fair) in my server gets free nitro (:
Hello There! Are you looking for a discord server to chill out? Are you looking for a discord server for a YouTube channel? Then this server is for you! Please keep it family friendly
Welcome to our community of LDRS fans.

A discord server for those who are new to game & willing to team up with others or not very much familiar with game dynamics.

This group mainly focus on ldrs and other small topics of other game mobile/pc games as of members choice.

The admin even has a YouTube Channel, including tutorials & some cool content regarding ldrs.
Discord for the Youtuber Matty Boe
* Tutorial channels to help you grow!
* Helpful community!
* Advertise your page!
In this server we help you gain followers on Instagram. But it is also a place to engage with other people to grow your page
We're a small discord server for every channel on Youtube! Do you want to share your channel and videos with the community? Then this discord server is for you! Talk with the community about recent events, youtube news and more :)
Do you want to grow your channel, get more views and subscribers? Get advice on your channel, content and gfx? On this server there are many channels to help you become a better YouTuber and grow your channel, find other people to collaborate with and get a channel review. We provide a friendly and chilled out community, and are always welcoming new members. Join today and grow together!
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
This discord server has many different channels
Discuss Minecraft
Minecraft Command Block and Technical Help
Find people to play wih on all platforms
Share Your Builds and Creations
Befriend Other Members!
Staff Applications OPEN NOW!
Server EVENTS coming soon!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
A Discord Server for all people
Run by the YouTuber LordFox:
A chill community for everyone and anyone
We are a gaming community and we even have our own lounge so that everyone can meet new people! This communtiy was built from my fan base now its growing!

Alot of bots

Voice Channels for all gamers & non gamers

🙅‍ Make new friends 🙋‍‍

Active staff

We even have our own music channel!

memes & even selfies
```Ever heard of the YouTube Channel GroundControl? Say no more! This is the official discord server for GroundControl. Not only that, but we have everything listed below:

[ ] - Active chats 😍

[ ] - Promotion on your YouTube and Discord 💸

[ ] - Many bots to interact with 🤑

[ ] - Giveaways! Nitro giveaway soon? 🎉

[ ] We hope your time at GroundControl 😁

[ ] Invite Link: ```
Hello all, I am a growing Youtuber (BorkPlayz) and I've created this server to communicate with any of my viewers/fans and anyone who has interest in the Roblox/Minecraft community. You can join to make new friends in case you get lonely,bored or need a buddy...i am also personally here and others are too. You're welcomed to join the fun and interact with new people!!!

My Youtube Channel-

Also...server is brand new under beta and construction, suggestions are welcomed :)
A small community who are able to advertise their content to other content creators and collaborate.
We have several gaming roles and a variety of bots.
This server also promotes Adriisy's content.
------------ ち Syntax Nime Indonesia ----------
🌺Santuy, Siapapun anda Kami Welcome asal Mematuhi Rules Server.🌺

Server Link :
Fasilitas :
🌺 Chat & Voice (english / Indo / Random chat /Toxic)
🌺 Gaming Room / Mabar
🌺 Owner & Staff ramah & Selalu open ke member baru
🌺 Open Partnership
🌺 Music Room
🌺 Game Discord
🌺 Promote link Discord
🌺 Hampir tiap malam voice bareng + Streaming
🌺 News Lengkap (Berita, Job Fair, Anime, Game, dll)
🌺 Event Nitro Tiap Bulan.
🌺 Giveaway

Jika Teman" Berminat silahkan Mampir di ち Syntax Nime Indonesia
Ditunggu Ya!!!!
Welcome to the thortle squad!

I am a starting youtuber and hoping to grow! We have a lot for you to enjoy in this sfw server!

TONS of voice chats
Loads of text channels
Really amazing staff
Friendly members
And more to come!
NicimakiClips official discord server.

This is NicimakiArmy, server for all kinds of people!
We have channels for chilling, advert, gamers, nordic people, slavic people and if there's something you want to suggest the feel free to do so :)

We also have a LOT of voice channels that you can use for your needs.
The server was created over a year and we have a lot of members, so enjoy your time here and hope you will be flattered to be a part of this beautiful community.

Server link:

Sub 2 NicimakiClips or he will eat your cookies:
Welcome to RYG, the official community for the "Roblox Youtuber Group" on Roblox!
⭐️RYG is the largest content creator group on Roblox (Over 18k members in the group) ⭐️

🔴What We Offer: 🔴
-Friendly Supportive Community
-Channel/Video Advertising
-YouTube Help and Resources
-Server Events (i.e. game nights)
-Invite Programs
-Nitro Benefits
Much more!

👍Join if you are a YouTuber, or just enjoy watching and supporting channels on YouTube. 👍
Hi!! Welcome to my server!!
I hope you enjoy staying!!

We got Anime, Fandoms, Video games, Art, nsfw, music and ocs (roleplaying)

Hope you love it!!
Looking to promote your social media's such as YouTube Twitch & Twitter or your g=just a graphics DESIGNER that needs more more this server is just for you so JOIN now!
Just a server based with memes and TONS fun bots with an Adventure Time theme.
A place to chill and play games with others! Also get notified when I upload a video or livestream on Twitch.