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HurtLockerGaming is a group of gamers that play FPS, Survival, Crafting, and Battle Royale style games. We are between the ages of 20 - 60. Looking for more people to squad up with and join the community! Looking for chill down to earth players that aren't annoying, underage, know it all's, rude/aggressive/sexist, really just bringing any toxicity to our community. We play on other servers for specific games, but we have hosted servers of our own as well!
Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • 24/7
Level up system • Self assignable roles
Fun • Meme • Pokemon • Music bots
Game Giveaways • Up to $50!
Gaming • LFG • Hype!
Media • Movies • Music • Technology channels • And more
Community Hosted Game Servers!
Announcements • News • Patch Updates
Advertising Channels!
Come check us out, you might like it!
Are you looking for a gaming community with limited rules and restriction? Are you a fan of Mobas, FPS, Battle Royals, melee combat oriented and fighting games etc? Then look no further! Outer Heaven is the place for you!

If you play games like Rainbow Six: Siege, Hunt: Showdown, Escape from Tarkov, Mortal Kombat, Ring of Elysium, PubG, CS:GO, League of Legends, Quake Champions or anything else that comes to mind then you should feel right at home.

Feel free to join us for some fun, exciting, and humor filled games
Mythic Reign is a community for mature people of all kinds, certainly heavily focused on Gaming and Social activities. We're a family and enjoy a good sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself, or take darker humor, you've come to the right place! Movie Nights, Crazy Conversation, and lot's of fun!
A friendly server for littles and caregivers alike who enjoy playing Overwatch! All platforms are welcome. We have Overwatch emojis, and much more!!!
I have started a discord server dedicated for Call of Duty Mobile scrims, or anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level. I’m looking to fill the server with veterans who could teach new players a thing or two. If you are interested, please DM me so I can send you a link. First 10 members will be given honorary “Founder” roles. I look forward to meeting everyone and starting a community
Welcome to PDS - The Planetside Discord Server!

The server is intended to be a hub for discussion and play of Planetside in and out of the game. New players and salty vets are all welcome! We also run our own casual outfit for the server and regularly form squads, simply search for PDS in the outfit browser to join.
We are small for now. Very few rules. Link up for games. Dose bot, levels, and roles. Community decided changes. Play apex
Rainbow Six Siege Discord
All platforms accepted
All are welcome from New Players to Experienced
This discord is open to anyone but PLEASE ask before posting ANY self-promotion!
Welcome to our public Gaming Discord. We need more members to fill up the community, we're hiring staff positions.
🕹-Rainbow Six Siege
🕹-Apex Legends
🕹-Dead by Deadlight
🕹-Garry's Mod
🕹-Grand Theft Auto V

A fun Splatoon 2 server dedicated to keeping the splatfest alive. If you're interested in participating in fun community events, this is the server for you!
This server is a friendly community, a community which would like to grow to become a large gaming community for people to connect with each other and play games together. This server gives people the opportunity to play with bots in discord, chat to people, play games with other people and much more!
Hey guys!
Welcome to Paladins Team Finder!
This discord server is mainly based around the Hi-Rez game; "Paladins".
In this server you can talk to other Paladins players about anything got to do with the game and you can find people to play with!
If that doesn't float your boat there is a section where you can talk about what ever you want!
This is a new server and I am looking for people which would like to join to play games and also help out in building this server.

Server owner: D3monGaming
Welcome to Mango's server. We are mainly an EFT server, with many channels to socialize in and great moderation.

We're just looking for more people to join and talk & game on EFT and many other games with us. We have around 100 people in the server already and we'd really like to see you join also!

Thanks, hope you check us out :)
Welcome to Modern Warfare Hub, a fan-made Discord community for the upcoming Modern Warfare. Here you can talk about the game, discuss trailers, gameplay videos and much more. Find people to play with and make new friends!
➙Short Gang Is The Personal Discord of Streamer Toxicc Shortiee

✦Supportive Of Small Streamers
✦Interactive With Viewers And Members
✦Community Nights Every Weekend
✦Laid Back And Chill Mods
✦Rooms For All

✦Support Her as She Supports You!✦
Welcome to our Discord Server of Forgotten Hope 1, best war mod of the great legendary battlefield 1942! Free, easy to get, no installation need, no original bf1942 needed!

To get all information how to get the game for free and join our server visit us!

We are playing every evening with up to 50 Players! 269 maps! use planes, tanks and ships!
Play in HD on the second world war theatre
The community of the upcoming game "Devil's Punishment". For more information about what this game is about follow this link here: