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A gaming community for friendly communication and gameplay sharing, don't forget to share your best memes! We play all kinds of games!
- Overwatch
- WarThunder
- Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
- Crusader Kings 2
- Stellaris
- And many many more!
Hey guys!
Welcome to Paladins Team Finder!
This discord server is mainly based around the Hi-Rez game; "Paladins".
In this server you can talk to other Paladins players about anything got to do with the game and you can find people to play with!
With almost 400 active members from all over the world, there is always someone who you can play with.
If that doesn't float your boat there is a section where you can talk about what ever you want!
The server is nearing 400 active members and we hope to see you join in.

Server owner: D3monGaming
We are a server based on the Call of Duty Mobile game. Here we will mostly talk about game aspects and post news about updates. We are willing to make friends, play together and grow as a strong and balanced community.
Our Server is a place for any games.Need Someone to play with?
Our Server Feature is
-Mobile Games
-PC Games
-Bot Plays
-Anime News
-BBCI News
-Voice Chat
Greetings! and welcome to HellishLegion Gaming Community.
We are a chill bunch of like-minded people who enjoy gaming, socialising on Discord and having a HELL of a time!
Join us - don’t be shy and share your story, post your pics and comments and just get involved.
We focus on creating an active and enjoyable community to call home for our members.
Play with your friends, and make some new ones.
Enjoy the community, be part of our family!

We looking for people that can benefit the community!
We Have - We Offer
- A super-friendly Developer Crew!
- Media-Section
- Support Channel and Workshops
- Active and Growing 24/7 Community
- In-Game Events
- Gaming Chat
- Elder Scrolls Online Guild (+18 PC/EU)
- Rainbow Six Siege Community Team (+18 PC/EU)

We are looking forward to growing this gaming community for years to come!
Be kind and be mature - everyone is here to have fun.
We are also looking at establishing a gaming server in the near future.
Currently looking to establish teams/gaming servers etc.

-Kind Regards, The Hellish Legion Community
An organized community for Squad part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Klowxy Mods connects modders with players in some of the most popular multiplayer games including GTA V Online and more.
A chilled out relaxed discord server which primary focus is to organize Halo events like custom games and game nights. We host giveaways to longtime members and have a awesome community.
We are looking for members to join our casual clan "ShadowReapers19". Our clan is a small community of players who are playing the game as it should be, full of mutual respect and members that wish to help each other.


1. Respect is key, any lack of respect will automatically remove your clan status.
2. No Swearing - As much as it defines us as a adult, there is just no need.
3. Have Fun - This is key, the game is made for enjoyment not for getting angry at.

1. You must be active on discord, this is how the clan will communicate.
2. You must contribute to the clan activity, we are looking for at least 250 activity points per week
3. Active, we will remove members that have not been active for a while - this allows for other active players to claim your spot.
4. Invite the clan to games - We get more activity the more you play together - plus, you get more exp for playing with the clan!

Join our discord channel: to apply to become one of us!

Thank you for your time, and look forward to meeting you!
ShadowReapers19 Leader Team
We are a new EFT server, like not kidding. Brand spanking new. After doing some searching I realized that anyone looking for other people to play with doesn't work by simply pressing the "looking for group" button while in game. So I created this in hopes it will grow and we can all play and enjoy our time together! If you ever have any questions about the game, or a walkthrough, just ask!
Blendr is a growing community of CSGO players looking for a friendly community, somone to play with, or just to make friends with.
This is Lion, we are a NEW bronze to grandmaster Overwatch clan! Most things in this server are a work in progress but join if you’d like a team, it would help our progress! (No kids)
ZPYR (ZEPHYR) is a casual clan looking for decent players who are active in-game as well as discord and can help build our community.

> You can stay in the server to chill with others even if you didn't get into the clan.

> MOST IMPORTANT THING : You will be paid weekly to represent our clan as a member.

Welcome to UEPDS (Short form of Unofficial Entry Point Discord Server) where all operatives all over the globe gather! No matter if you are an operative on Halcyon, Phoenix, or even your organization, you could hang out with other operatives or maybe cooperate and do missions with them! Have a look at what we got!

Servers are used to SERVE people (No pun intended). so here is how we serve you:
>>Chats, and guess what? They are b e a u t i f u l~
>>A lot of Voice Channels. And yes, this is serious.
>>One super duper secret on how to play Shadow War differently.
>>Music by Sparrow! (Was nicknamed. It's Groovy)
>>And last but not least, Drumroll please~ Trusty Admins and Moderators!

New server- work in progress.
We are a Rainbow Six Siege server, particularly focusing in Oceanic areas. We would prefer people from Oceania to join our small community.
What we have to offer:
- Nice members
- Roles
- Freedom of speech
- A Siege squad
- A chance to make friends!
Please consider joining, we're quite small and hopefully, we can grow into a large community with your help.
(BEWARE: We are not Siege based. Other games are included, anyone is accepted into our server.)
Please join! Thanks. :)
We are Enchanted Fury and we are striving to be #1 and get more popular, we are a fun team and cool to hangout with, so pls join 😊
Hello, my name is Commanding General LivinLaVidaYoda and I own a military group. I currently own the group and see potential in it. We have a ROBLOX training center, fort, roblox group, and more. We host daily tryouts ranging from Recruitments, PT, CT, to navy seal trainings. We also have cool activities for enlisted members, since we know the military can be boring. Activities include: Movie nights (hosted by the FADM of the Navy), gaming nights, and more! We currently have 4 branches (Navy, Marines, Army, Airforce 💂) and have about 3-10 divisions for each branch (Seals, 1ID, Airborne, rangers, Military Police and more!!!.) We make promotions quite easy and becoming a officer is not too hard (2 weeks in officer canidate school). Finally we are hiring devs for the fort so DM @LivinLaVidaYoda for more info on that. I am in need of officers, devs, NCOs, SGTs, instructors, squad leaders, and more I hope to see you on the bus to bootcamp!


(FOR ANY QUESTIONS: LivinLaVidaYoda#7578)

-Signed CG LivinLaVidaYoda.
HurtLockerGaming is a group of gamers that play FPS, Survival, Crafting, and Battle Royale style games. We are between the ages of 20 - 60. Looking for more people to squad up with and join the community! Looking for chill down to earth players that aren't annoying, underage, know it all's, rude/aggressive/sexist, really just bringing any toxicity to our community. We play on other servers for specific games, but we have hosted servers of our own as well!
Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • 24/7
Level up system • Self assignable roles
Fun • Meme • Pokemon • Music bots
Game Giveaways • Up to $50!
Gaming • LFG • Hype!
Media • Movies • Music • Technology channels • And more
Community Hosted Game Servers!
Announcements • News • Patch Updates
Advertising Channels!
Come check us out, you might like it!
Gaming Central is a server where all sorts of people are welcome. They're no rules or requirements when being in the server. We have tons of roles and we're looking to gain more people! 1 admin is needed in particular.
For fans of the classic Doom games, derivative games utilizing the Doom engine, level-editing/modding, history, tech and development, etc.
This server was created as a place for multiple gaming communities to chill and hangout, in the library, we got:

-Bots 🤖 (Used for Music, Leveling XP, and more!)
-Game Night's 🎮 (Casual Games, Party Games, and more!)
-Memes 🤑 (Ah yes 5Head)
-Community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (Lots of interaction, make some new friends!)

There's lots more to see! I am also a twitch streamer so here's the link to my twitch channel feel free to hit that follow button, and we welcome you to the server!
We are a gaming server that has friendly people and a small community.
We mostly play GTA 5 , Minecraft , apex legends and rust. We do have a nsfw section so you have to be 18+ in our server. Mics are required because we are always in voice chat.