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Welcome to The Peaceful Gaming Planet!, We are currently under updates, and looking forward to build a community team!. We love to play video games. Would be nice to create a friendly peaceful community! :D
Server para reunir todos os Gamers do Brasil and World, Otakus, fãs de Seriados e Animes em geral. Jogos Atuais como CS, LOL, Minecrat, Dota, Freefire, Fortine, Battlegrounds ETC..e Retro GameS.
The official Discord server for Tachyon Gaming! We're a friendly gaming community that embraces oddness and likes to open airplane doors mid-flight. We cover a bunch of topics, from music to flight sims to strategy to food! Stop on by, hang out, and check out our streams!

We're a military-friendly server.

We embrace multiple languages. At time of writing, we have English and Russian speakers.
Server for overwatch pugs (pick up games) which is basically better Comp, and also a server to find people to play comp with. Basically PC only, but if we get more people maybe we could expand to Console.

1. Must join voice chat
2. Must cooperate with your team
3. No toxicity
4. Two heroes will be banned for each game, both teams pick one hero each to ban
5. The map gets chosen so we don’t get shitty maps like horizon LUL colony
6. Have fun and don’t be a dick
7. Don’t leave mid game
8. There is a draft: I flip a coin to decide who picks first, it goes 1-2-2-2-2-2-1 so it is 6 on each team, the first two people who want to be captains will be captains and will pick their team members
This server is all about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege with the awesome operators we all love! In this server you can set up your own game session, check your stats on the game and do much more! We support all kinds of platforms and are very friendly!
The Intel is the biggest Team Fortress 2 themed server there is (below Youtuber ones), with more than 500+ members. We love discussing the game, daily memes, art of vintage media and more! Come join The Intel now!
Just a fun group of guys who like to game and have fun. Join if you want and your guaranteed a good time
Short High Kids! the place where People from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners.
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
Any Minecraft, Terraria, cs:go, Fnbr, .io, online, or simulation gamers are welcome!

➖A community of players looking for a friend or looking to play some games!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖Gift card Giveaways and mc ranks
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Trolling events
and Rank Giveaways

A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. - (Owner and Administration team-The0pDuck)

Come Join a great online gaming community, and follow some of the best streams on Twitch with us!
GameIT - The online gaming community for everyone! Join and get verified! We're constantly adding roles and we'd love your suggestions
Our Goal Is to Make This Clan POPULAR, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE and
FANTASTIC! We have really Kind ADMINS and Awesome People!!!!
I Hope You will Enjoy This Clan. Hope you're Happy :D
This is a Twitch broadcasters server, but it has a lot of space to goof around in, so feel free to lurk.
Team Jibsack is a gaming-focused server but we also have different interests such as technology and anime!
We aren't a serious group and like to keep things chill, so there isn't any serious set of rules setup. All we ask is to just be chill and not cause any BS.

Lastly, keep out if you quickly find things offensive. Just saying. COME JOIN!

- ikram#8182 (Owner)
- Super relaxed gaming server, Talk, Lurk, post memes anyone and everyone is welcomed.
-Something about us: We are just a close group of friends since middle school and want to branch out to become a huge gaming hub where anyone is friendly and welcomed!

Cool Features:

+Multiple Bots to help run the server.
+Huge roles and special seasonal roles for limited time
+Ranking system using levels to get a better rank
+Many channels are open and also private channels for those who want private chats
+Very nice admins and mods

We are a small community but strong and striving to get bigger!

Join us today!
Big community with over 3700 members and growing steadily daily. Join to meet friends, join in on community fun, or conversation. Find players to team up with.
✧Welcome to Overwatch Comp Finder✧
Here is a List of the following features we have:
✔ - Voice channels for all platforms
✔ - Active members
✔ - Self Roles for displaying what you play
✔ - Vast range of SR and Ranks
✔ - Reliable Staff
✔ - Fun Bot Commands
✔ - New Hero Guesses
✔ - Polls for Events and skins Regularly
✔ - Updates on Recent Overwatch News
✔ - Highlight and Potg channel
✔ - Reminders of when Overwatch streamers go live
Here is what we DO NOT have:
✖-Uncertified Bots
✖-Toxic Players
Bots We Have Currently:
◈Simple Poll
✧Invite all those who have the game!✧
-Join here in case the other link does not work-

Hello there! We are a group of people who have created the 47th Demon Division for fun and so we can play Arma III serious while also chill. Come and join and experience the fun as we do many operations and scenarios, once you have joined ask for an admin or founder for any help.
Mama's Overwatch Guild is a community-based league recruiting PlayStation players! The server is split up into 3 Tiers: Bronze to Silver, Gold to mid-Platinum, and High-Platinum to Masters. Within each tier, there will be 6 teams that will play against one another in a tournament-style once a week. If you're looking for a community that prides itself upon respect and community for one another, this is the league for you!
Tukcker's is a small Australian community. Although we are primarily revolved around FPS games, our members have their fair share of hobbies; whether it be music or video editing, all are welcome and supported.
* Self Promo
* Gaming Chats
* Platform & Game roles
* Nice Community
Join, find some buddies, win.
We are a small gaming community trying to grow. You can talk about your favourite games or just life in general! Be sure to stop by and say hello!
This is the official Discord server for Operation Lone Wolf the game.
It's an upcoming FPS game, to be released into early access October 1st on Steam.
Official Trailer:
A small twitch community looking to gain in numbers to conquer the discord world by any means necessary
This server hopes to serve as a hub for Xbox players of Overwatch to meet and play together!