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Hi! we are just a new and growing community of arsenal!
we will do tournaments as we grow!
if u like arsenal join ;3

Hola! somos una nueva y creciente comunidad de arsenal
haremos torneos a medida que crecemos!
si te gusta arsenal unite ;3

This is a discord server that include cs 1.6 players
Acest server este de cs 1.6
Welcome to: Rainbow Six Siege

Here, we enjoy chilling out, talking about R6S, and generally having a good time! Don’t scroll down just yet, even if you don’t play video games / R6 we still like having fun!

What we offer:

Countless roles to fit your style!

A wide variety of channels!

Friendly, kind staff!


Special thanks and shoutouts!

Special VIP role!

- Access to early announcements, exclusive giveaways, talk directly to staff, chill with other VIP’s and more!

Welcome to partnerships!

LFG’s (Looking For Group’s)

Every character bio in the game

And more! Be sure to join and leave us a rating! We might even give you a free shoutout and VIP role!
Serveur de la team Underrisk. Nous faisons principalement du Rainbow Six Siege et nou comptons atteindre le Diament ou plus. Tout les membre de la team sont level plat ou plus !
The point is that you never have to solo que so invite anyone and everyone of all ranks.
Hello, this is a competitive * NEW * server which you can have fun and play Arsenal with other members of the server, Enjoy!
This is a server to game, have fun in, and also talk. We are always talking and I am always in the vc. We have waifu wars, and bot games. We love anime. Come join us!
A small server where people can come together and play Rainbow Six siege, other video games or just vibe.

We also have memes.
We are a strong growing 280+ community for Valorant players NA based , looking to squad up for casual or competitive matches , We have lots of respectful people and a great place to grow your content.


- Chill Valorant community
- Fun Valorant emotes
- Music bot, memes, and auto roles for ranks
- Easy to find squads and many more!
- Weekly scrims . Friday 7:30pm Est -
- Monthly tournaments coming soon!
- Become a Supporter to enter Give-aways!

The more we grow the more things we will add to the server in the future!
So join V Money Valorant Today!!
We are the best at what we do, have fun and play FPS. We have Sherpas to help new folks. Boosted server, to improve gaming experience with better audio quality. We have tactical push-to-talk rooms, we have giveaways. Our goal is to create a great gaming experience and make a friend or two along the way. We have two rules:
1. Do not cheat anyone or the game
2. Have fun!
Hope to see you in there!
200+ Member Rainbow Six Siege Discord server!

Daily 5v5 Scrims at 8 & 10 pm EST

Friendly and respectful community

Active staff members

Giveaways every 100 members!
Welcome To EXE_Gaming,
We are a COD Mobile Gaming Clan

★ What we expect from you:
• A good understanding of the game, decent map awareness.
• Must be at least lv. 40, and must have achieved at least Elite 5 rank in any season.
• The ability to use voice communication via discord or in-game whilst playing. (communication is key!)
• Must be at least 14 years of age

★ What you can expect from us:
• A friendly, non-toxic and casual environment with memes and music parties. We are a close-knit community.
• A family of sorts; and not just another clan where one can park their account in.
Hello welcome to EXL eSports. In this server we host tournaments for up and coming eSports teams. We have a friendly and a competitive section so whatever type of team you are you can join us! Please head to #role-request to register your team!

We have two league for both regions NA and EU. Our competitive league consists of 3 tournaments per season, with map banning, and pro league rules. Soon we will have price pools for our competitive league so stay tuned for that. In our friendly league we have fun mini tourneys. For example we are having a rework tournament with the new operators only on the map house. All you have to do is select your region and request a role for you team. After that your all set.
Benvenuto su FPS Guys, qui troverai la calorosa famiglia di veri Gamer che stai cercando! Questo server nasce a stampo FPS, ma ora sta diventando una grande Hub, per molti generi differenti. Consigliamo di essere particolarmente attivi! Sconsigliamo l'entrata a gente che entra solo per fare 4 chiacchere o che non possiede un pc da gioco, teniamo a creare forte attività videoludica!
Hey, this is a small CS clan that we are starting and we'd love to have you join.
We're welcome to all ranks (we know how hard it is to get out of silver).
The best of the world's operators have come together to form Task Force Rainbow, an elite division dedicated to the response to terrorist attacks. Pick a character, a canon operator or an approved OC, and work with your team to face the threat head-on.

+This is a Roleplay server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege, where you will be role-playing operators from the game, building character, making headcanons, and interacting with other Muse's and Mun's. It's descriptive, and texting based role play..

Staff Notes:
+We, the staff, encourage rich storytelling, detailed roleplay, and above all a commitment to having fun. We require that you are of age to participate, as we do allow mature themes.
+Our staff is enthusiastic about encouraging other members of the community to join in during role play, or have themselves personally engage with said role-player.

Events are hosted by our GM staff, The Gm’s will tell the higher-ups of their event and get approved, then announce their event for the future. The events will always be a week out and not just unexpected and unannounced.
Disclaimer: During events, we keep it very serious.
Hello everyone! Gamernation server aims to bring together gamers from all genres together to discuss and excel at gaming. We are looking forward to your participation!
Join our friendly Rainbow Six Siege Community: A server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege and overall chatting with friends. Our community is very friendly
Community minded group of players of all levels. Always friendly and welcoming. New to the game or 'pro' and looking for others to team up with? Have a working mic ? Drop in and say hello. Relaxed / tactical mixed with good friendly banter, humour and chill. US/ EU

*18+ AND not easily offended
*Good Mic etiquette is important (Please no hot mics)
*Please be patient and quiet when joining a channel that has players in a raid
We are a chill CSGO community. It's a new, growing server so feel free to hop in! Come here to find people to play with, hangout with others and chill.

We hope you enjoy your stay here :)
serveur de 2 streamer 🎮 avec leur communauté 🖤

tout joueur est bienvenu pour bâtir une communauté, live tout les soirs, joue avec les viewers, et de la détente à bientôt 👋