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Hi there!!
This is a Server where you can have fun in any kind of Games and with other Friendly people in the Server..... and Everyone is welcomed !
We are having a Gaming! Clan join us if you are intrested!
We’re a small community of friendly people who like Overwatch! We have everything you need for a server like us! From ships to clips we have enough to supply you with fun for the whole family! Even though we aren't the BEST players we try! I hope you enjoy.
Fortnite Battle Royale Server!!!!
Daily Item Shop!
Personal Stats!!!
Active staff!
Nice community!
If you like this stuff then you should join!
The Official Unofficial Bioshock Discord Server!
The place where we discuss Bioshock related things!

We have several channels about everything Bioshock from lore to memes!

Several bots designed for different purposes, so you can get the best out of your experience!

Haven't finished one of the games yet? No problem! Spoilers aren't allowed outside the spoiler designated channels, so you can get the best out of the games and the server without ruining the fun!

Wanna go off-topic from Bioshock related things? No problem!
As we have channels designated to Bioshock and Non-Bioshock related things, and a lot of them are even both!

Scared the server will die soon? Most unlikely! We have tons of people on the server and it's growing! With many new users coming in each day at an increasing rate!

So head along to the Bioshock server and don't miss the fun! We guarantee you'll have great fun here whether you are a Bioshock fan or just a person who came across us!
Salut soldat !

Je te présente le serveur discord Battalion1944.
Ce serveur est réservé aux joueurs Battalion1944 évoluant sur Faceit.
Sur ce serveur vous aurez accès à:
• Mon profil: Possibilité de changer votre niveau & ligue ainsi que d'activer ou non les notifications du serveur.
• Recherche d'un profil: Afin de construire une équipe.
• Streaming: Pour regarder un live Battalion1944 ou pour partager le votre.
• Battalion1944: Principalement les channels vocaux afin de jouer w/ votre équipe.
Generic Payday 2 Discord Server. Looking for mates to play with or discuss the game? Welcome!
Hey guys!
Welcome to Paladins Team Finder!
This discord server is mainly based around the Hi-Rez game; "Paladins".
In this server you can talk to other Paladins players about anything got to do with the game and you can find people to play with!
If that doesn't float your boat there is a section where you can talk about what ever you want!
This is a new server and I am looking for people which would like to join to play games and also help out in building this server.

Server owner: D3monGaming
The three BorderLads (Dr. Noclip, Tetra fanatilal., and Cryonistic) stream periodically on this server while a community (the members here) watch the streams, complete with a Stream Chat VC.
Just a fun group of guys who like to game and have fun. Join if you want and your guaranteed a good time
We are a Roblox server specifically dedicated​ to Arsenal, Join if you want to try out for the clan or just be party of a nice community! We have fun, interactive bots with and a non toxic, friendly community.
this server gives everything you have always wanted:
-Fun, Gaming, Friends, Good Music, Stats and much more.
Main language: Croatian
But dont because we never use while communicating with teammates.
If those reasons up there convinced you to join then idk what are u waiting for !?!?!??
Come and Boost TheBoost! group :D
Were a top tier north American critical ops team that competes daily.
A new gaming group focused on overwatch but plan on expanding to more games.
we are pretty chill and are mainly focused on having a good time
doesnt matter if you are top 500 or only 500sr we are here to have fun and help out one another
hope to see you around
Gods and Goddesses' Gaming is formerly known as "The Lifestyle Avenue" which was named after the name of the blog of the server owner, Athena Tria. Athena is a blogger and streamer. G&G Gaming is a small community of gamers, and people who just want to hang out.

Mini games:
Dank Memer
Idle RPG

Mortals - Level 0
Warriors - Level 10
Demigods - Level 20
Olympians - Moderators

Global emotes are available. Currently we have 100 emotes, and 100 animated emotes. [Boost the server to unlock more!]

Permanent Invite Link:
Benvenuto su FPS Guys, qui troverai la calorosa famiglia di veri Gamer che stai cercando! Questo server nasce a stampo FPS, ma ora sta diventando una grande Hub, per molti generi differenti. Consigliamo di avere almeno 14 anni ed essere particolarmente attivi! Vogliamo creare alta attività vocale così da conoscere tutti e "Sciogliere il Ghiaccio!". Ah si dimenticavo "ODIAMO FORTNITE", quindi se ci giochi risparmiaci l'ennesimo "BAN"!
Zula oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Server baru dari Indonesia, gamers community untuk mencari teman main bareng, baik itu quick play ataupun competitive game!
Red Star Militia is currently seeking those who wish to join our ranks. We are a milsim based group with military ranks and structure. Come on by and check us out, im sure you will enjoy your stay.
pubg mobile chat, find people with similar interests and let’s chat!
(wip, not perfect haha)
PVP people in this server! gain points! arsenal discord server
- Super relaxed gaming server, Talk, Lurk, post memes anyone and everyone is welcomed.
-Something about us: We are just a close group of friends since middle school and want to branch out to become a huge gaming hub where anyone is friendly and welcomed!

Cool Features:

+Multiple Bots to help run the server.
+Huge roles and special seasonal roles for limited time
+Ranking system using levels to get a better rank
+Many channels are open and also private channels for those who want private chats
+Very nice admins and mods

We are a small community but strong and striving to get bigger!

Join us today!
Willkommen auf den Ofizielen Deutschen Free Fire Server
Help you with pc or leptop issues we have highly qualified people which can help you who have learned computer science and also can help you build pc anything related to pc we can help you with
Streamer's Discord
Many platforms and game chats
Feel free to check to see who is on and wants to play!