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The infection came with a surprise to the world, the world wasn’t prepared for something of this size. The world’s government couldn’t do much since from the time it was considered a medicine to help people last longer. The infection was spreading fast, most took it willingly though nobody knew what it really did until the first death occurred. The pill that most people took, continued to affect them after death. The dead rose from the earth, with an insatiable hunger for meat. The first wave was seen as a cult, and was quickly dispatched by the police. After the first wave, the government began to recall the medicine. Most people were under quarantine and being researched, the effect didn’t show up in testing and the government tried to contain it at first. A group, trying to take down the government found out why everyone was being taken and put into government facilities. The group planned a heist to break them all out, and managed to hire Private Military Corporations to help the breakout. The plan went off and it resulted in many deaths, though they got the civilians stuck in the facilities out and back to their families. The government reacted by hunting the infected down, though this backfired on them. The infected regenerated from being killed or shot down, they overwhelmed the hospital morgues they were left in. The cure for death itself, turned into a disease to end mankind. The police stood no chance to the hordes that broke out, the infected that fled the country began to turn and begin the outbreak in the countries in the world. The world blew into chaos, governments fell and military forces broke apart. Regular life was breaking down, normal everyday citizens added added survival to their daily routine.
16 hours ago
We are a Zombie PVE/PVP Rp server.
We offer Class/Loadouts, And Factions,
Also an Economy system, Trading and Item System. And!, An Auto Zombie Spawn for Endless Fighting. Come Pick your class and Fight Zombies!
2 days ago
The chaos is causing the world to crumble and burn, literally as much as figuratively and much of the urban environment becoming ruins as survivors, bandits and zombies alike wander through and destroy more of the world each time. Earth has faced many extinction level events in its 14 billion year existence, but nothing like this.
Can humanity survive in a world where you kill?
3 days ago
The whole world has gone to ruins and its up to you how you survive
6 days ago
Cold Comfort is an asymmetrical cooperative and multiplayer first-person zombie game currently under development; the illegitimate love child between Rainbows Six Siege and Left 4 Dead. More info on our website
136 days ago