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Welcome to TWD: Cherokee Rose. A literate Walking Dead RP!

We are a roleplay server with a story that begins when the Atlanta Survivors find themselves on the Greene Farm. From this point on, we will be creating our own story, with a mixture of both Canon and Original Characters. The familiar story of The Walking Dead will change as we go, and unexpected events may take place- the world is not as it seems. So keep a weary eye out for new and exciting threats.

In this server we are looking for descriptive, literate writers who respond with at least 1 to 2 paragraphs. We expect respect between writers, and encourage friendly chatting. We are a group of loving fans looking forward to making our own story with both familiar and new characters!

All people who join must complete a character application before joining the RP. And please be aware that not all character sheets will be accepted! We are looking for high quality writers who are willing to put time and effort into creating a brand new story! If you're interested? Come and check us out, we are excited to welcome new Writers into our community.
Come join our Zombie Apocalypse role play server! Heavily based on The Walking Dead, create your own characters (oc’s), take a show or comic character from The Walking Dead and have fun!

We Are The Walking Dead

Set in the same universe/continuity of The Walking Dead television series (With the exception of Fear Season's 4+5) - You are a survivor, living in a world 4 years into an outbreak that struck in 2010. You must scavenge for supplies, create new allies, meet new foes, find safe-havens, fight the dead, and fear the living. The world of The Walking Dead television series is vast - YOU are a survivor. What is your story?

Types of roleplays:

- Survive The Walking Dead: Winter is on it's way, and a small group of survivors find themselves within the grasp of a new home - a *community*. Until our group is forced to meet its past, and face dire consequences... (Storydriven - Season 4. 1½ years in.)
- Become The Walking Dead: (Starting soon) 2 groups of high school students on a field trip from LA and Ohio, get stuck in Florida, as a strange new virus sweeps the nation, leaving these students thousands of miles away from family, loved ones, and a true means of survival. (Storydriven - Season 1. Very beginning, 2010.)
- Freeforms: Roughly 4¾ years in, YOU are a survivor, living in a post-apocalyptic world. Scavenge for supplies. Meet new allies. Create new enemies. Fight the dead... And fear the living.

What else do we offer?

- Literate roleplay.
- Information about the universe for those who haven't watched the show.
- 4 playable areas of the United States (California, Georgia, The Carolina's & Virginia).
- Friendly staff.
- Active staff
- A system of storybased group roleplays!
- Freeform roleplays.
- Dank memes.
- No Scott M. Gimple.
- S4+5 of FTWD is retconned from existence.

We hope to see you there!

•+18 is highly recommended (though isn't a rule), as mature themes and topics are touched upon.

"It's a TEN!" Network system
The date is 5/1/19, before the apocolypse has began. The school year is nearly over for college and high scghool students. People are starting to plan summer trips, and things to do over summer. But, as summer had begun, reports of cannibalism and nuclear weapons tests have increased in eastern countries. Most people assumed it was just because of the lack of food because of the drought, but the few videos posted online by people who witnessed the events show otherwise..
The Walking Dead - New World is a roleplaying server set on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead universe. We have a friendly and caring staff and our main goal is to collaboratively tell stories and build our own world, with the help of survivors just like you! Set in the post-apocalyptic states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, we provide an open and friendly atmosphere where you can develop interesting characters and tell incredible stories! Can you survive in an unforgiving world, where walkers and humans alike threaten your existence and your mental sanity? Come find out now! [Active community. Friendly staff. Fun RP]
If you're looking for an active The Walking Dead Game server, you've come to the right place!

This server is open to anyone who loves TellTale's The Walking Dead Game.

What we offer:
➵React roles!
➵Custom Channels!
➵Always open to new members!
➵Character based channels!
➵Custom 'Walker' Game!
➵Violentine & Clouis lovers welcome!
➵Custom emojis!
➵More than 11 bots!
➵Positive environment!
➵More than 40+ members and counting!
➵Hosted game nights!
➵Much more!

➳Will you be a survivor? We won't let the walkers bite! Join Clementine's Protection Squad!
This role play takes place five years into the apocalypse which started in New York City.

The role play locations consist of both North and South Carolina all over the state from towns like Charlotte and Asheville from small channels which consists of forest and even communities.

We offer all types of roleplay and we focus heavily on realism and character building. No overly edgy, generic copy paste characters we find constantly in other servers. Example: Entire family died, kills people for fun, badass and amazing fighter even though they dont have any formal training, cold and emotionally blocked off, generic solider. That sorta thing. This server is based around the real world so we want broken accountants, not the Punisher

16+ ONLY
Its coming up on two months into the outbreak, most of the Goverment being overrun in the first two weeks alot have lost hope, some still hold out for the Army to come back and help, and the rest of us... we survive.

Hello, names ghost, I own a few other servers and this is my new, smaller project that I hope might have potential to grow big, I'm not the biggest fan of the TV show TWD but I've watched season 1, it was alright, but what I really love is the comics, and I was dying for a Walking dead rp, so I made one, it's based in the comic universe around the time of the second comic however you won't be meeting up with ricks crew, you will make your own path, own stories, in the universe of the walking dead, so what are you waiting for, we have

- Friendly staff
- Detailed Lore channels
- LGBTQ Friendly community

So come stop by, and have fun, rp, give us feedback for more stuff to add, I've ran countless servers but this is my Frist indevor into the Zombie Apocalypse, so feedback is always appreciated, see you there
🔔Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for troubled youth!🌠
We have:
>React roles👤
>Active members and admins👋
>A ton of bots to mess around with🤖
>Awesome emotes🎉
>and much more!💚
This server is led by the dashing Louis😏 and his co-owners!
The Walking Dead: Bleeding Kansas is a much darker take on the TWD universe, with its own quirks and differences. This roleplay centers around the struggle between two major powers; A polygamous, militaristic cult and a totalitarian Union consisting of what remained of the Kansas National Guard and various other military groups in kansas at the time. They both struggle over domination for Kansas, both seeking to unify it. Its unclear who will win in this struggle, but one thing is certain, Kansas will bleed.
This is still a WIP, though joining before release will have its benefits!
A place welcome for fans from the show to make ocs and roleplay as characters from the show! Shipping, smut, roleplay, whatever you desire!

You don't have to know a lot about the show but we recommend having season 2-5 knowledge. It is around season 4 currently, mid-prison era, so don't get too ahead and please, no spoilers unless in the correct channels!
Come on and join our The Walking Dead RP server!
Recently started! Create your own OCs! Take over other TWD characters! (That are available☺️) and most importantly, Have Fun!
If you enjoy discussing The Walking Dead, whether that’ll be the Show, comics or games, then come and join! Great Owner! Greet admins! Great mods! Great members! Great Discussions! Don’t miss out!
The Walking Dead: Roads Ahead
October 20th, 2013.
Its been three years since the outbreak had begun, walkers are stronger even with cutting them down so much. Strongholds- or Safe-Zones as well as Factions have formed throughout Ohio, some word that there are many outside of Ohio from Travelers. Since the beginning of the outbreak people have feared walkers, as well as other people due to many having trust issues. There are people who live in Ohio- Nomads or, "Crazies" as people like to call them who roam around in groups just to kill humans and walkers as though it is a game. Many people stick in groups or join Safe-Zones 'n such to be safe from the Crazies or to have more of a chance in survival, as well as having a good place to stay. Others though, live in the forests, state parks, by the rivers, hotels, or any other place that they can live in.

The Walking Dead: Roads Ahead is based on Robert Kirkman's TWD. We want a server where anybody can join meet new friends, roleplay, or just chill and talk about your favorite series.

-We do expect you to know some logic and information of The Walking Dead.

Please join!
Thank You, goodnight or day.
Me and a friend of mine created this server to bring a community of TWD fans together in one space.
-TWD communities such as Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside.
-friendly staff(which we are looking for more of.)
so what are you waiting for? join the server now and have a great day.
Desire's Walking Dead, is based on Robert Kirkmans The Walking Dead series. Our objective is to make a community of both roleplayers and just TWD fans, we want to make our own universe of survivors. Me and the other owners, are trying our best to make this place a friendly zone for you to be in. The rp can be however you want to type small, paragraphs, whatever. We just want you to have fun, and feel comfortable with the others.

We do expect you to know some information on TWD, and proper grammer.

The roleplay takes place in seattle may, 2015. The apocalypse has started people fighting against one another for supple, the dead have risen coming for your flesh. How will you adapt? Being a good person fighting for what's right or become a maniac.

What we have to offer:
PTK is A THING! (Perm to kill a character.)
Great admins and owners.
Community is friendly, welcoming roleplayers into the RP.
Rules are very simple, nothing to hare to understand just prior LOGIC!
This server is made so you can live out your post apocalyptic fantasy and maybe fight the living dead along with Rick
It's been 15 years since the world ended. Several communities have risen and are determined to make this new world survivable. Communities not only are surviving, but are thriving at this time. They've grown gardens, hosted gatherings for other communities to socialize, and have basically started their own small city. Outside the communities on the other hand, is another story. Buildings are caved in, big cities are overgrown and no longer look like an enjoyable place for tourists to visit, or even to hang out. Animals have gotten vicious, people have gotten desperate, and there aren't many valuable resources left in the cities. Food and water is a huge issue unless you're part of a community. There aren't many useful weapons unless you're lucky enough to come upon a fresh walker with it's gear still.
The Walking Dead: Ten Years, is based in the future of the walking dead. Walkers arent your main concern anymore, its the people and community's you have to face. Who do you trust, who do you fail or succeed?

This roleplay is mainly a character study, and how people will act in such times of war and fighting. walkers will still be a major thing we have against us, but not as bad as the people.

There is one community in the area of virgina called "Harrison" the community is located in a camp grounds having fencing around the whole area, a safe haven indeed.

More Factions will be added

What we have to offer:
No canon characters.
Amazing staff team.
Alot of roleplay areas for you and others to rp in.
A disease that ravaged the world. The dead rising into rotted life. A few survivors against the deadliest and most dangerous plague to have ever existed. Factions warring against each other for resources. Climates shifting at dangerous speeds. Humanity reduced to millions.

This is Calamity. Will you live through it?
This is a roleplay server based on the Walkers from the show, The Walking Dead. Though the roleplay itself is not... if that makes sense.

You'll have to join the server to figure everything out xD *I'm not the best at making Descriptions don't mind me*
. . .

▶ Nice Staff
▶ Small Server
▶ Meant for Roleplaying
▶Everyone is welcome ( aside from Trollers/Raiders) :D
▶Characters & OC's
▶Active if you make it active :')
Just a place for TWD fans to hang out, chat, and transform characters into wolves! Have fun, listen to music and make new friends! All TWD's are accepted, from The Walking Dead the main show to the game, anyone can join! Though i'm rather new to making servers I hope my friends and I can get this one going :D