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Hi there, and welcome to Random Roleplay!
Random Roleplay, as stated in its title, is a server entirely based upon three different Roleplays: High school, Walking Dead, and Dragon Academy. Our server has a total of five owners, three of which own different roleplays, and the other two monitoring the entire server.

Thank you for taking your time to read this guide, and welcome to our server! Enjoy your stay!
It is 4 and a half years into the Outbreak of the Walkers, The amount of the Walkers has increased rapidly, it was just a few thousands when it started... Now, It is billions.... Possibly 6 billion..... Leaving 1 billion of the Humans left, they have to fight to survive.
This server takes place nearly parallel to the events in AMC’s The Walking Dead. New Haven is an underground sanctuary constructed out of a subway network. They are led by the Council, a ragtag group of survivors who brought a dream to life. While their idea seems sound and secure, there are still plenty of dangers that surround them. From the “Zeds”, as some called them, to those within their own walls. Power division within their basic government is unsteady, as now that there are other lives involved, some cannot come to consensus on how to handle their community.
The Walking Dead: New Haven is a free-form, literate roleplay server. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay!