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The Walking Dead: Worse Than Death is a roleplay dedicated to the best parts of the TWD show, comic, and video game.

It has certain AU elements that our writers and fellow RPers have come up with to try and make the ultimate TWD experience possible in a 'roleplaying' sense of things, many things from the show and comic have been slightly changed to better the story in certain ways, while not straying from what makes 'The Walking Dead', well, The Walking Dead.

We LOVE and WELCOME OC's but canon characters are obviously welcome too, provided they aren't taken.

We are an RP that has HEAVY focus on story, but the main focus, is on being a welcoming and fun community for everyone and anyone who wants to join, provided they do the same.

We can't wait to share our love for TWD, whether it is the game, comic, or TV show, zombie media in general, or really anything pop culture related!!

Please read the rules as the #1 thing you do when joining, and ask any mod for help with, well, anything you need, we will be more than happy to help.

Also please note that this is an rp for writers, not one line posts, we mention this because we have had issues in the past.

Can't wait to meet and RP with all of you, in the world of The Walking Dead!
The outbreak started as nothing but a joke.

People being bitten, and getting sick as a result was hardly noteworthy at first. There were crazy people in the world, after all, and it wasn’t unheard of that they attacked people. But it quickly grew to be on a larger and larger scale, and eventually? The word zombie was used.

It caused chaos. In a matter of weeks, the world fell apart, and the once civilized world is no more. It’s kill, or be killed. Do people have what it takes to stay alive?

In Athens, Georgia, a group of survivors face this very question. A neighborhood in town has been set up by the Military to serve as a checkpoint, and a safe haven for a number of civilians. How long will it last?

((DISCLAIMER: NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ACCEPTED! We accept at our own discretion! If we recieve applications without effort, proper grammar, or the user obviously didn't read our rules, it's an automatic denial!))

(Welcome to TDW: What comes after! We are a semi-literate to advanced-literate roleplay server based primarily on The Walking Dead AMC series. We will be having an inclusive, yet optional over-arching plot, and have a dedicated team of moderators! Come check us out!)
This is a still being worked on server. It's based around the walking dead show and game! Options will open up for you once you make your oc! Have fun :)
Welcome to my second The Walking Dead server! We begin in 2011, a local Tree Tops School in Louisiana. News has spread around of a strange illness being passed around. The town shrugs it off as some sort of new common cold and take extra precautions to keep themselves healthy. But clearly that's not the case. A group of kids have to grow up quickly or else they will end up like everyone else.
Going on its third season, Survive The Walking Dead is an interactive story driven Roleplay that involves everyone in its main plot! Season three picks up after the world has gone to hell, about 2 years have passed and they deal with life as they know it forever gone. In an attempt to find somewhere finally safe, they leave Austin behind for good. Welcome to Survive The Walking Dead!

~ Fanart!!!!
~ Season based Roleplay!
~ Interactive NPC!
~ Storyline For everyone!

We really hope you join! Would love to make this Roleplay on a much larger scale and have many more people join in on the fun!
Hi there, and welcome to Random Roleplay!
Random Roleplay, as stated in its title, is a server entirely based upon three different Roleplays: High school, Walking Dead, and Dragon Academy. Our server has a total of five owners, three of which own different roleplays, and the other two monitoring the entire server.

Thank you for taking your time to read this guide, and welcome to our server! Enjoy your stay!
A walking dead server with a twist!

We do Walking Dead Discord rp.

Join us! We need rpers, avid Walking Dead fans and Staff!
Play as a convict or cop in this apocalyptic world. Start in a prison and try to survive, build a community, and your own character.
I dont even Know what those sound effects were for...
•the walking dead•
°This server is for all walking dead lovers! Its a New server I created And you can talk about the show, game, drawings, theories and more°
♧ we got NSFW and regular channels! ♧
Come on and join!
This server takes place nearly parallel to the events in AMC’s The Walking Dead. New Haven is an underground sanctuary constructed out of a subway network. They are led by the Council, a ragtag group of survivors who brought a dream to life. While their idea seems sound and secure, there are still plenty of dangers that surround them. From the “Zeds”, as some called them, to those within their own walls. Power division within their basic government is unsteady, as now that there are other lives involved, some cannot come to consensus on how to handle their community.
The Walking Dead: New Haven is a free-form, literate roleplay server. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay!
A friendly and Welcoming Roleplay server, if you’re looking for a good time fighting off hordes of zombies while trying to get home to your settlement. then this is the server for you!

The one rule is, if you die say goodbye to the character!