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IMT (or Iron Man's Tiddies) is a laid back, 18+ rp server with plenty of shenanigans to go around. It's based AFTER Endgame however, Tony is still alive etc. But the worldly events of Endgame has happened. This RP offers para threads, small short threads, DMs, social media, groupchats, etc. We have a mix of comic and MCU events and characters!
-OCs aren't allowed at this time
-Groupchats, Social Media, etc.
-If you have any questions feel free to join and take a look around and ask them in the server! :)
-There are tons of characters left! We also accept comic characters and such! This server isn't MCU-only based, it's a mix.
Welcome to the Marvel Role-Play Universe.

On board the universe, you can apply and roleplay as a canon character, participate in it's major events, and hang out and be part of the community here. The staff are experienced and friendly, and the chat is chill and calm. If you don't want to roleplay and just want to hang out in the brisk community, you are more than welcome to join and we are accomplished to have our next dearest member. The contents on the Marvel Role-Play Universe, are below listed:

• Any canon character from the broad Marvel universe is permitted for you to apply and roleplay as then.
• You can edit and change the canon character to your own will and vision as headcanon while still keeping true to the character's nature.
• Weekly events with a flowing and consistent story-line, followed by the characters' development and change of maturity.
° ERP is permitted in specific NSFW channels.
° OCs are allowed
Therefore is the short introduction to the server for you True Believers.
If you are interested, it is all up to you to decide to whether join the flock or not. From the staff team, we are glad to receive a new member and we are thankful for your time to reading this.
This server has recently begun, We are free to join at anytime. Our admins are active most of the time and there are still plenty of characters available! Please take our offer under consideration!

- Upcoming Annihilus Event!

- Fair Rules!

- Ever-So Growing Channels!

- We Are Open To Event Ideas

- We Would All Love To Have You Join Us Here!!

- We need your skills! We need your talent!! We don't just want you, we NEED YOU!!

Please take our offer under consideration! We truly hope you join us here at
The Marvelous Marvel World RP!! Please don't be an insta-leaver.
Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a longform, literate roleplaying server following the events of Kingdom Hearts III. As such, we will be making note of spoiler-related plot lines.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, and ended the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, Sora journey is far from over as he seeks to find Kairi. As our other heroes attempt to return to normal lives, the Lost Masters rise once more....

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or choose from a wide range of characters never before seen in the series. Partake in missions that evolve with the storyline, including an original tale set in the world of VERUM REX!

* An evolving storyline based on events after Kingdom Hearts III
* Literate, long length RPs
* Plenty of roles available across franchises like Final Fantasy, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars!
Todos son bienvenidos a este servidor de la aplicación Discord de Google Play, completamente en español, aquí podrás encontrar diferentes ayudas para MCOC, desde puntajes en arenas (minimos, proximos personajes que vienen a las arenas), misiones, gesta, guerra, mazmorra etc.

Tenemos torneos internos incluidos.
También puedes hablar de otros juegos, comics, anime y peliculas.

Si quieres ser youtuber de mcoc aqui te podemos apoyar, entre nuestra comunidad, ya sea viendo tus vídeos, dando sub y like Corazon

Chat relax, full coorperacion, 0 insultos o malos tratos, chat con canal de voz y de texto, ayuda de los mas avanzados en consejos, Caballeros ayudando a los Irreclamables, Irreclamables ayudando a Conquistadores, gente activa, diferentes actividades.
A community dedicated to comics and comic-related media. We're a laid back server, and geeks of all types are welcome.

Come and talk about Marvel and DC Comics, or your favorite comics from any other publisher!
➡️ FSK 18 🔞 Akademie, Action, NSFW, Romance, Drama,
➡️ Romanstil RPG auf Discord

Was dich erwartet?
➡️ viele Möglichkeiten zum playen und unterhalten (Chat und Sprach-Chat)
➡️ RPG hat noch nicht angefangen, noch ganz am Anfang
➡️ Mitbestimmung durch Vorschläge, Umfragen und Wünsche

Was wir suchen?
➡️ Player die aktiv mit machen und auch mit mehr als einer Person schreiben können vor allem im Unterricht wichtig.
➡️ lebendige, glaubwürdige Charaktere die sich im Laufe der Zeit durch ihre Erfahrungen entwickeln

Wer bist du wirklich?
Viele von uns wussten ihr Leben lang nicht wer sie waren. Sie waren anders, besonders und damit von der Gesellschaft ausgegrenzt. Doch hier auf der Akademie sind alle willkommen. Ob du nun die Tochter von Hulk bist oder doch eher der Enkel von Captain America spielt für uns keine Rolle. Hier habt ihr einen Platz in dem ihr die Lehrer in den Wahnsinn treiben könnt oder die ein oder anderen Freundschaften findet. Das Beste daran ist, dass es keine Grenzen gibt und ihr das sein dürft wer ihr wollt. Ob nun etwas böse oder etwas mehr gut jeder ist willkommen.
Wir freuen uns mit euch eine wunderbare Geschichte zu schreiben und die ein oder anderen Missionen zu erledigen.

Die Türen der Akademie öffnen sich und wir heißen dich herzlich willkommen! Wir warten auf dich, dich uuuuund dich! 🖤❤️
★ Welcome to the Initiative ★

Marvel Initiative was created to send a call to all role players looking to play their favorite marvel characters. From the creatures lurking in space, to other dimensions, your choices are endless.

⤐ Friendly admin team ready to help!

⤐ OC’s are welcome!

⤐ Events are held every so often to get everyone involved.

⤐ Ideas and requests are welcome.

⤐ Got any other talents? Feel free to share them with us <3

⤐ Activity checks so inactive people can give more active people their shot to play their character.
A new server with loads of fun and excitement around. We are open to partnerships on a equality based ideals. Lucina Love#7485 is the server owner. If you wish to make a partnership dm her so she can discuss the idea. All skill levels of rp are welcome. Events will be on the way every so often as well. If you join we hope you enjoy your stay.
Universe Unlimited is a brand new superhero roleplay server with a blended DC/Marvel theme. We offer:
-Original vision shaped by player decisions
-Dedicated and responsive staff
-Ongoing plots to give everyone a place to participate

We are in open beta, so get in now to grab your favorite canon characters today!
We’re a new and growing RP community. A friendly place where everyone is welcome, so don’t be afraid to join in! The server is a mashup of all kinds of comics, like Marvel and DC plus there is OC creation, so you’ll definitely find something for yourself, especially if you enjoy alternative universes. If you need any help along the way, the admins are more than happy to assist you.

We offer:
- Literate/Semi-Literate roleplay
- Friendly environment
- Helpful staff
- A story with a twist
- Ability to claim canon characters
- OC creation
- Mature and chill community

Earth-Zero. The center of the universe. The planet that connects to every other Earth that exists. Placed in between dimensions, this world thrives by pulling people from their home Earths into this one. It is filled with all kinds of life. However, it is a one way street. For now. Those who arrive on Earth-Zero may not leave. But it doesn’t stop people from trying.

The Justice League or the Teen Titans exist no more. The Avengers or the X-Men exist no more. Not in the sense that everyone had come to know them anyway. Superheroes struggle to form reliable alliances to fight those who've become power hungry, while also trying to get back home. New groups of superheroes are formed, consisting of people from different Earths. But they have a common “enemy” and they are willing to try and work together. They have to if they want to go back to their lives, their friends, their families.
Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

Hi there. Ever wanted to write as your favorite Avengers? How about Shield agents or X-men? Maybe attempt to portray some of the baddest villains.

Well it’s your lucky day! We are a pre-existing, small group of roleplayers who build a strong marvel universe roleplay chemistry and are looking to renew and expand it. We are open to newcomers and happy to help you get involved. It is an 18+ server but we are willing to bend the rules if certain circumstances are agreed to.

So please! Come on by and say hi! And welcome... to Avengers Assemble!
Welcome to Marvel Cinematic Roleplay! A new Discord rp server made for you to fulfill your marvel roleplay dreams! Infinity War and Endgame do not exist (we have banished the purple grape), and we're all just characters living our every day lives. Come join, pick a character, and have fun! We do require a sample of your writing to be considered for your character, so please keep that in mind. No OCs or any other characters outside of the Marvel Universe, sorry!
5 years ago, A S.H.I.E.L.D military base in Havana, went under a level 5 containment breach, A weapon known as the Radical Nullifier was stolen. The Radical Nullifier was a prototype design for an advanced model of Reed Richards super-weapon, The Ultimate Nullifier. The weapons purpose was designed to eliminate multiple targets instead of just a singular one. Former S.H.I.E.L.D Director, Maria Hill, authorized for the weapon to be locked in storage in the base until further testing of the weapon could be proven safe. Several weeks later, The inner state of Manhattan would receive a cataclysmic attack by an unknown source, never identified; however, the use of the Radical Nullifier has been reported as the firearm to cause such an epidemic. The attack had cost major casualties of both Innocents and Hero’s. Included but not limited to:

-Clint Barton
- Clint Barton "Hawkeye"
- Hank Pym
- Hope Van Dyne
- Kamala Khan “Ms. Marvel”
- Wanda Maximoff “Scarlet Witch”
- Matt Murdock “Dare-Devil”
- Ri-Ri Williams “Iron Heart”
- Peter Parker “Spider-Man”
- Professor Charles Xavior
- Luke Cage
- Ben Grimm “The Thing”
- Peter Parker “Spider-Man”
- Tony Stark “Iron Man”
-Natasha Romanoff "Black Widow"
and many more.

All of the lives lost in this accident have cost millions of families and loved ones to mourn. Due to numerous lawsuits and political riots, The Avengers have officially broken upm the remaining members have went thier ways. Poverty has stroken the city like wildfire, innocent lives are being threatened…..S.H.I.E.L.D and now the fate of the universe rests in your hands….

Will you rise and take a stand for the fallen?

It is your choice ...true believer.
20 years ago, Knull - God of the Symbiotes, devised a plan to plunge the entire multiverse into an eldritch darkness. His efforts brought him to Thanos and Hela, who were onboard with the plan as long as they could rule over the chaos it caused. A war brewed in the cosmos and spread wide from planet to planet, destroying entire civilizations as they fell to an army of uniquely designed symbiotes. Earth was preparing their defenses after The Guardians of the Galaxy warned them about the danger they'd be facing.

Knull was joined by Dormammu and Clea, after hearing how close he had come to claiming the universe by himself. Drawing into the final battle, Knull and his forces raided Earth, plunging a symbiotic essence deep into the core of the earth. Before being "defeated" by The Avengers and The Masters of the Mystic Arts, Knull "fled" into the cosmos. The symbiotes born in the core of the earth had crawled up to the surface, ready to indulge in a different type of warfare. There were many who manifested with a sense of good, and others who manifested with a sense of bad. The war for earth has just begun.
Hello, fellow Discord user! I see you've stumbled upon this server for Marvel. We cover MCU, Marvel Comics, and even X-Men. We have an available timeline for the Marvel Movies, including X-Men, and seven different templates to choose from. We also feature great, experienced, and active staff. These are many of the things that this server, set in 2012, offers. So please, come on down and join the Marvel Roleplay!
(We allow OCs as long as they abide by our set rules, and we will allow multiple of one character if it fits with the storyline)
Hello and welcome to Avengers: Against All! A fully original storyline which mixes the MCU and Comic storylines along with our own!

We offer a wide variety of things on our server to ensure your enjoyment! Here are just a few!
-Friendly Staff

-Active Members

-Active story events consisting of MCU, Comics and our own events!
- Paragraph Responses and Higher Level Literacy

- Canon And Original Characters!

- Multiple bots for roleplay and entertainment!

- Multiple roleplay channels to give you the best experience!

- Along with multiple channels for you to talk with your fellow peers!

- We also offer a unique literacy program for those who are struggling with high level literacy!

- Not to mention we also offer multiple levels of literacy, to ensure everyone is comfortable with roleplaying in our group!

And many more! So come on and give it a try, see you in the server!
A super new Multiverse RP Server for any fandom and people of the age 18+ and above. We’re not Smut orientated, we just like mature people to rp with. We’re OC friendly.

Have your muse fall into a deserted timeline, stuck there until they find their way out, making unusual friends and unexpected enemies. Whatever happens to them is up to you. More details in the Server.
Hello there, discord member! Join our server Marvel//DC

We have a bunch of cool stuff! Like:

An awesome and cool community.

Many Events

Many fun and cool bots!

cute animals! :rabbit2:

Cool and interesting emojis!

And much more!

Come to our serious and comic based Roleplay server, You can be an Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Justice League, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Outlaws, and more! Come and join to experience this new server!

One liners are laaaaame~!
hey, fresh server for people who want to be apart of a close community, we also have other activities
Come and share your art, talk about food, chat about games, just have fun :D I want to build a fun community where everyone feels welcome :) Come and say hi!
Hey There!
Are you looking for a genuinely friendly community of people to share your interests with, chat to, play games with? Then join my server! We are looking for fellow Movie, Game, Music Lovers to join us! Are you a Marvel (MCU) lover? A Netflix binger? Please, jump on in and come chat to us.

[High On Life]
In Development (Looking for members to help develop)
Friendly Community
Custom Bot
Chat Levels and XP
Active Staff
In Server Live Game Updates
Passionate About Gaming
Marvel (MCU) Fans
Movie Lovers
We Welcome All!

If any of the above tickles your pickle come join!

- Wilkesy [Owner]
A literate server to roleplay within our own blend of the Marvel universe, with an age limit of eighteen years and older.

Empire State University is a college AU where you can join as your favourite characters from multiple media sources. Be a student, a teacher, or maybe just the local Starbucks barista.

We're a friendly team, and a new server so there are many characters open! Come check us out, and maybe enroll!

*Not an ERP server despite the age limit.
A lewd 18+ roleplay server dedicated to comic book characters and the lewd adventures they might have. Active and lively! Multiple opportunities for erp, and other lewd activities! We have channels for everyone, and want everyone to feel welcome here. We are small and growing quickly, we would be delighted if you joined!