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Welcome to Marvelous Mayhem!!

We are a new 18+ Marvel Roleplay Group! We are looking for canon heroes and villains for any marvel franchise, any will do! We are LGBTQA+ and kin friendly, and we accept all kinds of headcanons. We do NOT discriminate if you haven't read comics or watched the movies! We are not following the events of Endgame or Infinity War!! This timeline split off before IW.

:: STORY ::
It was almost like waking up from a really bad nightmare. None of it had happened, Thanos was a distant thought and everyone we know and love is safe. Was it a warning? We just aren't sure.. But we know we can't face whatever this is alone. Not this time. We built a mansion on a planet outside of our galaxy for anyone who wants to leave or needs the... space. Bus ships would be at every headquarters on Earth for anyone who wanted to leave, even if it wasn't permanent. Of course you may bring whatever you want, but it is completely off the grid. No fighting is allowed, unless you're training, but otherwise, make yourself at home. There are over a hundred rooms, each with their own bathroom. The rooms are grouped by teams and surround their own common area with a kitchen. The ship is never under the watchful eye of government, you will never have to worry about neighbors, and you know it'll never be boring with so many personalities under one roof.

Once you join, please read the rules and fill out an introduction to claim your characters!

- Clint Barton
- Eddie Brock ( Looking for Venom )
- Drax the Destroyer
- Pepper Potts
- Christine Palmer

Let mayhem and chaos ensue!!
This is a fun community of roleplayers who ALL love Marvel. This server takes inspiration from the Marvel comics and the cinematic universe. There are loads of channels that are perfect for fun, detailed roleplay experiences, allowing you to build your own story in the Marvel Universe. Roleplayers can use canon events, fom Spider-Verse to the X-Men fighting in space, or whatever comes to mind, and you can expect a fantastic community Along role players who share a common love for playing their favorite characters!

Our server offers

✧Hardly any canon characters are taken

✧Open for Partnerships

✧Friendly Staff

✧War Of Realms Event

✧MCU and comic Discussions

✧ NSFW friendly channels

✧ Omega Level and Beyond Omega Level Oc's are welcomed

✧ Huge plot and events to keep members interested!

✧.. And much More

✧So come on, come join the family! We love ALL our members.
(18+) Ever felt alienated when you joined a server where everyone's already buddy buddy? Wanting a server to join where you can be comfortable if you're apart of the LGBTQ community and have no fear of any prosecution? Well come to the Fun Zone (Name Pending) and talk! It's a relatively new server so not much yet but I guarantee together we can turn it into something wonderful!
The events of this RP take place a few years after the events Endgame, with the damages done having been restored thereupon(such as Ragnarok) - things settled down into obscurity without any major occurrences for some years. Now there’s been a reemergence and new wave of superpowered heroes, and along with it dangerous new villains. The server offers:
- Supportive and welcoming staff.
- Relaxed rules allowing freedom and exploration.
- A chance to develop characters and create storylines.
This is just a server for Marvel fans to meet other ones. You can also find people to rp with here.
Hi! Welcome to Omniversal Clash: Requiem! What do we offer? Well we offer

Great staff,

Good community,

Multiverse RP!
You read the name of the server so you know what this is. We have mcu discussions and comic discussions. I also need admins so feel free to drop in and take a look.
lore:It is an age of new heroes and new villains. How will these heroes prove them self worthy of the title hero? How will these villains make there mark and show the world the true meaning of fear? That is for you to decide, forge your own path, decide your own destiny and write your own story. (I know its lazy)
A fun server set in the Marvel Multi- sorry -Spider-Verse! You can be a Canon Spider or your own! This Rp is very free-for-all except for the events so you have a lot have of freedom!

Come check us out!
Hello we want to assemble a number of marvel fans. Our server will mainly focus on the game Marvel's Avengers (Avenger’s Project). But there’s more. We are a growing community, perks of Self-Assignable Roles, Bots, Friendly Community, Variety of Emotes, and Friendly staff. We also will cover other marvel games and marvel in general. Come join us to talk about the latest Avenger’s Project and future MCU films!

About us

In need of a friend? We got you, covered man:
—☆ Broadway, Marvel, Gaming, Programming server. Welcoming to all!
—☆ We love Marvel/MCU.
—☆ Fans of NBC, The Good Place, Brooklyn99, Comedies join!
—☆ Fun channels, such as Pokecord, Counting, Cursed Images, one word stories, and quotes.
—☆ Supporting towards all content creators.
—☆ LGBTQ+ supportive. We're here for everyone, no matter what.
—☆ Welcoming Staff.
—☆ Movie nights, Game nights weekly, Active Nitro Giveaways.
—☆ A fun, healthy, and active community.
—☆ Channels for Pokécord, Economy, Art, Gaming, Memes, Counting, Quotes.


Owner: [nick!#0003] [Luke#1000]

Join us today!

Dear friend,

The Nine Realms originally started out as the main Guardians of the Galaxy & Rocket Raccoon Discord fan community. Today we are a home for all MCU fans - and beyond! All realms of pop culture are welcome!

We are Groot, that is we are a tight-knit community, fun and warm, and we accept each other and our quirks. Forming lasting friendships has always been the main goal of our server.

We provide chats for Marvel related chats, art & fanfic, gaming & media, weekly voice chat, a hidden nsfw section, and a bunch of other channels to keep us all active and and become better friends!


------- We love our heroes ---------
Iron Man
Black Widow
The Wasp
Dr. Strange
Rocket Raccoon
Bucky Barnes
GotG <3
chill server to just talk and get to know people and have fun. lots of cool events, such as art challenges and game nights, such as cards against humanity, uno, and much more. If you're interested in music and art and graphic design, feel free to share your work with us.
The Marvel Universe is the best marvel server on discord! A community that shares the same marvel interests and hobbies, we are packed with enthusiastic and kind fans which our staff also have a very confident and positive attitude towards the members. We host movie nights, movie marathons, game nights and questionnaires, all marvel related. Our server currently is growing at a healthy rate and we wish to have more friendly fans!
We are looking for YOU to join our new Rp.
Which is as you can see on the title based on the Marvel world.
We are working on several events etc.

We didn't add all to much lore so people can create their own.
Play as a OC or take an already existing Character of Marvel.

Erp is allowed on this server

We're trying to add new bots and create stuff to make the world come more ,,alive,, and to make the server as comfortable as possible.

Interested? give it a try I'd say
A small town, nothing too terribly big.

The citizens all do their part and help out, using either abilities to their advantage or to the dismay of others.

We welcome you to a new version of a Marvel/DC Roleplay where you can take on the role of any hero/villain and enjoy this slice of life roleplay!

-Our community is very friendly!
-Always looking for new members!
-Active Manager who is happy to help at any given time!
-Uses Tupperbox for easier Roleplay!

Stop in and check us out! We'd love to have you!
Come join a fun and ever growing Marvel roleplay server

What we have to offer:
-friendly staff and ownership
-lots of events including fighting ultron, Thanos, Oc characters and more
-Canon characters or Oc.. you can make one of each!!!
-Team Activities (Making your own group of hero’s or villains)
-Try to keep spoilers to yourself whether it’s endgame or any other movie

Come have fun and enjoy
This is a server for 18+ It is designed to help anyone in the gaming community, make friends, enjoy some emojis, stay for the memes. Make sure to put in your intro in introductions for full access!!
⭐ Xbox One
⭐ PlayStation 4
⭐ PC
⭐ Roles set to find people with mics
⭐ Roles set to ask for help in a game
⭐ Lots of porn
⭐ Fun emojis
⭐ BoobBot, Mudae, Mantaro
⭐ Roleplay Universes- DC, Marvel, Sonic, Nintendo, Multiverse, Anime/Manga, Capcom, NSFW and Gaming
⭐ Cards Against Humanity
⭐ Movie Nights
⭐ DnD Talk
⭐ Uno
Welcome to Avengers: The Next Generations.

Set 5 years after the end of Civil War, Tony Stark has officially broken all ties with Steve Rogers, Rogers having been declared a terrorist by the United States Government. Rogers has left the Avengers, taking all those that are loyal to him with him.

In the aftermath of this battle, Tony is now recruiting heroes from all around the world, ranging from well established heroes like Spiderman, to any new up and coming heroes, such as the OCs that you may create.

Rogers is also doing the same, recruiting new heroes under the alias of Nomad, still sticking to his belief that the Avengers should operate without oversight.

Will you join Tony Stark and the next generation of the Avengers? Or will you join Nomad and his team of outlaws?

Or, will you claim a villian and strike the Avengers while they are divided?

The choice is yours. Welcome to Avengers:The Next Generation. A place with a active staff team, a simple character claiming process and we even allow OCs!

Join now, and choose your side.
Greetings my dear! Have you come searching for an X-Men roleplay that accepts Oc's and that has an owner that takes forever to make rules because she doesn't want to be too strict or mean? Well do we have the server for you!
The server has(or will have) the following;
📍Active Staff
📍Kind Staff
📍Very quick OC and Canon approval
📍Some very eager roleplayers
📍Staff ready to help with character sheets
📍Varying timeline(starting off in 1975)
And much more! I hope to see you there
-Love, Cece Marie♥
Welcome to the Charles Xavier School for gifted youngsters! We've invited you into our mansion, where you can express yourself and the powers that you were given. We will help guide you to better yourself and the controls in of powers! For more information, you can get a closer look in our server!
Hey there!, This server is based on the deadpool movies and game (And even a bit of the comics too :D) Come join and check this place out!.
See the Marvel Universe like you never saw before in this completely original story-line mixed in elements from your favorite Marvel Stories! Watch as Villians unite, Heroes clash, and bonds break in a thrilling new server with plenty of characters available!
-See Unique Storylines that are character-based as well as team-based!
-Missions for heroes to try and villains to interfere in!
- Top tier Admins!
-Join a welcome community open for people of all kinds!
Well, what are you waiting for!? Join up today!
Due to the events of endgame, multiple timelines were created. With multiple timelines out there, the possibilities are endless are what happened in them. Just like this timeline, Endgame happens so similar but much different with most of the heroes had sacrificed their lives to ensure the defeat of Thanos and ensure a better future. And that's indeed what happened. As of now, its been 20+ years since that event happened and there's new generation of heroes in the world along with villains (some of old and new). But a real conflict is coming as their problems with hydra in the world, galactic aliens trying to take over the galaxy and also Timelines being deleted by a time traveler who calls himself, Kang the Conqueror. Can the next generation, come together and save, the world, galaxy and Timeline. Or shall they be deleted as well.

●Looking for more next gen roleplayers. Specifically children of Tony Stark and the needs of more villains.
LOG ENTRY 1: Tony has opened a black hole trying to create a time machine. It doesn't seem to be swallowing anything yet, but we are unable to close it. It seems to be charging for something, but we don't know what. Will update this log if anything changes.
LOG ENTRY 2: The black hole is distorting things around it. It is now not safe to be around it. Continuing study from afar.
LOG ENTRY 3: Something's coming out of the portal. Something we could never imagine.
Tony looked around as all his friends and family faded around him. Tony caught Peter. "I don't want to go Mr.Stark... I don't want to go..." Peter faded. Tony didn't fade but rather shifted and appeared somewhere or sometime. Antony clutched Peter's ashes in his hands and started laughing. This is where it all started.He got up, looking around. He spotted the Avengers, grouped together because he came out. He smiled creepily and picked himself up, firing his repulsors. They managed to dodge, but they failed horribly at the hand to hand combat. They all fell easily to Antony's nanobots, as he left the Avengers bleeding and defeated.
Will you be the one who can save the Earth? New things come out of the hole every time, and each one of them can be the one to save Earth.