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A server made for all things Daredevil where we share our love for the Man Without Fear. We encourage original content memes as well as occasional talks about the Netflix Series as we hope to see the show continue elsewhere for a season 4. We'll also catch you up on all the best and recent Daredevil stories in comics.
This is a brand new server primarily focused on Marvel, but not strictly. We have many features including, a friendly community, a ranking system, cool bot commands and so on. Role-Play included as well. As soon as you join you can pick between two roles, Team Stark or Team cap. (This server was created after the DC Comics discord server, which has currently passed 500 members.)
ayyye come join us if you want friends. bored? sad? play minecraft? like marvel? enjoying playing cards aginst humanity and goofing about? perfect, join us. seriously. we're pretty friendly. ;0
Marvel Role-Playing is a well accepting server and fresh out of the oven as of June 1st, 2019. Now meaning most of the canon characters are open. We accept OCs and most other things to do with them. Events and such can be made by merely asking a staff member and recommending such a thing. You will be able to run it just about which ever way to go (as long as it makes sense). Join today and have a blast here in this, currently, small server.

And in case you didn't really read up above...
-Most canons are open (Big 3 are Taken)
-OCs are allowed (children of canons too if they seem like well-made characters)
-Staff will be needed sometime in the near future
-Events are allowed (depending on what they're about)
-Partnering would be greatly appreciated
-As we're still near the early stages of rp, we don't have a complete storyline but it is now a good time to join in while we're still just getting started.
Welcome to X-Men: Rewritten. Our server is based on the mutant side on Marvel, allowing people to explore the stories of their favourite mutants or even the stories of their OC's.

We offer:
-The ability to join one of three teams: X-Men, X-Force or Brotherhood, or even make a team of your own!
-Active staff who'll be able to help you with anything
-A supportive community
-Events and plots you can take part in
Hello and welcome to SuperPlay, This server combines the DC and Marvel universe and guess what? you can have characters of your own with your very own unique powers, backstory, abilities you can also roleplay as a canon character but only on my permission though. Sorry, but this is done to avoid the server from being clustered with Canon characters. Everyday, a supervillain showdown will happen where an OP villain would appear and you guys would have to team up to defeat it. You can earn virtual bucks on defeating them and then use those money to buy various goodies like Extra power cap, stamina, velocity 6/7/9/12, Power level and so much more. Those OP villains would be played by either the Admins, the event organisers or me myself. Have a lotta fun!
- The Lore -

In the beginning there was absolute darkness within this Realm of nothingness as something sparked in which the human beings in different civilizations was dragged across universes, their entire cities ripped apart and put into different places mashed all together in The Realm assimilating different cultures into one, which created a drastic upheaval. For someone tried to create a perfect utopia of a universe, whichever deity that did it managed to convey one thing utter chaos and much more. During the convergence 90% of the human beings ripped from their worlds now possessed abilities unlike other ordinary 10% normal average people who is normal, but the abnormals possessed the ability to create fire from their body or fly in the air this uneven realm gave rise to heroes and villains, yet chaos still around. - Brand New Server inspired by Marvel, MHA, DC.

- We have wonderful active staff and rpers

- Non-Toxic Community

- Wish to make you own plot go on ahead and mayhaps rpers you meet shall aid you.

- Make a descendant of pre-existing hero or heroine or rp as canon character

- Sky's the limit with you creative mind so why not join and take a gander at this and join in the fun!

- Most of all do enjoy yourself
`December 16, 2017.`
`10:20 A.M.`

`Requirement: Must be in [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] to listen to audio or read file.`

*The following is told by Dr. Ritto. Given approval by Dr. Ritto to use name.*

**Dr. Ritto**: (sigh) I am sure you are all we aware of the incident. One day we were wobbling around the streets, living our normals lives. Then, all of a sudden, *bam*. New York was twice the size. We have new cities: Gotham, Metropolis. We all knew the names. We didn’t know how but we did. The earth didn’t change in size, yet fit to make way with these new places. All these new people... they were in our universe, but not. They had their jobs... but they weren’t hired. You probably understand what I mean. But the real question is: how did it happen? No none knows. I can’t name a single person who could even have the slightest idea of what the hell happened. Yet it did. This definitely crazy, yes. But this goes deeper. This brought a wave of new heroes.


`To require rest of audio, you must get approval from Dr. [REDACTED].`
Hey guys! This is a Group Roleplay that will focus on the Guardians of The Galaxy. You can choose from 9 Canon Characters, or create your own OC. You can also take one for the team and be a gamemaster, that controls the RP, so I don't have to! The Roleplay is completely up to us, we can do whatever we want as long as it kinda makes sense. Please if you're gonna be a troll just don't even. Try the flat earth discord.

HIGHLY WANTED: Yondu, Nebula, OCs

TAKEN: Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora, Rocket, Mantis, Drax, Thor.
Welcome to Capetown City.

Population? Who the hell knows? With so many babies, people moving in and people dying or disappearing, it’s really hard to keep track. But as long as you keep your nose clean and keep your eyes open, you should be good around here.

It’s definitely an interesting place with a lot of interesting characters. A bunch of eccentrics and weirdos, if you ask me. Some folks with personalities that sound like they jumped straight out of a comic book. Though that only makes them more dangerous, doesn’t it?

Anyway, be careful. You don’t want to end up like one of those poor souls who don’t realize that they’re in a City of Gods.

⬥Modern setting with mafia elements
⬥Accepts characters from many comic publishers
⬥Literate para and multi-para roleplay
⬥Friendly, diverse and inclusive community
⬥Dedicated and helpful staff team
⬥Seasonal major storylines and events
Welcome one, welcome all to the Marvel Initiative server! In this server, you are welcome to play canon characters or your ocs ! ^^

You are free to roam the streets and do as you please but watch out for events! Group events can be a mess but hey, that’s the fun of it!

Feel free to talk to others about your favorite comic book series or maybe Tv show like Agents of Shield! Need somewhere to post your marvel memes? You’ve found the place! What about fanart from your favorite team like X-Factor? That’s also welcome here!
Welcome to Marvel RP server..what is it?...well it is in the name anyways at the time of writing this (29th of april 2019) we are at the endgame so in between infinity war and endgame movie so.You can make your own characters or OCs up to you..try to have fun..keep in mind this is WIP (Work In Progress) and still early stages so yeah..
◆Regular events..all the avengers events and OC events as well as even events around your own character
◆Active staff team that is non-toxic
◆The owner is really active since he doesn't have a life so you can DM him any time
◆We actually try and listen to the RPers and make the server balanced
◆Open to ideas/suggestions about anything if its about the IRP events or even the server in general we are open to suggestions and hope to improve/grow

About us

In need of a friend? We got you, covered man:
—☆ Broadway, Marvel, Gaming, Programming server. Welcoming to all!
—☆ We love Marvel/MCU.
—☆ Fans of NBC, The Good Place, Brooklyn99, Comedies join!
—☆ Fun channels, such as Pokecord, Counting, Cursed Images, one word stories, and quotes.
—☆ Supporting towards all content creators.
—☆ LGBTQ+ supportive. We're here for everyone, no matter what.
—☆ Welcoming Staff.
—☆ Movie nights, Game nights weekly, Active Nitro Giveaways.
—☆ A fun, healthy, and active community.
—☆ Channels for Pokécord, Economy, Art, Gaming, Memes, Counting, Quotes.


Owner: [nick!#0003] [Luke#1000]

Join us today!

Welcome to Marvel Universe: Infinity

Information about Marvel Universe: Infinity__
Marvel Universe: Infinity doesn't consist of one lore Instead of many different stories that overlap with each other, therefore It Is entirely everlasting to enjoy many events, raids, ETC. The Server base off Comics and even part MCU version of your characters, objects, and many more to add. Marvel Universe as vast of various interacting channels to Roleplay In and enjoy with others and for yourself. Including The worlds watchful Hero's. As well as the evil beings who seek destruction and power Villains. Anti-Hero's who are stuck on one thing to determine If their the shining armor for people or the bloody sword. Vigilantes who fight out of Law to bring Justice from their selves to the petty criminals.

Features for Marvel Universe: Infinity
Story: consist of different EVENTS, RAIDS, SIDE EVENTS, MAIN EVENTS.
Toxicity: will be handled this is a TOXICITY FREE SERVER.
Various of Specs, Cannon, Uncannon powers to choose FROM.
Working Staff, Active, Nontoxic Staff to speak too and ask questions don't be afraid to ask ^_^

Credits to Server
Lil Kei™#1234
The X-Men. Today, a symbol of hope for the mutant race.

But what about back then? When mutants were hated and feared even more than in the current age?

During the 1980s, the once-small group of men and women from the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters rose to national prominence. Their mentor, Professor Charles Xavier, recognized the need for the X-Men to reach farther than Westchester County. They needed to protect mutants and humans alike across the globe. Before the Wild Man, the One-Eyed Wonder and the Telepath, there were these legends.


X-Men: Years Past is an Alternate Universe where Marvel Comics’ X-Men started to be the team we all know and love in the colorful decade of the Eighties. The cast, save for a few special characters, is all original, for in this universe, the canon cast is in the 21st century and has people to look up to from the past. It may be scary and confusing at first, but our staff team will do their best to answer any and all questions you may have. We hope to see you there!

(Rated 16+)
Hello and welcome to Marvel: Reborn. Our roleplay takes place AFTER endgame. The whole of the universe has recovered after 4 long months that felt like years. Crimes in NYC return to normal and a new mayor has promised to do something about it, but will he? Everything that happens is custom and it is all up to you THOUGH if someone is the 'leader' of the roleplay, you follow their story.

To get a canon character, you choose who you want and check in taken-characters. Using the character-template you make a submission that is posted in submissions. The server was founded by @pablo.#9487 and the head Administrator is mirth_#9907.
Welcome to the Marvel Core! A great place to hangout, make friends, and talk about all things Marvel. Features include reaction roles, economy system, active staff, and great leveling system.
Welcome to T H A N O S!

What Do We Have To Offer?

1. Active (ish) staff team!
2. A fun and respectful community!
3. A half decent owner!
4. Loads of memes!
5. Monthly Thanos sacrifices!
6. Partnerships!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

This server is a friendly community where we talk about Marvel movies or anything you want to, really. We're currently a very small community but are trying to grow! !!SPOILERS ABOUT ENDGAME AND OTHER MARVEL MOVIES ARE INEVITABLE IF YOU JOIN THIS SERVER!!
Welcome all to the Marvel Fight for The Future server! In this server, you are welcome to play canon characters or your OCs ! ^^
For those who love the Marvel Universe/DC universe and their OCs, this server is for you! Our helpful staff team has set up this server just for those who's interests lie in telling their own stories in the world of the Avengers and the Justice League.
Our server offers :

- Original Character Friendly Server

- Friendly community and staff!

- Exclusive emojis

- Roleplay events

- : Hardly any Marvel characters taken

- No Character Trial needed just apply for canon charcters

- Bots for canon charcters

- :NSFW friendly

- :Memes

- Fun channels to use

We hope to see you soon!!

- The Staff
Tá esperando o que meu consagrado ?
Bora curtir junto !

🔱Todos heróis, vilões e anti-heróis da Marvel liberado.
🔱Comandos personalizado
Só vem !
For years, the first generation of Earth's mightiest heroes have bravely defended the world against past, oncoming villains that threatened the existence of planets and nations everywhere. However, just as planned, all good things must come to an end. When the time called for it, the great majority of these legends settled into retirement, unable to continue their chosen profession as heroes. Despite this, their influence and legacies still remained in the hearts of many, as did the intermittent dangers of the world they are living in. Furthermore, with the sudden decrease of the light came an increase of the darkness. Still, hope remained. As most know it, a number of these heroes were known to have given birth to children. Children that would step from the shadows of their parents and become the new face of companionship to the newcoming generation of beings.

Marvel, A New Generation is a roleplay server developed for Marvel-based roleplay. Create a hero or villain that comes from the ancestry of a pre-existing character, or have them originate from a heroic or villainous background of their own. It's all up to you! In our server, we promise you fair standards of roleplay and posts of literate detail and more than one line.

We hope to see you in our server!
If you’re looking for a fun and chill Marvel server that offers RP as well as Non-RP discussions, come to Marvel Legends.

We talk about Marvel movies, shows, comics, video-games, toys, memes, art, and cosplay almost everyday.

We also have a very active and literate RP for those of you who enjoy RPing.

In addition to the RP and Marvel discussions, we offer fun games, contests, and events for our members on a regular basis such as drawing contests and movie nights plus much more.
Welcome to the Black Panther server! This is a server for those role players who love Marvel. Though this is primarily a Black Panther server, roleplayers are allowed to play characters outside this specific group of characters.