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Marvel: New Dawn.™️
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On Earth 6016. This earth was very similar to earth 616. But with a few changes to origins of many heroes and villains.
Kang the conqueror, after destroying earth 6015 he sought out to destroy or rule another he captured the Eternals from earth 6015 and brainwashed them in doing his bidding. He and his Eternals seek to rule earth 6016 and kill or imprison its heroes or maybe even brain wash them. We need heroes and villains.
Join Marvel: New Dawn now!
Note: We have a lot of Marvelous Roleplaying channels to you to Enjoy with. It's all open! We have great Organization, Set of Rules, Roles to select, And a lot of Character slots Available! Please, Don't be toxic if you do indeed join the Server. Make some friends! Maybe even Best Friends! So Come on in, Marvel: New Dawn.
Marvel:Children of Eden is a roleplay server based around marvel comics and not the movies. We sadly don’t allow oc’s so other less rped characters can a chance.
- over 300 roleplay channels
- constant and updates
- Main characters not taken yet
- The lore and story is shaped by you
Come and share your art, talk about food, chat about games, just have fun :D I want to build a fun community where everyone feels welcome :) Come and say hi!
Looking for a server to talk anything Disney? Here is your place! Parks, movies, shows, history, food, and more! We are a small server, so if you join, don’t leave immediately, as we are growing community.
We have benefits such as:
Unique emojis
Helper roles
Unique channels
And more!
This server is an ERP server where people can rp as their favorite Disney characters. You can rp as any character that is owned by Disney, so Pixar/Star Wars/Marvel/Muppets/Indiana Jones/Percy Jackson/etc... characters are also allowed.
Some recent changes to the server have allowed characters from MLP, DC, and Dreamworks to the server.
Join the server and have fun roleplaying as a Marvel character!
Active staff and a kind community, we welcome everyone!

✔Fair rules✔
✔Story events✔
Hello and welcome to Avengers' Tower! A community for those who are into Marvel and many others!
This is not a roleplay server and theres no NSFW content.

We have channels for:
✧ General Chatting
✧ Fan Art
✧ Non-Fan Art
✧ Spoilers Discussions
✧ Spoilers Content
✧ Memes! (Marvel and Not)
We have Mee6 and Tatsu bots as well, and are still open to suggestions!
> **26 Years after the Blip, massive technological advancements were made not only on Earth, but on the Earth's allied planets, new super powered beings coming along with them. Because of many of the new advancements, however, several of the arising villains grew stronger and are planning to wreak havoc upon the world... but with every new villain comes a new hero.
> Will you be one of these thankless, pure heroes? Or will you strive to commit acts of evil, using the world as your personal playground?
> The choice is yours.**
The Marvel’s Avengers Server unites Marvel fans to discuss their favorite Marvel comics, MCU films, or any upcoming games. Join here to discuss with your fellow members! Here’s what we have to offer:

• The Upcoming Marvel's Avengers Game (Avenger’s Project)

•Over 150 Marvel Emotes

•Friendly Staff & A Variety of Self-Assignable Roles

•Latest updates on the MCU

•Variety of Bots

Come join our community in discussing upcoming MCU films and updates! Along with new updates on any soon to be revealed products.
Hello there, welcome to Marvel's The Avengers.

In this server you can roleplay, chat and discuss anything you want.

Roleplay events happen every 2 - 3 weeks or so.

Roleplay whoever you wanna be! OCs are allowed too. And if you don't wanna roleplay, it's okay you can just hang out with us.

We got friendly experienced staff members.

The chat is chill, calm and friendly.

If you are inactive because of school, vacation, sick, etc. Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you for being inactive.

You can discuss about:
Non-Marvel Movies
Video Games
Science Fiction
TV Series

Now that the server got introduced to all of you, If you are interested in the server then feel free to join the club. We would be very grateful to see you.







We are LGBT+ friendly community with one shared passion- Marvel! No matter if you like comics or movies, this place is for you!
Take your favourite character and give them some of that college drama as a student or professor here on our server!

Please make sure you're at least 16+ before joining!
Welcome to the newest Marvel Comics ERP server!
This server allows you to bend the universe and pick any character from across the infinite multiverse of Marvel Comics, as well as characters from different times.
This server has many perks including:
- Knowledgeable staff team
- Engaging rp for all lengths and styles
- And an easy to follow rules system
So come on in and have fun with us
This server is a safe place to make online friends and discuss interests without judgement. There are many channels and categories, so there’s something for everyone. It also has plenty of bots, such as Tatsumaki and Sigma.
🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ friendly.
Not based in any particular universe, this server is set in our modern day Manhattan as The Avengers and the heroes who protect the world and galaxies with them are in their prime. Being globally known, heroes alike have only been stopping petty crimes such as bank robberies or the occasional police chase. Little do these heroes know, a darkness deep in the earth stirs and awaits nothing more than to be cracked opened and released to cause more destruction than ever before.
- Friendly Staff
- OC's Accepted
- Villains allowed
- 16+ years old
In the spam of 5 hours, the world has lost all hope. There was a massive war between the forces of good vs evil, the Avengers vs The Masters of Evil. In the end, the Avengers managed to beat back against the Masters of Evil but with a cost. No one managed to survive the battle, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, all gone.

1 Year Later, the world was just under chaos and there was no heroes to save them so SHIELD had to put up a new solution, try to bring in the Next Generation of Heroes in order to fight back against the new forces of darkness. This included the children of many heroes and some new ones that was inspired by them to become the next heroes of Earth. However, when there is Heroes, there is always Villains. So, do you choose to take the route of either a hero, or a villain?
A minimalist server dedicated server dedicated to marvel and dc rule 34
~Welcome to Marvel: War Of The Nine Realms~

This Server has most active Marvel literate role-play on discord. If you’re passionate about the Marvel MCU or Comic book universe searching for literate and engaging role play. This place is for you.

Our Server offers:

✧Active Server where role-players engage regularly.

✧Wide of variety of canon characters open or make your own original character.

✧ We have a engaging and dynamic plot that’ll keep you interested alongside our events.

✧ There are loads of channels that are perfect for fun, detailed roleplay experiences for your character.

✧ Role-Play Leveling system that rewards you for Role-playing. ( includes Discord Nitro)

✧Active and Friendly Staff.

✧LBGTQ+ friendly Server

✧.. And much More

✧So come on, come join the family! We love ALL our members.
A new server dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and Marvel TV). In this server you can discuss various subjects revolving the MCU and even Marvel Comics in general. We also are welcome to a large range of perspectives and opinions regarding the MCU - meaning we also allow the discussion of other comic book franchises such as the DC in separate channels.

The server also contains competitions, MCU updates, a place to display collectibles/merch you have regarding the MCU and occasionally movie events/nights. We also have a large variety of dyno reaction gifs that relate to the MCU that you can use in conversations, including a large emote list of various emotes also related to the MCU.
**Marvel Fan Group**

The Marvel Fan Group is a large discord server where you can talk about Marvel things such as Comics, Movies, Television, Collectibles, and more! Here are a few things that might interest you!

⭐️ 245+ Members!

⭐️ Cool Marvel Emojis!

⭐️ Great Management!

⭐️ Cool Bots!

⭐️ Partners With Large Marvel Servers Including The Marvel Universe!

⭐️ Chill Channels Where You Can Talk Marvel!

Enough of me talking about what’s in the server, time for you to come see for yourself! Join Marvel Fan Group today!

Server Invite Link:
Welcome to our Disboard! We are a Marvel role-play server that would like YOU to join us. We are a constantly expanding community. If you would like to Boost or Partner with us, please contact the owner. Thank you.
``⭐️ Heroes Multiverse ✨ ``
**__— This is an organization that accepts One Liners, Semi Literate, and writing styles of any kind. It’s constructed around the DC, Marvel, and ZΩH Universes. We authorize Original Characters that have their own stories, but we attempt to maintain aspects as canon as we could (yet still empowering you with the freedom to cultivate your characters). Our server allows characteristics like magic and mythology, and with our own universe, it furnishes all sorts of new species to choose from. Yes, some characters are even Demigods! But with superiority arrives a lot of necessary improvement to create your character’s abilities rigorously. Rather you select a hero as Supergirl or our exceptionally own ZΩH canons, we guaranteed you’ll have lots of entertainment!

We strive to develop a fun and peaceful atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable if they ever desire to talk to someone. Staff members try our best to be reasonable and remain unbiased to conserve the server running smoothly. That furthermore encompasses second chances if you are ever banned (unless you’re a raider).

Instances Of What You’ll Find In Heroes Multiverse :
— Claimable Canons
— OC Creation Freedom
— Locations from Marvel, DC, and ZOI, all coexisting in one universe.
— Friendly and (Mostly) Mature community where you could come upon quantities of people, and bring about new friendships.
— Reliable Staff Members.

If this is what you’re glimpsing for, Heroes Multiverse is the perfect location for you!__**
``` ```
Tired of looking for good superhero RPs and all you seem to find and join is inactive, illiterate, and toxic? Don’t give up yet, because there’s still some great servers left- like Genesis! The Genesis Crossover has been around for awhile with different names on other platforms but only recently has been around on Discord for about two months now! This server is constantly evolving to suit everyone’s needs! We offer a variety of services, including:

√ A clear explanation to how characters from different comic companies coexist in our universe!
√ A complaint center to express your complaints as long as you are respectful!
√ A question center in case you have any confusion or need anything!
√ Our very own OC sheet!
√ A character suggestions channel to see which canon character might be best for you if you’re new to RPing canon characters or just wanting to try someone new to RP!
√ A character tutoring center to help you learn a new canon character fast!
√ A suggestions channel to help better the server!
√ Fun news and in-character social media to keep up with current events in the RP!
√ Active canon RP teams- these teams can come and go and be based around fun events in the RP!
√ A venting channel- because we all need someone to listen to our troubles sometimes!
√ A NSFW channel that IS regulated and secure!
√ Music bots!
√ Fun voice chats!
√ Awesome bots for when you’re bored or waiting for someone to reply- like Mudae and Dank Memer!
√ An active staff that is willing to help you in any and every way possible- and understands if you need to be inactive for a bit. We have lives, and we get busy, and trouble comes up. There’s no hiding that.
Come Join the Marvel Characters on many adventures featuring your favorite characters! We are an active roleplay server that has wonderful members. We are looking to find new, active members to have a better roleplay experience!
__**The Gifted**__
The world has gone dark, the x-men and brotherhood have vanished, mutants are uprising, and being forced into prisons. they've done nothing wrong yet, ever since 7/15 the worlds changed, Humans got scared of the mutants protecting them, and some fought back. those we call the purifiers, then we have the supposed government-run program, called sentinel services. we are hunted, be we are not alone...across the globe mutants have banded together creating a system right under the noses of the people who hate them the most, we call it...the mutant underground and its where I call home. I'm Polaris, I am the one who founded this server, you can come and RP and help fight for the justice of mutants, or be the ones who hate the purifiers, the sentinel services, the government...but what are you gonna decided.
*--=-=* **[Join the fight for freedom of us all]** *=-=--*
__**What we have so far**__
**Under Development**
- LGBTQ Friendly
- Staff Chances are open
- Friendly and Kind (Small) Community
- Around 200 Channels and 40 Roles so far.
- Fair rules and clear RP restrictions
- Many open Cannon characters!

[Join us, and make a Difference]