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The plot will revolve around a new threat, or threats? Not much is known by the Spiders, all that is known is that there was another massive shift, seeming to have them all shifting into the main Universe of 616. What could be behind this? Who wants to meet up with the Spiders? Join in and find out!
Let's say one day that all your favorite super heroes from one universe ended up in a universe where hero's were a common thing, well that's the case here all Marvel heroes are suddenly in the Universe of My hero academia unknowningly how they ended up there it's up to them to stop villains from their respective universes.
Mostly canon
Mini arcs in between
Canon and oc heroes allowed
Marvel 616 and My Hero Academia.
We have a Spider-Verse rp going on. We have many other rp's going on if anyone is interested.
Hello everyone! This server is made for people that LOVEEEE Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse! You don’t have to like it that much but this is a server for the movie, thanks so much for reading this and possibly joining!