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Welcome to the Heist City RP!
A horrible, crime filled city that still has its charms, somehow. Be an innocent, or not so innocent, newcomer to the city and explore the opportunities there are!

Associate with a gang, the law or just try to live life.

A fun RP server with approachable Mods, including the Admin, fun events and a great community.
Here in the halls of Valhalla, the greatest heroes (and occasionally villains!) of the universe feast, drink, and fight for glory until the end of time. In this roleplay, Valhalla is open across all of space and time, meaning a huge variety of people to meet. Come make a character, celebrate their past life and enjoy total freedom for the rest of eternity.

Tournaments will be held regularly for combat roleplay, with permanent role rewards and esteemed titles for yourself and your character! A simplistic dice combat system ensures fairness while keeping everything interesting!
See you in Valhalla!

- Now with: Non-Tournament/Combat events!
- Now with: Optional NSFW content!
- Now with: A member-created bestiary, random monster encounters, and hidden boss monsters with great rewards!
How you got to this strange world is a mystery to you. There was no warning, no vortex in the sky or all-powerful villain to whisk you away from your home. Just a sudden unbearable pain, like your soul itself was being ripped apart. Eventually, you fell unconscious. When you came to, you were no longer in the world that you knew, and it seems that everyone else here went through the exact same thing.
Now it’s up to you what you do in this universe. Will you cause havoc? Settle down and try to live life the best you can? Try to return home? It’s up to you to decide. The only thing certain about this place is what you’ve all decided to call it.
With that being said, welcome to The Far-Off. Enjoy your stay.
❀ Play as your favorite character!
❀ Literate roleplay!
❀ Friendly and helpful staff!
❀ Plot events!
Ladies and gentlemen, edgelords and tentacle abominations, come on and come all to the Multiversal Association of Loathsome Individuals and Corporate Evil!

We have:
-Four unique classes to choose from
-A climbable status ladder
-Polling system for events
-and a somewhat scattered owner

Hello... So why are you reading this? Well before you move on lemme show you something.

Life can be hard, just ask every Magic Character there is or every Marvel comic producer. But that's just it people are different and so is this server why you must ask? Just think would you want a server with thousands of people that were identically alike or a server with a dedicated community that is all differed from star wars to Lucky Charms we have it.

So your probably over there picking for gold or honestly bored. I can't change your mind but if you join, your sure to find people that you will love to death maybe even RP and improve your skills or find a new genre you never knew of.

Imagine a Universe... cough Omniverse where you can be anything and try anything. Just uh don't.. you know.. not have fun.. this server is built of the people they get to decide where this Goes.

Maybe even have your event in this server or make a great friend the possibilities are endless. We don't care what kind of cereal you like or comic run as it's endless...

So will you join now because my fingers are hurting. And begin your journey!!
Looking for mods and other stuff so feel free to join if you can help..
Created by a suspicious individual, Trisk Lockheart also known as “Shade” has been creating a school to protect the people he loved, maybe even the entire multiverse. How you got here? You were summoned by the guy himself to help protect the world, maybe as a young individual or a teacher. You are tasked to do everything from studying more about your powers too creating a better environment around you.

This place was created using a rift in time where people would have a hard time tracking their existence. Trisk has been asked to create something better for people. As he saw corruption and other disasters destroying the world. He gives people a task to purge it.

Class System
OC or other fandoms ocs are allowed
We are a semi-private, canon-divergent MHA group that welcomes OCs and characters from MHA canon! THIS SERVER IS 16+. Please note that an application is required before you can RP with us, but joining for pure readership is also accepted. :) Find us on Tumblr!
Aetherverse RP needs YOU to continue growing as both a welcome community and awesome server! We have:

- Loyal and dedicated mod team with lots of experience
- Little regulations or rules on who you can RP (and not many character limits)
- Endless opportunities to make new friends and develop your characters and factions
- Much MUCH more!

Join an open world experience like never before, and begin your journey in the grand Aether today!
Welcome to When Worlds Collide - Crossover Roleplay. We are a roleplaying community that strives to deliver a more story and relationship-based roleplaying system.
Do you like Playing as Canon characters or OCs in servers but aren't allowed to be them? Do you feel like the server your in doesn't have enough stories or things to do in them? Well then, I believe this might be a great place for you. We have A Science Fiction Storyline full of Technology, Futuristic Settings, medieval settings and factions to join. However you don't need to restrict yourself to these places. You can go and be whoever and wherever you please. Even Meme characters are allowed!
Our Server includes:
- No lore at all, just small exposition
- Special Roles for Teams
- A Character Claiming System to Avoid Character-Stealing
- No ERP(Erotic Role Playing) Whatsoever.
- The Ability to Be Good or Evil, it doesn't matter.
- The Ability to Be A Canon character or OC(Any Franchise Ever.)
- A staff willing to answer questions About the story or server.
- A friendly and kind community willing to help or direct you to what you need to do.

Thank you!
Hello and welcome to Weird Rp Inc.'s primary server, a server where you can be (almost) ANYTHING YOU WANT! This is also a hub for the many other servers that the weird rp inc. decides to produce, whether it be the popular BNHA: Broken History, or the wacky JJBA: Hand of Fate server, this server is open to all who love to rp!
After Thanos snaps his fingers, half of all living creatures turn to dust. Families are devastated and everyone is really depressed. The world falls apart. Now, The Heroic survivors must find away to fix all this and bring everyone back. Bringing in all new heroes and villains to help fight Thanos and save the world, This is The Endgame.

This is a new server with some nice members (And soon to be staff), And even though this is set in the MCU, Characters from Fox, Sony, and the Comics are all accepted into this Roleplay. Also, You cannot be any dusted characters so If you came here to be Groot, Think again...
We hope to see you here!

This server is a continuation of the Injustice story, taking place right after Batman locking Superman in the phantom zone. We of course plan on the ultimate villain of this story to be Darkseid along with his forces. Have a favorite character you wish didn’t fight for the regime? We have a list of alternate universes you’re allowed to pick characters from. And also, we even allow “guest characters” that were featured in Injustice 2, or very regularly cross over with DC.
Universum8 is a server for any type of Roleplayer!
While OC's are welcome, and are accepted very often, you can also make characters that are from an already existing series. We welcome everyone and anyone willing to give us a chance! We won't dissapoint.
a very new server with very few members that is currently still a work in progress; despite that i hope that everyone will still have fun, if there's anything you want me to add or if you want to help feel free to tell me
...Have I got your skimming self’s attention now? Yes? Good. Ok.
This is an rp server.
We rp.
We do not have a dedicated nsfw channel. We do not do giveaways, we have basic meme channels and a friendly community, but it might not be for you. We have bots for very basic functions, but nothing you haven’t seen. And we have a serious lack of emoji spam.
But. We do have Rp. We have custom artwork specifically for rp. We have a plot and story which I reckon holds up for itself. And we have a rper base who are pretty serious about it all.
I’m not going to say that the story is definitely for you. But if you like rping, and like story/plot heavy rping, and are somewhat into serious rping? Well. Maybe the lore will be enough to encourage you to join. That, and the fact that I can personally assure you that we are at least high school grade level of literate.

O’er blackened breast and golden tongue
The great vessel Navinmi surges forthwith
A great ark of mind’s sin
To sail upon her glassy tears

Welcome, to the ship Navinmi, a great floating library which sails between the realms of consciousness. I am sure that you have many questions, but that is what I, the Librarian, am here for. Know this: you have been summoned from within a story, however, now your purpose is greater than any tale.

A world, a lover, a war. No, none of these things. Yet all. Within these walls whispers every story crafted in every world, universe, mind. Unspeakable volumes of stories, linked to people of their own.

You must protect them. A freshly formed foul rot seeps into these pages, to taint and twist.
They change the pages, transform the stories, corrupt and infest. Lives altered forever.
The rot will grow, and will seek to eat away at the great tree which rests at the heart of the library. It will smother the bright flame which you sprang from.

So dear notae, and those other who control you. I will tell you all, but I beseech you-
Please, help us.
A crossover roleplay server allowing both original character and canon ones (with some exceptions, but not too many.). God, even character from some not-so-known fandom are allowed! (No overused or cringe aus like ink sans or similar or simply getting a canon char and editing it to make a alternate version that's out of character, aus that make sense when uses properly are allowed, the exception being undertale aus since they are mostly overused way too much)

Alternate link if the link still doesn't work despite i trying to fix it:
The Multiverse is a server for all my Marvel/Dc fans out there! Choose your favorite characters to roleplay as, make new friends, and enjoy the fandoms. Join today~
Мы есть Multiverse-РП Сервер.Наше правило- минимум правил, максимум сюжета и фантазии.Здесь вы можете быть кем угодно, делать что угодно, и создавать собственную историю, ваша фантазия- ваше оружие. Присоединяйтесь! (А еще у нас можно немного руинить:D)
Create an interstellar empire based on your favorite work of fiction or one of your own creation! Anything is possible in WWC EMpires? Don't feel like creating a faction, and just want to strike it out on your own as an independent person? You can do that too! Anyone is free to join the only limit is your imagination!
Hello... Hello?!

Welcome To The Multiverse!!

Basically you can be anybody you want and yeah!!

Were new so cut us some clack!!
A roleplay server where you can build or customize worlds to play in, or simply use an existing world. NSFW roleplays or SFW roleplays allowed. We're doing our best to make it as safe, fun, and easy to use as possible, input appreciated!
Universum7 is a RP server about four different universes. Different arcs, and different plots will shape these universes. Everyone starts out in their respective universe. But eventually, you could be a cyborg, and head to a fantasy universe. Every decision YOU make as your character will shape these worlds. For better, or for worse.

So, might as well come join us, and shape one of these worlds.
We'll be awaiting to RP with you with open arms.
A particularly new server,it is a server that is mostly chill roleplaying.Any character is allowed.It is split into 5 other servers,each coming soon.
becuase this is the server for you!