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In Undertale's multiverse, there is no heaven and no hell. So where do souls go after trespassing...? simple: to MOTH, the tree of life. Join the community with your own character! Anything is fine, really. Join one of the eight factions and compete to be the head of the Great Tournament!
-Deltarune is accepted too!
-Despite being new, we already have started roleplaying.
-OCs don't need to be Undertale related, this is an Undertale based and not centered rp.
-Have an OC other servers won't accept...? We'll take a closer look at it, don't worry.
-we search for help: mods and OC selectors.
Hello I’m glad your reading this, or am I? Well here’s the reason I made this server So I wanted to find a server with pirates, Star Wars, stranger things, the Cold War.... basically all my favourite shit but after looking I discovered multi verse rps. So I joined one, it was soooooooooo **ducking** strict so I created this bad boy, you just submit and get accepted. I mean there are still some rules but it’s mostly just do what ever the duck you want. We offer some cool stuff to!
•friendly staff
•built in rp
•combat system
•places to chat
•a growing community
•fair rules
•mother ducking power to the people
Join now and use the power of your imaginaaaaaaation....
**Fate chooses you. Fate chooses you, to be the one who finds themselves in a mysterious realm with little information on how to escape. How will you escape?**

Welcome to fandom Crossover RP! We are a very new server, and we offer a unique storyline where you can be an OC or a fandom character. The best part is, you can be ANY fandom character you dream of.
The multiverse. Once many worlds, divided yet in harmony, now fused and in discord. The inhabitants of these worlds work to figure out what the cause of this phenomenon is. What comes next is something truly... incredibly... zany.

Many adventures begin in this amalgam world. Strange pocket monsters meet dragons in what were once sacred lands. The baddest kid to ever save the day meets a mad genius who has never understood the meaning of taking a chill pill. Two dark beings form an unlikely and uncanny pair, while anime's most powerful titans clash in epic battles... while a kid with cybernetic powers has lunch at a burger joint with a superpowered bug-eyed girl in Kindergarten. Truly what is being described here is too wondrous and insane to even comprehend without truly opening the doors and looking inside. What awaits you will be a world of wonders, and when you choose to leave it--less you be too flabbergasted from the chaos that you witness--you will leave it with one thought in your head:
"...What the fu-“
The laws of time and space have been broken. Visitors from different times and dimensions have come to our world from the dimensional openings as they are forced into "schools" to be brainwashed into either teaching their magical powers to the students as a teacher if they are successful in graduating or the failures are turned into day laborers, maids, and slaves for the elite. The elite are composed of the humans that originally inhabited the world and a very few select magical beings from other lands that were found to be elite. Others not deemed worthy of sharing their knowledge were given a promise if they graduated... they could return home.

Everything was going well with the program and brainwashing until a new set of students set forth onto campus. They deemed themselves "The Heroes" and are on a mission to break the system, rescue the brainwashed and the ones turned into slaves so they can all return home.

Welcome to Zaemia, School of the Arcane.

What Sets Us Apart?
× This is a very flexible school fantasy world where you can choose to be ANY race you want (except gods, demi gods, robots, androids, and anything that can't fit in a school (like a full sized dragon)).
× We have dedicated staff that can help answer any questions and help with characters.
× We are looking to add more people to our staff! Show your loyalty and activity and you may be promoted to a moderator and maybe even an admin!
× We just introduced groups! Due to the vast nature of the server and races, we already have a mafia group and a tribe group! Become trusted and be active on the server, and you can create your own group!!!
× More to this school that meets the eye with mysteries on where people are disappearing to and people's behaviors changing.
× We have exciting events, new monsters and classes planned for the future!
× Work your way up to create an elite or nobility character or have your character eventually grow into one!
× You can be creative with your character! You don't have to be stuck to one realm of magic as a student or professor!
× We welcome ALL role players! New, Veteran, paragraph, casual, etc!
× Fun bots to play with outside of RP!

Come join us!!!
Have you ever wondered what would happen if some of our favorite video game characters were thrown together with Marvel superheroes and villains? Look no further than The Fate Of Two Worlds, an 18+ Marvel vs Capcom roleplay server! A chill, fun Discord group to see just how these universes get along! You don't have to be familiar with the games, as our lore is always being expanded upon and changing, but it would be a good idea to have some general knowledge of the 3rd installment. It has a canon comic in which we're drawing information from.

Feel free to hop in and check us out! If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help!
do you want the helghan going against taskforce 141?, want 2D in a rock battle with elvis? well. you are in luck, welcome to my server? what do we have?

~fair, and understandable rules
~characters real and not are allowed :)
~has 6 fun bots!


Ladies and gentlemen, edgelords and tentacle abominations, come on and come all to the Multiversal Association of Loathsome Individuals and Corporate Evil!

Where extracurriculars like murder, bribes, threatening, and kicking puppies are both permitted and encouraged, and nobody is left behind.

We have four distinct categories of members, consisting of...!

Minds, the puppeteers with brains the size of their egos.

Mercs, everyone’s favorite bullies-for-hire.

Mages, the sparkly little friends that are everywhere, like glitter, ugh.

And Monsters, adorable world-eaters that take skills to wrangle and have a large branch of the largest part of the compound so they don’t eat everyone.

Race before my eyes to rise to the top of your class, fend off hordes of righteous protagonists, and find out what matters to you, the piles of gold you’ve acquired or the friends you made along the way.

P.S. It’s the gold.

MS, your boss.


Malice is intended to be a lighthearted and fun server about being having a bunch of ragtag villains of wildly different abilities get stuck in the same building and have to get along.

Events and plot decisions (if they happen at all,) will be decided by poll. Although we’re just starting out, we’d be happy to have you along for the ride.
RPD (Roleplay Dimensions) is a server that contains roleplay of most kinds! Here, you can roleplay in your favorite settings/universes, and if you don’t see what you‘re looking for, feel free to make a suggestion. We are open to suggestions.

When you join please be sure to follow MEE6‘s instructions! And if you have any kind of questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the staff. We hope you enjoy your time here!
Multiverse: Game of Fate

Who owns this server?: @Marco Moretti - Normal Clothes @Adrian Prince - Normal Clothes
Finished Lore
The Year is 2045, and the Universe is being threatened by a Void Entity, a primordial being of unimaginable strength. As a last ditch effort, the Galactic Forefather, whose true name is unknown, consolidated the multiverse's strongest fighters here in order to save it..

:sparkler: What do we offer?:

:sparkles: [+] Literate roleplay with experienced roleplayers.
:sparkles: [+] Weekly events
:sparkles: [+] Finished lore!
:sparkles: [+] Great systems you can play with!
:first_place: [+] Easy to use character format and great staff!
[=] You'd better be joining at this point!
Welcome, welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom!
My name is Princess Peach, the rightful ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom~!
We welcome all kind of people in here and we accept many different characters for roleplay, whether it be anime, or gaming! You are all welcome to visit my Kingdom~!
The Mushroom Kingdom is filled with different and unique places which you can explore and have fun in~!
We hope you enjoy your stay and find many new friends~ !
Hope to see you soon!
~Princess Peach
Re:Do Paradox is a Roleplay server about a time rift in space being broken. Inevitably causing time itself to collapse, causing alternate universes, pocket dimensions, nothingness voids, and things of that nature to occur. That means one thing, and one thing only. . ANYTHING, and I mean, ANYTHING can happen here. Meeting your alternate self which you rule the entire world, fighting an evil version of you. There's much more. . especially about the Magic, and powers used. Due to the broken rift causing all of the Multiverses, Paradox realities, and space related locations to become ONE, thus making every single universe accessible to everyone in the world. Much more energy is available; people are strong, VERY strong! With that being said. . you ever seen a Super Saiyan Spatial God? Trust me, there's much more to it.
Aetherverse RP needs YOU to continue growing as both a welcome community and awesome server! We have:

- Loyal and dedicated mod team with lots of experience
- Little regulations or rules on who you can RP (and not many character limits)
- Endless opportunities to make new friends and develop your characters and factions
- Much MUCH more!

Join an open world experience like never before, and begin your journey in the grand Aether today!
▬▬▬▬▬ [ Anime Multiverse Nomia ] ▬▬▬▬▬

Welcome to Anime Multiverse Nomia! We are a roleplay server dedicated to an anime multiverse where you travel across distorted universes, teaming up with and against other players to restore the contortions and save the multiverse. In return, youll be granted anything you desire!


We offer:

[] Staff positions
[] Lore that is influenced by your actions.
[] Events
[] Custom factions.
[] Canon and original characters.
[] Much, much more!


We hope youll join us!
It was just another day. No one expected a small scale report to turn into something so colossal. Not a single individual could have anticipated their worlds colliding with several others. The collission did not destroy the planets as it should've. Instead it created a bridge that brought people from other worlds into one. Along with this bridge came a rift, allowing people from alternate realities and universes to come head to head. Those who didn't exist are suddenly popping up like daisies(and we don't mean the princess). Villains, Heros, and neutral beings alike are coming together from all over assimilating into this one Earth.

These events are still young- so fresh that new conflicts and alliances are forming. From timelines never meant to exist to past events reoccuring in new ways- everything is changing.

Whether you want to claim a canon character, an original character, or make a headcanon it doesn't change each individuals destiny. Something is happening to the world as we know it. The question is- what will you do? Your choices may permaneny effect the outcome for better or for worse. the decision is yours.

Want to add some lore and expand our universe? Go for it!

Come check us out, we'd like to see what you'll bring to the table!
Years had passed since the events of Thanos...The Avengers had moved on and accepted the loss of Natasha and Tony...until one day that would change the concept of the universe forever.

The sudden reappearance of these two heroes shocked the world - but they didn't turn out quite the same anymore. From things such as their outfits, appearance, personalities, and even alliances had changed, and in some cases, vanished. After investigation and interrogation, Scott made a discovery...

This Tony and Natasha...came from the multiverse. Different, alternate realities where others had been sacrificed instead of them. Where there were more than 1 possible way to win against Thanos. The concept of a multiverse opened up so many more possibilities, and endings, and-

The Avengers, and the rest of the world had barely any time before more heroes AND villains from the multiverse came flooding in to the reality that you know. Who are the villains now? And who are the heroes? Conflicts, trials, tribulations...find all of them here, in `Avengers: Reflected`!
__We have:__
- A nice staff team ready to help
- An original lore
- Reaction Roles
- A ton of roleplay channels
We hope to see you here soon 😀
It starts off by random portals opening around the multiverse. Whether that be in the DC universe or the Marvel Universe, heck even the Nintendo Universe was under attack. All of these random portals either ended up in Madrid or in Vancouver.
Here in Center of the Multiverse, we have a welcoming community. We also have:
1:1 male female ratio
Memes and Shitposts
A welcoming staff
The ability to be either an OC or a CC
And the ability to add in different places as you rp. Here the people design the sections (with some consent from the admins). We have all sorts of areas and universes. I hope to see you there.
-Tried (server owner)
Welcome to The Absolute Marvel Universe!
In this server, you can play any Marvel Comics character, or
Marvel Cinematic! The choice is yours.
After Thanos snaps his fingers, half of all living creatures turn to dust. Families are devastated and everyone is really depressed. The world falls apart. Now, The Heroic survivors must find away to fix all this and bring everyone back. Bringing in all new heroes and villains to help fight Thanos and save the world, This is The Endgame.

This is a new server with some nice members (And soon to be staff), And even though this is set in the MCU, Characters from Fox, Sony, and the Comics are all accepted into this Roleplay. Also, You cannot be any dusted characters so If you came here to be Groot, Think again...
We hope to see you here!

Hello, welcome to the collision of the multiverse! We’re a small group just getting started but we are experienced Roleplayers!
Hello and welcome to Undertale Multiverse Roleplay!
Here we have a brand new and growing community of roleplayers roleplaying the Undertale Multiverse and it's Alternate Universes! Come and join us!
Here in the halls of Valhalla, the greatest heroes (and occasionally villains!) of the universe feast, drink, and fight for glory until the end of time. In this roleplay, Valhalla is open across all of space and time, meaning a huge variety of people to meet. Come make a character, celebrate their past life and enjoy total freedom for the rest of eternity.

Tournaments will be held regularly for combat roleplay, with permanent role rewards and esteemed titles for yourself and your character!

We offer a dice system for combat, with a perk system to boost your strength with unique effects!

Fighting other people not your thing? No worries! We offer a casual setting with several environments, events hosted by admins and members alike, and a bestiary of wild beasts to find in the wilder areas.

See you in Valhalla!