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A roleplay server where you can build or customize worlds to play in, or simply use an existing world. NSFW roleplays or SFW roleplays allowed. We're doing our best to make it as safe, fun, and easy to use as possible, input appreciated!
Here in the halls of Valhalla, the greatest heroes (and occasionally villains!) of the universe feast, drink, and fight for glory until the end of time. In this roleplay, Valhalla is open across all of space and time, meaning a huge variety of people to meet. Come make a character, celebrate their past life and enjoy total freedom for the rest of eternity.
Tournaments will be held regularly for combat roleplay, with permanent role rewards and esteemed titles for yourself and your character! A simplistic dice combat system ensures fairness while keeping everything interesting!
See you in Valhalla!
A server you can be anything, as long it doesnt break rules.
We dont have lore, why? Because the lore is the story that the characters are living, and we also have arcs (events that affect all rp channels or just some.) Please join the server for more info.

Server owner: Lancer#4674
Alternate link:
(If you come in for ERP, its a permanent ban, no warnings.)
The Multiverse is a chaotic place, where both great good and great evil are capable of prospering. This Roleplay always loves new members, and we're both crossover and OC friendly! Our community is friendly, and events are constant! You can also request new franchises for addition into the server RP lore! So come on in and join the Multiverse, and RP your favorite characters in brand new, unique, and epic settings!
Hello and welcome to Weird Rp Inc.'s primary server, a server where you can be (almost) ANYTHING YOU WANT! This is also a hub for the many other servers that the weird rp inc. decides to produce, whether it be a weird mpnster rp or the beloved PSYCHO WORLD rp, this server is open to all who love to rp!
Welcome to the Brink of the Abyss.
Dimensions have... moved. No one knows how, or why. They disappear and reappear elsewhere in the vast multiverse. All of those moved become connected by a series of 'Observatories' that allow transportation between dimensions.
But something else is stirring in the dark. Something dangerous and horrifying. Entire dimensions are dying. Falling out of reality, into the vast abyss of non-existence.

Join the Brink of the Abyss, a vast RP server with entire dimensions. Run across the desert landscapes of Garn and discover ancient cultures that are slowly crumbling to dust, or gaze across the towering skyline of Eath in all its Technological and Magical marvel. We have various dimensions allowing all sorts of Roleplays to take place.

We welcome both original characters (OCs) and characters derived from almost any community.

We also host many events signalled by the 'Clock Tower of Chronos'.

Join us to learn more!
...Have I got your skimming self’s attention now? Yes? Good. Ok.
This is an rp server.
We rp.
We do not have a dedicated nsfw channel. We do not do giveaways, we have basic meme channels and a friendly community, but it might not be for you. We have bots for very basic functions, but nothing you haven’t seen. And we have a serious lack of emoji spam.
But. We do have Rp. We have custom artwork specifically for rp. We have a plot and story which I reckon holds up for itself. And we have a rper base who are pretty serious about it all.
I’m not going to say that the story is definitely for you. But if you like rping, and like story/plot heavy rping, and are somewhat into serious rping? Well. Maybe the lore will be enough to encourage you to join. That, and the fact that I can personally assure you that we are at least high school grade level of literate.

O’er blackened breast and golden tongue
The great vessel Navinmi surges forthwith
A great ark of mind’s sin
To sail upon her glassy tears

Welcome, to the ship Navinmi, a great floating library which sails between the realms of consciousness. I am sure that you have many questions, but that is what I, the Librarian, am here for. Know this: you have been summoned from within a story, however, now your purpose is greater than any tale.

A world, a lover, a war. No, none of these things. Yet all. Within these walls whispers every story crafted in every world, universe, mind. Unspeakable volumes of stories, linked to people of their own.

You must protect them. A freshly formed foul rot seeps into these pages, to taint and twist.
They change the pages, transform the stories, corrupt and infest. Lives altered forever.
The rot will grow, and will seek to eat away at the great tree which rests at the heart of the library. It will smother the bright flame which you sprang from.

So dear notae, and those other who control you. I will tell you all, but I beseech you-
Please, help us.
Let's start from the beginning: This server is something very personal to me, as it is the embodiment of a lot of shit that goes on in my imagination, popular fictions encountering each other, ranging from cinema, anime, video games and even books.

I wanted to share this madness of my mind with the good people of Discord, I don't count on making this very big, but rather just right for it to be comfortable, people will be allowed to do whatever they want and new channels will be created as bios are created, I'm curious to see just how far a collective mind can go using characters and places we all know and love!

If you're still reading, thank you for going all the way to the end, it means a lot that you'd put aside a few minutes of your time just to read someone rambling on about a childhood dream finally come true. Love you all, have a nice time!!
After Thanos snaps his fingers, half of all living creatures turn to dust. Families are devastated and everyone is really depressed. The world falls apart. Now, The Heroic survivors must find away to fix all this and bring everyone back. Bringing in all new heroes and villains to help fight Thanos and save the world, This is The Endgame.

This is a new server with some nice members (And soon to be staff), And even though this is set in the MCU, Characters from Fox, Sony, and the Comics are all accepted into this Roleplay. Also, You cannot be any dusted characters so If you came here to be Groot, Think again...
We hope to see you here!
So The Infinity War has ended and all the super heroes and villains had children that’s this generation. We still fight crime and we all band together to work together and make the next generation Avengers. I, Captain Strike, is the next director of S.H.I.E.L.D since Nick Fury died. Till All Are One

Various teams

Many character types

Request locations

Be Active
This is a server where Anime’s Collide! From Dragon Ball Z to Seven Deadly Sins, there are many universes. It’s a small server for now, however this will keep expanding as more universes are added! There are also other universes like a Fallout Universe!
Seasons: The Lost World is a fantasy roleplay about a multi-verse collapsed into one. Check it out!
A roleplay server where you can play as anyone from almost any anime and geek fandoms! (Excluding taken characters under certain circumstances lol) Now all anime and geek fandoms are crossed over and the adventures are limitless grab your friends and start or join a very bizarre adventure or normal we wont judge!
Fandoms we allow



-Any from the rick riordan series

-Harry potter

-Star wars

-Star trek

-Avatar both the last air bender and the movie


-Boondocks since some people don't wanna count it as an anime I'll put it seperate



-Image Comics


-Lord Of The Rings

-Game Of Thrones
Message me if you're from another and we might add it
This server is based off of the concept of Roleplaying, and World Collide. Thing of this as the Lego Dimensions of Discord Roleplay... but better!

In this server it is possible to create characters from different universes, and even custom universes.

The setting of the server is based around the Link. The Link is a Wormhole generated by an advanced race of Humans to travel across space. It was used for many years, but eventually during a terrorist attack, the Wormhole began to become unstable, and was pushed out of it's location. It began to succumb to Hawking Radiation, when it collided with the planet below. The resulting cataclysm removed said planet from the Star Charts, leaving a rip in Space-Time. After experimentation, it was revealed that this rip lead to the missing planet. Apparently it was a one-way trip, but light and waves were still capable of exiting, but not matter. Even further experimentation revealed that the planet housed beings from many other universes. Experimentation still continues.
Three heavenly siblings, all bored of their lives and watching over their creations, set up a bloody game. They create a plane outside of our own existence, known as the Eclipse Planes. On these planes, from every corner of the multiverse, they bring people to fight to the death for their entertainment. Oh, what fun they think it is.
There are rules to this game. Simple, plainly-worded rules. The first and foremost - trust is your enemy. If you die here, you don't go home, and even more so, they won't remember you. Everyone who you used to know, friends, family, spouses, children, all of them will forget you. If you can escape all levels of the Eclipse Plane, you win the game. Anyone and anything could potentially kill you. You have been warned.
Create an interstellar empire based on your favorite work of fiction or one of your own creation! Anything is possible in WWC EMpires? Don't feel like creating a faction, and just want to strike it out on your own as an independent person? You can do that too! Anyone is free to join the only limit is your imagination!
A Roleplay server based around the concept of multiple universes connecting into one big one. A Megaverse.
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a roleplay server that has all the roleplays you want to participate in, all in one place? Well, look no further! Welcome to The Multiverse 3.0: a multiversal roleplay server that has many different types of roleplays all in one place!
Creatures and people from all kinds of universes have been suddenly pulled from their world into this one. They wake up in a strange castle and in the distance can see another castle looming.

- Come and join us where you can play as any character you want from any universe, even OC's and the like!

- Discover the lore of this world and slowly unravel the mystery of why you're here and how each location fits in.

- Fight evil monsters who have been spread across the world by an unknown force.
In this world
There is a multiverse, ran by the overseers, the overseers each have there own dimension. They could freely visit eachother but these dimensions weren't connected to eachother. Til an evil god known as Tyrogad (god of destruction and anger) breaks this barrier and sends in people known as the "Doomsday Faction", now gateways to other dimensions are open and havoc insues
The Grumpy Gator Bar and Grill. Started on AOL around 2011-2012. The bar is located on the outskirts of Rhy'din City to the North, in the middle of nowhere. (There are no back alleys or street corners) Behind the bar is a trailer park, complete with trailers to rent for short or long term stays and near by is the Gator's Nest, a bed and breakfast owned by the same people. The Gator is a Hunter's bar (characters based off of Supernatural) but is set up to be neutral territory for all manner of supernatural type patrons so long as they don't cause trouble in the area or break any of the very few rules.

All are welcome to join in. We have more than one server to host the Gator and the surrounding areas. There is no application to join, just add a basic character profile and a picture and jump on into the bar to play. (Bob is the resident NPC bartender) The bar is a just a bar, sure things happen in and around it but it's the characters who are the story line. Open play for all.
It's a new server where a character united universes and worlds, staff are active and acceptance rate is high! Join today!
Pokemon are allowed
Ponies are allowed
Anime is allowed
Fusions are allowed
Gems are allowed
Robots are allowed
Powerless ocs are allowed
Animals are allowed
Comics are allowed
Marvel (if your own oc) are allowed
and there are many more!
We are a Multiverse server with rp's daily; Our main focus is to bring in members who have always wanted to be there favourite DC Character! - We have only just started. Everyone is welcome!
This is uh, a server. Join it please I'm lonely