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Humans have covered the globe and discovered everything there is to discover. Or so we thought, in an unknown area of the world, there lie a Island, forever lost to time itself. You were on a yatch, what you were doing there is known only to yourself. Whatever the reason whatever the purpose your here now and your trapped, with monsters unknown to science and ruins of a bygone civilization. Everyday drives another man or woman insane with either anger or fear, how long will you last, it's a question I'm sure you will ask yourself everyday or maybe you won't. We'll see
Roundabout is an anime server for roleplaying. It's the right place to join to make some new weeb friends! The owner, Brittany, is looking for active staff. Including staff that can be capable of acting as a 3rd owner whenever brittany and the Co-Owner, lukki are off. ❜˖˚˳⊹
✨**CHARACTER roleplay <3**✨

!! *(we have minors in here!! everyone over 18+ may join , but no slurs, name calling, no cyber bulling, AND no NSFW!! <3)* !!

ˋ .ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷ in this server we have

✰ :: a newly founded community
✰ :: an assortment of bots (we do take suggestions)
✰ :: 20+ reaction and color roles
✰ :: cute emojis
✰ :: VERY simple layout
✰ :: nice owners <3
Fantasy Nations Role-Play! In a world called Aithusa a place you can create a nation from scratch, or choose one from your favorite medieval/fantasy media and get to work! Engage in diplomacy- or combat with other nations, as everyone works towards their various goals. Will you be a feared warmonger? Or will you bring peace to the Aithusa? It's all up to you! Come join us in FNRP.

FNRP has started on unavailable platform, Google+. It part of a rp nation community call GNRP (Galactic Nation Roleplay) just for medieval/fantasy. Our members are friendly and we have lots of experience. I hope you enjoy your time here!
------------- Realms of Emyria -------------

Realms of Emyria is a fantasy roleplay set in the world of Emyria. Emyria is a player created and driven world with nations being lead by fellow roleplayers. Become one of the many heroes, legends, nobles, or whatever you want to be within these lands and bring glory to you and your people.

• High Fantasy World
• Fantasy Races, Beasts, and Magic
• Narrative Driven Story and Roleplay
• Engage in Different Nations and Lore that Fellow Roleplayers Have Created
• Active Admin Staff
• Friendly and Fun Community

So come join Realms of Emyria and leave your mark!

We are a small, friendly community that has been roleplaying on discord for almost 2 years now. We mostly do nation roleplays or character roleplays based on what the community prefers. Example: Modern Roleplay, Fantasy Nation Roleplay, Character Roleplays (Roman Senate, etc). We are searching for active and friendly people.
—«{𝐕}»— 𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐑𝐔𝐒 —«{𝐕}»—

Vicrus! A nation role-playing community concentrated on narrative RP, set in the middle of the 18th century on a fictional world. The role-playing sphere corresponds to that era and the cultural significances that were popular.


The continent of Vicrus. It is that continent whose history is blistered with war and barbarity. Over the many centuries, the peoples, kings and queens of the kingdoms and principalities in Vicrus learnt their lessons, and they faded barbarity. But war, war remained. The tree's leaves were plucked off and the branches cut, but the root thereof remained. Once in Vicrus, war was a violent, chaotic festival of swinging swords and mutilating enemies. Now, war was a neatly fought, muzzle-to-muzzle stand-off between organized columns of winsomely-dressed men.

The inhabitants of the continent of Astrica did not leave behind barbarity, but they left behind war. Their spiritual understandings promote the peace and fairness that exists among their kingdoms.

The Faldaricans, silent peoples, lived to be one with nature — the nature that was presented unto them by the care of their ancestors in Faldarica. They would do no harm, but only harm to those who hurt nature firsthand. A simple people who live by the will of the stars, who eat no meat, fat, nor blood.
The Artian Empire is a fictional Empire in a fictional world set around the Classical Ages (~50 AD - ~100 AD).

You can:
- Live and Roleplay here as anything you could think of.
- Build cities and counties.
- Even Succeed to the throne.
- Create as many characters as you want.
- Play 1 of 3 major species. That is Human, Neko, and Kitsune.

We also offer
- Friendly staff
- A friendly community
- Memes
- Music

So come join now! You will not regret it!
**Welcome, my friend, to the Imperii Romanorum | the Roman Empire!**

This Roman Empire server is set on a player-created alternate timeline, where the actions of players within a historically-started Republic in 353 B.C.E resulted in a Civil War. While the Civil War ended and the Republic survived, it's survival would not be long. Struck by natural catastrophe and incapable leadership, the Republic collapsed in 350 B.C.E after a coup d'etat led by the Plebeians of Rome and one man. Lucius Cornelius Scipio, ***the Imperator.***
Check out why we have one of the most amazing Roman Roleplay servers!
Feel free to participate in a grand roleplay, with numerous channels within the city of Rome, private houses, businesses, the catacombs and various temples!
Create a custom character based on your imagination, starting out as a rich Patrician or a slave waiting to be sold in our slave auctions for master-slave RP, eRP or gladiatorial roleplay!
Read our super amazing Date and Story, which describes the events that happened between 353 B.C.E and 350 B.C.E and how the Empire came to be so early!
Participate in politics and intrigue by advancing yourself through the Cursus Honorum of the Empire, and winning office in elections!
Interested in conquest and glory? The Roman Empire is always looking for new recruits, from legionaries to officers!
Want to roleplay as a foreign civilization and interact with Rome? This feature is **to-be-added**, and if you come now, you may be able to call bids on the largest civilizations, like the Kingdom of Macedon, Egypt or Carthage, as well as create your own!
Make money through work and land, and use it to buy items on your ever-expanding and big Server Shop, or buy it from local businesses to help them grow and expand!
Bask in the glory of the Roman Empire with an active community, experienced staff and many events!


Join the Imperii Romanorum | Roman Empire today!

| Ave Roma! | Roma Aeterna! | Roma Invicta! |
Imperium Gloria-
Can't wait for eu5? Rp your nation and character on the fronts of administration, diplomacy, and military to bring your state into a golden age unseen in our history. 1444 Is the Base start date, be ready for the race to colonize the new world and fight battles across empires for glory, money and land.
Welcome to the server! Hope you remain and be active! Also be sure to remain realistic and not break the rules!

▪Newborn Server
▪Active Staff
▪Blitzkrieg through soil
▪Multiple Scenarios

Currently in Space Era starting from 2200. Create a nation and expand your territories across the galaxy.
Welcome to aftBismarck's Roleplay Server! This server is currently being finished and I need some helpers to help me with the lore of the world, and to help run the server. So far, the map features 38 different countries, and we are in need of lore writers for the religions, history, military technology and magic, and the Beastiary. Please Join!
Welcome to Imperial Dawn! A universe with a futuristic setting, based around the events of the owner's current upcoming book. There are several factions to choose from, with a respectable mod team and a growing RP community. So come on down, with our growing lore coming along and join a variety of factions: such as The Grand Imperium of Herakelios, The United Terran Confederation, any of the rebel factions in Vexillios, The Grand Shogunate, The Demonic Realm, The Star Republic, and others like the Knight's Unity.
Welcome to Hopes Peak Military Academy! Home of Japan’s best and brightest who have willingly agreed to take part in the military to defend japan from foreign threats or otherwise be involved in the armed forces from everything from morale and entertainment to research and development! Of course... someone entered the school and decided to turn a happy-go-lucky life into one of misery and despair! Who will live? Who will die? Who is the one controlling monokuma and all that goes on in this base? Find out in this... killing military life!
Welcome to Alteri Earth!

We are a small, character-driven low fantasy nation roleplay server set in the late medieval period on a custom map. Here you will claim a spot on our map and make it your own, from its government and leaders to the creatures that inhabit it. Once your nation is settled you will join a vibrant world full of intrigue, conflict, and diplomacy, all driven by the players and their nations. You will roleplay from the first and third person, from the perspective of some important people from your nation as they navigate a complex world, and from a birds-eye-view as you detail events occurring on a grand scale.

Come and make your legacy in Alteri Earth!
The year is 1715 and the Yamasee have massacred Delegates from Charles Town. War has been declared! Who shall you fight for? The colonizers of South Carolina avenging their dead or the Indians defending their home?

Phronesia combines the elements of a mock government sim and a character RP. Choose a pre-made character and have fun! You can be a politician, a business owner, a news anchor, a trade unionist or anything you want


- A multi party system!
Social Democratic
Albanian Alternative
The Populists
Labour (far-left)
National Independence Party
Leftist Union
Fourth Position
Egalitarian Front
Liberty and Democracy
Trinidad & Tobago Party

- News Outlets!
The Worker
RadioTelevision Daily News
Point Media
Vatican TV
Free Spirit Media
La Posizione
New Era TV
Other News Agencies!

- Political Roles!
Be a member of the Senate, winning one of the two regional constituencies and take part of a committee
Be a member of the House of Deputies, win a seat in one constituency and build your political career and be part of one committee
Be a Governor and bring prosperity to your people, or be a member of a regional assembly
Be a member of the EU parliament
Be a Mayor and fix local issues, or a member of a city council
Be a member of the Royal Family
Or lead the government and be the prime minister

- Trade Union
Worker's Union (secondary sector workers; trotskyism)
Confederation of Phronesian Trade Unions (tertiary sector workers; social democracy)
Farmer's Alliance (primary sector workers; agrarianism)
Conservative Workers and Trade Unions (primary/tertiary sector workers; conservatism)
Albanian General Confederation of Workers (all sectors; Albanian regionalism)
Union of Workers and Consumers (secondary/tertiary sectors; national syndicalism)
Service Workers Union (tertiary sector; social liberalism)
Albanian Traders' Union (small and medium businessperson and traders; economic libertarianism, Albanian regionalism)
General Traders' Union (small and medium businessperson; economic libertarianism)

- Others
...Or be a business owner, advertise your products and influence politicians!
You can also be a criminal or a mafia boss, or offer bribes to corrupt politicians!
Or be a member of the Supreme Court or a member of a local court
You can be a foreign ambassador, or you can even be a normal citizen!
Or you can be a sportsman and lead your team to victory...
Or be a general and lead the Army to success

What are you waiting for?
Join Phronesia today and shape the history of this alternative country!
A lady in beskar marches into the Senate Chamber followed by a contingency of clone troopers; their footsteps a requiem for the Republic of old. Now a new constitutional monarchy rises from the ashes of the Republic under Chancellor Sabrina Kryze.

"The Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good. Today I don my beskar by my own choice and inclination in the name of a new order like that of the Republic of old that of liberty, equality, and fraternity that rules in a manner that is best pleasing to the people. Oh Kad Ha'rangir, I do this with an upright intention, to Thy glory and My peoples good." -The Diary of Sabrina Kryze on the day of the 7947 Coup (Empire Day)

-Wholesome welcoming community
-Wide array of RP opportunities
- Lots of player freedom
-A rich player world
-Join today!
Hey you! Wanna join a Character roleplay server, that lets you play as any species you want, lets you play as a magic, sci-fi, or ability user, has a shop with more than 100+ items, an optional skill/combat system, and a spell book that you can add spells and learn spells from? No? Too bad!

Welcome To The Nations Of Dem!
Welcome to the world of Dem! It's a planet filled with magic, Sci-Fi level tech, and abnormalities. There 5 nations, The Empire, The Confederacy, Shar Isles, Le Caper, and The FCD. The Empire is a magical, Romanian nation that rules with an iron fist! The Shar Isles is a group of resistance fighters who turned against the Empire, and formed their own nation next to it, called "Shar Isles". The Confederacy is a dictatorship technology nation, focusing on conquest and invention. The FCD [Free Cities Of Dem] is a more democratic Western-Suburban tech nation, focusing on mass production of tech and supplying the Confederacy with inventions. Finally, Le Caper which is abnormal nation, whos people are born with their own unique quirks called: "Abnormalities". These abnormalities let people fly, shoot lasers out of their eyes, or control gravity. Currently, it seems that the nations are currently at peace with eachother, but there are still dangers left to be discovered...
You should join our small, but ever growing community. We have many different features that make this server what we are today!:

-A friendly and open community! Its small now, but we hope to grow and become sizable and active!

-5 different factions you can choose from! Here factions aren't just based off their genre, they're based off their goals and history, like a real nation should!

-Open to Semi-Literate and Literate writers! We don't force you to write an entire essay for just walking into a room. We allow One-Lining, although you aren't allowed to One-Line everything and we encourage to be more descriptive in your posts!

-Unique and vast lore! Right now, we're trying to write tons of lore for you to C O N S U M E. Stuff like Groups Of Interest, a timeline, and conflicts!

- Economy and shop! We have an ever growing shop, each day we add new items to it. 100+ items currently. You can even buy soldiers to build an army!

-A very large spell book category, where YOU can learn spells, AND create your own to add to the spell book!

-An optional Unique DnD-Inspired Combat System, that makes battles fair and balanced!

-You can modify the shop's already existing weaponry into your own powerful arsenal!

-Leveling system to make your characters more powerful and unique.

-Lots of different Roleplay Areas to choose from!

-Tons of events to keep players active!

-YOU can choose what happens next in this world! You can even build an army or guild to conquer the Nation!

-Even more stuff! But we're running out of text space!
Hopefully after reading this you decide to join our server! We put a lot of effort and time to make this place, just for you!
In Kingdom Quest you create your own nation and characters!

Taking place in a fantastical world of dragons, knights and wizards, Kingdom Quest allows you to build your own nation and create your own characters!

The Great Galactic war was a devastating conflict, with many dying on both sides and heroes being lost throughout the war, in the end the Empire prevailed. Ending with the treaty of Coruscant one year ago, the Galaxy has been plunged into a cold war, one that we now see ourselves taking place in. How will the two nations fare, how will they face each other, both full of turmoil and strife only time will tell Who will make it out alive, and which powers will last for thousands of years to come.
This is a character rp set in the year 2060. The mass unrest in 2020 and 2021 led to the government consolidating power, and the coronavirus did not help. Over the years, the rich gained more control over the people and politics, to a point where America could truly be described as orwellian. You can be a politician, rebel, or citizen. One thing will always remain the same: You have almost no power unless you step over others and join the elite.
The year is 2250, you have just awakened from cryostasis to find a world unknown, your mission is to make the planet Hera suitable for permanent human life on your mission.
This server allows you to make a character in the city state of Reno, a kingdom like government that has 4 houses constantly trying to capture and keep control over the city. If you have good RP skills and am willing to RP actively, come and join!