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Star Wars, The clone wars: 402nd Vortex corps is an Discord Roleplay server based on the fictional 402nd Vortex Corps, add your own clone OC's and we even let you customize your clone helmets to make yourselves more unique, (otherwise everyone would be the same wouldnt they).

with several roleplay channels, if you like the clone wars, this might be the thing for you, with a friendly community and nice staff.

The 402nd Vortex Corp is one of the best clone units in the GAR, and partakes in many battles around the galaxy, fight through planets like cristophsis, ryloth, and Kashyyyk (along with several more), or spend some time with your brothers on a venator or on corusant.

We welcome you to the 402nd, Brother.
✨Welcome to Scars of War: A Clone Wars RP ✨
Scars of War is a Star Wars RP set after the Battle of Kamino and before The Citadel during the Clone Wars. It is an AU Timeline where events post The Battle of Kamino won't turn out the way they went down in the show. We hope to build a fun and welcoming community revolving around the Star Wars Universe with everyone! This server has a variety of channels for you to use and a friendly staff that can help you along your way! Now that we’ve got your attention, Will you fight for the Republic as a Clone? Will you serve as Keepers of the Peace as a Jedi? Or will you fight for your freedom from corruption as a Separatist? The choice is yours and the Force shall guide you to it

We would love to see
-Mace Windu
-Plo Koon

From the skies of Coruscant to the Fog of Umbara. From the Bridges of Cato Neimoidia to the oceans of Mon Calamari. From the beautiful plains of Naboo to the caves of Utapau, the Clone Wars spread rapidly. It has been a year since the Battle of Geonosis and the Jedi along with the Clones are dispersed across the Galaxy to fight the Separatists. But under the mask of War, there is a sinister plot waiting to be revealed. The Truth is far from the Galaxy’s reach.
Come join my Jedi school. We welcome all Jedi and clone. We train and make people Jedis. If you like Star Wars and really want to be a Jedi, hold on to your lightsaber I got the server fore you!!!
Hello There! We are a Star Wars Fan Server and are focused mainly around the Clone Wars Era. We have lots of roles, fun bots, and an EPIC community you can trust and talk to. We have an RP category, Spoilers, Gaming Categories, and much more! We are a new server, so please suggest anything you want us to improve on, and our Council will try to make it happen. We do fun giveaways and as the roleplay progresses, so does our own timeline, which follows the lore from Phantom Menace to The ROS. Enjoy your stay!
Attention Soldier
The Galactic Republic is looking for new recruits
A server based on Star Wars, focused on the Clone Wars Era, we invite you to join our friendly, fun server. From Clones, Arc Troopers and Jedi Masters, Everyone is welcome
We have a dedicated Minecraft server, frequent events and active battalions, and some of the friendliest staff you will ever meet.
On top of this we frequently have active voice chats, and stream games, and Star Wars Shows/Movies

We hope to see you soon soldier.

Good soldiers follow orders, so Join Now!
𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕤
Star Wars is our way to fall into another place. To experience new things that wouldn’t even be possible in our world. Where everything is linked together, so perfectly that it isn’t hard to become completely wrapped up into it. Star Wars is special.. which is why it takes so long for us to see more of it, but just because we can’t watch it all the time doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the experience. Here you can always feel at home in the Star Wars universe. Not only can you feel at home, but you can be apart of it. Join and get wrapped up in our universe. Whether it’s destroying the universe or saving it. This is our world to build upon~

𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞'𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫!
→ :exploding_head: A lot of Rp channels: Find a fun channel to take a seat in and Rp with some amazing characters!!
→ :scream: Fascinating Lore: Great Lore that will get you tangled in the story line and begging for more!
→ :thumbsup: Great Staff Active staff that will be there within seconds to fill your needs
→ :partying_face: Lots Of Fun Come develop characters with us! I bet you’ll love it.
Just a casual server for discussing Star Wars and completely random things. All people are welcome. Minimal rules! We have Star Wars topic discussion channels along with a general discussion chat and meme channel. We also have FREE NITRO GIVEAWAYS! Hope to see you in our part of the galaxy! 💫
Star Wars: The Great War

As more Star Systems get swept into the Clone Wars, the valiant Jedi knights struggled to maintain order. However, there was a storm brewing, which caused the Cosmos themselves to crack in two. The Cosmos started regenerating itself in the form of the Big Bang, on the twin universes, which resulted in both cosmos’ to be completely similar without figuring out what happened. This caused this to be an alternative universe, without the canon characters, except for the last one standing… The Darth Sidious, Lord Palpatine, or also known as the ‘Most Successful Dark Lord’. He was considered the strongest of the force users, since no one in this cosmos could stand up to him, other than one person… Who was this one person you ask? Well no one knows, except for Palpatine himself of course, yet he doesn’t seem to want to reveal this. However, the descendants of this savior have risen, as the most force-sensitive of the world. So to put it bluntly… Will you join the Sith and be under Palpatine’s Manipulation, or will you join the Jedi and be under the Savior’s guidance? The choice is undoubtedly yours.


We have:

•A warm welcoming community

•Lots of roleplay channels

•Literal role play (but we welcome one-liners)

•Free help and support if you need help with an OC

•This is an Rtk server

& a lot more

And most important..... FUN!!

Come on and Join!!!
Bienvenue sur la communauté TeamFench !! Ce discord est celui du serveur Clone Wars RP !! Nous avons instauré sur ce serveur un RP plaisant pour que vous puissiez vous amuser sans problème :D le staff est à l'écoute et actif !! Vous pouvez aussi postuler pour devenir animateur et/ou faire partie des gardiens du lore ^^
Join my new Star Wars discord server we are a growing community and hoping for the best! Every people join will make this community bigger and bigger.

-roleplay? YES
-economy? YES
-Fun community? YES


What if Palpatine forgot the force, Maul came back early, and Dooku wasn’t a Sith?
Join this server to find out.
hello, I’m C-3PO, human cyborg relations, I’d like to welcome you to Star Wars: Clone Age Roleplay based in 21 BBY, in this server we focus on being relaxing and fun, a chill server to make friends and talk Star Wars and Roleplay,
Activity isn’t important, what is important is that we all enjoy being in this server
Here is what we offer

+Active staff members to help you at any time.

+Fun Channels to keep you busy.

+Unique RP events with canon Star Wars characters and OCs.

Hop in and help the server and together we can create a great Star Wars universe
───── « ⋅ʚ The 260th Legion ɞ⋅ » ──────

> Processing information... stand-by until further notice by the supreme chancellor.



───── « ⋅ʚ Welcome! ɞ⋅ » ──────

> Welcome to the 260th legion! A clone wars server mainly focused on the clones with some side rules available. Step into the boots of a member of the 260th. A special clone forces formed with more self awareness and independence than other clone troopers! Fight for the system of Jaswaltz with freshly made planets and locations!

───── « ⋅ʚ what do we offer? ɞ⋅ » ──────

🌟: we offer many roles for a clone trooper with other side roles as bounty hunters, Mandalorians and force users but with a cap.

🌟: nice and friendly staff that will assist you whenever you need be!

🌟: a raid free server once you register to gain access!

🌟: always open for partnerships!

Why not join now and fight for the liberty of the galactic Republic in the 260th?

The Clone Wars. One of the largest conflicts the galaxy had ever known, with the two sides, the Republic and CIS, scarcely giving any ground. We all know the story, and we know it well, but what if it was different to the tale we once knew? What if Qui-Gon had managed to survive that fateful Duel on Naboo, and take the troubled Skywalker under his wing?

In this alternate telling of the Clone Wars, much has changed because of one simple change. Successfully killing the Dark Apprentice Maul, and revealing the return of the Sith to the Jedi, Qui-Gon became Anakin's master. With his influence, guiding hand, and unorthodox way of handling things, the young Anakin had a mentor he could speak to, and instead of growing to despise the Order that took him in, he truly viewed it as a home.

Alongside this, the skilled Tyrannus was persuaded to remain in the Light by his persuasive apprentice, forcing the shadowy Sidious to find a new apprentice...

The Clone Wars, still instigated on that fateful day on Geonosis, dragged on for 5 long years, before finally coming to an end, not with a decisive conflict, kidnapping, or betrayal, but with negotiations. The Separatists brokered a peace treaty with the Republic, ceasing the Clone Wars.

However, neither group trusted the other, and while full-frontal war was finally concluded, the galaxy merely slid into a new era, a war of deception, trickery, and pushing the boundaries. A Cold War.

So, with Fate changed by a single pluck of it's strings, how will you influence this new Galaxy?


Hello There, and welcome to Star Wars: The Fates Denied! This roleplay takes place in an Alternate Universe, where Anakin Skywalker managed to become Qui-Gon Jinn's apprentice, thereby stopping him from depending on the Chancellor for a confidant, and no longer at risk of falling, and becoming the dreaded Darth Vader. Because of this, alongside a variety of factors, Palpatine was unable to enact Order 66 without significant risk, and decided to prolong the galactic conflict into a Cold War, giving him and his new apprentice time to scheme and plan.

In this roleplay, thanks to altered events, a variety of canon and OC characters are free to use! Ever imagine what it'd be like to play Dooku as a Jedi Master, instead of enacting his fall from grace? Or perhaps you have an idea for Jango Fett, who narrowly escaped his demise at the hands of Windu? This is the place to do it!

But if you think that the Jedi are the only Force Sensitive faction, or that the Separatists are still a bumbling group of fools, you are sorely mistaken. Sidious' new Apprentice, Darth Acheron, stands at the head of a hidden conglomerate of Dark Side Force Users known as the Umbral Keeper, with the 5 Fingers of his Sable Fist commanding it all. Alongside this, the Republic interventions and ignorance of Mandalore has led them to join the Separatist faction, with it's warriors finally having a new cause to fight for, and one that they fight for with zealous vigour.

So come by, take a look! This server is new, and with plenty of important canons and OC slots open, now is the time to come by! We'll always hear out an idea, and we'd be glad to have you! Take the dive, enter a changed galaxy, and tell your OWN story!

"A time of trial, there is, for every age. Such a fire the rocks faced before the strength beneath our feet, they were. Vast winds the plants braved, before life could their roots give to us. As a sage of considerable years, known only one such ordeal, have I. Yet champions for all time were the heroes it created."
-Jedi Grandmaster Yoda
A star wars role-play set exclusively in the clone wars era with both canon and custom events made up by staff. A republic sided role-play server that will ensure victory for the Galactic republic.

Our staff are very open minded and we're all ears to new ideas and additions. Come join this fresh new server and enjoy the community and role-play experience!
Welcome to Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Rise of the Republic! In this server you can Roleplay as Clones, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, and much more! Make an OC or choose a Canon character and get started!

What we have to offer:

• Active members and Active staff
• OC’s & Canon characters
• Fun bots
• Organized Channels for Roleplay and OOC chats.
• Many Roleplay channels
• A channel where you can discuss about season 7 of the Clone Wars
• Friendly Community server (PG-13)
• Different events for Legions and the server as a whole

-And much more! Come be on this galactic journey with us! Will you side with the The Galactic Republic or The Separatists Alliance? Where does your loyalty lie with? That’s for you to choose.
"This is where the fan begins".

(Not an RP server)
(Liked by James Arnold Taylor himself)

◻️ The Official Clone Wars Server™ ◻️
Is the official and biggest Clone Wars server on Discord. We're focused on episode 1, 2, 3 and The Clone Wars TV series. Star Wars fans of all era's are always welcomed too!

What it offers?
| ⚪  [420+ high quality Star Wars based emojis!]
Covering characters from: Old Republic, prequels, clone wars, solo, rebels, rogue one, original trilogy, the mandolarian and sequels.

| ⚪  [Level system!]
Earn rewards for being active, rewards like: Clone legions, special units, custom character roles and even a custom channel.

| ⚪  [Bots and memes!]
Bots like: Gambling bot, C-3P0, Nitro, snail racing, gamesROB and more to keep you entertained, plus plenty of memes.

| ⚪  [Movie discussions!]
Channels for the prequel movies and a spoiler chat for the clone wars season 7.

| ⚪  [Dedicated, friendly Star Wars fans!]
Active Star Wars fans and friendly community.

| ⚪ [Friendly staff!]
Full staff system with friendly and helpful staff.

| ⚪  [Partnerships!]
I do partner with other servers! (Must follow the Partnership rules).

| ⚪  [Music channels!]
Rythm and Groovy available to play music and pass the time.

| ⚪  [Star wars news and facts!]
Star wars news for movies, TV and games. Plus daily facts about Star Wars.

| ⚪ [Game nights and events!]
Gaming nights/challenges to earn rewards and channels for Battlefront 2, Lego Skywalker saga and other games.

The show may be over but the server definitely isn't. We continue to grow and are going to expand to more eras.

Owner: Narcissist#4089
Affiliated server: The Clone Wars Emoji Server™
Server banner:
Invite link:
The Clone Wars ended in a fizzle after a very big bang, and now the galaxy is in shambles as various entities try to pick up the pieces. In this wild galaxy of new opportunity, you can:

- Make anything from a humble farmer to the ruler of a planet, from a grizzled mercenary to a vicious bounty hunter, from a petty smuggler to a cunning crime lord, from a lowly soldier to a lofty military commander, from a budding apprentice to a master of the Force. The options are many, but choice is yours.
- Join one of the existing factions, go independent, or even carve out your own territory.
- Build settlements; from villages to space stations and more with the help of purpose-designed shops.
- Use the unit shops and/or organization breakdowns to create armies and navies to deploy.
- Or, simply RP.
Whatever you choose to do, we hope you get enjoyment out of it.

UPDATE: Economy is shelved for now; units are approved at staff discretion.
𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿 𝗪𝗮𝗿𝘀: 𝗖𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗟𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗰𝘆

For those who enjoy the Clone Wars above all other eras in Star Wars, you have found your home. Here in The Clone Wars Legacy, we pride ourselves in letting the imagination of all roleplay participants run wild with incredible ideas, and creating wonderous stories alongside those who share our love for the Clone Wars. Featuring aspects from canonical lore and homebrewed tales, with both canon and original characters working side by side or vying for victory over one another, there is something here for every Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan. Additionally, there are a few, ah, twists, added in to make things even more interesting.


𝗪𝗲 𝗳𝗲𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲:

【•】Any style of rp allowed, whether it's one line to novella!
【•】Custom faction creation!
【•】Very helpful, friendly, and growing server base, with a lot of activity day in and day out!
【•】Patient admins who will treat you respectfully and fairly!
【•】Extensive character freedom and creation, including custom NPC and ship creation!
【•】A balanced and fair role-playing experience!

So, are you ready to choose your path? The galaxy lies open before you, and we hope to see you soon!

May the force be with you, always...
CIS: The Confederated Independent Systems or the CIS for short, are a group of aliens, industrialists, and bankers, all lead by the Apprentice of the mysterious Darth Phobius. The CIS mass produces droids to fight against the Grand Army of the Republic, they'll do anything to win against the Republic, including using citizens as shields. The CIS, is mostly funded and led by the Intergalactic Trade Federation.

The Galactic Republic: After centuries of relative peace within the Galaxy after the Hyperspace Wars, the Galactic Republic's politicians have started to become corrupted, and supposedly a Sith Lord is within their ranks. With the new election of Cyruarm Striden, he promised new hope for the Republic, stating that he would fund more anti-corruption groups within in the Republic.
The Galactic Republic had no standing army during the time of peace, as they believed the Jedi Order was more than enough to protect the Republic, but now the Trade Federation's droid army is swarming Republic planets the Grand Army of The Republic has been formed by mysteriously on Kamino, almost as if everything was planned.
A chill place to hang out and talk about the Clone Wars with friends. However the main focus of the server is on roleplay during the Clone Wars Era.
- 3-5 sentences per post
- 10 planets with 8+ locations
- Templates for the dark side, the light, and those in between.
- Dozens of clone legions including custom ones
- Tryouts for the legions
- A unique cadet training system
- Canon and Legends characters
- Canon Divergent
Unfortunately however the galaxy is not very active. We need YOU yes YOU to come and join the ranks of our server today. Missions are given to all the Clone legions to have group missions with bonding and action together. Not only do we have single group missions but also joint ops and individual missions for our SOBDE and Republic Intelligence members. The Republic doesn’t get all of it though as the Separatists are in need of high ranks, take control of your very own fleet and army of battle droids to fight the Republic! Or become your own droid and take it to the Clones directly. Infantry not your style? Jedi are here too which we currently lack so come on down and help us fix that. Sith however are closed because Always two there are and we only accept assassins. Finally, don’t wanna pick sides? We got bounty hunters and smugglers that do dirty work in the underworld of Coruscant and other planets. All of this jam packed into one server with a ton of helpful mods waiting for you come down and join the fun. Sounds good right? So pack your bags and get down here, the galaxy needs you!
◻ The Clone Wars Emoji Server™ ◻
Not satisfied with your lack of emojis?
Want some extra Star Wars emojis to flex on everyone?
Then welcome, to The Clone Wars Emoji Server™.
This server is directly tied to The Official Clone Wars Server™.
Here you can add 100 Clone Wars and prequel based emojis to your collection.
(Nitro bot included).

This is server is primarily for emojis and people with nitro.

Owner: Narcissist#4089

Affiliated server: The Official Clone Wars Server™ (Main server).

Invite link:
The Clone wars ever rage on with no stop in sight, a war fought between the republic and the separatist armies. Take to the VSD Wyvern Republic Cruiser and with the 90th defense division, fight with the republic on the frontlines of the Republic Navy as the 72nd boards ships, or the 137th who shoot them straight out of the sky...
We Offer high positions to those who apply, kind staff, Semi-decent roleplayers, an fun and exiting story, and the option to be either part of the Republic Navy, or a Clone Trooper