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**Currently still very small. Looking for active members**

This server plans to be a roleplay sever based around the star wars universe. With plenty of races to choose from, along with factions, create your character to your likes with us!
9 hours ago
A Star Wars themed role play where you can play out as a part of the Galactic Republic, The Sith Empire, or anything in between.
21 days ago
Welcome to Star Wars: No Hope
A Star Wars roleplaying server centered around 34ABY(The Force Awakens/The Last Jedi era) and is focused on player choice.
Because of this, we are allowing elements from Legends, and are starting the roleplay before the events of the first movie of the new trilogy.

What do we offer?

- A Large galaxy

- Elements from Legends expanded into this server

- Various Planets and minor factions

- Freeform

- NSFW channels for the lewdist in us all.
35 days ago