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Star Wars: Fractured Empire is a Semi Literate-Literate Roleplay set in the months after Endor, make your character and join the Empire, fight to free the galaxy as the New Republic, or earn a name for yourself and carve out a part of the empire as a Warlord. The options are limitless.
Lore: This is a new Era where All Might or canon characters do not exist...but new heroes and villains have arised going into war! Who will become the strongest? More importantlty who will win Hero or Villain? Choose your path and change the worlds fate.

*Has Lore
*3 Sentances every Action
* Calm RP
*OG Quirks Allowed
Come Have fun I just want people to join my server and have fun and love it!
*500 Members
SCP Lab Xeno offers a new outlook upon the SCP foundation. We allow players to create SCPs, scientist, guards, d bois (of course), and [REDACTED]. We always are helpful to New comers and the staff team tries they’re best to contain breaches. Come join SCP Lab Xeno... and welcome to the foundation.
❝ DFW ❞

➵ It is a fun, chill and friendly community and e-fed where you can...
➵ Meet new friends,
➵ Participate in weekly events,
➵ Create a wrestler and roleplay matches!

We also have..
【☆】Self assignable roles
【★】Custom character creation
【☆】Experienced staff
【★】Friendly community
【☆】Daily Games
【★】Custom match types
【☆】A love for wrestling
【★】Open character slots

We look forward to seeing you! Come and take a look, everyone is welcome!


Infernium is a unique and diverse high-fantasy server, with completely original lore, unique gods and goddesses, a plethora of special creatures, 16 playable races and 25 types of magic!

We have friendly staff who will sure help you, developed character classes and a huge amount of factions, all joinable by players! We hope to see you soon!
Desolated Dying Space Reawakening Roleplay is a Brand new Roleplay server that you can have custom characters From any TV show, Games, Movies, Comics.. etc there are so many earths that you can explore and places to explore, there's bots for games and for people who love some things like Pokemon, we are serious with role playing but there are sometimes hilarious role playing, we are trying to get maximum fun and any suggestions to improve on things in the future like adding more places to go in roleplaying just say and suggest, we like to have a bit of fun and joke around (we do not tolerate any bullying, threatening, hurting people out of role play and general hate is again not tolerated) hope you enjoy your fun and hope to see you guys and girls soon
Napoleon's had marched through Europe, devastating it but also bringing idea of liberalism where he went and the rise of nationalism. 1815. Napoleon is defeated. The powers of Europe redo the borders of Europe at the Congress of Vienna. 1836, years have past, the memory of the napoleonic wars are still in the memory of many. An era of imperialism, an era of great expansion. Join and make your own destiny.
§ Be a custom character
§ Be a Nation
§ Be a Politcal Party
§ Friendly Community
§ Friendly Staff
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Alternate Timeline Roleplay server!

Mission Objective:
Our goal is to ensure a fun, logical, entertaining, and an open roleplay anyone can get into and collaborate in further expanding the story. The server follows both legends and game lore of Elder Scrolls and attempts to create a fun atmosphere where we can all expand off the story of the server.

Server Offer
-Plenty of channels for role-play
-No character limit (Nothing breaking Lore)
-Plenty of roles.
Vaeron, a land of immense Magic, stemming from the Mana Font, Powerful mages harness its power to do battle, After centuries of conflict, Noreav City was founded by the Mages Council to be a place of peace and learning, Although the monstrous races of Vaeron still cause anarchy outside the city walls.

Come enjoy Vaeron, with a quirky coin based combat system and free reign to create your own races/spells, the only limit is your imagination!?
-.Character Roleplay.-

*Custom Emojis!
*Custom Roles!
*Great Bots!
*LGBTQ Friendly!
*Bots Reply To The Following Words...
no u

*Loads Of Roleplay Channels!
*Everyone Welcome!
This is a role-playing server based on the famous and known manga as well as anime Naruto Shippuden! In here you can create your own Original Character! And Even Have your very own custom clan, with custom abilities of your choosing!

What will you choose to be? A Shinobi that fights to protect their village? Or a Rogue who's goal is to cause chaos and join a rogue group?

That choice is upon you!

What is in the server?

-A Roleplaying Server based on Naruto!
-Activities and Events in the future that will let you have tons of fun!
-You can Create your own custom clan
-A nice and polite community of people!
-Active staff team to help you out whenever you need it!
-Create an Interesting Story for your own character!
-Bots and Voice Channels so that you can have some laugh with others OOC or listen to music while having an epic fight!
The World Sets you To Start In The Oasis... Letting You Venture Out To Explore The Untouched Forgotten Past Of Old Factions, And Slumbering Darkness. You Make Your Character Then Start To Look Around, Setup Housing, Sail The Worlds, Using Ranks To Get To New Areas, And Fight The Final Boss That Is Led Up To Using Quests.
The following is a scp facility. Only authorized personnel are allowed. If you are a new recruit or trainee, welcome to your new job. You are here to help contain the things that go bump in the night so the rest of the world can sleep soundly. For any new SCPs... Welcome to your new home.