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It's been 5,000 years since the Great Purge on Earth..after the God of Life erased humanity put of grief and frustration, society has been renewed and reformed once more, after the God himself faced immediate regret for what he had done. This new society is diverse, though peace and chaos still battle between each other, fighting over magic, dominance, influence, and ideals.


What do we offer here..?

◇ Unlimited Character Creation (you can have multiple characters).

◇ Extensive lore that's easy to understand, diverse regions and races (20+), freedom with combat such as freeform and t-1, and plenty of roleplay areas to use.

◇ Optional economic system which does not hinder your roleplay experience whether you choose to indulge in it or ignore. We also have several game bots to play with.

◇ Plenty of community channels and lobbies for general discussion, Character discussion, roleplay discussion, memes, and artwork. We also provide voice chats.

◇ Fun things to do such as answering QOTDs, Character Prompts, joke roleplay, and more!
WEATHERED is a small server with a unique world and dynamic worldlore. Beware the great storm and join one of the four civilizations, or don't. Either way, enjoy!
Welcome to this new server, it's apleasure to receive you here, we hope you enjoy your stay and eat- uhh... MEET new friends!
Welcome to Noir New Orleans!
This city has something for everyone!
Beautifully made and Unique plot is always available in this server! Wanna be a Private eye following a trail of clues across the city? A Killer striking from the shadows? A Mobster struggling for Power? A Dectective or a Police officer, A Stripper or a Doctor! This city has something for everyone!
You will enter the city in the late 1920's, In a time filled with Police corruption, Swing music, Vibrant clothing and Mob Smuggled Alcohol, Prohibition brings with it The deepest stains of corruption and the Drunkest speakeasies. Will you fall in line with the Majority? Stand out and turn against the tide? Will you fall into a cycle of corruption or bloodshed? Can you hunt those who make this city horrible? Whatever you choose to do the possibilities are endless! Here, In Noir New Orleans....
[Date: November 1st 1928]
WCC is a server for Roleplaying, or hanging out with your fellow WC fans! We've been around since 2017 and would love to meet new users! WCC has both roleplay elements, and community elements. We are strong on both sides! We pride ourselves on the focus of character development, and would prefer users who have a strong grasp on that, as well as good writing abilities. Come join if you like Warrior Cats!

Welcome to Sonic's NSFW Hangout! This is a server that features Roleplay of all your favorite kinds, but that's optional. The main part of the server is actually talking with others, and making friends that're just as much of a Sonic fan as you are. This server is extremely new, so don't mind the very low member count. Then again, that's one reason to join!
(Requires slight verification.)
The server is under construction, bare with us!

We currently offer

- Splatoon Matchmaking
- Splatoon Roleplay
- A music bot (if it works)
- Active Staff (including owners. Dont see that around much right?)
- An optional RPG-esque system for those tabletop-savvy people

Come on down and see whats in store!

Stay fresh yall!

- TetRic15
There was once a Goddess who was known as Ophelia, who came down from the heavens and blessed the land of Illéa with her presence. She taught them how to use medicine, brought forests to life, and even stopped famine from ravaging the country. However once her job was done.. she left. Although worshipped by all, the people of Illéa were left to their own devices. In this time, a man known to all as Demon King Zeigfried planted Seeds of Corruption that tainted the once blessed land. These Seeds of Corruption cause even the purist minds to descend into madness. Those who are infected are driven to participate in deeds that the Gods themselves cannot bare to see, but Ophelia still hasn’t come back to save them.. thus, champions from all over are encouraged to attempt to defeat him or his forces, but take caution. The seeds of corruption are strong. Even the strongest minds give in to their darkest, most hidden desires while under its influence.

~ ~ ~ ~

- This is a dark fantasy setting in almost every sense of the term. All are encouraged to join however!

- NSFW/ERP can happen in public channels as well! We also have channels for combat rp.

- We are looking for dedicated staff members and those familiar with bots to join our team!

- Take a look!
heyo! This RP server is for grey’s anatomy a show on tv about doctors more specifically surgeons who live in Seattle and fight diseases, tumors, Aneurysms, organ failures, as well help people look like how they want to! All major characters are alive, and any character from season 1 to season 16 is welcome, we’re also oc friendly as long as you’re nice!
Just one of those basic ass bitch Servers with no real intentions or anything that sets it apart from the crowd. We‘re just here to have fun, and have fun, we will. No Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, et cetera of course. We have a roleplay section with your own personal shrine, roleplay settings and scenarios, and many interesting characters! Just hop on in and have some fun!
Welcome to the server, this is a vore roleplaying/art server where people can get together and enjoy roleplaying vore, see vore images/comics, watch videos and take commissions/requests
- Ace Combat RP!
- Genuine Strategy!
- Friendly Experienced Staff!
- Huge Assortment Of Aircraft!
- Pick a Nation!
- Rule a Connected Sky!

In the year 2019, Strangereal is rocked by a series of terror attacks that leave thousands dead. A mysterious new terrorist group called A United Dawn claims responsibility for said attacks.

Weeks later, the AUD carry out an attack the likes of which have never been seen before. Several Strangereal nations come under invasion from within. The AUD claims responsibility for the invasions and are boosted in their invasions by monetary and military support from an untold number of billionaires and military personnel who believe in starting the world anew under a new banner and ideology.

You, a pilot currently based at Shannon Air Force Base in Southern Osea for a multinational training exercise, hear of the attacks and want revenge.... You are formed into the IUN 1st Combined Allied Air Division or 1CAAD under orders from what remains of your nations government. Form up with pilots of different allied nations and help push back the AUD and restore peace and order the world!

The Sky is Connected...
{Welcome to Naruto, Dawn of Shinobi. This is an immensely detailed Naruto Roleplay Server, with a multitude of great systems.}
In a reality parallel to that of the Naruto series, peace seemed everlasting. Three of the five main villages attained peace with one another after being at war for the last two centuries. These three villages being Konohagakure, Kirigakure, and Sunagakure. The remaining villages, Kumogakure and Iwagakure, never signed the peace treaty. Though, as they were now against 4 other villages, they decided to call a cease fire. Due to this, war has long since ended. Though, Kumogakure and Iwagakure never sought peace, their motives unknown. However, they formed an alliance after the fall of this cease fire. Ever since, their actions have been completely unknown to the other villages. The leaders during the time of war were known as the Sājento (Sergeants). As peace came to be, the Generals were usurped by the first Kage, whom were known to be the most powerful and Legendary shinobi of each of their respective villages. It’s been 20 years since then, and the peace remained. Though, this peace wavered once the incident known as the “Cataclysmic Event”. This event began with an immense and sudden explosion, occurring within Iwagakure. This leveled the entire village, leaving a large crater in its stead. Ever since then, bright pink gas has erupted from the site, instantaneously obliterating all life that came across it. Since then, Kumogakure closed its borders, and forbid any of its citizens to enter any other village. Mutilated survivors of the event mention a man walking out of the crater in whispers, yet hadn’t brought It up since. Most of the time they can’t even think rationally, due to the brain damage. Their skin was burned off, and they all became blind due to the exposure of the smoke upon their eyes. In fact, only a hand-full survived, all of which wandered in the wilderness since then. Most of which had never been able to be found since then. A decade since then, the new batch of genin have erupted from the academy. The three peaceful villages still are deeply looking into the origins of the event, which has been sheathed one mystery all this time. The pink smoke radiating from the crater has gotten more abundant, unrest is spreading, and rumors of a strange man that of walks on mountains has taken form. This obscene mystery will soon fall upon the shoulders of the next generation, the last generation that can possibly end it. These new genin are that generation.
Hello there,

Welcome to the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕞! This community is all about games but we also cover other topics such as anime, roleplay, memes, and more! This is a :arrow1: +13 Server :arrow2: and we hope to keep this place in a positive light. Ever since ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟, our goal is to create a multi-organized community of Gamers, Anime Enthusiasts, Roleplayers, and more. We hope to grow more in the many days to come and make our server better with the input of our members. This community, again, proudly welcomes you into ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕞, the home of games, anime, tournaments, roleplay, and NSFW. These are the basic rules to follow in this little haven of ours:

- No excessive Dark, Disgusting/Insulting Pictures or otherwise NSFW content in any general chat. Not only is it just in poor taste, but we have many younger users here to think about as well. (All NSFW pics such as big PPs shall be posted in the nsfw chat in the Depths) (also if any NSFW pic is depicting someone that even closely resembles a MINOR, please report it to an admin or mod immediately)

- Do not spam links, pictures, or messages in the general chat. It's rude and annoying. However, you my spam as to your heart’s content in #spam chat

- All chats are self explanatory, please use them for their intended purpose, and not spam in an alternate chat when there are designated chats for various things. Failure to comply will result in punishment by admins and moderators.

- Be mindful and respect the opinions or beliefs of others, no political or majorly religious debates. Those are for your Thanksgiving family dinner. (If you come at me with that racist shit, Imma yolk you. Deadass)

- Respect those above your placement, they have worked hard to earn trust and placement in this server and do not deserve your insubordination

- Above all, Respect each other. We're all friends here, so don’t be a dick.

The Owner, LynxPhyr
The year is 2025 and the world has enjoyed relative peace. That is until the world split back into eastern and western worlds, each having their own sphere of influence. When the split happened the world was doused in gasoline and was waiting for a match to ignite the flame of war. The NRF would ignite that flame with their sudden attack and conquering of a neighboring country. Now war once again comes to Europe as powers battle for land and even those outside of Europe plot their own ideas

Come and Join a growing and welcoming community, we are a relatively small but active community who enjoy talking and rping
We have:
Friendly mod team
active but small community
Freedom to suggest
Staff willing to help and answer questions
Are you ready to rumble? Bring on the battle in this roleplay server where you can test your linguistic and combative skills in multiple settings, including an island adventure and forest fray. Make your original character and participate in team events! Fight 'till the end in this Mafia themed combat server, The Arena.

We've got tons of different fighting arenas, from boxing rings to sleazy bars, and that nice 20's aesthetic to go along with it. Will you be a fast-talking reporter with a slew of secrets? A wise fortune teller with an untold past? You decide!

We're up and coming, but we've got a great staff team, and we're super lgbtq+ friendly! Bring your all, but don't feel too much pressure to be perfect. See ya on the battlefield!
Mystery of The Wild |:| A Warriors Roleplay

If you've read Warriors, are a fan of the books, and enjoy roleplay, then this is the server that may match you! We are a friendly community with equality in all sectors

We have four clans, the bold and brave MossClan who live in a mountainous forest territory, the loyal and kind StreamClan who live in a wooded area with a large stream running through, the rugged and hearty Cliffclan who live up on a mountainous ridge that has a hidden lagoon and many caverns, and the hardworking and clever Brightclan who live on an abandoned farmland.

• LGBT+ friendly!
• Roleplayers of all ages and literature levels!
• Mild swearing.
• Open for partnerships (must be consulted with staff)
• Active staff and members.
• No limit to characters! Just as much as you can handle!
• Fun bots like Pokecord, Littlecloud, and Waifubot!
Wanting to unwind after a long day with a sexy whore~? How about working to help others unwind~? Well do we have a treat for you! At the Bunny Brothel we offer these and other services to our magnificent customers! We are currently looking or more wonderful customers AND employees to fill out our salacious ranks.
With a caring and attentive staff we hope to make your stay a heavenly one!
It's the year 2020, and humanity is facing a slow, grueling apocalypse. The first Hellgate burst open in 1878, and the other 6 soon followed. Now all 7 are wide open, and the world is being flooded with magic and demons. Humanity has adapted, but it is a losing battle. The front lines of this valiant last stand are the exorcists, a paranormal police force, and the United Coalition Against Paranormal Threats. The world ends not with a bang, but a drawn out death rattle...

A server to RP with your OCs in, set in the original universe of Hellbent! Duke it out with demons or join their ranks in an ash-covered city. Featuring:
-A huge number of rooms, with new ones able to be created on request
-No blacklisted topics
-A NSFW section
-Extensive lore
-Flexible character creation
-Roleplay approval to keep quality high. No more one-liners!
-Unlimited number of characters per person
Please be 15 or older, as this server will delve into dark subjects, and only people who are 18+ are allowed in the NSFW sections. MAKE AN INTRO FOR ACCESS.
the year is 2040, and the location is maine, united states. civilization has been limited due to a purge started by the government and ended a day later. there are still humans, but not many. the animals are thriving in the world, and the nature is vastly taking over. due to humans leaving, their cats have escaped into the wild, becoming feral cats. the cats created clans, after the wild cats who have always been wild cats telling stories about the old clans.
due to a chemical plant being destroyed from lack of humans in the area, the toxins in the air have mutated most of the cats. the cats had babies, and now all cats are about the size of a f^2 serval cat.

basically, this is a roleplay server based on the book series warrior cats by erin hunter.

this server is new and a wip, but help is needed!


owner- @stark
senior admins - @general mcnamara @♾ ɾ ҽ ɳ ҽ
A growing server with lots of potential. Leveling up and magic this server provides for those with a adventuring heart. Custom maps and lore.
After the Necromancer fell, magic was outlawed among most of the world but there are still some who can command it. The Peace stands on the edge of a knife. Will you choose to change the world or stay constant with how things are?
-Friendly group of people
-Interactive with many missions/adventures
-mapped out world
-giveaways and custom characters
-50+ rp channels
-5 races and more will be added
Looking for a place that puts just as much effort into the lore as you do your character?

The Rift features a completely original, expansive world on the other side of a wormhole, full of people from all across Earth's history. Past, Present and Future cultures clash, and you're free to choose when you're from!

We're a very friendly community and you'll know from the get-go that while we may take the lore seriously, we still poke a lot of fun.

There's dozens of different factions to choose from to establish yourself within the lore, and you'll be free to roleplay with any other member in the server no matter what you pick!

Just watch out for refrigerators, those things'll kill ya.

You can read more about the Rift here
Ah, for tags can we add Fantasy?

A fantasy roleplay server based around a land of several different kingdoms. Ally yourself with a faction/kingdom, and engage in storytelling and roleplay as we go through war and peace; large conflicts and character struggles; and of course lust, love, and loss.
"Hey! Come join the f u n k y t o w n !"
Atrana is a Dungeons & Dragons open world community with players that engage in lots of fun RP and quests. We have an openness for homebrew, and would love some new players to join our fold! If you've never played D&D, we're also great at helping new users learn the ropes quickly and efficiently.
-Active/Friendly Staff
-Multiple biomes to RP and quest in
-OOC chats for chilling out
-Easy sheet system, so you can get right into the fun
-Homebrew all around
-Easy to join, even with no staff online
If you want to have some fun in an engaging server, then come on down to Atrana! :)) Don't worry, we can give away our interdimensional snacks.