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A time of upheaval, a time of change, a Time of War. Star Wars: Time of War is focused around the Clone Wars period, focusing right after the Battle of Geonosis. We offer a open roleplay server that's 16+, with an awesome combat system and experienced, veteran RPers. See you soon friends, and may the Force be with you!
A friendly still growing server that's looking for new, roleplay and fantasy interested people.
Any roleplay style is welcome as well as well as every interested person that hasn't much roleplay experience.
We are currently looking for new staff members, even though applications will only open up once we reach 50 (human) members (=56 members in total).
The world existing in the server has a unique history of how magic became part of the lives of Myriad's people and a wide map with different regions, culturarly and geographically, to explore for the roleplayers as well as funny, earnest, special, catious and mysterious characters owned by the already settled members.
I hope to see you soon there and roleplay with you, travel safe until then.
Étoile filante.
Heyou !

Moi c'est Camélia, alias Noisette.
Je suis la créatrice du serveur L'univers, je vous invite à le rejoindre si la description et les valeurs de ce serveur vous plaisent !

Déjà, ce serveur sert à regrouper tous les goûts des gens, dans la limite du possible, que vous pourrez proposez dans la “boite à idées”.
Mais aussi les cultures, les origines, les façons de vivre. Nous partager vos humeurs, ce que vous êtes, comment vous êtes ect..
Via (photo-irl; présentation).
Mais aussi nous partager ce qui vous fait rire, via (image-drôle) ou (salon de blague).

Des salons gameurs sont là pour rencontrer pleins d'autres joueurs, jouant à une diversitée de jeux, peut-être certains que vous ne connaissez pas.


Si vous n'aimez pas les jeux vidéos, nous vous proposons des salons liés à l'art, du dessin, de la photographie, de la poésie, de la musique. (Venez donc nous proposer des salons qui pourrait potenciellement vous plaire).

Les règles:
Vous les verrez quand vous nous rejoindrez, et devrez cliquer sur les lettres en bas du résumé des règles dans le salon prévut à cet effet.

Au cas où:
Si vous ne comprennez pas les rôles de chaque grade, veuillez aller regarder le descriptif dans le salon “Grade”.

Je recherche activement des personnes qui pourrait être modo. Si vous êtes interessés veuillez me contacter en MP. Merci d'avance !

Je vous remercie, et vous souhaite la bienvenue !
Welcome toThe Trke of 1,000 Years! A server that literally started two minutes ago! We’re super chill as we’re run by two old friends who’ve been RPing since forever! Come and join the fun! We have:

-We have a toxic-free community
-This just started, So now is the prime time to become involved
-We Treat Community members like Family
-We are willing to work out problems with everyone!
-We offer help in various ways
-Our server has many different timezones so you might always have a friend to rp with
-Anything goes as long as rules are read!

Hopefully you will join us on our adventure!
Welcome to Operation Anarchy, a semi-lit to advanced lit role-playing group set in a post-apocalyptic future with cyberpunk and science fiction themes! After a catastrophic outbreak of a virus originally created to be a cure for mental illness, governments joined forces worldwide and formed the Anarchy Prevention Organization (APO), using soldiers in supersuits to keep the peace. But the government is much more corrupt than they let on.

Will you be a soldier, doomed to murder innocents despite their own mortals to survive in a cruel world, or will you be a rebel, doomed to die by the government's hand?

((We're brand new and looking to grow, as well as looking for staff!))

This server has:
🔹️a detailed plot as well as plenty available roles
🔹️countless roleplaying channels
🔹️a friendly and non-toxic environment
🔹️out of character channels for bots and chitchat

>>We hope to see you soon, soldier.<<
Hello and welcome to ''Warriors Commets from stars''!This server is based on books that are made by Erins.If you'd like,join us begin your journey!
~~~~> Everyone is welcome!
Your character has died in one of many realities, and their soul has been trapped in Moth Haven. Can they learn to cope with this mysterious, quasi-infinite extraplanar mansion and all its many dangers and mysteries? There can be no escape until they face their greatest foe yet... themselves.

*Respawn mechanics
*A relatively new server with room to grow
*Spooky ambience can be ruined by people making the best out of a terrible scenario.
*Looking for partners
Ever wanted to hangout in a digital Pub and chat about Gaming/Music/Art/Books/Other Stuff? You can do that in The Pub! Come chill at the bar and chat with some peeps, Or pull up some chair and enjoy a good Gargleblaster while listening to blondie, Check out the sorting hat and gain access to your Hogwarts house, Maybe read a good comic or Book!
Come check out the Pub! first drink is on us!

(Fun Fact: Random server invites are automatically deleted by the WaiterBot)
Join Andorah's Art server and be part of this wholesome community!
About Andorah: She's a comic artist that loves to stream art and raffle drawings!
About the community: An awesome community full of games/manga/art/music lovers.

We have:

❤ Gaming
❤ Daily life channels
❤ Art school
❤ Roleplay
❤ Music
❤ Bot minigames
and more activities!
❤ SFW and NSFW channels

Join us! it will be fun!
Welcome to HELL. Community of the damned. A voyage to places in your mind. Unfriendly community. Everything is a lie.

The hidden valley is a place ,where mutants,hybrids, humans or any supernatural being can come ,where they can be in peace with one another instead of constantly afraid or hunting eachother. Here they are accepted for what and who they are.those who choose to disobey the rules that are set in this community get banished
Imagine you have just been accepted to become a student in a school that focuses on the Art of Magic! You can now forge your existences with these new found skills and become a powerful Magic user!

We are a preset magics server! (We do take suggestions for other types of magics)
Choose two elements that don’t oppose each other and prepare to achieve prestige!!
Fire Magic 🔥or Cold Magic ❄️
Plant Magic 🌱 or Metal Magic ⚙️
Air Magic ☁️ or Earth Magic 🧱
Electric Magic ⚡️ or Water Magic 💧
Light Magic 💡 or Dark Magic ⚫️

Come and earn your prestige and become a power Magic user!!
Join the Magic High School RP!!!!
Hey peeps, this is a lewd wrestling server with some other stuff along with it. Awesome roles and events. Friendly staff and always trying to improve. Feel free to suggest things. Also all sorts of discussions and plenty of options for the roleplay fights. Come on over and have some fun, fighters. See you here soon
Welcome to Neros Chill Lounge here we offer
◆ 💋 social make friends
◆ 🎮 Gaming/socializing/chill/events/mini game nights/mini game bots/Memes
◆ 🎶 Music Bots
= Dm staff for partnership thanks!!!
= depression? Social anxiety? lonely? geeky? Nerdy? Keyboard warrior? white knight? SJW? no friends? We don’t care, join this shit
= ur pp will not grow by 3 inches if you join
= Hey are you an online gamer and the only type of exercise you get is slamming your keyboard on the desk? we want u!!!
= Got a bad sense of humor? It's discord, wasn't expecting much else, join us!!!
= are you a white knight? looking to defend somebody on the internet but too much of a pussy to do something irl about it? Join us
= U trying to b a fisherman online? we got a crap ton of catfishes for you!!!
= not ready for the real world? (facebook, instagram, tinder etc) join us
= weak, nerdy, no friends? sounds about right we want you to join
= anxiety? depression? lonliness? Have too much Feelings? we don't care join this shit
◆ ❤ 5 to 1 female ratio, that's right we don't lie about 1 to 1 ratio
◆ 💬 active text chat/voice chat members that cares about your feelers
◆ 😈 memes, animes etc

Welcome to the New Marvel Initiative, my friend. Whether you're an avid fan, or just looking to roleplay, we've got you covered! Come join us, have some fun, create a character of your own to exist in the Marvel Universe!

What we offer:
◇A staff team dedicated to our community.
◇Freedom to create a character of your own, by you, for you.
◇A place to meet like minded fans, discuss comics and movies, and just have fun.
◇Relaxed rules, allowing plenty of freedom to explore.

We are not associated with Marvel, Disney, or any officially licensed supporter of the two. We are a fan based community.
*~ Many people come from all around the world to Camp Half Blood! Demi-gods of all gods. Hybrids of all animals. Everyone is invited!

*~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
*~ PG 13+
*~ Amazing Community!
*~ Active Mods!
The USS Vanguard

This Star Trek server is a text based rp based on a federation ship USS Vanguard.
A freeform Dragon Ball RP focused on plot and character development.

The original creators of the Tier System, used by many of these servers lately. You progress and strengthen your character through advancement of your own story lines, no more wasting time with repetitive training passages.
+ Our system is in-depth enough to allow limitless customisation, but rigid enough to stop god-modding and other poor RP practises.
+ We offer a lore that breaks away from the norm to offer open-ended stories not bound by the usual constraints. As well as events catered to individuals, putting you in the center of your own personal stories.
+ The opportunity to play anything, we can work the systems around your play-style and allow you to play the character how you want to, this includes custom techniques and forms!


A rogue figure has broken into the chamber of the Kai of Time, stealing the records to use for their own gain. Combining that power with their magic, they have broken out of their timeline, fashioning their own universe out of reach of authority.

Using the power of their rifts, they have began to steal worlds from different timelines to add to their collection. Random planets from numerous different eras along with people from various timelines and alternate universes.

You are amongst them, ripped from your life, pulling through a rift into this new world.

With only traces of your power and the faintest of memories, what will you do?

Come and show the universe what you're made of!
This is a steampunk era roleplay that involves monsters and transformation-magic humans, so look out!
Have the ability to have an alternate magical form, and fight beasts and monsters of all sizes and shapes!
Join guilds and advance your progress, too!
Rich or poor, your OC has a place here.
Wir sind ein kleiner und neuer RP Server der für alle und jeden offen ist. Wir haben ein einzigartiges System zum RPn bei dem es keine feste Zeit oder Schema gibt. Man steigt einfach ein und spielt einen Charackter nach eigener Wahl. Dabei kommt es nicht darauf an, welcher Rasse der Charackter angehört oder was für Kräfte er hat.

Bei uns heisst es einfach:

Spass haben!
Hey! Are you looking for an active and interesting roleplay community? What about engaging quests and cool, diverse powers? Or maybe a welcoming community?
Well, even if you have or haven’t read Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, let me introduce you to Camp Half-Blood Legacies. Made up of a community of 80+ role players, CHBL boasts many features, including:
• Five characters per person, with 18 cabins to choose from and lots of ways to develop them
• Events, including server-wide plots, parties, and quests
• An amazingly friendly (and active) community and staff team
• And so much more!
This server is based off of Rick Riordan’s books, but it’s not a prerequisite to be familiar with the stories— in fact, our community is more than willing to pitch in to help anyone with anything! So, what’s stopping you from joining us? Join Camp Half-Blood Legacies today!
A Detroit: Become Human roleplay server set after the events of the main game!
The year is now 2039. Following a violent android revolution, which lead to countless android and human casualties, Jericho is torn. More and more deviants now openly disagree with Markus' ruthless ways, and other android factions have started to rise up - each with different goals and motivations. On the other hand, the DCPD has been taken over by a special FBI unit, in an effort to bring back peace to Detroit before the revolution spreads outside of the city...

Come join us with a canon character or your very own OC! Be part of one of the android factions and fight for your ideals - or put these skinjobs back in their place, and side with the authorities to bring Detroit back to normal.

Remember: your choices may define just how human you really are.
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure rp, based off part 7 steel ball run, set in 1900s California!
- OC stands allowed.
- no canon characters.
- Most canon stands allowed.
- spin allowed