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Main Plot

Something disturbing has been brewing inside these Four Clans.. An unseen, and unheard of third force has been possessing the living bodies of Cats. An unspoken desire to stay alive, has been haunting these Clans to the core. The chilling screeches of possession flood the forests, rivers, and Camps. Bone chilling shadows lurk in the night, calling you gently toward them, as if they know you are going to become their newest victim. You can tell when these cats are possessed, as they begin to space out more, their voices change, and they begin to literally decompose as time goes on. These cats are feared as, it seems nothing can kill them- not wounds, not poisonous herbs, and not even the highest fall in SteepClan. SteepClan, and SpiritClan have drifted back to their belief of StarClan due to this spreading possession of bodies, though older generations seem to keep with the Darkforest.. RavineClan keeps with their same old belief of StarClan, never changing once, whilst ShadowClan holds the opposite, and keeps the dangerous belief of the Darkforest, whilst any cat who believes in StarClan there, is shunned. Will the Clans survive the plague that rocks them? Will the Clans finally embrace StarClan as a whole, or will the darkness, the hell, stay among their pawsteps? What will stop the force of this unseen, third force? Will it be the belief system to change? Will it be to work as a whole? The Omnious Circle? Or will this never be stopped..
just now
- Original Characters
- 30+ Unlockable Environments
- 5 Skills To Master
- Weekly Updates & Expansions
- Friendly & Understanding Staff
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The year is 2038.
Some people have been developing inhumane abilities, similar to magic; the cause is unknown.

You are one of them. A close friend of yours uploaded a video of you on Social Media. The Government's A.M.D. saw it. You and your family were transferred to a Sector. Not just anyone, Sector-6, New Albany. One of the most brutal Sector's ever set up; corruption runs wild within the Security, fear fills the inhabitants, and confusion arises. What will you do here? Will you comply to the A.M.D. and follow their every order...or will you rebel?

Make your mark, within Realms!
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A growing roleplay server, all people are welcome
38 seconds ago
◪ This is a literate RP server. The setting is set in a school with powers. You can choose to be a faculty member or a student. The RP itself is pretty casual.

Oh by the way, we have murderers.

◪ Or just come be a member and chill if ya want. You don't have to RP. You can just chat about games, anime etc.
It'll be super coolio if you join~
((We are smol ATM))
We keep our server nice and organised. 👌

We are now accepting partnerships! 🌟

Bots we have currently;
✔ Sayori.
✔ Tatsumaki.
✔ Miki.
✔ FredBoat♪♪
✖ This is not an erp server.

1 minutes ago
welcome to this wonderful little chat that we have created. have fun here, rp as much as ya like, take a load off from that stressful life and relax. take to new people form around the globe. thought the main thing is rping (roleplaying) you can do it as much as ya like in the channels provided ever growing channels that we put together. you can make as many bois as ya like just don't go crazy and spam them. enjoy rping here everyone. sincerely- the owners Lachlan, griff and star.
2 minutes ago
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
4 minutes ago
A cool and fun Overwatch RP server!
Most canon characters are available but OCs are welcome as well!
5 minutes ago
Dirty talk, over 10k members with lots of events, active VCs, fun, gaming, females, nudes, anime, ecchi, hentai, lust, porn, politics and more! You can also date and hookup with THAT one person ;)
5 minutes ago
☠ Heave away me boys! ☠

This server is dedicated for the times when pirates and mythical creatures ran the seas! Nothing needs to be completely historically accurate, we try to keep things loose and easy going. Create a sailor, a pirate, or a mythical creature, whatever you'd like.

☠ multiple channel locations to explore
☠ fandom and historical characters any welcome
☠ literate members
☠ helpful members who are willing to give ideas and pointers

We have a few rules, mostly to be considerate of others in the server. If you have any questions at all, we are all very encouraging and enjoy discussions daily. If you're looking for a relaxed, fun server with plenty of nautical nonsense, this be your place!

Weigh hey, roll and go, mates!
6 minutes ago
The Hurricane is a Fictional Platoon within the 16th Infantry Regiment (New York's Own). The Leader of this Platoon is 2nd Lieutenant Haldor Havard (Played by the server owner.)

We will be starting December 20th, 1941 in Fort Devens, the RP will begin with training and bootcamp, after which will come the Departure for England to partake in Operation Torch.

This server is a World War 2 RP, that being said, fair warning in advance, females will have limited roles, mostly in the medical field, however, you show a lot in training then you may get lucky!
6 minutes ago
A new Star Wars RP server in the First Order era, note this is a WIP we have a template and some rp channels, More will be added, we are also in need of admins, join today!
6 minutes ago
Create the life you’ve always wanted. Join this server and explore a city full of possibilities.

Guide your characters through life, developing a career, finding love and pursuing dreams and desires.

Create your individual dream home - a house, mansion, apartment or even treehouse. It’s up to you.

We host:
- Movie Nights
- Game Nights
almost weekly! Suggestions are always welcome.

We accept anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a noob or pro at roleplaying. We all started somewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
7 minutes ago
Hai! Welcome to Everdale High! This RP server is great...i hope....boop.

Here You Can
* Roleplay!
*Make Characters!
*View And Submit Memes!
*Drink ~~Bleach~~ Milk!

I Hope You enjoy Everdale High!

~AstroNot, Purple & Wyboi
7 minutes ago
Welcome to the world of Elantín, weary traveller. Here you can step into the shoes of a Psion, a master of energy manipulation and the second-most powerful beings in the world. Each Psion weaves his or her energy into a form known as a construct; these can be as simple as a ball of fire or light, to something as complex as an entire living being (though that particular usage of your powers will likely garner unwanted attention). The level of technology in this world is what would be considered 'medieval' on Earth; bows and swords are standard weapons, while most non-weaponized modern technology has been replaced by advanced magic and constructs. There are many races throughout this world: here you will find dragons, vampyres, angels and demons; sometimes you may find yourself at odds with them, others you may find them as unlikely allies.

- Character-based Roleplay

- Well-developed Skill Trees

- Fair and Balanced

- Freedom to build your character into what you want it to be.

If these things appeal to you, join the Psion's College and begin your journey!
7 minutes ago
The Emezin Empire is a friendly RP and ERP server looking to recruit new members to grow our community. Our goal is to create a fun and friendly server full of adventure and story. We aim to have a shared narrative between us all to create a vibrant world with a blend of magic and steampunk engineering. Welcoming to all RP and ERP members alike.
8 minutes ago
Hello, today, are you looking for a Friendly RP Hub? - KingdomFam An RP Hub is here for ya! Made to reunite all good roleplayers and all good roleplay servers! Looking for a RP Server or for new friends to RP with? Feel free to join KingdomFam! Complex and well Organized type of server!```

#KingdomFam - An RP Hub

Have you ever been looking for an RP Hub for actual good roleplayers? And for none-roleplayers that want a place to chill in and be in peace. A server where we help you get away all of that negativity and make you be happy? Well, you've found it. KingdomFam is a server for all good roleplayers to reunite and discuss, etc. None Roleplayers are invited aswell! We love our members and we care about them. Wanna join us on campus too? Well, watcha waitin' for? Come in, mate.


Owner: @TFLΛSH The Christian William#0107


:large_blue_diamond: A RP Hub and a Community :computer:

:large_blue_diamond: We treat our members with the respect. :relieved:

:large_blue_diamond: We respect and protect our partnered servers as well! :shield: :crossed_swords:

:large_blue_diamond: Ideal server for Roleplayers! :100: :yum:

:large_blue_diamond: None Hateful Server. :heart: :smile:

:large_blue_diamond: A Very Organized & Complex Server. :computer: :mouse_three_button:

:large_blue_diamond: Currently in Season Alpha, so come in and join to get Alpha Member to get a special prize in Season One of KingdomFam! :smile: :wave:

:large_blue_diamond: New members won't have a hard time getting started in the server! :thumbsup:

:large_blue_diamond: Events, Currency, Clans, Assignable Roles and Meet new people! Make new friends and reunite with good 'ol friends! :hugging: :hearts: :wave:

And there is much more! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and become a part of the Family!
9 minutes ago
This is a naruto rp feel free to join we welcome you here
10 minutes ago
In this server your oc can be anything and just make sure to have fun
10 minutes ago
Hey! Welcome to Sword Art Online!

We are a growing Sword Art Online roleplay community, featuring Sword Art Online, Alfheim online, Gun Gale Online, and we even have Ordinal Scale!!! We will start Boss raids,
complete epic quests or compete at the Bullet of Bullets tournament as epic events!

See you there!

Link start!
11 minutes ago
Like Medieval High Fantasy? How about T-1 fighting for story purposes? Drama? Romance? _Smut?_ (Because people procreate, that's why.) This might be the server you are looking for.

This is the Kingdom of Simul. A continent that was made by our very own players. We add to it when need be. Yes, _you_ help build this world. There is even a deticated website that I build on to keep up with such things. Lots of locations. Lack of lore. Because this place is made for OC's to grow. If lore is established through play, we add it. Pretty nifty if I do say so myself!

Not only an epic roleplay. We have social aspects as well. After over fifteen years of playing, I have found those that get to know each other on some basic level tend to want to play more. No pressure to either socialize nor roleplay. Super relaxed environment.

All of our staff is 18+ with years of experience. Have a question? Just ask. We may be sarcastic, but we will never judge of capability, skill, or social status.

Also, pokecord.
13 minutes ago
In a land, Where ships and visiting other planets is mainstream, something is still wrong.. and has been wrong.. Come live in the System of Sietynas.

In this land you can be anything. From a pirate, looking to make money no matter what. To a college student, just looking to learn about tech! This is the year 2050 after all and tech has evolved so much!
14 minutes ago
A survival horror RP set in a isolated mountainous island, surrounded in mystery. Features various monsters and creatures
16 minutes ago